Message from the Chief Corrections Deputy


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Message from the Chief Corrections Deputy
As a result of arrest or court order, you are now housed at the Clark County Jail. While held at the jail, you can get help by asking a Corrections Deputy. This handbook is given to you as an outline of services and rules of the jail.
Our jails provide a safe environment for inmates, staff and visitors. If you do not follow the jail rules, you can expect consequences for your actions. These include but are not limited to loss of a single privilege or a combination of lost privileges. Privileges include; recreation, out of cell time, personal visiting, social telephone calls, commissary, and less restrictive housing. In severe cases; you may lose earned good time, and for criminal behavior, you will face additional administrative and criminal charges in court.
Our jails provide services for when you are released called “Reentry”. Ask a Corrections Deputy for an Inmate Request Form to get services you need when you are released. These services may include help finding; safe and clean housing, medical services, mental health services, transportation, family services, transferring to another facility, or staying clean and sober.
Please review the following pages so you can get the help you want (or need) and you know how to do your time without additional problems or conflicts.
Ric Bishop

Chief Corrections Deputy
Clark County Sheriff’s Office @1997, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2016

All contents of this handbook are subject to change at the discretion of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Current policies overrule information in this handbook.













Major 39

Minor 39

Attorney visits

Professional visiting 21


Post bail 4

Basic Rights & Privileges 7

Behavior 10

Disciplinary segregation 32

Do’s and Don’ts 7

Sanctions 32


Initial 6

Reclassification 13


Exchange 11

Inmate 11

Issued 4

Laundry 11

Trial 11, 14

Commissary 27

Delivery schedule 27

Indigent pack 27

Mailing supplies 20

Money deadline 27

Over the counter medication 26

Communicable disease guidelines 24

Health risk 24

Contraband 8

Mailing 18

Corresponding with judges/courts 13

Dental services 25


Hearing 38-39

Infractions 33-36

Sanctions 32

Segregation 32

DNA sample 26

Emergencies 8


Cleanliness 9

Fire & ventilation regulations 9

Trash receptacles 9

Fire & ventilation regulations 9

Food and nutritional services 22

Food Stamps 15

Forms 16

Furlough 15

Good time 31

Grievances 12

Guidelines 12

Medical 26

Procedures 12

Timeline 12

Hair care 22

Hearing process 38-39

HIV test 26

Indigent inmates 5

Commissary 27

Medical services 25

Medication 25-26

Money account 17


Appeals 39

Major 34-36

Minor 33-34

Sanctions 36-38


Account 17

Behavior 10

Clothing 11

Expectations 7

Forms 16

Good time 31

Indigent 5

Items 5, 11

Money account 17

Movement 10

Privileges 7, 27-31

Programs 29

Releases 15

Rights 7

Work programs 30-31

Inspection 8

Intake pack 4

Issued property 4

Jail Work Center 31

Laundry 11


Corresponding with judges 13

Law Library 21

Legal form copies 22

Mail 19

Notary public 21

Professional visits 21

Library 28

Law library 21


Exchange 11

Issued 4

Laundry 11

Living area/unit

Administrative segregation 13

Cells/bunks 9, 11

Disciplinary segregation 32

Housing/Cell assignments 11

Inspection 8

Searches 8

Mail 17-20

Introducing contraband 18

Incoming 20

Judges and courts 13

Legal 19

Outgoing 20

Requirements 20

Restrictions & notification 18-19

Supplies 20

Meals 22

Special diets 22


Biological samples 26

Co-pays 25, 26

Communicable diseases 25

Grievances 26

Health risk diseases 24

Medication 25-26

Screening 5

Services 25

Medication 25-26

Commissary 27

Property 5

Releasing 14

Mental health services 25


Add to account 17

Co-pays 17, 25, 26

Costs/Fees 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27

Inmate account 17

Personal property/money 5

Replacement costs 9

Service provider 23


Housing/cell assignments 11

Inmate movement 10

Transports 10, 15

Notary Public 21


Hair Care 22

Hygiene 11

Items 11

Laundry 11

Property/Money 5

Visits 28-29

Prison Rape Elimination Act 10

Programs 29

Work programs 30-31

Property 14-15

Damage costs 9

Issued property 4

Personal items 11

Personal property/money 5

Releases 14-15

Replacement costs 9

Stored 14

Recreation 27

Re-Entry 30


Inmate 15

Property 14-15

Religion 21

Replacement costs 4, 9


Dental services 25

Inmate forms 16

Medical services 25

Mental health services 25

Programs 29

Re-Entry 30

Religious 21

Special diets 22

Restitution costs 9


Disciplinary 32

Infraction 36-38

Major 38


Medical 5

Initial classification 6

Searches 8


Administrative 13

Disciplinary 32

Service providers

Commissary 23

Inmate money 23

Telephone service 23

Social Security 15

Supervision 8

TB test 26

Telephones 29

Account 17, 29

Hearing impaired 29

Phone calls 4

Recorded 29

Service provider 23, 29

Television 28

Transports 10

Other agencies 15

State Chain 15

Trash receptacles 9


Jail 30

Pod 30

TTY 29

Unemployment benefits 15


Major 500-700 series 34-36

Minor 100-400 series 33-34

Visiting 28

Approved list 28

Personal 28-29

Professional 21

Religious 21

Update list 28

Video 29

Visitor requirements 28-29

Welfare 15

Work programs

In-custody Main Jail 30

In-custody Jail Work Center 31

Out of custody 31

Trusty 30

Work crews 31

Work release 31

Wristbands 4


ABUSIVE SEXUAL CONTACT” – Sexual contact to exploit any person without consent or of a person who is unable to consent or refuse. Excludes incidents in which the intent of the sexual contact is to harm or debilitate.

"BOOKED/BOOKING” – Taking a person’s fingerprints and photo and entering information and charges into the Clark County Sheriff’s inmate computer system.
COMMON AREA” – Any area in the jail not designated as a sleeping area.

CONSENSUAL” – A person’s actions are voluntary, consented to, or agreed upon by those involved.


  • Any narcotic drug, controlled substance or item fashioned as a weapon.

  • Any item not approved, issued or sold by the Jail.

  • Approved items which have been changed or altered from the original form or use.

"CORRESPONDENCE" - Communication to or from inmates through letters, postcards and greeting cards.
FURLOUGH” - Furloughs are a temporary release from custody for family emergencies and are court ordered.
"GRIEVANCE"- A formal complaint regarding an incident, policy, condition or treatment within the facility.
HIPAA” - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects patient privacy and also ensures privacy of all accumulated health information that belongs to the patient. Healthcare providers nationwide are required to comply with the HIPAA rules and regulations.

HOUSING AREA/UNIT” – Separate inmate living areas within the Jail and include:

  • BUNK” – A bed(s) or mattress in a sleeping area.

  • CELL” – An inmate’s room designated for lockdown or sleeping.

  • DAYROOM” – An area for indoor activities while not in lockdown or during sleeping hours.

  • DORM” – A housing unit with sleeping area and dayroom combined.

  • POD” – Is a region of the Jail separated into housing units for inmates.

  • TIER” – Is one floor of cells in a two story housing unit, upper and lower.

"INDIGENT INMATE" - An inmate who has under $2.70 in their inmate account.

INFRACTION” – An inmate notice of a violation of jail rule(s). Infractions are divided into minor and major violations. Major violations require a hearing.

INMATE ACCOUNT” – Refers to an inmate trust account, also known as an inmate commissary account, used to pay costs or expenses while in custody.
"KITE" - A term used to refer to an Inmate Request Form.
"LEGAL MAIL" - Any correspondence to or from any court, attorney, WA State Bar Assoc., Indeterminate Sentence Review Board, PREA Facility Coordinator, embassies and consulates, or legal advise of attorneys from established groups eg American Civil Liberties Union, Disability Rights Washington, legal services corporations or public defender associations representing you
LIVING AREAS” – Is all areas where inmates reside while in custody.
"LOCKDOWN" – Order given by staff requiring you to return to your assigned cell. “NON-CONSENSUAL” – A person’s actions are forced, in fear of threat, against their will, without consent, or of a person who is unable to consent or refuse.
"OBSCENE"- Refers to offensively portraying or describing sexual conduct, which content has no serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.
PERSON”– May refer to self or other inmates, or any employee, staff, volunteer, contractor, professional visitor, other agency representative.
PREA” – Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. Covering non-consensual sexual acts, abusive sexual contact, staff sexual misconduct, and staff sexual harassment.
SANCTIONS” – Restrictions or denial of inmate privileges as disciplinary actions for violating jail rule(s).
SEXUAL ACTS” - Sexual contact of any person. Includes direct contact between;

  • The penis and the vagina or anus including penetration.
  • The mouth and the penis, vagina or anus.

  • Penetration by hand, finger or other object to the anal or genital opening of any person.

Sexual behavior” - Any word, action, gesture or behavior sexual in nature that may be offensive to a reasonable person, or to arouse or gratify sexual desire of self or others not involving sexual acts or contact.

Sexual contact” – Intentional touching of the private body parts of another person through clothes or direct for the purpose of sexual gratification. Includes:

  • Genitalia

  • Anus

  • Groin

  • Breast

  • Inner thigh

  • Buttocks

SEXUAL HARASSMENT” – Repeated unwelcome or unwanted gestures or verbal statements or comments gender related or sexual in nature to any person. Includes;

  • Sexual advances or requests.

  • Demeaning references to gender.

  • Derogatory comments about body or clothing.

  • Any language, conversations or gestures sexual in nature.

  • In some circumstances one time may be considered sexual harassment.

"SEXUALLY EXPLICIT" - Refers to written, pictorial and/or graphic content of sexual acts or activities that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Representing actual or simulated penetration includes penile or vaginal to oral, penile to anal or vaginal, digital to anal or vaginal, insertion of any inanimate object in the vaginal or anal cavity.

  • Showing an act or simulated act using adult sex toys or devices.

  • One of the participants appears to be forceful, threatening, or violent.
  • One of the participants is, or appears to be, non-consenting.

  • One of the partners is dominating one or other participants and a participant is in a submissive role or is degraded, humiliated, or willingly engages in behavior that is degrading or humiliating.

  • One of the participants is a child, or appears to be a child.

  • Representation of genitalia, buttocks or female breasts.

  • Any bodily excretory function is depicted.

  • Portraying bestiality, sadomasochistic behavior or bondage.

  • Reasonably deemed to be a threat to legitimate penological objectives.

STAFF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT” – Any behavior or act, sexual in nature, directed toward an inmate by an employee, volunteer, contractor, professional visitor, or other agency representative (excludes inmate family, friends or other visitors). Includes;

  • Sexual relationships of a romantic nature between staff and inmates.

  • Consensual or non-consensual sexual acts includes;

    • Intentional touching of the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks.

    • Intent to abuse, arouse, or gratify sexual desire.

    • Completed, attempted, threatened, or requested sexual acts.

    • Occurrences of indecent exposure, invasion of privacy or staff voyeurism for sexual gratification.


All persons who are booked at this facility are required to provide requested information, fingerprints and photos. You will be advised of all charges against you. If you do not qualify as a book and release, you will be placed in a holding cell and prepared for housing.

Phone CalLs

You will be permitted to make phone calls in order to notify family, friends or a bail bond company of charges, bail and your location. Phone calls are collect or prepaid phone card. For more information about phone calls refer to “Telephones” in this inmate handbook. All phone calls are subject to recording and monitoring, excluding attorney calls.


Issued Property

One (1) tote for storage

One (1) set of inmate clothing

One (1) pair of inmate shoes

Two (2) sheets

One (1) blanket

One (1) towel

One (1) inmate handbook

One (1) spork

Intake pack may be purchased. May include: comb





writing items

mail items

If you are eligible and your charges have a bail amount, you may post bail either by paying the bail dollar amount in full to the courts or by contacting a bail bond company. The telephone system provides bail bond company contact information. Corrections staff is not permitted to make suggestions or referrals to bail bond companies.

Issued Property

If you are unable to post bail or be released and are placed in general population, you will be dressed in and issued property as available.

It is your responsibility to retain this property, keep track of these items and keep them in good condition. All items issued, not purchased, are to be returned upon your release. You may be responsible for costs of missing items and/or any jail property you destroy or damage.

You are NOT to remove and/or tamper with your wristband for any reason; doing so may result in disciplinary action. Your wristband is your identification and you will not receive your meals, commissary, medications, recreation, library or visits without it. If your wristband breaks, it is your responsibility to notify staff immediately to obtain a new one. You might pay replacement costs.

Medical screening

You will be screened for medical information including illnesses, injuries, and immediate medical needs. Your prescription medications placed in Jail Property will be reviewed and may be filled, subject to the verification and approval of the medical staff.

Personal Property/Money

Personal property you may keep

Prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids

Medical Equipment

(only items approved by medical staff)

Addresses and phone numbers

Legal materials, papers and letters


(no Polaroid’s)

Underwear and socks

(not shorts or swimwear)

Bra, no under-wire
At booking, your personal property will be inventoried, checked for contraband, and then stored in the property unit for safekeeping. You will receive a receipt for these items. Inventoried items are separated into three (3) property bags. Bag #1 contains clothing, shoes and large items. Bag #2 contains small items such as keys, wallet, jewelry, etc., and Bag #3 contains prescription and over the counter medications. Your money will be deposited in your inmate account and may be used to purchase commissary items on your designated order day or to pay for other expenses incurred. To release property refer to “Property Releases” in this handbook.

You will not be denied:

Basic goods and services e.g. meals

Basic hygiene and mail items

Necessary medical and health care


If you have under $2.70 in your inmate account, you are considered an indigent inmate.

Debts incurred may include the following items:

Ordering a commissary indigent pack. Indigent pack may include:





Writing paper

Three (3) stamped postcards.

Medical services and medication co-pays

Postage for sending out legal mail

Envelopes for Legal Mail available on request

Notary fees.

Legal photo copy fees

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