Message to the regiment #24: ”The Engineer Blast”


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The Engineer Blast”
3 February, 2006

A.  Overview:  The Office of the Chief of Engineers is pleased to forward this twenty-fourth version of “The Engineer Blast”.

Thanks for all you do and stay safe – enjoy the “BLAST!!”

NOTE:  In order to further enhance communications from the major entities of the Engineer Regiment to the field, the Office, Chief of Engineers (OCE) is facilitating a process to spread Engineer knowledge from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), The United States Army Engineer School (USAES), Engineer Branch, other Engineer agencies, and our office in the Pentagon. All links should work for .mil computers. 









B.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) provides the following information:

1. Baghdad, Iraq - While dirt-covered construction workers toil to rebuild Iraq’s decimated infrastructure, two Iraqi-born women more accustomed to “basic black with pearls”, are busy erecting a different type of foundation for their female counterparts in Iraq. Their work may take place out of the limelight, yet both are highly determined in their endeavors and dedicated to realizing their goals. Read the Message.

2.  CORPS POINTS, a weekly compendium of facts and talking points to help tell the Corps story, is linked.  Version; 26 JAN 06
3.  USACE News Clips are daily compilations of published current news articles and commentary concerning significant U.S. Army Corps of Engineer issues.
4.  Historical Vignette # 15; 16 March is a Key Date in Corps History? By USACE Office of History.

5. Potomac, Md. – Jan. 26, 2006-- Eight U.S. Army Corps of Engineers headquarters personnel and seven members of the 416th Engineering Command (ENCOM), headquartered in Darien, Ill., participated in this week’s Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Warrior war game here. The annual exercise is assessing the U.S. military’s approach to counterinsurgency and irregular warfare missions, smaller wars, irregular conflicts and operations such as those currently facing U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Full Story

6. The following information is provided by the 412th ENCOM.—MAJ Roth


  • 412th ENCOM currently has 44 soldiers mobilized ISO GWOT both in CENTCOM and USEUCOM AORs.

  • 412th ENCOM continues coordination with members of the GRD staff and will conduct the next teleconference on 05 FEB 06 with all members of the 412th ENCOM deployment cell. 
  • The 412th ENCOM will be conducting a USACE-centric Battle Assembly during the period 4-5 FEB 06 which will involve all aspects of USACE and potential systems that the mobilizing soldiers will utilize during their deployment ISO GRD.  This training will be supported by the MVD and coordination continues.

Transformation (TEC)//Army Reserve Command and Control (ARC2)

  • 412th ENCOM ICW HQUSACE and the 416th ENCOM is staffing Initiative 23 (Theater Engineer Command (TEC)) and have submitted their proposed Equipment Set and DRAFT O&O Concept Paper to the MANSCEN Futures Center (USAES) for FDU submission to TRADOC.

  • 412th ENCOM holds weekly meetings of the Army Reserve Command and Control (ARC2) Working Group to develop comprehensive plans for the transformation into a Title X functional command while still maintaining wartime mission readiness ISO the ENCOM’s transition to TEC.  Products that have been staffed include full-blown TDA mission analysis, mission statement, mission essential task list, subordinate battle tasks (by section) and DRAFT Operations and Functions Manual. 

Humanitarian Assistance

  • 412th ENCOM is currently sourcing the support of three (3) individuals to support Hurricane Relief Operations ISO Mississippi Valley Division in the MS/LA AOR.  Two (2) individuals will be returning to support USACE within the next 30 days.

 COCOM Support

  • 412th ENCOM (Korea Forward and Main) is supporting Combined Forces Engineer (CFEN), Combined Forces Command, Korea in the development of products utilizing the ENCOM’s internal reachback capability and provided the final submission of products IAW CFEN deadline.
  • The 412th ENCOM conducts WARPLEX ’06 (31 JAN – 03 FEB 06).  The focus of the exercise will be analysis of 412th ENCOM world-wide commitments ISO COCOMs.  Exercise objectives also include 412th Transformation Planning ISO the Army Reserve Command and Control (ARC2) structure which will transform the 412th ENCOM into an operational command with Title X downtrace units.

  • The 412th ENCOM continues planning for USF-K Exercises Ulchi Focus Lens and RSOI ’06 and is conducting bi-weekly teleconferences with the Korea Forward in support of planning efforts.  An IPR teleconference for RSOI will be conducted at the HQ, 412th ENCOM on 4 FEB 05 with all exercise participants.

Exercise Related Construction

  • 412th ENCOM conducts Operation Sand Castle as USARC Action Agent, 372d EN GP (CBT) has C2 over exercise units. 

    • The Final Planning Conference is scheduled for 4-5 FEB 06 at the NTC.  

    • 412th ENCOM is conducting initial coordination with USACE for potential synergies between the USACE Training Mission (FRAGO 1 to OPORD 2006-02) at the NTC and Operation Sand Castle. 

  • The 412th ENCOM (Forward – Germany) is completing final After Action Review for the MEDFLAG ’05 exercise in Angola ISO a 19 pax rotation to refurbish a 17km water distribution system ISO Humanitarian Assistance Operations and the EUCOM TSCP.
  • The 412th ENCOM (Forward –Hawaii) continues planning ISO PACOM/USARPAC in the execution of exercises Balkitan ’06 , Cobra Gold ’06 and Khan Quest ’06.  The 854th ECB (H) will provide units ISO vertical and horizontal construction projects ISO Humanitarian Assistance Projects ISO the PACOM Theater Security Cooperation Plan (TSCP).  Humanitarian construction projects have progressed through horizontal work ISO PACOM in Laos, Bangladesh and Vietnam.  ERC Site surveys will be conducted by MAJ Stogner ICW PACOM for the following exercises:

    • Talisman Saber – 10-15 FEB 06

    • Cobra Gold – 16-19 FEB 06

    • Balkitan – 20-24 FEB 06

7. The following information is provided by the 416th ENCOM.—SGM Prater

  • Currently have 58 soldiers’ mobilized ISO operations in the CENTCOM AOR.

  • Recently participated as USARC Executive Agent in NH 06 FPC 16 -20 Jan 06 in El Salvador.  

  • Recently attended Trade Winds 06 FPC 24 – 26 Jan 06 in Kingston, Jamaica.  This is a 19 nation JCS exercise to be conducted in Mar-Apr 2006.   

  • Currently have 3 personnel ISO hurricane Katrina/Rita relief efforts and are acting as LNO to multiple USAR units who have volunteered.  

  • Bright Star 07/08 Concept Development Conference in Cairo, Egypt 22-28 Feb 06.

  • Preparing FPC for Operation Essayons which is an IRC project at Ft. Hunter Ligget, CA.  Exercise dates are 15 Jul – 11 Aug 06.

  • Preparing MPC/FPC for Operation Patriot Warrior which is an IRC project at Ft. McCoy, WI.  Exercise dates are 7 Jun – 27 Jun 06.

  • Preparing IPC for NH 06 Peru in April 06.

8. The Gulf Region Division (GRD) The following articles are provided by GRD.

Jan 15-30 - Reconstruction Continues...
Jan 30 - Iraqi highway patrol officers ready to occupy new facilities

Jan 30 - The Northwest Regional Control Center will stabilize and control electricity

Jan 30 - Baqubah General Hospital underwent major surgery
Jan 29 - 8th Iraqi Army Division headquarters opens its doors
Jan 25 - Women working for women's welfare
Jan 22 - Major Gen. Urias addresses SAME Meeting
Jan 19 - Iraqi workforce shows courage
Jan 18 - More sewers for Iraq
Jan 17 - Iraq' s Baquba Maternity Hospital now delivers
January 30 - Iraq's wedding
January 29 - Springfield man helps lead Iraq reconstruction mission
January 29 - Davis is proud to be part of the Corps' historic mission
January 29 - JCC-I rocket victims remembered in memorial service

January 29 - A harrowing trip shows forth it professionals

Forwarded for your information is the PCO Weekly Iraq Reconstruction Update – Version 25 Jan 06., This update highlights Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO) progress. This document is a product of the PCO Strategic Communications staff. The PCO Office has cleared these documents for release.

9. The Afghanistan Engineer District : KABUL, Afghanistan – During his recent visit to Afghanistan, U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, accompanied Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan Commander Lt. Gen Karl W. Eikenberry on a stop at the Afghanistan Engineer District Headquarters. There District Engineer Col. Christopher J. Toomey briefed the senator about the District’s mission and its reconstruction program. Later Kerry met District employees whom he thanked for their voluntary service.

10. The Corps Environment, a quarterly newsletter to provide information about Corps environmental actions, issues, policies and technologies is now available.

C.  The The US Army Engineer School (USAES) provides the following information:




1.  ENGINEER REGIMENTAL WEEK: We hope that you have already marked your calendars to join us in St. Louis and Fort Leonard Wood during the week of 1-5 May.  We have carefully designed an action-packed week that integrates discussions on capabilities for the future, demonstrations by industry, issues to support our warfighters, and ceremonial events for the Regiment.  We are currently combining EIGHT key focus meetings into ONE networked event: Regimental Conference, USACE Leadership Session, industry forums, Council of Colonels, Council of Sergeants Major, TASS & TSBN forums, and National Guard/Army Reserve Senior Leader forums.  As soon as we have the registration sites up, we let you know here - stay tuned. In the meantime, attached is our schedule of events for the week ATTENTION: If any unit has plans to dedicate a plaque in the Engineer Museum in the very near future or has a ceremonial-type event they want to stage, we can arrange to have it at FLW it during that same week. Contact COL Jerry Lago at


2.  FUSION CELL UPDATE: The Fusion Cell continues to make progress integrating the major muscle movements in the Regiment.  We look forward to the activation of the first Construction Effects Battalion (19th, Ft. Knox) and Combat Effects Battalion (20th, Ft. Hood) in mid February, and the Fort Leonard Wood Community has been working hard to receive the 94th Engineer Battalion in just a few months from <<Germany>>. With a tremendous amount of help from DA, FORSCOM, and the 20th EN BDE, the newly activated three Equipment Support Companies (618th, 642nd, and 887th) are conducting lateral transfers IOT get the right equipment to train Soldiers for the fight. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from lessons learned that units that are rebasing, activating, and/or converting begin the process AT LEAST ONE YEAR OUT. For security reasons, helpful information has been moved to a secure AKO website at


3.  GeoPDF MAP FILES: All <<Iraq>> maps are now available on one DVD. TEC is building UNCLAS/FOUO digital map displays in a "GeoPDF" format for required standard NGA maps in theater. The GeoPDF files are very small (most are 2 - 10 megabytes per map), and are usable on any PC with free Adobe Reader software and free plug-in software. The digital display on the computer remains crisp and clear as the user zooms in to look at the map in more detail (unlike CADRG, which looks worse as you zoom in). The maps can be printed on 8.5" X 11" paper (not to scale), or printed to scale on plotters. Most NGA maps of the <Korean> <Peninsula> and <Iraq> are available today with <Afghanistan> and <<Pakistan>> by late Feb 06; other regions coming soon; one DVD per region/country. U.S. Army TEC is disseminating these files. To get a copy, contact Ray Caputo at 703-428- 6784, or see PKI website:, SIPRNET:, JWICS:


4.  EXPANDED GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAM: The Army has increased the number of graduate school opportunities for junior officers, Year Groups 1998-2003.  These expanded graduate school opportunities are being distributed through TRADOC to local commanders for use as a developmental and retention tool for outstanding junior officers.  Selected officers will attend a <<U.S.>> graduate school and are required to study in an approved discipline that enhances the competencies required in an expeditionary Army emphasizing cultural awareness, regional knowledge, foreign language, governance, diplomacy, national security or social sciences.    Officers must be in the Army Competitive Category and have outstanding potential for future military service.  Officers selected for this program by their commanders will submit a 4187 through their chain of command to their respective Assignment Officer.  The 4187 must be signed and approved by their immediate field grade commander, have attached a General Officer Letter of Selection, and be forwarded through this headquarters for a TRADOC AG endorsement.    Application packets (signed DA form 4187 and General Officer Selection Letter) are due to HQs TRADOC NLT 21 FEB 06. Please read the attached MILPER message for details .  FAQ:


5.  CSA SENDS: NAVAL STUDENTS COMMENTS ON GEN ABIZAID'S SPEECH ON IRAQ & THANK YOU NOTE TO SOLDIERS: The Chief of Staff of the Army has requested that commanders share the following messages with their soldiers.


This is as clear as it can be stated - please get these words out to all of the men and women in your organizations. I encourage you to personally carry this message to the American People. As Soldiers, we have the most credible voices in America. We need to lead the way."


6. OERs: DA has emphasized the requirement for prompt submission of OERs - COMMANDERS, TAKE NOTE.  Leaders at all levels need to take time to address the growing number of late and missing evaluations.  Reports due 1 Jan 06 and later will be submitted within timelines outlined by DA Policy.  All leaders now have six months to complete and submit missing/late reports - DA will now track and report BY NAME those who do not comply. 


7.  RALPH PETERS ARTICLE: Wanted to pass on this GREAT article Mr. Ralph Peters wrote about Combat Engineers following his visit to the MANSCEN offsite. 


Text in red highlighted by COL(P) Semonite for emphasis. (Registration Required)



January 20, 2006


By Ralph Peters

America's soldiers are always good for a surprise: The enthusiasm the Army's combat engineers show for our mission in Iraq would dumbfound even our military's most fervent supporters.

Privileged to speak with officers and NCOs from the Army's Maneuver Support Center in Missouri last week, I came away proud to have worn the same uniform as those men and women. Every one of them had served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now they were briefly back home, working hard to incorporate combat lessons-learned into doctrine and training the young soldiers they'll lead during their next Mideast tours.

All that nonsense about a "broken Army"? What I heard was the conviction that we're not only doing the right thing in Iraq, but doing it far better than the media tell the American people.

Along with those combat engineers, the audience consisted of infantry, military police and chemical corps leaders — veterans all. Not one was discouraged by the political tempests blowing in Washington (where the hot air is a prime cause of global warming). The best word for what our soldiers displayed is zeal.

I only wish my fellow citizens were given an honest view of our troops, their morale and their accomplishments — along with a fuller sense of our military's complexity. Yes, the infantry leads the way, along with the other combat arms. But who hears about the combat engineers? Even though they often lead the infantry?

Well, here's to the heroes who clear the minefields, defuse the improvised explosive devices (IEDs), blow open the doors, dig the trenches, build the defensive barriers, renovate the schools and clinics, plunge into the tangle of wires that passes for an electrical grid — and fight as infantrymen when the need arises.

When you see those dramatic photographs of infantry teams taking down an urban target, the soldiers up front are often combat engineers, opening a path for the grunts to go in.

Every branch of our Army makes its own unsung contributions, but a glimpse at the combat engineers offers a sense of how complex the Iraq mission really is — and how bravely those in uniform have faced up to the challenges. So here are a few anecdotes from the officers and NCOs I met last week:

* All a soldier has to do to make headlines is to whine to a reporter. But we don't hear about the NCO lying in a stateside hospital ward who, after losing an eye defusing an IED, begged his visiting commander to help him get back to his unit in Iraq.

* In the past, active-duty leaders often dismissed the National Guard as "weekend warriors." Not anymore. The highest praise I heard was for a "dump-truck" outfit, the 1457th Engineer Battalion from the Utah National Guard, that served in Baghdad and central Iraq. A colonel described them as remarkably brave and resourceful. Operating at as low as 65 percent of their authorized strength, those mountain lions from the Rockies never ducked a high-risk mission — whether they'd been trained for it or not.

* When the highly paid contractors failed to show up with the bullets flying, combat engineers often were thrown in to get the electricity working out in the boonies. And they did. But all we heard about were the problems in Baghdad — where the contractors were responsible.

* Having just returned from Iraq, one officer said, "I'd give up my promotion to go back." Even allowing for the moment's enthusiasm, that family man believed that his sacrifices made a vital difference. Why don't men like him make the evening news?

* Even during an occupation, the Army has to train for its full range of missions. At a division commander's request, our engineers built a tank-gunnery range with 64 miles of protective berms to keep the main-gun rounds from going astray. One example among many — all in a day's work for the bulldozer boys.

* That day's work includes some of the most dangerous missions in Iraq — defusing IEDs. The equipment and techniques have gotten better, but it remains a nerve-wracking challenge. Combat engineers volunteer to do it.

* As in the Army's better-known units, our combat engineers see impressive re-enlistment rates. Soldiers sign up knowing they'll be sent back to Iraq. Tough as it is, they love what they do. As one command sergeant major put it, "This is what they signed up for, this is what it's all about."

Of course, no list of this sort can begin to capture the courage of these soldiers. They have families they love and the prospect of long lives in the greatest country on earth. Yet, they continue to risk death or mutilation because they will not quit on America — or Iraq — in the middle of a war.

At a time when we're bombarded with so much doom-and-gloom nonsense from those who'd like to abandon the world to terrorists, it's a shame we don't hear more about the men and women who stay in uniform, who do our nation's toughest work and receive so little credit from the know-it-alls safe at home.

Harvard and Yale? Keep 'em. The finest Americans are those who have gone through the School of the Soldier. A "broken military"? Nope. Anyway, if it was broken, the combat engineers would fix it. Under fire.

Ralph Peters's latest book is "New Glory: Expanding America's Global Supremacy."

8.  AC SUMMARY: Thanks for all the work you do for our Regiment.  As Ralph Peters points out above - even though our Regiment and Army are consumed with fighting wars and transforming units, our Engineers are meeting and exceeding the challenge.  The Leadership and Staff at the Engineer School are committed to addressing and solving your concerns and initiatives ---- our troops deserve our commitment and energy.  




1. ENGINEER COMMANDANT'S VTC. The semi-annual world-wide Engineer Commandant's VTC will be on 23 Feb 2006, 0900-1130 CST. The agenda will feature MG Castro, the Commandant; COL Semonite, Assistant Commandant; and CSM Pearson, Regimental Command Sergeant Major, addressing the regiment on the most current IED-Defeat strategies. They will be followed by COL Nicholson, the TRADOC Systems Manager - Assured Mobility, who will talk on IED-Defeat in GWOT. IED Protocols and Breaching TTPs, Search CONOPS (Search Team and Search Advisor), Route Recon and Clearance (Current Equipment and Training), and EHCC/EHT (Current EHCC Operations) are topics he will cover. COL Kelly, Director of Training and Leader Development, will give a training update to include the Role of the Battle Staff Engineer. COL Schweitzer, 1st EN BDE Commander, will then give an enlisted engineer training update. COL Hornack, Director of Combat Developments, will brief on Fusion Cell and FEF. He will cover up-armoring engineer platform efforts and efforts in Mine Protection Vehicle development. He will also brief on modular force review recommendations and Echo company initiatives. COL Crabtree, TPIO-TD, will then brief on Battle space Awareness and IED Defeat. He will talk about BuckEye/Lidar, plus some other geospatial initiatives. There will be over an hour to hear key regimental issues from the field before MG Castro closes the VTC. An EAT VTC will follow immediately after the EN Commandant's VTC.

2. ENGINEER ADVISORY TEAM (EAT) VTC. Had VTC on 20 Jan, 0900-1100 hours CST. Over 30 senior ARNG Engineers participated including MG Sidwell, TAG-MO, BG Carpenter, ATAG-SD, BG Pace, 35th EN BDE, BG Jacobson, ATAG-ND and BG Timmons, 16th EN BDE. Pete Clarkson, DA G-3 Office, talked about TAA 08-13 and equipping issues as the Engineer Force transforms to modularity and the FEF. BG Carpenter is ready to wrap up the Equipment Priority List and get it published. COL Hammond, 16th EN BDE, talked about the need for more route clearance equipment in Iraq. Minutes of the meeting are available upon request. LTC Dennis V. Smith

DAC-ARNG, USAES 573-563-8046.

3. WE NEED YOUR ARTICLES! We intend on publishing our Spring edition of Engineer Magazine in conjunction with Engineer Regimental Week. But we need your help. We are looking for articles on how your units are doing engineer operations in theater. We also would like to hear about your experiences in converting to the new Modular structure or restationing due to BRAC or Rebasing. We need the articles NLT 15 February. (Most articles are written at the last minute anyway) This edition has historically been the most read and distributed magazine of the year. Please send your article to Ms Shirley Bridges (573)563-4104;
4. TRANSFORMATION NEWS: As units transform and inactivate, activate, etc, here are a few helpful TTPs.
a. REGIMENTAL HISTORIAN: Organizational history files, papers, photographs, albums, certificates should come to Fort Leonard Wood Regimental Historian Office first.  I will copy and forward to Center of Military History.   Dr. Larry Roberts,

b. REGIMENTAL MUSEUM: As unit’s colors change, please review the following attachments. Their instructions will assist you in requesting and turning in of unit colors. For Organizational history property (three dimensional objects) please send me a note and I will assist. Mr Frank McGrane,

Request flag turn-in document; Request flag issue document; Flag instructions document; Shipping SOP
a. Explosive Ordnance Clearing Agent (EOCA): The E8 ASI has been approved by DA for FY 08/09 implementation. The ASI will be top loaded for all Soldiers who received the training prior to November, 2005 and will be effective 1 January, 2006. All Soldiers graduating after 1 November, 2005 will need to process a DA Form 4187 and supporting documentation requesting the E8 ASI through their unit upon completion of the course.

b. BEAR Program for 21U (Topographic Analyst): 21U has been re-entered into the BEAR program as per BEAR Message 05-08 for SGT non-promotable and below.  The bonus under the BEAR program is 2A for PFC/SPC and 1.5A/1.5B for SGTs.  Contact your unit retention NCOs for eligibility requirements and more details.

c. Engineer Award Boards: As a Reminder to ALL, The Itschner, Outstanding Platoon Leader, Sturgis and Van Autreve Award boards will convene the 14th and 15th of February, 2006.  These boards will distinguish the best Engineer Company, Platoon Leader, Non-Commissioned Officer and enlisted soldier who have made great contributions to Military Engineering.  The regulation that governs these proceedings FLW PAM 672-1 can be found on the EPPO website at https//  These awards culminate the activities for one calendar year from January, 2005 thru December, 2005.  ALL submissions need to be routed through their appropriate MACOM.  Once the MACOM has chosen their representative, that MACOM will send their nominee to EPPO.  In February, 2006 the board will convene to choose the Active Duty award winners. Once the awardees are selected they will be honored at the annual engineer conference.  Point of Contact for any questions is the Enlisted Personnel Proponency Office (EPPO), SGM Ricardo Morales and SFC Ray Torres at DSN 676-4087, or Commercial 573-563-4087.

Army Engineers,
The purpose of this message is to solicit students for the pilot offering of the Joint Engineer Officer Course (JEOC) at Ft Leonard Wood, MO, from 01-5 May 06.  The Joint Operational Engineer Board (JOEB), in conjunction with the US Army Engineer School (USAES), has developed a course of study to enhance our engineers' understanding of joint engineer capabilities across the spectrum of operations to support the Joint Force Commander's engineering requirements.  This training is driven by the increasing number of JTF HQs and the requirement for engineers to serve on those staffs.  The goal of the training is to prepare students to work in a CJ7 Engineer Directorate.

The target audience for the pilot course is senior O-3s and O-4s either going to or with recent deployment experience on a JTF, COCOM, or component command staff.  We will also consider O-5s, E-9s, and CW2-3s (210A or 215D).  It is important to note that these students will be evaluating and critiquing the program of instruction as they go through the course.  This is essential for USAES and the joint community to improve the course curriculum and provide the most valuable training for our engineers.  The Army fair share of the initial enrollment is 21 students.

The training consists of a distributed learning (DL) phase (48 hours) and a residence phase (32 hours).  The DL will take place from home station through a web-based application, and the resident training will take place at Ft Leonard Wood from 01-5 May 06.

Units will be responsible for providing funding for students attending this training.  Provide your candidates to LTC Daniel Larsen, Chief of Training Integration, USAES, NLT 15 Feb 06.  Include name, unit, e-mail, and phone number. 

If you have questions regarding this training, please contact LTC Daniel Larsen, or, telephone 573-563-8112 or DSN 312-676-8112.

Essayons! COL Paul Kelly; Director, Training and Leader Development, USAES

a. 169th Engineer Battalion - Task Force Vertical: MOS Feedback – Combat Heavy Commanders – Attached you will find a quick look at what our Air Force Brethren are teaching the plumbers.  The Army trains with the Air Force at Sheppard Air Force Base Texas but do not train the attached tasks.  I ask for you feed back on the attached document to identify which tasks the Army should add to their POI.  All you need to do is cut and paste the tasks you would like to see added in an email to me @ This is not a survey just a cut and paste operations.  As always the USAES is trying to provide you with the most proficient Soldier possible and we need your input to do that.  Possible 21K POI adjustments.

Initial Entry Training (IET) Standardized Physical Fitness(PT) – During IET all Soldiers conduct Standardized PT IAW the Standardized Physical Training Guide.  Please be aware that Soldiers you receive may not be familiar with FM 21-20 PT that your unit conducts.  The purpose of the Standardized PT is to improve and/or maintain physical fitness while controlling injuries.  Therefore, a standardized PT program will:

  • Improve physical fitness while controlling injuries.

  • Progressively condition and toughen Soldiers.

  • Develop Soldiers’ self-confidence and discipline.

As the commander in charge of training all engineer Soldiers, except 21B and 21C, I believe this physical fitness program can assist you as you prepare to mobilize your units for combat.  As the guide outlines this program reduces injuries and relates the physical fitness exercise to a combat or every day event your Soldiers conduct.  If you look at the guide it will contain pictures that show you the relation between the type of exercise and a task your Soldiers may conduct.  You can access the guide at  Please feel free to call me @ 573-596-0785 if you have questions.

Possible 21K POI adjustments.
b. 35TH ENGINEER BATTALION 21B/C OSUT TRAINING: Lessons learned from the Contemporary Operating Environment have led to significant changes in how your Combat Engineers and Bridge Crewmembers are trained. We now incorporate Weapons Immersion, BRM strategy w/EST 2000, Advanced Rifle Markmanship, Urban Operations and Breaching, Convoy Live Fire Training, Soldier as Sensor (ES2), IED threat recognition and the Combat Engineer Field Training Exercise (CEFTX) culminating event which provides realistic and relevant training. Future training in development includes advanced IED recognition, Soldier as Sensor Simulations (ES3), AN/PSS-14 mine detection training, Riverine Operations and Urban Operations (Shoot House). Our mission is to train Soldiers prepared for combat and the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). Please feel free to contact LTC Reinhard W. Koenig, Commander, 35th Engineer Battalion at or CSM John H. Rather, Battalion Command Sergeant Major at with your comments on how to train your Soldiers better.
c. 577th ENGINEER BATTALION: Reminder, for Best Sapper Competition mission, eligibility and events go to the following:

8. NEWS FOR THE DIRECTORATE OF ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRATION: Two members of the USAES, Directorate of Environmental Integration, Mr. Kurt Kinnevan and Mr. Mike Wolford, recently completed an “engineering” recon of northeastern Kansas. They spent three days in the field in order to ground truth the operational area used by the Captain’s Career Course Warfighter Exercise run by DCLT. The focus of the recon was to identify environmental and engineering features that could impact the table top exercise. This included interviewing local government officials, touring the operational area to few the features on a first hand basis, and both pre and post site visit information searches on the internet and other open sources.

Environmental features identified included much larger metropolitan areas within the area of operations, extensive natural gas and natural gas liquids transmission systems within the area of operations, power lines and transformer stations, large chemical stockpiles at farming COOPs, industrial sites not previously identified, and critical transportation systems essential to the local populations. In addition to the environmental aspects the recon also looked at bridge crossings, potential river crossing sites, power infrastructure, quarry sites, building material sites, and locations where other support actions could be obtained.
Part of the analysis effort of the ground proofing that Mr. Kinnevan and Mr. Wolford performed included the assignment of environmental hazards and impacts associated with destruction of petroleum gas and liquids lines, destruction of the dams in the area, and the destruction of major industrial sites.
This information is being provided to DCLT with appropriate military map coordinates in order to incorporate any or all of the information into future scenarios. Mr. Kinnevan also provides assistance to the exercise as on of the role players representing the host nation government agencies. Mr Mike Wolford;

9. THE BOTTOM TIMES:   Attached is the new issue of "Bottom Times" - a newsletter about our wonderful Army Engineer Divers. This is a great issue.

Take a moment to visit the Engineer School web site to KEEP CURRENT and keep critical information flowing to our Soldiers.  It's very much worth the time to visit BOTH NIPR and SIPR sites.

D.  The Engineer Enlisted / Officer Branch provides the following information:

Enlisted Engineer MOS Strengths

E.  The Office of the Chief of Engineers provides the following information:

1. It is with mixed feelings that we say good bye to COL Ken Cox as he moves from guiding the Regiment’s engagement with the Army and Joint staffs as the OCE Director to supporting both the Gulf Region Division and the Multi-National Corps – Iraq.  While OCE will miss his leadership and vision, COL Cox will now bring those same talents to bear in benefiting deployed forces and the Iraqi people. We will sorely miss him and Anna Marie. LTC(P) Timothy O’Rourke will assume duties as Director.

2. Geospatial-Intelligence Training : The Defense Geospatial-Intelligence School (DGS) is a premiere training division of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. DGS’s mission is to coordinate, develop, and deliver geospatial intelligence training. DGS offers both resident and non-resident training. Mobile training is often provided at no cost to the supported unit anywhere in the world. MTTs are deployed world wide to support U.S. military units and our allies.
To make a request for resident or mobile training go to: This website also has a partial list of courses offered by the school. For additional information contact the registrar at (703) 805-4895 or (703)805-3213. Some of the courses taught by DGS are linked
3. From the SMA’s Office: This hearing video brings up good points for Soldiers to protect their hearing.  The amount we pay in hearing compensation annually is amazing.




7. There are some changes to the APFT. You can find them in the new version of AR 350-1. Other 2006 regulations are below.





AR 600-20




AR 601-280




AR 750-1




AR 190-55




AR 350-1




AR 630-10




AR 600-8-19




AR 614-100




8. Department of the Army Stand To - A daily compendium of news, information, and context for Army leaders.  A consolidated version of the Army’s daily send.

9.  You can always find all the Messages to the Regiment at our AKO site—AKO Login is required. For those having a hard time getting to the files that require an AKO logon, here is a screenshot to show where the files are physically located.

F.  Topic of Interest:  JTF North Opportunities for Engineer Units

 “Engineer Units Sought for Homeland Security Engineering Missions-Contact JTF North (USNORTHCOM) at”

Our organization seeks DOD units (all services, both Active and Reserve Component) to volunteer to perform their unit missions in support of Homeland Security operations.  JTF North pays all costs, we only seek volunteer units that have the training time available and have the capabilities we’re seeking.  We are ALWAYS in need of Engineer units to include combat and combat heavy, dive, and utilities units for construction (roads, drainage structures, stadium lighting, and anti-vehicular fencing).  I am responsible for seeking out these volunteer units.  We do this via a variety of means:  global messages, phone calls to units we’ve previously served in, networking, etc.  


Gwen E. Baker

Lieutenant Colonel, Engineer, U.S. Army

J5 Plans and Policy Directorate

Joint Task Force North, El Paso, TX

(915) 568-9362 (office)

(915) 472-2368 (cell) (SIPR)

G.  Engineer Unit Highlight: 20th Engineer Brigade No new entry

This feature provides a venue for Engineer Units/Activities to post unit information. If you are an OIC/NCOIC of an Engineer Unit/Activity and would like your organization mentioned here, download the template and email back to me. All entries will be consolidated on a master page as they come in. Use featured document as the template. Feel free to elaborate. Engineer Unit Highlight: Former Submissions

H.  Recurring Links: The Commandant’s Message; Engineer Casualties (Updated as of 28 Dec 05)

The Engineer Lifelong Learning Portal USACE Organizations ; The Engineer Update ; Military OneSource

Essayons Forward ;  The Engineer Magazine; Current PERSCOM Messages. ; 412th ENCOM ;

The West Point Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering ; USMA Basecamp

The USACE Installation Support Community of Practice Portal; Topographic Engineering Center

United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center; NCO Net

The West Point Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Department of Military Instruction (Engineer Branch) ENGINEER UNIT REGIMENTAL LINKS

 “Engineer Units Sought for Homeland Security Engineering Missions-Contact JTF North (USNORTHCOM) at” NEW

I.  Engineers Supporting Engineers—Professional Organizations Links: 

1.  Army Engineer AssociationAEA News;  Army Engineer Association Programs; Membership.

Send Reunion Announcements to

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL: Engineer Regimental Week 2006 has been scheduled for 1 thru 5 MAY 2006 in St. Louis and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The Army Engineer Association (AEA) , in conjunction with the Engineer School and USACE, will be conducting a series of activities in Missouri. 

First, AEA will host a Engineer Regimental Conference in St. Louis, consisting of numerous working sessions conducted by the Engineer School and USACE, Guest Speakers, Council of Colonels & Sergeant Majors, Vendor Displays, and Social Events. 

Later the same week at Fort Leonard Wood, the Regiment will celebrate key events highlighted by the Best Sapper Competition; the unveiling of the new AEA sponsored Sapper Statue to be located in the Engineer Memorial Grove, and the 2006 Engineer Ball (Regimental Dinner).

This will be the only major regimental assembly during 2006.  Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.


2.  Society of American Military Engineers : The Military Engineer Online : Membership

2006 Joint Engineer Education and Training Conference & Expo

May 30-June 2, 2006

New Orleans, La.

Ashlyn Graves
One Galleria Blvd.
Suite 1730
Metairie, LA. 70001
(504) 836-8190

Louisiana Post

Modular Army Units Get New Names: U.S. Army units are getting new designations in support of the continued modular force restructuring effort.

Click Here for a Microsoft Word document detailing the changes.
Click Here for an Adobe PDF document detailing the changes.

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William R, Arthur

William R. Arthur

Sergeant Major

Office of the Chief of Engineers

Work: (703) 693-4404

Fax             693-4410

BB:    (703)-459-5365

"To the Core; for the Corps"


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