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MFIP Employment Services Training and Provider Resources Information

Employment Services News

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*** MFIP ES Training Course Offerings and Links/Attachments ***

Refer to this document for links to online training resources, course descriptions, and instructions.

What's New?

2016 Joint Counselor Training Date is Set -- Call for Proposals

This year's training will take place on May 17-18, 2016 (location to be determined). This collaborative 2-day event will focus on Building Bright Futures - Opportunities for All. Concurrent sessions are an important part of this training. The Conference Planning Committee seeks presentations that respond to the needs of attendees and their participants, highlighting areas that will help them continue on a successful path. The committee is seeking proposals for presentations covering several topics/areas, as listed in the attached Call for Proposals.

You will receive registration information in March. Once registration is open, you will receive hotel information and will be able to book your room reservation at that time. More information and details coming soon!

Make your 2016 Joint Counselor Training Award nominations now!

At the upcoming 2016 Joint Counselor Conference, the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Department Employment and Economic Development (DEED) will recognize outstanding staff and work teams for their contributions and exceptional services. Please take the time to nominate your peers, colleagues, managers/supervisors, mentors, and/or your team. Three awards will be awarded through the Minnesota Investment Program and the Diversionary Work Program: MFIP Counselor of the Year; Lifetime Achievement Award; and Exceptional Performance by a Team. Please review the selection criteria (attached) that will be used in determining awardees from the nominations in each category. We will inform you before the conference if your nominee is selected for an award.

Sexual Exploitation: A Training for Professionals Working with Teen Parents

A free training is being offered by the Hennepin County Teen Parent Connection and the Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin entitled, "Sexual Exploitation: A Training for Professionals Working with Teen Parents." It will be held on March 28, 2016, 2:00 to 3:30 pm, at Lutheran Social Service, 2400 Park Avenue, Minneapolis. CEUs available (Social Work, Nursing, Education). Register using the link in the attached flyer.

Combined Manual Updates for March 2016 are now available

They are effective 03-01-16, unless otherwise noted.

Links: CM Home Page What’s New in the CM for 03/2016 Entire Combined Manual
The Future Changes Page is located in the left-hand column of the Combined Manual. This page outlines upcoming policy changes.

Special Medical Criteria: Waivered Services

On March 16th, 2015, MAXIS posted the following SIR announcement to county Financial Workers. An MFIP caregiver with any household member meeting the Special Medical Criteria: 1) are exempt from a Housing subsidy deduction, 2) will accrue banked MFIP months on TIME and/ or allows caregivers past months of banking for future use, 3) are considered to be a FSS (Family Stabilization Services) participant, and 4) may be potentially eligible for a hardship extension past their 60 months. In addition, eligibility for this exemption will convert a DWP case to MFIP. Note that:

1. The MFIP caregiver is presumed to be needed in the home and does not need to provide a Medical Opinion Form (MOF) confirming that need.

2. The person who is waiver eligible does not need to accept and utilize the waivered services, but just needs to qualify for a waiver.

3. The person in the household with the waiver does not need to be in the MFIP family. The waivered person can be an elderly relative, a roommate, or another non-MFIP household member living in the same home.

4. The MFIP caregiver does not need to be the PCA or direct service provider for the waivered individual.

5. If waiver eligibility is identified, an MFIP caregiver can be granted retroactive BANKED MONTHS on TIME, to correct the oversight.

Family Violence Waiver Presentation Material Available

Presentation materials are now available from a Family Violence Waiver presentation given to the Minnesota Financial Workers and Case Aids Association conference in fall of 2015. You can find these materials in the MFIP ES Training Course Offerings and Links/Attachments document (see top of this web page).

Online FSS Training Now Available!

A new interactive eLearning course on Family Stabilization Services for ES Providers is now available! Go to TrainLink under Income Maintenance and Employment Services Learning Center, select Search Learning Activities, and search for "family." It’ll take about 50-60 minutes and there’s a short workbook that goes along with the eLearning course.

Success Story: Single Parent Receives Support, Finds Work

Check out this inspiring story available on our DHS website or click on the above link for the story.

New child support law impacts MFIP clients

In spring 2015, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law to change the way child support is budgeted for Minnesota Family Investment Program eligibility and benefits. The new law calls for the first portion of eligible child support received each month to be disregarded in budgeting for public assistance: The first $100 of child support each month for families with one child, or the first $200 in child support for families with more than one child. This “disregard” means that this first portion of child support will not be considered “income,” and will therefore not result in a corresponding reduction of benefits. The changes were effective Oct. 1, 2015, to provide more resources for Minnesota families.

Homeless Day on the Hill

Homeless Day on the Hill is coming up on March 15, 2016, 9 am - 3 pm at the State Capitol in St. Paul. For more information, go to the MN Homeless Coalition website.

New on the DHS Public Website

Here is a list of new information recently published on the department’s public website:

Minnesota’s Child Maltreatment Intake, Screening and Response Path Guidelines
Diversionary Work Program: Emphasizing employment
History of the Minnesota Family Investment Program
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps people with low incomes buy food
MFIP ES Training Calendar for 2016
March 15__________ MAXIS Inquiry for Employment Service Workers

April 11 __________ MAXIS Inquiry for Employment Service Workers

April 20___________ Employability Measure Part A

May 12 __________ MAXIS Inquiry for Employment Service Workers

May 12 __________ WF1 Reports and Advanced Search Training
May 15 __________ MAXIS Inquiry for Employment Service Workers
May 17-19________ MFIP Employment Services training
May 20 __________ WF1 DHS Programs Case Management Training *

Please check TrainLink for times, room locations, etc. for all trainings listed above. Additional trainings may be added to this list, please check back frequently. For any questions, please contact Susan Seidl, Training Coordinator at: or 651-431-4139.

* Register for WF1 trainings through the WF1 system under Resources. Information will be published as soon as possible.

Old News:

Qtip #132: How 10-day Cutoff is Derived

Combined Manual Updates for January 2016
MAXIS Inquiry for Employment Service (ES) Workers
MFIP Basics Training Series Employment Services Providers available in TrainLink

Pertinent Bulletins:

Bulletin #16-32-01 Information to Assist Counties and Tribes with Preparation & Submission of Fiscal Reports

Bulletin 16-32-03 Human Service 2016 Allocations
Bulletin #15-69-08 Overview of 2015 Laws Affecting Children and Families.
Bulletin #15-32-07 Instructions for Completing the Social Service Fund Report, Form (DHS-2556)
Bulletin #15-21-04 Change in Determining Asset Eligibility for a Long-Term Care Spouse
Bulletin #15-48-01 2015 Legislative Changes to Group Residential Housing Program
Bulletin #15-69-03 The Human Services Performance Management System’s Remedies Process
Bulletin #15-21-05 Legislative Changes to Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare
Bulletin #15-68-11 2015 Child Support Legislative Changes
Bulletin #15-32-06 Calendar Year 2016 Participation Rates

Employment Services Provider Resources:

MFIP ES Training Course Offerings and Links/Attachments

DHS Monthly Training/Education Log
ES Advisory Group Information Sheet
Income Maintenance - training information
ES Training Request Form

General Registration and Training Information

Worker Resources for Employment Services Providers Handout
Job Readiness, Life Skills and Job Skills Directly Related to Employment Guidance
Motivational Interviewing Tips
MFIP Work Activity Daily Supervision, Documentation and Verification Guide
Employment Services MFIP Activity Guide Tip Sheet
Job Counselor CCAP Worker Roles Grid
Self-Employment Income Policy Guide
MFIP ES Education and Training Brochure
2015 Joint Counselor Training Resources
Helpful Links:


County Reports
DHS Systems Information Resource (SIR)
Workforce One
Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

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