Michaela Murphy – All Star Game

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Michaela Murphy – All Star Game

This is a story of a sister who wants to get her little brother to the 1981 MLB All Star Game. Michaela Murphy is a writer, playwright, and interactive web specialist.  Her work has been featured on NPR, Off-Broadway and on the Moth mainstage.  She currently lives in Seattle and is working on several web-based projects and her memoir, The Green Monster.

Choose three decisions that Michaela made in the story, and fill in the chart below.

I Would Have / I Wouldn’t Have…..

Why / Why Not?

Norms Broken….


  1. Is Michaela Murphy a deviant? Why/why not?

  1. Do you believe that she willingly put herself / her brother in danger?


  1. Do you think, in the same situation, knowing what happened to

Michaela, you will act differently with strangers? Why/why not?

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