Mind Dice is now available online

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Mind Dice is now available online


Mind Dice is a new product aimed to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers. It has been designed, developed and produced by John Sprange through his experience of caring for his father who had Alzheimer’s for over six years.


Mind Dice offers ‘prompts’ from the person’s past that tap their store of memories to stimulate conversation and provoke their stories which can be enjoyed by friends, family and professional carers.  It is a flexible tool and can be used at home or in a care home or a hospital setting.


Mind Dice consists of a 12 sided dice,( a dodecahedron), a non permanent marker, a cloth and a guidance leaflet that suggests ideas for a carer to ‘populate’ the ‘MindDice’ with suitable ‘prompts’ that help the person retain a sense of self. If a ‘prompt’ does not get a response it can be wiped off and replaced with another.


For more information about Mind Dice please visit www.minddice.co.uk                         

To purchase Mind Dice visit www.minddice.co.uk/buynow

One Mind Dice (in red, yellow, green or blue),  £15.00p plus P&P.

Four Mind Dice Set (one of each colour),     £50.00p plus P&P.

For larger orders please contact John Sprange via the e-mail below.

If you have any questions regarding MindDice, its use or have feedback please email your comments to:  info@minddice.co.uk

  ‘Mind DIce’ is a registered UK Trade Mark ®No 2558153.  European Community Registered Design No 001640129-0001 MindDice Patent Pending. Application No. 1015457.3

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