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Jeffrey C. Smith

6420 Glebe Point Road

Chesterfield, VA 23838

Office: (804) 690-2778

Web site:

2011, M.A., Worship Arts, Liberty University, Lynchnburg, VA.
1995, M.A., Communications (Script and Screen Writing) Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. Portfolio Title: "Framing the Collage: Couples and I Witness." (Chair: Dr.Gillette Elvgren)
1980, B.A., Business, Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA.
(From 1981-1986, attended various military schools to include Officer Basic and Advanced Military Schools.)
2002 –Present: President, Jeff Smith Ministries
2012-2014: Children’s Pastor, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Colonial Heights, VA
1988 - Present: Director, Salt & Light Ministries
1991-1995: Director of Creative Arts, Cornerstone Church, Richmond, VA.
1980-1988: Officer, United States Army


2015: Performer/Clinician: Music and Arts Conference UMC, Lake Junalaska, NC

2015: Clinician: Church of God Bible Seminary, Manilla, Philippines.

2014: Performer/Clinician: South Carolina SBC Worship Summit, Columbia, SC

2014: Keynote Speaker/Clinician: American Baptist Annual Conference, Interlakken, Switzerland.
2014,15: Performer: Kidfest Conference, Church of God, (Various locations)
2012: Clinician/Performer: Indofest, Children’s Ministry Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2012: Clinician/Performer: Minneapolis Lutheran Educators Conference, Minneapolis, MN
2011: Clinician/Performer: NW Louisiana Baptist Creative Ministries Conference, Shreveport, LA
2011: Clinician: Arkansas Baptist Convention Children’s Choir (Joyworks), Fayetteville, AK
2009, 13: Performer/Clinician: LYFE Women’s Conference, Clark Summit, PA.
2009,10, 13, 15: Keynote Speaker/Clinician: Ivangeli Children’s Pastors Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa
2008: Clinician: INCM Spanish Ministry Leader’s Conference, San Antonio, TX.
2008: Performer/Clinician: FOCUS Children’s Ministry Conference, Church of God, Greenville, SC.
2008: Featured Performer, Clinician: Creative Ministries Conference, Lancaster, OH.
2008: Clinician: Music California, Sacramento, CA
2008,09,11: Performer/Clinician: Upswing Children’s Ministry Conference: Edmonton, Calgary.
2007,08: Keynote Speaker: Cook Publishing Children’s Ministry Network Seminars (Various)

2007: Performer/Clinician: Southeast Synod Lutheran Conference, Virginia Beach, VA

2007: Performer/Clinician: CARAT Creative Ministry Conference, Orlando, FL
2007: Performer/Clinician: CMA Sr. Adult Conference, Kalamazoo, MI.
2007,15, Keynote Speaker: Cumbre de Arts Creativas, Lima, Peru.
2007,09,13,15: Keynote Speaker: Free Will Baptist Youth Conference, Mount Olive University, NC.
2007: Performer, Clinician: WMU Leadership Conference, Ridgecrest, NC.
2007: Clinician: Circus Magic Clowning Conference, Norfolk, VA.
2006: Clinician: Florida Synod Lutheran Chrisitan Educator’s Seminar, Orlando, FL
2006: Performer: Pastor’s Conference, Hannaford Street Bible Church, Helena, MT
2006: Keynote Speaker/Clinician: Cooker T. Ministries Creative Arts Festival, Orlando, FL
2006: Clinician/Performer: Kids Creative Arts Camp, Toronto, Ont.
2006-12: Host, Speaker, Clinician: Creative Movement Ministry Conference.
2006, 09: Featured Performer/Clinician: SCSBC State Youth Music Arts Conference: Myrtle Beach, SC.
2006, 15: Featured Performer/Clinician: Children’s Ministry Conference, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
2005-11: Featured Performer/Clinician: The Gathering (Music Minister’s Conference), Hilton Head, SC.
2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: Great Smoky Mountain Drama Festival

2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: Georgia Baptist Music Conference

2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: KY Baptist Music Conference
2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: Tennessee Teen Christian Conference
2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: Ohio Evangelism Conference
2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: Washington State Regional Nazarene Youth Conference
2004: Featured Performer/Clinician: Toronto Kidz Games Conference
2004: Featured Performer/Clinician: Singapore and Indonesia Creative Arts Conference
2004: Featured Performer/Clinician: American Baptist Music Conference
2004-05: Featured Performer/Clinician: Southeastern Lutheran Ministry Conference
2004: Featured Performer/Clinician: Evangelical Free Ministries Conference
2004: Featured Performer/Clinician: Edmonton Canada Youth Conference
2003-15: Featured Performer/Clinician: Big GOD Conference
2003, 04, 06, 07, 09, 11, 14: Featured Performer/Clinician: Northwest Christian Educator’s Conference, Seattle, WA
2003: Featured Performer/Clinician: American Baptist Association of Oregon National Convention
2003: Featured Performer/Clinician: Worship Northwest Music and Drama Conference.
2003, 04: Featured Performer/Clinician: Virginia Puppetry Festival.

2002-15: Performer: Upwards Sports Training Seminars and Banquets

2002: Featured Performer/Clinician: Alabama Baptist Drama Festival
2002, 05: Featured Performer/Clinician: Georgia Baptist Drama Festival
2001, 03: Performer/Clinician: National Baptist Preschool and Children’s Ministry Conference.
2001, 04: Featured Performer/Clinician: National Assembly of God Children’s Ministry Conference.
2001, 02, 04: Featured Performer/Clinician: National Church of God Children’s Ministry Conference.
2000, 03, 05, 07: Featured Performer/Clinician: International Festival of Puppetry and Ventriloquists, Kankakee, IL.
2001, 03: Featured Performer/Clinician: Capital Music Conference, Washington, DC.
2001-02, 05: Featured Performer/Clinician: Canadian Children’s Network Ministry Conference.
2000, 01, 04-05, 07: Featured Performer/Clinician: Ohio Baptist Drama Festival.
2000, 01: Featured Performer/Clinician: Kidzfest, South Africa
2000, 02: Featured Performer: SuperWow, Georgia Baptist Youth Convention
2000-15: Performer/Clinician: Christian Supply Music Conference, Spartanburg and Hilton Head, SC.
2000: Featured Performer/Clinician: Mississippi Baptist Drama Festival
2000: Performer/Clinician: North Carolina Baptist Music Conference
2000, 01: Performer/Clinician: Baptist Recreation Lab. (Recreation Pastors)

1999-2008: Featured Performer/Clinician: One Way Street State Puppet Festivals

1998, 2005, 06: Featured Performer/Clinician: Tennessee Baptist Drama Festival
1998: Featured Performer/Clinician: Virginia Baptist Drama Festival
1998: Performer/Clinician: Children's Ministry University, Muskegon, MI
1998-2007: Featured Performer/Clinician: Lillenas Drama Festival, Kansas City, MO.
1999, 2001,03-05, 07,10, 11, 15: Featured Performer/Clinician/Master Teacher: International Network of Children’s Ministries, Children's Pastor's Conference
1998: Performer/Clinician:Youth Ministry Lab, Raleigh, NC.
1998: Performer/Clinician: California Dramafest, Sacramento, CA
1992, 94, 97, 2001, 06: Featured Performer/Clinician: National Baptist Drama Festival
1997, 98 2001, 03, 06, 07, 11: Featured Performer/Clinician: Curtain Call, North Carolina Baptist Drama Festival
1997, 98: Performer/Clinician: Shiginoff Youth Festival, Hazard, KY.
1997: Performer/Clinician: Christian Artist's Seminar, Estes Park, CO.
1997-98, 2004-05: Featured Performer/Clinician: Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers National Festival.
1997, 2001: Featured Performer/Clinician: Hawaii State Christian Endeavor Conference,
1995-98, 2001, 03, 08-12: Featured Performer/Clinician: South Carolina Baptist Drama Festival
1997: Performer: Sonshine Youth Festival, Myrtle Beach, SC.

1997, 98, 2005: Featured Performer/Clinician: Creations Drama Festival, Gatlinburg, TN.

1996, 97, 99, 01, 04, 07, 08, 11, 12, 15: Featured Performer/Clinician: Kentucky Baptist Drama Festival
1994, 96: Performer/Clinician: International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen, Grantham, PA, and Youth Explosion
1995, Performer: Lamb Jam, Dover, DE.
1989-96: Performer/Clinician: CITA (Christians In Theatre Arts) North American Networking Conference. (National and Regional Conferences across the United States.)
1991: Performer/Clinician: Christian Artist's Europe, Amsterdam.

Seminars and Workshops

I. Creativity and Concept…
Get out of the Boat!: A biblical view at our mandate to walk on water! An outside the boatload-full look at ways to be more creative in our approach to teaching and sharing God’s Word. You’ll never say ‘never’ again.

In this class you will learn:

  1. More about the creative process

  2. Learning how to use your imagination to adopt a ‘creative bias’

  3. Friends and foes of creative process (How to be more creative)

  4. How to apply creativity to teaching the Bible (How to be more effective in your communication of the Bible in a post modern culture.)

Telling the Old, Old Story in a New, New Way: Applications of the creative process to bringing Bible stories and Bible characters to life to a post-modern culture.

In this class you will learn:

  1. How to identify cultural icons with mass appeal (relevant trends)

  2. How to capture the attention of a media-savvy culture

  3. Creative ways to visualize Bible stories
  4. The value of being entertaining without compromise.

Scripture as Script: WORD HEARD!: The Bible is the original dramatic text! Think of God’s Word as a play anthology that is to be played out on the church stage as a theatrical experience between actors and audience. Learn to bring God’s Word to life in your dead liturgy by ‘resurrecting’ some simple dramatic principles and watch the new wine flow from an old wineskin. In this class you will learn:

  1. To rethink Scripture as Script.

  2. To rethink the reading of scripture in liturgy as a way to develop your drama ministry in the church.

  3. To use simple dramatic principles and theatrical conventions to bring God’s Word to life and make it lively.

  4. To NEVER overlook or underestimate the POWER of reading God’s Word in public places.

POP UP Narratives: A SIMPLE and effective way to stage any biblical narrative. In this class we will also examine the idea of ‘tableau’ or ‘freeze frame’ as part of the expression. This dramatic storytelling technique can be expanded to a framing device that supports a variety of creative expressions in a simple pageant, creative arts recital or just an effective rendering of the morning scripture text. If you’re looking for fun and powerful way to tell the make the Word of God come to LIFE in your sanctuary, POP IN and see what POPS UP!
In this class, we will use the following passages to demonstrate this technique:

  1. Easter Story

  2. Christmas Story

  3. 1 Corinthians 12: 12-24

II. Creative Movement…

Movement for Non-Movers Series (God Rods): Use of God Rods (dowel rod sticks) to interpret lyrics to contemporary Christian music or scripture text. This class will be a broad overview of concepts, choreography, and precepts for team building that will help you start and/or maintain your movement ministry. Purposeful movement to powerful music with appropriate choreography!

Movement for Non-Movers Series (Sign and Hand Gestures): Use of ASL (sign language) and general hand gestures to interpret lyrics to contemporary Christian music or scripture text. This class will be a broad overview of concepts, choreography, and precepts for team building that will help you start and/or maintain your movement ministry. Purposeful movement to powerful music with appropriate choreography!
Devotion in Motion: Developing a theology of worship that will shape your approach to planning praise in kid’s church. In this class you will learn:

  1. How to identify the important tenants of your faith in order to shape a theology of worship.

  2. How to translate these POINTS FOR PRAISE into a life-giving worship experience for children.

  3. How to bring intention to teaching what the Bible says about worship each week.

  4. Practical resources and materials available to help you put children on the pathway to praise!

Points for Praise: What do I do with kids that don't participate in praise?"  "How can I get the boys more involved children's church?"  "Should we encouraging kids to d-d-d-dance in church?" If you are looking for viable solutions to these types of questions, join us for "Points for Praise:  Putting Kids on the Path of Praise."  This class will be 'group think' of how to instill a pattern of praise in the spiritual life of the children in your charge. In this class you will learn five “Ps” about praise:

  1. Praise is participatory

  2. Praise is physical

  3. Praise is purposed

  4. Praise is pure

  5. Praise is powerful

Scripture Rep Raps: Music, movement and MEMORY! Music is the most influential media form in culture today. Learn how to use the power of music and movement to help your children learn and remember scripture! In this class you will learn:

  1. An introduction to music and memory theory and how it affects learning styles.

  2. Resources and ideas to make and manufacture cool and catchy rhythmic (beat) patterns from rap, swing, country, and other popular musical genres.

  3. Eight simple musical concepts that can be added to a rhythm pattern to provide variation to a melody or lead (rap) line.

  4. Creative movements to reinforce important word pictures or patterns in scripture text

  5. The compelling combination of music, movement, scripture, and repetition to learn and reinforce the memorization of scripture.

  6. How to create your own rep raps!

Scripture Rep Raps make the scripture memory portion of any training curriculum a purposed and powerful part of the program.
Movement for Non-Movers (Human Video): Use of the human form to interpret lyrics to contemporary Christian music or scripture text. These movement concepts include pantomime, theatrical conventions, and proper use of stage space. This class will be a broad overview of concepts, choreography, and precepts for team building that will help you start and/or maintain your movement ministry. Purposeful movement to powerful music with appropriate choreography!
Movement for Non-Movers (Tableaus): This ancient (and easy) movement technique is a great way to teach physicality to beginning drama students and stage basic Bible stories in a creative and highly effective way. This class will share a broad overview of performance concepts that pertain to the art form, images and pictures from one of the most elaborately staged Passion Plays completely staged in tableau (The Oberammergau Passion Play,) and opportunity to stage the parables in class.
III. Curriculum and Spiritual Formation in Children.

Generation to Generation: A Storyteller’s Guide to Passing on Your Faith: A look at the power of story to engage and involve an audience in communicating bible stories and precepts In this class you will learn how:

  1. The structure of story reminds us of our divinity

  2. The substance of story reminds us of our humanity

  3. The strength of a story helps us to remember.

This class will also share storytelling ideas and resources for storytelling.
Knight Moves:  Affirming Boys in Manhood. Ministry to boys in a mostly maternal environment of children's ministry can be difficult and more so in a gender-neutral culture.  Loss of the father-figure and growing feminism contribute to the difficult task children's leaders have of guiding boys into manhood.  In this class we will examine:

  1. How ceremony can be a useful tool in affirming boys in the passage into young men and manhood. 

  2. Creating an environment in your church that fosters and promotes masculinity.

  3. Precepts associated with physical development in boys and how to incorporate programming that will reinforce these changes.

  4. An outline of a 'manhood ceremony' that you might consider for implementation in your ministry.

Chronological Bible Storytelling and its place in the Spiritual Formation of Children: Many curriculums and ministry programs are tapping into the power of the story presented as God Narrative in the Bible. But none have fully integrated a philosophy that captures this idea as it relates to the spiritual formation of children. In this class you will learn…

  1. The power of story based on its structure and substance.

  2. the biblical mandate for building curriculum based on story

  3. A curriculum model based on chronological storytelling

  4. How to create lesson plans or teaching modules that capture this ministry philosophy.

Pray for the Children: Jesus prayed for ‘His Children’ in John 17. By using his outline, we can effectively pray for our children and the children in our flock. This is a great class for parents or children’s pastors. In this class you will learn how to:

  1. Pray in context of a bigger picture

  2. Pray for the Word to fill them

  3. Pray for mission-mindedness

  4. Pray for yourself and your sanctification

  5. Pray intentionally and with the same strategy that Jesus used to pray for his spiritual children.

Theatre Productions
Regent University
1995 Actor: "Couples."
1995 Actor: "Suburbs of Eden." Best Play, Regent One-Act Festival.
1994 Actor/Writer/Director: "Noah and Zoah."
Ft. Lee Playhouse
1994 Actor: "I Do! I Do!"
1987 Actor: "Grease."
1986 Actor: "King & I."
Actor: "Pippin."
1985 Actor: "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
United States Army
1985 Performer: "All-Army Soldier's Show." A United States promotional tour showcasing the Army's best talent.
Salt & Light Ministries
1997 Actor/Director/Writer: "Stained Glass Windows."
Actor: "Grand Strands Passion Play."
1996 Actor/Director: "Nativity on the Square."
Director/Writer: "Farmer Diggins and the Christmas Miracle."
Director/Writer/Actor: "Farmer Diggins and the Holy Spirit Fruit Farm."
Actor/Director: "Tilly."
1988- Actor/Director/Writer: "Joy In the Journey: The Love Story of Mary and Joseph."


1994 Actor/Director: "Hot Under the Collar."

1993 Actor/Director/Writer: "Here Comes A Miracle."
1991 Actor/Director/Writer: "We Beheld His Glory."
1990 Actor/Director/Choreographer: "The Singer."
1989 Actor/Director/Writer: "Job: The Wizard of Uz."
1988 Actor/Director/Writer: "I Witness."

Camps, Conferences, and Festivals Developed

2015: Writer, Director, It’s VBS, Charlie Black”, Vacation Bible School

2014: Writer, Director, “Whoville”, Vacation Bible School
2011,13,15 Leader, Clinician, “Kickin’ It Up”, Kids Arts Camp, Escondido, CA
2010 Writer, Director, The Lone Manger”, Children’s Christmas Musical.
2009 Writer, Director, “Planet Praise: Battle for Worship”, Vacation Bible School
2008 Writer, Director, “4 Nights at a Museum”, Vacation Bible School
2007 Writer, Director, “Pirates of the’I-Don’t Care’-ibbean. Vacation Bible School, Children’s Musical published by Lillenas Publishing Company.
2005 Writer, Director, The Love Liner” Interactive Dinner Theatre published by Lillenas Publishing Company
2005 Writer, Director, “Cursed – Foiled Again!” Vacation Bible School
2004 Writer, Director, “Fight for the Light” Vacation Bible School

  1. Writer, Nazarene Youth Congress

2003 Director, Writer, “I Can U and the Extreme Dream” Vacation Bible School.

2001-’03 Director, Dramarama One-day drama festivals held throughout the U.S.
2001 Writer, Director, “Grand Slams” Vacation Bible School
2006-12 Director, International Movement Ministry Conference

  1. Director, Writer, Great Escapes” Vacation Bible School

1998 Director, Writer, "Vertical Reality" Vacation Bible School

1998 Steering Committee, Virginia Baptist Drama Festival
1997-1998 Director, Writer, "Knights of the Lord's Table." Vacation Bible School
1998, 1999 Director, Movement Ministry Conference, Hazard, KY
1991-1997 Director, Writer "The Missing Body of Christ." Vacation Bible School
1996 Writer, "Knights of the Lord's Table." South Carolina State Evangolympics
1996 Director, Writer, "Farmer Diggins and the Holy Spirit Fruit Farm."

Vacation Bible School.

1993-’96 Director, CITA Festival of Church Drama.
1995 Director, Writer, Noah and Zoah”. Vacation Bible School.
1991-1995 Director, CITA (Christians In Theatre Arts) Atlantic Coast Regional Conference.

1991-92 Director, Central Virginia Christian Talent Search.

1989-92 Director, Salt and Light Ministries' Drama Day Camp.
1992-94 Director, Kidz Kreative Arts Kamp.


Jeff Smith is Director of the Salt & Light Ministries based near Richmond, VA. After graduation from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1980, Jeff spent eight years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. Besides various military awards and decorations, Jeff was selected Best Male Vocalist in Major Army Commands in 1982, 1983 and 1985. In 1985 and again in 1987, he was selected to tour with the All-Army Soldier's Show that toured the US, Europe and the Far East. While stationed at FT Lee, VA, he held leads in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "King and I", "Grease", "Pippin", and "I Do! I Do!". In May of 1988, he resigned his commission to start Salt & Light Ministries.

While getting his ministry started and working in the local church setting, he finished his Master’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis on Script and Screenwriting from Regent University in 1995. In 2010, he graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Arts degree in Worship Arts.

Since then, Jeff has performed throughout the world as a featured performer and master teacher at local, state, and national training conferences and seminars in drama, worship arts, music ministry, teacher training, children’s ministry, and creative arts. In 1991, he was the Grand Prize Winner for Drama at the Christian Artist's Seminar at Estes Park, Colorado, and was a finalist in the vocal categories from 1989 - 1991. His sketches have won international acclaim to include Best Comedy Sketch in 1999, Best Dramatic Sketch in 2000, and another Best Comedy Sketch in 2004 at the CITA Sketchwriting Contest. Although Salt and Light Ministries publishes many of his written works and he has self-produced a variety of CDs and other musical projects, many of his dramatic works have been published by Lillenas and Standard Publishing. Additionally, his series of training videos, “Movement for Non-Movers” have helped equipped teens and children all over the world to share the gospel through creative movement.

Finally, in 2002, “Jeff Smith Ministries” was incorporated to help better organize the effort and ministry work that Jeff continues to do throughout the world.
Jeff currently resides in Richmond, VA, with his wife Debbie. They have two sons, Benjamin and Samuel.
For more information on Jeff and his ministry check out our web site at

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