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A caucus meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Haddon was convened in the Municipal Building, 135 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, NJ on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 7:00 PM.
Mayor Teague requested all stand for the flag salute
Mayor Teague announced that Chapter 231, Public Law 1975 requires adequate notice of this meeting be provided specifying time, place and agenda. This was done by placing Annual Notice in the Courier-Post and Retrospect Newspapers and by posting on two bulletin boards in the Municipal Building.
ROLL CALL: Mayor Teague Present

Commissioner Foley Present

Commissioner Dougherty Present
Eric Riso, Esq., Greg Fusco, P.E., Jim Stevenson, Mark Cavallo, Martin Blaskey, Lee Palo, Betty Band and Kate Burns were present.
Commissioner Foley moved, seconded by Mayor Teague that the Minutes of the Regular Meeting and the Closed Session held on July 23, 2013 be approved, with both members voting in the affirmative.
ORDINANCES (for consideration August 27, 2013)
#1312 – Salary Ordinance 2013
#1313 Revised – Amending Chapter 189 Entitled “Rent Control”

RESOLUTIONS (for consideration August 27, 2013)

#2013-138 - Bill Resolution

#2013-139 - Authorizing the Tax/Utility Collector to Process Posting Corrections and

Various Other Adjustments and Deductions
OTHER BUSINESS: (For consideration August 27, 2013)

  • Raffle Licenses #RA09-2013 & #RA10-2013 Strawbridge School PTA

  • Raffle License #RA11-2013 Ministry with the Deaf of South Jersey

Greg Fusco, PE reviewed the Engineer’s Report for August 20, 2013.

Public Works, Water/Sewer Department: - Mr. Stevenson reported that on Toledo Avenue Public Works is replacing water mains and services. Most of the water main is down around the bend on Elgin Avenue and not tied into Locust yet. Public Works has started on water services and as of today 5 services have been replaced, that will continue to Melrose Avenue where a new fire hydrant has been installed and has increased the gallons per minute at the fire hydrant. This fire hydrant is now useful for fire protection. Mr. Stevenson further reported that he talked to the Fire chief, and with all the infrastructure work that has been done since this governing body took office, the Township may be able to increase the ISO rating for fire insurance. In addition, the other project that will be taking place is the Park and Albertson Pump Station. The bridge is being worked on again. The retaining wall on Marshal Avenue in West Collingswood Heights and the continuation of Carlton Avenue Drainage issues will all be covered under the 2013 Street Improvement Program; bids were received today for those projects.

Tax Assessor: Mr. Blaskey reported that the Tax Assessor’s Office continues to work on added assessments. Mr. Blaskey stated that he is doing field inspections and updating photographs in their database.
Compliance Officer: Ms. Band reported that Township has the same number of vacant properties as last month, two were lost to the bank but compliance picked up two new ones, so we stay even every month. She continues to work with companies still servicing the properties. There are other issues for property maintenance with people in their homes not cutting their grass.

BID/Town Events: Ms. Burns reported that at tomorrow evening’s Westmont Farmers Market it is “The Dog Days of Summer”. There will be little events catered to mans best friends, such as micro chipping, training, and health information from 4 PM until 7 PM. Ms. Burns reported on the following events: The Luau is Friday, September 6th, tickets are on sale now, rain date will be Saturday, held at the Crystal Lake Pool Complex, catered by the Keg & Kitchen and back by popular demand The Toons from 7 PM until 11 PM. The Block Party and Car show will be on Saturday, September 28th, rides and entertainment have been booked. Ms. Burns is working with Revered Cook for Saddler Woods Day scheduled for September 21st and offering any assistance they may need. She further reported that they are a number of businesses that have opened or will be opening soon. Tony’s run is scheduled for Wednesday, August 28, 2013. Commissioner Foley reported that Saturday signs ups will be at Haddonfield Running Company, Tuesday Evening sign ups will be at the Tap Room, and there will be sign ups on race day as well. Commissioner Foley further requested that everyone take a look at the Haddon Township website to view Tony’s story, how he became disabled and what he has remarkably done since that time.


  • Audit

  • Imposition of Liens on Multiple Properties

  • Person-to-Person Liquor License Transfer

  • Refund for Senior Trip

  • Renewal Membership in Camden County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund

  • Reschedule November Caucus Meeting

  • “NJ SAFE Act” – Effective November 1, 2013

  • Change the name of the Custodian for Petty Cash

  • Water Bill for Block 16.07, Lot 3

  • Temporary Police Clerk

There being no further agenda business, Commissioner Foley moved to open the meeting to the public, seconded by Commissioner Dougherty, with all members voting in the affirmative.
John Kendall, 120 Washington Avenue – Mr. Kendall thanked everybody for doing a great job. He stated that his sister and mother were in car accident on White Horse Pike. The Haddon Township Police did a great job as did Audubon. Chief Cavallo stopped to make sure everything was okay. Mr. Kendall inquired as to any news on LazGor regarding the Westmont Theater. Mayor Teague responded that Township is still working on an agreement and we received the escrow fee that we requested. Mr. Kendall was happy to read about the COAH agreement in the Courier Post. Mayor Teague reported that the Township is excited to get moving on that project and hoping to see construction start in the Fall.

There being no further comments from the public, Commissioner Foley made a motion to close the meeting to the public, seconded by Commissioner Dougherty, with all members voting in the affirmative.

There being no further business to discuss, Commissioner Foley moved, seconded by Commissioner Dougherty that the meeting be adjourned at 7:22 PM, with all members voting in the affirmative.
August 20, 2013




TOWNSHIP CLERK ____________________________________

Randall W. Teague, Mayor


John C. Foley, Commissioner


Paul Dougherty, Commissioner


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