Minutes of proceedings the 4461 meeting of the Brisbane City Council, held at City Hall, Brisbane on Tuesday 3 March 2015 at 2pm


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The Right Honourable the LORD MAYOR (Councillor Graham QUIRK), Chairman of the Establishment and Coordination Committee, moved, seconded by the DEPUTY MAYOR (Councillor Adrian SCHRINNER), that the report of the meeting of that Committee held on 23 February 2015, be adopted.

Chairman: Is there any debate?

LORD MAYOR: Thanks, Madam Chairman. Just a number of things before the report itself. Firstly, just to let all Councillors know that the new “Live”, it's not necessarily a catalogue, it's more I suppose an events booklet, is out. That is something that you might find of help and interest to your various constituencies around Brisbane. It is the program from March through to May.

The events we have seen—I thank everybody that was engaged in the Clean Up Australia Day event on the weekend. It's always an important event in the calendar of Australia as a whole, and my thanks go to everyone that participated. Today, 3 March, is the United Nations World Wildlife Day—a day that's celebrated every year in recognition and to raise awareness, obviously, of our world's fauna and flora.

The Brisbane Irish Festival is coming up, 6 to 17 March. The Irish Festival is always a very colourful one on the Brisbane scene, the toughest gig in town for anyone that's experienced it. So that is again for the recommendation of all councillors. Until 24 May, the costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood will be shown at the Museum of Brisbane. So it is something I would certainly recommend to everyone.

Just a few things. Firstly, as a result of the aftermath of Cyclone Marcia, this Council approved the sending up of some people to Rockhampton to help out at Yeppoon. It was clear that we had dodged the proverbial bullet here, so we sent some resources by way of vehicles and trailers and personnel up to Rockhampton to help with the response effort there. I thank all of those SES volunteers who have given-up their time again in the interests of our fellow Queenslanders to get the job done.

I just wanted to announce today also that there will be a re-visioning of the Queen Street Mall. This is something that I have mentioned before. It has been included in the 2014-15 budget. The process of workshops will commence on 26 March around the Valley Mall re-visioning. Of course, it is to identify the next 20 years what that mall may look like, making sure that it remains a very successful mall.

I think I have said here before, the Queen Street Mall has something like 26 million visitations a year. It is Australia's most successful mall by a mile. Silver Needle, who developed the Next Hotel in the Queen Street Mall, undertook their own research, and advised me that their research showed that it was the 10th most successful mall in the world. It is not broken, but like anything, you have to make sure that things remain contemporary, exciting and progressive. So that is about where that mall might need to go over the coming years. So it is not about rushing out tomorrow and needing to spend money. It is about making sure that we have a vision, a sight line, and out of that, then ultimately a plan for the future.

Also, I want to announce today that the Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Round Table have initiated a mentoring scheme. This is a scheme which will see members of the Multicultural Business Round Table use their skills that they have acquired over the years to provide opportunities for people within our multicultural communities in terms of mentoring and business and entrepreneurship. People like Bob Bishop, like Andrew Foo, like David Widjaja and Brian Lorrigan—just four of many that will be assisting in terms of this mentoring program. I thank them all very much in advance for the services they will provide to ensure that we have young, multicultural business people in the future contributing to our city, our economy and our growth in jobs into the future.

Also, I just want to advise the Council around flu vaccinations. We are gearing up, with autumn now here, for the potential of flu in winter, so today I was joined by Dr Richard Kidd who is the Queensland AMA Chairman of General Practice and Promoting Immunisation. This Council has for decades now—since 1931 in fact—had an immunisation program, and we have around 15,000 clients each year, 14 clinics across the city, and we will be having 300 free immunisation sessions at those 14 clinics in the first half of this year.

That provides an opportunity, particularly for older people, to get that flu vaccination. But there is a whole range of vaccinations available, for babies at six weeks and beyond, everything covering a whole lot of different things from whooping cough, chicken pox, diphtheria, tetanus, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella—a whole range of them there. Again we just make that opportunity available. It's not means tested; it is just there to make sure that, if there are affordability issues, that people have got an opportunity to go along and get their kids or themselves vaccinated in the interests of health generally in Queensland.

Madam Chairman, I move to the report. We have the Minutes of the Audit Committee there for Councillors, and also today importantly a resumption—it is only a small parcel of land of 39 square metres at Wilston, but it is an important parcel of land because it links in as very much a part of the Enoggera Bikeway project. Brisbane, as a city, has the Better Bikeways for Brisbane program. It is about not only recreational bikeways; it's about more and more moving towards journey to work opportunities.

So this particular parcel of land on the corner of Sylvester Street and Newmarket Road at Wilston provides the necessary road width that we need to provide an on road bike lane opportunity at that location. We just don't have the road capacity to do it without undertaking this resumption. We believe that, whilst we don't like taking land unnecessarily, we believe that this is a worthy project.

Chairman: Councillors, just before we continue, I am not sure what's happening with the microphones. We do seem to have a bit of a problem. I'm sure the DEPUTY MAYOR didn't have his on—

LORD MAYOR: It was on green and he—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: —you should be able to have three on at any one time and today it only seems to be allowing two. So if there's a problem, during the break we'll try to get it fixed.

LORD MAYOR: —Madam Chairman, if I may help just very, very quickly, the DEPUTY MAYOR's was on green, and we tried to turn it off and it wouldn’t go off. But then it's gone on to red, so I don’t know.

Chairman: Thank you.

Chairman: Councillor DICK.

Councillor DICK: Thanks, Madam Chair; I rise to speak on the two items today, and once again these are items not by choice that the LNP have brought to the Council today, because they have to bring these items to the Council today. Of course, with only two items, the only logical question is; what else was discussed at that E&C, but we won't know that.

On the items that we do know about—

Councillor JOHNSTON: It's a secret.

Chairman: Order!

Councillor DICK: —and particularly on item A, there's a lot I want to know about this that isn’t in the report either. So I bring the attention—and the LORD MAYOR didn’t touch on this really at all in his response, so I certainly hope he's got his pen and paper out and will be able to answer some of my questions.

The Audit Committee Report, which is three pages in length, we have a new Chair—Mr Paul Shipley, who has taken over the helm of the Audit Committee Report. I would have liked to think that those sorts of positions perhaps would come to Council; that we would have a discussion about the makeup of these sorts of committees, but that is not the LNP's wont.

Four of the items—and I turn to page 3—on numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11 on page 3 are all about Council's risks. I would like an update to the Chamber, to the ratepayers, about some of those risks discussed by the Audit Committee. Before we get there on the External Audit Update, on page 2, on dot point 2 of item number 7, the committee asked to be kept up to date regarding continuing discussions on sustainability ratios. The LORD MAYOR may want to provide some data and some information about why is that a concern, and why has the committee asked to be kept up to date, and where are we at with some of those sustainability ratios.

I would also like to know on the Corporate Risk Management update, particularly an update regarding the corporate risk profile was provided by the corporate risk specialist. It is pretty simple; why aren't Councillors provided with that sort of information? The Committee noted the Corporate Risk Management update, but this report doesn’t provide any information about what was contained, and as we've just heard in Question Time today, if half the people of Brisbane are wrong and this is not a secret organisation, well, this is another test where the LORD MAYOR could provide that and table that for discussion and debate.

Equally so, on item 9, which is the compliance framework update, an update regarding the latest compliance report and the compliance framework was provided by the corporate risk specialist. Once again it would be good to have that tabled, and if the LORD MAYOR is refusing to table, he can go into some detail in his summing up today. Also item 11, which I am also interested, is the Chief Internal Auditor provided an update regarding the Committee's request for confirmation of due dates for high risk overdue actions on agreed recommendations.

So there's some fairly important information—the Audit Committee is provided with a new Chair, and independent member, a representative of Brisbane Transport Advisory and someone from the Field Services Advisory Board—perhaps all worthwhile people and giving up their time, but they are not elected. They are not elected to serve our city; we are. We are the custodians ultimately, and the buck stops with us, so I would encourage the LORD MAYOR to stop bringing sanitised Audit Committee Reports that list what was discussed, and start providing that information. That is probably an easy way to show the people—or at least half of Brisbane—that this organisation is not a secret organisation.

Also on page 2, item 5, the Chief Executive Officer updated the Committee on relevant issues on behalf of the CEO—budget preparation, Kingsford Smith Drive update and the Legacy Way project. So three items there, and I think it would be worthwhile if there was a report given to the Audit Committee on those projects, that it is provided here. Before any of the LNP Chairpersons jump up and down, I am happy to put on the table that we would be more than happy to have these sorts of presentations at Committees.

As worthwhile as student artwork is, and as commendable as that is, our core business should be about the items that are being apparently well debated at the Audit Committee but not debated at our Committee Reports. Before the LNP jump up and say, you haven't asked for a presentation, I'm asking for it now. Okay? So let's be under no illusion, under no confusion. If you need help with working out presentations, have a look at the Audit Committee Report; scan that. It's your job to come up with the presentations. It's your job to present them. Use this sort of information, because if it's good enough for the Audit Committee, I maintain it's good enough for the elected representatives of this city to make an informed decision, and also provide feedback on behalf of our ratepayers which we proudly serve in this Chamber.
Seriatim - Clause B
Councillor Milton DICK requested that Clause B, HERSTON TO ENOGGERA BIKEWAY PROJECT, be taken seriatim for voting purposes.
Councillor DICK: Labor councillors will be supporting this resumption. I understand it's to enable 39 square metres of land which will be resumed at 157 Newmarket Road, and I also note that the landowner has not objected, and a claim for compensation will soon follow. So this is a standard operating procedure for this Council, and we have no objection to item B today.

Chairman: Further debate?

Chairman: Councillor WINES.

Councillor WINES: Thank you, Madam Chairman; I rise in support of item B, the Herston to Enoggera bikeway project specifically regarding the resumption of land at the intersection of Sylvester Street and Newmarket Road. The north side is a great beneficiary of some excellent commuter and recreational bikeways. Two of the best examples of those are the Enoggera Creek Bikeway and the Kedron Brook Bikeway.

It is a common request for there to be an improved connectivity between those two bikeways, and not only that but an improved connection for the north-west into the more urban parts of our city. This project is a vital step in allowing that. This Council, the QUIRK Administration, has a very strong focus on building and improving cycleways, not only on the north side but all across the city. This project will allow people to connect between Kedron Brook in the north and Enoggera Creek in the south, and on-road cycleways and the cycleway improvements will mean that not only high-skilled cyclists can travel along these corridors but people of low to moderate skill on cycleways as well, in particular younger people and people who are giving it a go for the health benefits of cycling.

Improving bikeways, I know it is something that cycling enthusiasts all through the north side are going to really enjoy, and I know that it is something there's a keenness and appetite for, and I have no trouble in recommending that this item be supported today.

Chairman: Further debate?

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Yes, Madam Chairman—

Chairman: Just a moment, Councillor JOHNSTON. Thank you.

Councillor JOHNSTON: —yes, Madam Chairman, just briefly on item B. I will be supporting this item today, but I would like to note for the record—and I was listening to what Councillor WINES said. I am very happy that his ward is receiving new cycling infrastructure, but I note that the $120 million of funding for bikeway infrastructure to be spent by the LORD MAYOR and his team, including this project, not a single cent of that will be spent in Tennyson Ward. That feeds into the whole debate we're having today about why the residents of this city don't believe—

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON—

Councillor JOHNSTON: —the LORD MAYOR is acting fairly.

Chairman: —back to item B.

Chairman: Further debate?

Chairman: Councillor HOWARD.

Councillor HOWARD: Thank you, Madam Chairman. I too rise to speak briefly to item B of the E&C Report. As the Report says, the Herston to Enoggera Bikeway project involves the installation of on-road bike lanes at the intersection of Sylvester Street and Newmarket Roads, Wilston. This project forms part of the Better Bikeways for Brisbane program. I am glad that the Minutes refer to the Better Bikeways for Brisbane program because this initiative is so important to all of my Central Ward residents.

The program aims to create a better commuter network of bikeways that service major employment areas as well as improving access and safe travel to local shopping strips, schools and public transport hubs. The immediate area of the intersection we are talking about at Sylvester Street ticks all the boxes for an area of local shopping, schools and public transport, so I am very appreciative that officers have started the process of the necessary resumption and that no objections were received to those notices.

I would like to think that there were no objections because people are more aware these days of the importance of dedicated cycle lanes and our other improvements. It is important for all residents because we all know that cycling already makes up an increasing percentage of all peak hour traffic in Brisbane—thousands of journeys every day that would otherwise be made by car or public transport.

But this isn’t just about cyclists; getting more people on to their bikes, into bike lanes reduces pressure on the road, bus and rail networks; cuts pollution and improves life for everyone, whether or not they cycle themselves. So thank you, LORD MAYOR and Councillor MATIC for your continued efforts to keep the wheels moving on this important improvement for Central Ward.

Chairman: Further debate?

Chairman: Councillor MATIC.

Councillor MATIC: Thank you, Madam Chairman; I rise to speak in support of item B, and to also add my voice to those that have already spoken on this issue. This item clearly shows this Administration's continued strong commitment to expanding, extending and improving our bicycle network across our city. It is also a perfect example of our LORD MAYOR's strong commitment of a record spend of $120 million across the whole city that shows that this is another project that is committed to all of Brisbane's residents for everyone's enjoyment and use.

It is important to note as part of this item that this resumption of land is for, as Councillor HOWARD said, a dedicated path. It clearly shows that this Administration is getting on with delivering safer bikeways for our residents. Where we have the opportunities to create those separated parts, we take them. This is clearly part of our agenda, providing safer and better bikeways across our city.

It is also important to show that the planning of these paths is clearly outlined through projects like this where we're trying to provide those connections to our major areas of employment, of residents, of business, and also providing that accessibility for people to be able to provide those connections across the city. This particular path has connections from Kelvin Grove Road, Bancroft Park in my own ward, across to Councillor HOWARD's ward, providing that connectivity to Councillor WINES' ward, clearly showing that by making these simple improvements as we are, we're providing longer term benefits across the whole city. So I certainly thank all the councillors for the support of this item, and thank them all for the support of a program that is clearly delivering huge benefits across the city for all Brisbane residents.

Chairman: Further debate?

Chairman: Councillor SIMMONDS.

Councillor SIMMONDS: Thank you very much, Madam Chairman; I just rise to speak about item A which—

Councillors interjecting.

Chairman: Order!

Councillor SIMMONDS: —I just rise to speak about item A which is the Audit Committee Minutes, particularly to respond to some of the comments made by Councillor DICK. In terms of the over-arching comments and theme of his speech regarding transparency, I would simply remind Councillor DICK and the Councillors opposite that they never brought Minutes of the Audit Committee to this Chamber. We wouldn’t have a clue what the Audit Committee spoke about under a Labor Administration, because they simply didn’t bring the Minutes. So the fact that they are here in this Chamber for him to question and for him to pore over demonstrates that this Administration—what I say every week—is the most accountable and transparent Administration.

Councillor SUTTON: Point of order, Madam Chairman.

Chairman: Point of order against you.

Chairman: Yes, Councillor SUTTON.

Councillor SUTTON: Would Councillor SIMMONDS take a question, given I always take his questions?

Chairman: Councillor SUTTON!

Chairman: Councillor SIMMONDS, will you take a question from Councillor SUTTON?

Councillor SIMMONDS: No.

Councillors interjecting.

Chairman: That's right. Order!

Councillor SIMMONDS: Thank you very much, Madam Chairman, I will—

Chairman: Order!

Councillors interjecting.

Councillor SIMMONDS: —thank you very much, Madam Chairman, I will continue on. I'm always happy to take a question in Question Time, you are very right. So if she'd like to—she's never asked me a question. She is my shadow counterpart. She's never asked me a question in the three years that I've been doing this job, but feel free. If next week is the week, I'll be really looking forward to it.

Councillors interjecting.

Chairman: Order!

Councillor SUTTON: Take it now.

Chairman: Councillor SUTTON, you're on a warning.

Councillor SIMMONDS: Madam Chairman, could I take the opportunity to introduce to the Chamber our new Chairman for the Audit Committee. I spoke previously when the Minutes last calendar year came through to the Chamber that our long-standing Chair of the Audit Committee, Len Scanlon, had decided to pursue other opportunities. After 10 years, he felt it was time for renewal. We thanked him very much for his service. He did do a tremendous job in the 10 years that he chaired the Audit Committee.

Our new Chairman, Paul Shipley, has had a very long and distinguished career with the Queensland Audit Office. In fact, he was most recently an Assistant Auditor-General for Financial Auditing within the Queensland Audit Office. Within that role, specifically he liaised directly with the councils regarding their financial stability, particularly with Brisbane City Council, Gold Coast City Council, and Logan City Council. I can think of no better person or no person better positioned to understand what this Council needs to do to remain in a strong financial position than Mr Shipley.

He does, of course, have the relevant qualifications. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Queensland, a Graduate Certificate of Management from QUT; he is a Certified Practising Accountant and a Fellow with the Australian Society of CPAs. I thank him very much for taking on this particular role, and I look forward to working closely with him.

I note that Councillor DICK did have a dig about the fact that Mr Shipley is unelected. Yes, he is unelected; he is there on the Audit Committee to advise. I note that unelected people weren’t so bad last week when Councillor SUTTON was spruiking her development advisory panel, and had plenty of unelected people to do her job for her, in fact; a job that she's elected and paid to do.

Councillors interjecting.

Chairman: Order!

Councillor SIMMONDS: A job that she's elected and paid to do by the ratepayers of Brisbane, that she's delegated to unelected people, so it's okay for them, but I leave that aside.

Councillors interjecting.

Chairman: Order!

Councillor SIMMONDS: In relation to the sustainability ratios that Councillor DICK mentioned, I am not sure—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor NEWTON!

Chairman: Thank you, Councillor SIMMONDS.

Councillor SIMMONDS: —Thank you very much, Madam Chairman. We have to differentiate between Councillor DICK's spin when he talks about transparency and the facts, because sometimes what he calls transparency is really him not bothering to do the work, not bothering to go to the places and get the information. A good example is the sustainability ratios. So I don't know what else I can do to make them public.

They are published in the published budget document every year; they are published in the Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) Report that comes to this Chamber every year. In fact, they are tabled in Queensland Parliament every year. So if Councillor DICK wants to know what the sustainability ratios are, he can feel free to look at any one of those three public sources, two of which are debated here in this Chamber.

In terms of the corporate risk profile and the other documents that they asked for, well, they can call the file. They can call the file at any opportunity that they'd like. I note that he hasn’t bothered to do that. Again, he doesn’t want to do the work; he simply wants to get up in this Chamber and give his spin. But he is entitled to ask for those files at any time.

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor SIMMONDS: Well, you've got the other files, haven’t you, Councillor DICK?

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor DICK!

Councillor SIMMONDS: You've got the research that you used today.

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Order! Councillor DICK! Councillor DICK! If you don't stop interjecting, you will be warned.

Councillor SIMMONDS: So these are documents that are prepared by Council officers. There are many internal documents used by this Council. He is more than welcome to request the file, as he is with other internal documents.

I note again, as I note every time, that the Audit Committee isn’t making decisions about these key matters. They're not making decisions about Legacy Way or budget preparation. They are, in a very right and prudent way, getting a brief from officers about what work is occurring so that they can add their professional advice and experience and make sure that we are upholding the highest standards.

But when it comes to projects that Councillor DICK would like a brief on, like Legacy Way, well that comes here. That comes here to this Chamber and has, to make a decision about whether projects like that go ahead. In terms of the budget preparations, well, they are involved as anyone. We know that they have all put in their budget submissions.

The Audit Committee does not make decisions in relation to these issues. They simply receive reports from the Council officers about where some of these large scale projects are at so that they can add some of their professional input. Next time, Councillor DICK wants to do 30 years as the Assistant Auditor-General, I'll be happy to take his advice on the sustainability ratios as well.

We want to be able to take this kind of expertise from the individuals who have had the experience in these kinds of fields, so I would hope that those opposite would support the new Chair for the Audit Committee, Mr Shipley, given his outstanding experience. I would welcome somebody from that side of the Chamber standing up and welcoming him to that position and acknowledging his significant experience in this space. I certainly do, and on behalf of councillors on this side, and we look forward to working with him into the future.

Chairman: Further debate; LORD MAYOR.

LORD MAYOR: Thanks very much, Madam Chairman. Just on the issue of sustainability ratios, one of the things that I do every time we have a quarterly budget review, I go to some length to outline what those sustainability ratios are. I report back to this Chamber on a regular basis as to where this Council's finances fit in respect to those sustainability ratios. There's a whole raft of criteria there. It's debt to asset ratios; it's debt to revenue ratios—a whole range of them that I go through each and every quarter, as I will be, Sometime before the budget, there will be another quarterly review—probably a couple of them, in fact—and again on those occasions I will go through those sustainability ratios.

I do want to challenge something that Councillor DICK again said twice during his speech on this report. Twice he said half of the people say this Council is secretive. Now, that is wrong, Madam Chairman, and I am not going to let it go unchallenged, because Councillor DICK takes this approach that if you say something enough, it becomes the fact, and it is not a fact.

Councillor interjecting.

LORD MAYOR: I have read the research, and the research says to the question of: is this Council open and honest, 50 per cent say yes, they agree; 16 per cent disagree, and 2 per cent strongly disagree. So, Madam chairman, don't let me hear Councillor DICK again twist the truth on this issue. That is the problem. You give him information, and he puts it to political spin, not to the truth of the information he has been provided with. I will not let it go unchecked. I will not allow it to go in Councillor DICK's political speak—that is the truth of the matter.

Chairman: I will put the motion for—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: When you're ready, Councillor ABRAHAMS!

Chairman: I will put the motion for Item A.
Clause A put
Upon being submitted to the meeting the motion for the adoption of Clause A of the report of the Establishment and Coordination Committee was declared carried on the voices.
Thereupon, Councillors Milton DICK and Helen ABRAHAMS immediately rose and called for a division, which resulted in the motion being declared carried.
The voting was as follows:
AYES: 19 - The Right Honourable the LORD MAYOR, Councillor Graham QUIRK, DEPUTY MAYOR, Councillor Adrian SCHRINNER, and Councillors Krista ADAMS, Matthew BOURKE, Amanda COOPER, Margaret de WIT, Vicki HOWARD, Steven HUANG, Fiona KING, Geraldine KNAPP, Kim MARX, Peter MATIC, Ian McKENZIE, David McLACHLAN, Ryan MURPHY, Julian SIMMONDS, Andrew WINES, Norm WYNDHAM and Nicole JOHNSTON.
NOES: 7 - The Leader of the OPPOSITION, Councillor Milton DICK, and Councillors Helen ABRAHAMS, Peter CUMMING, Kim FLESSER, Steve GRIFFITHS, Victoria NEWTON and Shayne SUTTON
Clause B put

Upon being submitted to the meeting the motion for the adoption of Clause B of the report of the Establishment and Coordination Committee was declared carried on the voices.

The report read as follows

The Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor (Councillor Graham Quirk) (Chairman); and Councillors Krista Adams, Matthew Bourke, Amanda Cooper, Peter Matic, Ian McKenzie, David McLachlan and Julian Simmonds.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Adrian Schrinner.




1. The Chief Executive Officer provided the information below.

2. Section 201 of the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012 requires that as soon as practicable after a meeting of the Audit Committee, Council must be given a written report about the matters reviewed at the meeting and the Committee’s recommendations about the matters.
3. The Chief Executive Officer is to present the report mentioned in section 201(1)(c) at the next meeting of Council.
4. The Chief Executive Officer provided the following recommendation and the Committee agreed.





6. The Executive Manager, City Projects Office, Brisbane Infrastructure Division, provided the information below.

7. The Herston to Enoggera Bikeway Project involves the installation of on-road bike lanes at the intersection of Silvester Street and Newmarket Road, Wilston. This project forms part of the Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane program.
8. It is not possible to construct the Silvester Street on-road bike lane within the current road reserve so land from private property, as described in Attachment B herunder, is required.
9. On 30 October 2014 the Executive Manager, City Projects Office, approved the issuing of Notices of Intention to Resume. The notices were issued on 7 November 2014. No objections were received to those notices.
10. Council will need to pursue the completion of the formal resumption process in respect of the land in Attachment B hereunder in order to ensure timely acquisition of the land.
11. A locality map detailing the site area is set out in Attachment D, submitted on file.
12. Upon completion of the formal resumption process, all interests in the resumed land are converted into claims for compensation, pursuant to the provisions of the Acquisition of Land Act 1967. Negotiations concerning compensation will continue concurrently with the formal resumption process.
13. The Executive Manager provided the following recommendation and the Committee agreed.
Attachment A

Draft Resolution

(i) On 7 November 2014, Council in accordance with the provisions of the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 issued Notices of Intention to Resume the privately-owned land set out and identified in Attachment B hereunder to this resolution; and

(ii) no objection in writing was received to those notices by the owner described in Attachment B hereunder,

then Council is of the opinion that:

  1. the land described in Attachment B hereunder is required for road (bike path) purposes; and

  2. it is necessary to take the said land.

As Council is of the opinion specified above, it directs that Brisbane City Legal Practice make the required application for the approval of the Minister for the taking of land under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967.

Attachment B






Eagers Retail Pty Ltd

157 Newmarket Road, Wilston

Part of Lot 3 on RP136253

(shown as Lot 113 on the plan at Attachment C, submitted on file)




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