Minutes of proceedings the 4461 meeting of the Brisbane City Council, held at City Hall, Brisbane on Tuesday 3 March 2015 at 2pm

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Chairman: Councillors, are there any petitions?

Chairman: Councillor MARX?

Councillor MARX: Thank you, Madam Chair. Yes, I have a petition from residents asking Council to ask residents to clean up their property please.

Chairman: Councillor SIMMONDS?

Councillor SIMMONDS: Thank you, Madam Chairman. I have a petition on my favourite subject, Fluoride.

Chairman: Further petitions?

Chairman: Councillor CUMMING?

Councillor CUMMING: Yes, Madam Chair, I have a petition about the—

Chairman: Councillor CUMMING, can you get to a microphone please.

Councillor CUMMING: Sorry, no wonder you couldn't hear that one. I've numerous petitions about keeping housing heights at 8.5 metres and reducing five-storey developments to three-storeys.

Chairman: Councillor ABRAHAMS?

Councillor ABRAHAMS: Thank you, Madam Chair. I have a petition from almost 300 people regarding development in Mowbray Park, East Brisbane.

Chairman: Further petitions?

Chairman: Councillor SUTTON?

Councillor SUTTON: Yes, Madam Chair, I have a petition signed by residents in Brisbane Street asking Council to upgrade the drainage in Brisbane Street. Thank you.

Chairman: Further petitions?

Chairman: Councillor MURPHY?


It was resolved on the motion of Councillor Ryan MURPHY, seconded by Councillor Victoria NEWTON, that the petitions as presented be received and referred to the Committee concerned for consideration and report.

The petitions were summarised as follows:

File No.




Kim Marx

Requesting removal of hazards on the property at 2724 Beaudesert Road, Calamvale.


Julian Simmonds

Regarding the environmental impact of fluoride on Brisbane's water supply.


Peter Cumming

Requesting that Council keep housing in Wynnum, Manly and Lota at heights of eight and a half metres, and reduce five storey developments to three storeys.


Helen Abrahams

Objecting to the unit development on Council land at East Brisbane.


Shayne Sutton

Requesting investigation of a drainage issue developing in a group of houses at the corner of Quay and Brisbane Streets, Bulimba.


Chairman: Councillors, are there any statements required as a result of a Councillor Conduct Review Panel order?

Chairman: Are there any matters of general business?

Chairman: Councillor MARX?

Councillor MARX: Yes, thank you, Madam Chair. Yes, I rise to speak on Clean Up Australia Day and three multicultural events that have happened in the last three days.

So first up we had on Saturday afternoon there was a Taiwanese Lunar New Year Multicultural Festival. It was held at the MacGregor Primary School. While that was actually technically in Councillor HUANG's ward, he's always very gracious in allowing us all to attend there.

So there was the LORD MAYOR, Councillor McKENZIE—it was wonderful to see him coming across to our patch—Councillor ADAMS, and obviously Councillor HUANG and myself were also there and a number of other members of parliament and new ministers. So it was quite good to see everybody in attendance there. It was a wonderful event with many different activities and festivals. Then they had some slight meal as well.

That night there was also then the Queensland Chinese Forum at Sunnybank at, once again, Councillor HUANG's ward, but once again he graciously allows us to attend in his ward and we had the LORD MAYOR there. We had Councillor McKENZIE again, Councillor HUANG, myself and this time we also had Councillor HOWARD come across to Sunnybank, so we welcomed her into our area as well.

It was a packed, packed event with the restaurant there. The new Premier was there and a lot of, once again, new state members and ministers were also there. It was the 20th anniversary of the Queensland Chinese Forum so it was another wonderful event.

Sunday morning saw Clean Up Australia Day. I never know whether to say this is a successful event or not. It's a bit of an oxymoron because you either have lots of volunteers with lots of rubbish or you have lots of volunteers with zero rubbish, so I'm not sure which becomes more successful.

I actually had a huge amount of volunteers. We had upwards of 70 people turning up there at Brandon Road which we then had to find areas in the ward that had rubbish to be picked up. So I was a bit stressful actually hoping I had enough rubbish in my ward for them to pick up, but that was okay. We had six different registered sites and we farmed everybody out there to go to those various places and, yes, we did successfully two skips to overflowing, as well I had four trailer loads behind my car as well. So we did manage to pick up a fair amount of stuff.

That night was followed out at the Logan Entertainment Centre for the Brisbane Chinese Festival that was put on there, and Councillor LUTTON who's the Deputy Mayor of Logan kindly welcomed me and Councillor Steven HUANG to his patch as well. That was a wonderful, wonderful evening. There were some entertainers from China and they also actually had the Logan Youth Choir who'd only been going for the last couple of weeks and they were very, very good as well, so that was another wonderful event. As always I'm sure there'll be still another few Chinese New Year functions for us to attend before the month is out. Thank you very much.

Chairman: General business?

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON?

Councillor JOHNSTON: Yes, thank you, Madam Chairman. I rise to speak on a few issues tonight; firstly, development issues in Tennyson Ward; secondly, secrecy by Brisbane City Council; and thirdly, the Walter Taylor Bridge.

I'd like to start with some development issues of concern and I'm sorry that Councillor COOPER's not here to hear this because these are very serious matters in my ward. I know, Madam Chairman, you're not keen on Councillors absenting themselves from this Chamber, so anyway hopefully she'll read the minutes.

I am extremely concerned that residents are being put in the position of having to ensure that developers are complying with the requirements of the CityPlan when they lodge their development applications, and I want to draw Council's attention to two matters; firstly, a recent DA that has been approved in Annerley. A four-storey modern townhouse complex has been approved in a two-storey character area. How it has been approved is beyond me and I'm very disappointed that Council did not listen to the hundreds of objections by residents and act to reduce the bulk, scale and size of this development.

However, it is the process that followed where Council and the developer failed to notify the—and I'm glad Councillor COOPER's back so let me say this again—Council and the developer failed to notify the submitters to the DA about the outcome. Failed to do so. When I heard from a resident that they thought it had been approved I said no that couldn't possibly be the case because Council writes me a letter and tells me the outcome.

Now they did not do that, Madam Chairman, and they certainly did not notify any of the submitters. So I complained to the manager of DA South about the issue and I have not had a response from him yet, and I'm looking forward to an explanation about why this legal process under the Sustainable Planning Act was not followed. Residents should not be left to be responsible for making sure Council complies with its legal obligations under the Act. That's example number one and that's in Fanny Street at Annerley.

Example number two relates to a current development application in Longman Terrace at Chelmer. Again, there are two serious defects with the development application that has been submitted to Council. The first is that the developer has failed to seek concurrent agency advice and Council failed to do that for the developer, and that had to be brought to their attention again by a resident that a formal statutory requirement under the Sustainable Planning Act was not conducted by this Council.

The second issue of concern relates to the quality of the documentation submitted by the developer. This developer has submitted a traffic management plan that refers to Victoria Avenue near Redlands Shire Council. It is clearly, as residents and I have found, a cut and paste from a completely different development application with a different street name in a different jurisdiction. Yet the developer has submitted this as the traffic basis for allowing a four-storey modern building to go into a two-storey character area in Chelmer.

Now, Madam Chairman, these are two serious examples of this Council failing to exercise proper administrative scrutiny under the Sustainable Planning Act. It is not good enough. We should not be left in the position of having to fix up the botched process being overseen by Councillor COOPER and this LNP Administration. This Council has to do more to make sure that the legal requirements are being complied with and that is not happening.

Now with respect to the development at Chelmer that I am referring to I've recently written to the LORD MAYOR and Councillor COOPER asking for this matter to be called in and brought to full Council for a decision. A four-storey building in a two-storey area that is significantly impinging on the heritage place on the site cannot be allowed. It cannot be allowed and it is critical that this decision is made in an open and transparent way.

We've heard a lot today about that issue, and bringing this DA to Council for consideration would demonstrate that this Council is listening to residents' concerns. I would ask that Councillor COOPER's here that she agrees to my requests and brings this matter of the Regis Nursing Home up to full Council for decision, because at the moment the community in Chelmer is extremely angry about the botched process being run by Council; (2) that their views are being ignored because the developer's made basic changes after more than a hundred submissions were made by the residents and myself; and (3) it is completely out of keeping and out of even the performance solutions as far as I'm concerned with respect to this development.

They are also angry—and I know Councillor COOPER knows this because many of them have copied her in on emails—that this is a code assessable application and the only reason they knew about it is because I wrote to them to tell them. There is no requirement for this Council to even put up a notice on the site or require the developer to put up a notice on the site, and to advise them of this huge development in their suburb.

It is a massive shortcoming and I can tell you they are angry with the LORD MAYOR about how this process has been allowed to unfold. It's not good enough and it needs to be fixed.

Secondly, the Walter Taylor Bridge—I received a very interesting letter from a resident who said to me what's happening with the Walter Taylor Bridge. He copied me in on a letter from the LORD MAYOR to him about it and I quote from this letter from the LORD MAYOR, signed by the LORD MAYOR, “I can advise that Council has no plans to widen Oxley Road during the current term of Council.

Well that's good given that this Council's secrecy and they won't release the actual report which says what they will do. I'm happy to know that for the next year there's no road widening going to happen. But then the letter goes on and I quote, “However, you may be interested to know that Council has indicated that in the future, the Walter Taylor Bridge will need to be duplicated”.

Now, Madam Chairman, let me quote that again, “Council has indicated in the future the Walter Taylor Bridge will need to be duplicated”.

I ask today when and where did that happen, because I can tell you now it is not in the long term infrastructure plan, it is not in the traffic plans for this city, it is not in any strategic planning document for the next 20 years for this city, and I've been told repeatedly that there are no plans to duplicate the Walter Taylor Bridge.

So I have it in writing that this LORD MAYOR is planning to duplicate the Walter Taylor Bridge, and let me say, Madam Chairman, I will be advising residents on the south-side and the north-side of the river what is going on.

So just to let you know Councillor SIMMONDS—because the problem's not really on my side of the river it's on your side—if you have plans to secretly duplicate the Walter Taylor Bridge, let's be clear, residents may be interested to know that Council has indicated that in future the Walter Taylor Bridge will need to be duplicated. Madam Chairman, in all our official documentation we say no that's not going to happen.

So it is a secret—

Councillors Interjecting.

Chairman: Order.

Councillor JOHNSTON: —Madam Chairman, it is a secret, because they clearly have plans which they are not telling this community about in any official forum.

Now I am extremely concerned about the secrecy issues that are showing up in Council's surveys. I know that this Council is not fair and transparent. Four years ago I sought all of the Council files relating to the widening of Oxley Road in my ward and this Council refused to provide them to me. This Council refused to hand over a report that talks about future recommendations for Oxley Road. They are keeping it secret.

I had to do an RTI. That got Council to release a few more pages, but then they withheld a lot more. I then went to the ombudsman. The Ombudsman said that this Council was breaching the City of Brisbane Act by refusing to release the Corridor Report for Oxley Road. What did the LORD MAYOR do? He stood up and said we don't agree.

Now let me tell you 52 per cent of residents think this Council is unfair or secret. That is absolutely my experience with dealing with this Administration. I'm entitled under the City of Brisbane Act to look at files that are relevant to my ward and this Administration refuses to provide them. That is secrecy, that is unfair and I am not surprised that more than half of our city now have concerns and are expressing them publicly when asked about the way in which their Council is representing them and their Council is treating them.

My residents have seen it first hand—

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON your time has expired.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: Councillor WINES?

Councillor WINES: Thank you, Madam Chairman. I rise to speak on two local matters, the retirement of a long serving partnership in the Chamber of Commerce at Mitchelton and also to the opening of the Brisbane Paralympic Football Program.

I just wanted to give a special recognition tonight to two figures, Rod and Kathy Palmer who have been long serving presidents, secretaries and committee members of the Blackwood Street Chamber of Commerce. They've retired and are moving into a new phase of their life which I wish them nothing but the best. They've been the newsagent in Blackwood Street for 14 years now and have been deeply committed to the advancement of that district.

They've also always been very generous with their time and their friendship and always with their opinions, whether favourable or unfavourable, and between them and some other local businesses led the charge to get a public toilet in Blackwood Street, something that had been asked for more than 60 years I'm assured and is there right now. Rod himself was particularly happy on the day that they were opened. I would say it was—a great deal of relief was experienced that day.

I have known the Palmers for a long time. Their boy Tom was in my year at school and I want to wish them all the best in the future and thank them for their commitment to our district.

I also want to recognise another organisation in north-west Brisbane. It's called the Brisbane Paralympic Football Program. They play out of the west-side fields at Grovely and Keperra. They are a group of people who have been recognised by this Council in the past who volunteer their time to get basically children and teenagers who have severe mobility issues to play soccer.

They use the word inspirational around the line of work. The word inspirational gets used a great deal, but it truly is inspirational to watch these children who when they come to the program had trouble walking, running 50 or 100 metres and kicking a ball. It is a fantastic organisation.

When we first met them—when I first met them some years ago there was one—there was just one at Keperra. Well this year there are four. There's the one at Keperra, there's one in Ipswich, one in the Gold Coast and one in North Lakes committed to making kids who have mobility issues enjoy sports and build confidence in themselves and in their capacity to enjoy their lives.

It really is something very special, but not only them, many of the volunteers who work there are younger people who devote their time to making our city a better place and the lives of these people even better. It is a wonderful organisation. I was so proud to be invited to open it for the season, and I want to recognise Jay Larkins and his team for all they do to make our city a better place.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: Councillor DICK?

Councillor DICK: Thanks, Madam Chair, and I rise tonight to speak on a positive and yet sad note as well.

Today I want to recognise and acknowledge my media advisor who's serving her last Council meeting today, Melissa Hockey, who's been with me since day one, and before that with Councillor Shayne SUTTON.

Melissa—I want to acknowledge tonight the work that she's done in supporting not just me but also the Labor Councillors. We often joke in my office that there is only one staff member for the Leader of the Opposition and we've calculated there is about 140 in the media team through the bureaucracy, Brisbane Marketing and the LORD MAYOR's office, but I always like to say it's quality not quantity.

Councillor Interjecting.

Councillor DICK: No, well, it is—she's done a fantastic job in supporting me but also developing strong and effective relationships with Council officers and also a lot of the journalists which cover the work that we do here in the Brisbane City Council. She's been a great friend, a loyal staff member. She's been a very hard-working, dedicated and intelligent staff member and I certainly wish her well in the years ahead.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: Councillor SIMMONDS?

Councillor SIMMONDS: Thank you very much, Madam Chairman, and I rise briefly to speak about the omnibus survey and what little remains of Councillor DICK's credibility in this place after his efforts earlier today.

Let me just tell you a little bit about the omnibus survey. So the omnibus—

Councillors Interjecting.

Chairman: Order Councillor JOHNSTON.

Councillor SIMMONDS: —so the omnibus survey has been conducted by a number of Administrations, as the LORD MAYOR said, going back to 2000 when the previous Labor Administration signed a contract with Roy Morgan for some $2 million.

Since then the omnibus research—and it's not polling. There is no party political connotations to it. No interviews asked how they rate the LNP Administration, no one is asked how they would vote. What they are asked are the questions that the officers, the hard-working officers of Council, put forward so that they can help tweak their programs.

Ultimately this comes down to a question of value for money. If this Administration is going to fund programs that go to help the residents of Brisbane we want to make sure that they're doing the job that we intended of them, that those programs are indeed reaching those people, and that if we need to tweak them we can.

That's what the research goes to show, but what we saw from the Leader of the Opposition today was an incredible display in spin, and so badly has it backfired on him that he now has serious credibility questions that need to be asked of him, and I'll come to it Councillor DICK. I'll come to it Councillor DICK. He's got some—

Councillors Interjecting.

Chairman: Order.

Chairman: Thank you, Councillor SIMMONDS.

Councillor SIMMONDS: —and indeed I will clean up the mess that your Councillors have put you in Councillor DICK and I would be really embarrassed.

But first of all—first we go to Councillor DICK's efforts and his efforts to fudge the figures and that's exactly what it was, to fudge the figures. The questions that were asked have the ability for people to say that they agree, they disagree or they're neutral. The way that he has tried to spin it is that people who are neutral to a question, like do you rate the value for money for Council, are suddenly negative to it. Well they're two very, very different things.

If you ask a positive question, do you think you are getting value for money for Council, if somebody has a problem with it they'll say so, they'll disagree. They won't be neutral to it, Madam Chairman. They won't give you a neutral answer if they disagree with it.

So look we're happy to stand by the numbers but let's stand by the numbers that are actually in the document. Let's not have Councillor DICK for political reasons twisting them, and this is where the state secretary then comes out—you can take him out of the role of state secretary but you can't take the state secretary out of him because it's not about Brisbane residents, it's about the politics in this Chamber and his personal political aspirations.

So he twists the figures and he tries to mould them a little bit and he nudges them and unfortunately for him he's crossed the line this time. Look let me hold them to their own standard, Madam Chairman. Let me go back to the omnibus that Labor did back in May 2003 and you see if you think I'm being fair.

So they asked the question was Council consulting with residents. Was Council consulting with residents? This is how residents answered that question for us by the way; 54 per cent—when we asked them if we were consulting with residents 54 per cent either agreed or strongly agreed, 29 per cent were neutral, 13 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed.

In 2003 when Labor did exactly the same research, or polling as Councillor DICK would call it, how many people agreed? Twenty-eight per cent. Twenty-eight per cent compared to 54 per cent under this Administration. How many were neutral?

Councillors Interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON. Councillor JOHNSTON, stop yelling out.

Councillor SIMMONDS: How many were neutral? Fifty per cent. How many thought they weren't listening? Nineteen per cent. So if I was Councillor DICK I'd stand up, I'd take the 50 per cent neutral, the 19 per cent who say they don't listen and say that, oh my goodness, 69 per cent of people at that time thought that the previous Labor Administration wasn't listening.

But we don't spin figures like that. We're happy to defend figures or support figures based on what they are, we don't spin them, but Councillor DICK's biggest problem that showed up today was his own team, because he embarrassed himself. He jumped up, he was quick off the mark—he jumped up and he put forward a motion that these be made publicly available.

The problem is they already area. That's the problem they already are, it's a redundant motion, but do you know—but what's worse? What's worse than them being publicly available?

Councillor Interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor DICK. Councillor DICK you've had your say. At least do the decent thing and let Councillor SIMMONDS have his say.

Councillor SIMMONDS: Wow he's upset because now he knows that not only are they publicly available and he's embarrassed himself, not only does he know that they're publicly available because a policy was passed through a joint Cabinet which included two of his members over there, but in fact I can reveal now that the policy came to this full Chamber—this full Chamber—and guess who voted on it? Councillor ABRAHAMS, Councillor CUMMING, Councillor GRIFFITHS, Councillor FLESSER, Councillor NEWTON, Councillor SUTTON; every single one of this colleagues.

Every single one of his colleagues voted on it and not one of them bothered to tell him. Not one of them bothered to tell him. Not one of them bothered to stop him from standing up and embarrassing himself. Every single one of them hung himself out to dry.

Now if I was the leader of a team when not a single one of them gave me the heads up not to embarrass myself, when not a single one of them told me that in fact they had already voted on exactly the same thing that he was proposing, I'd really have to consider my position. I'd really have to consider whether I was the leader of that team or whether I was just the fodder of that team, whether I was being put up by them to be massacred, Madam Chairman, because his personal reputation has got to be at stake.

At what point was Councillor DICK the professional politician who prides himself on being a state secretary in his political nous thinks to himself wow this is embarrassing. I've just been totally hung out to dry because every single one of my colleagues voted on a motion in this Chamber which talked about how this research was going to be released, when it was going to be released. In fact the policy at the time, because it came through in the joint Council, noted that the previous Labor Administration only released it after 12 months, and that this new policy was shortening that timeframe considerably, considerably.

So not only have they voted for it but they've voted to make it publicly available in a shorter period of time and not one of them could be bothered to talk to him.

Well what we have seen here today is that Councillor DICK has some serious credibility issues. You cannot believe—if you're a resident of this city, if you're in the media, if you're on this side of the Chamber, you cannot believe a single word that comes out of his mouth, because now we know that not only will he spin the facts for his own political gain, but he's got no support behind him.

He's not really leading this team—anymore. He's not really leading this team anymore because they can't even be—do they hate each other so much they can't even talk to each other? Is this what it's come to? For goodness sakes just let Councillor SUTTON take over again and get it over and done with and let's have a proper opposition for this city. Let's have a real alternative policy direction rather than Councillor DICK putting up his thought bubbles that his entire team—not one, not two, not three, his entire team—knew to be wrong—knew to be wrong because they voted on it.

He really needs to think about his leadership if all of his—if his entire team have left him hung out to dry, Madam Chairman. My advice to him would be it would be a good start—it would be a good start in trying to win back your team if you didn't overtly fudge the figures to the extent that your political spin was so evident. It was so evident that it could be criticised so readily and that the media simply don't believe it. Thank you.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: Councillor DICK.

Councillor DICK: Thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to speak on Roy Morgan research and I thank Councillor SIMMONDS for enabling me to speak on this item tonight, because what we've just heard from Councillor SIMMONDS is what we call damage control. It's what we call cleaning up the mess.

Councillors Interjecting.

Chairman: Order. Order.

Councillor DICK: Because, Madam Chair, what we've seen today is an Administration that simply cannot deal with any sort of criticism at all. The facts are these: Councillor SIMMONDS knows that this Council spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on research. The only defence we've got from the LNP today is that over eight years ago in a hybrid Council that documents were available to all councillors.

So what's happened since then? Well, Madam Chair, the documents, whether it be this research, whether it be Civic Cabinet decisions, whether it be briefing notes, whether it be travel, whether it be you know what, is now locked up behind closed doors. What's worse, this document that I spoke about today proves it, because one in two Brisbane residents don't trust this Administration. One in two residents believes that this is a secret Council.

They can go on all they want with all the bluster and all the carry on. In black and white, your own research which you've made ratepayers pay for to the tune of $500,000 for this commissioned research—the real question I'll also add tonight now that we've begun the debate is how much is this Council spending on total research, qualitative and quantitative research, because if this is just one project, as Councillor SIMMONDS has talked about, the real challenge that he's got to go away and do this week is to calculate, come up with the entire amount of money. I believe that it's in excess of $5 million that this Council is spending on commissioned polling and research.

So, Madam Chair, whilst they want to roll out the attacks, while they want to carry on about what happened eight years ago—have you noticed it's a pattern inside the LNP; that we're not as bad as another level of government or we're not as bad as a previous Administration—never defending the decision, never defending it.

Always their only defence is to say—and I loved it tonight. I loved it tonight because we have a discussion about how far back in time will they go. We discussed that. Will they use the argument of last term, will they use the term of when it was a cross-party Council, but tonight we went back in time and we held up 15 years ago. Time and time again. They always add this one in; in a calculation of real dollars today.

It's never actually explained how that's calculated, it's never tabled, it's never documented, it's always just most like Councillor SIMMONDS's budget, made up on the run. So, Madam Chair, we know the jig is up for the LNP. We know that this data is hurting them because it goes to the heart of accountability. It goes to the heart of exactly what the people of Brisbane are saying about the LNP. They simply don't trust them, they don't believe them, and they know with Councillor SIMMONDS at the helm—and we know with the Civic Cabinet—that the majority of the work of the ratepayers of this city is kept from them, because they change the rules to suit themselves.

They've changed, aided and abetted, by that former Premier who was rejected because he loved keeping things secret. Well, Madam Chair, we know that this research that we've uncovered—and I want to be really clear on this, Councillor SIMMONDS says it is available, nothing's changed. Well why did he then vote against my motion for this to be on the Council website? Is he saying tonight that all of this is published? That any ratepayer can go onto our Council website and look it up and actually print out these reports for themselves?

He knows that's not true. He knows that that is not possible because when it comes to disclosing information, when it comes to being upfront with residents, we are all united on one thing both inside this Chamber and outside this Chamber, after 30 years of being LORD MAYOR, after 12 long years in Administration, this is what happens to governments. They get arrogant, they get drunk on power and they think they are above everybody else, and they don't need to publish this information—

Chairman: I think you're drifting a bit Councillor DICK.

Councillor DICK: Thank you, Madam Chair, for your interjection but—

Chairman: No, it's not an interjection thank you. I am subtly directing you to get back to the topic that you said you were speaking on which was the research.

Councillor DICK: Okay, Madam Chair, I will keep talking about the research because what the research demonstrates is that the people of Brisbane from their own research that the LNP have commissioned, their own polling, it shows that one in two residents don't trust this Council, that they don't believe that they are being upfront and honest with the decisions that they are making.

Madam Chair, I make a commitment tonight between now and next election I will be reminding voters exactly what this research says and how this Council is letting them down every day of the week.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: Councillor SUTTON?

Councillor SUTTON: Madam Chair, just very quickly I rise to speak about the Artforce Awards that I spoke about earlier on in the day, and I do so because I've made a terrible, terrible mistake and grave error. That is that I neglected to highlight to the Chamber that in addition to Clay Cassar-Daley as a local resident being part of the winning group for the best 18 and under Artforce traffic signal box, Shaun Foster is also a member of the group who painted that award and who is also a young man who I watched grow up. I cannot believe that I left him out of that previous speech because I just wasn't aware that he was actually at the Music Industry College.

I think that there are also a number of other names, and I'm going to read them all out because I do also recognise a number of them from the local area and I think they are the students that are all from that Bulimba State School original cohort or in that local area.

So they are Nirvana Selwood, Isabella Harris who I also remember from school when she was a student in particular, Katie Graham, Shaun Foster and Clay Cassar-Daley, all from the Music Industry College, Fortitude Valley who painted Chinatown—the traffic signal box Chinatown. They are wonderful students.

Foster and Harris are more common last names I guess than Cassar-Daley which is why I wasn't quite sure if they were locals or not, but it has now been pointed out to me and I wanted to set the record straight that we don't just have one fabulous talented artist in the Morningside Ward, we have a whole group of them and I'm very, very proud of them. I would like to congratulate each and every one of them on their fabulous work in winning this award.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Yes, very briefly, Madam Chairman. I would just like to raise one further issue which is the LNP's rhetoric about who's responsible for things and I'll be very brief.

I've noticed particularly in the last year—I think it's a trend that is emerging from speakers from the LNP side of the Chamber, and particularly the LORD MAYOR which is the really interesting bit of this—that whenever there is an issue that the LNP are caught out on their excuse increasingly is well the Labor Party did it too, you spent more money and we're less worse than the ALP.

Now, Madam Chairman, the ALP won't like what I'm saying either, but I will say is—

Councillors Interjecting.

Councillor JOHNSTON: —what I will say is that it is disturbingly frequent how often the LNP LORD MAYOR and the LNP chairmen are saying well Labor did it too, we're just doing it less worse than they did it.

My concern with this excuse which I will highlight every time they say it is it is selling our city short. Administrations and governments should not define themselves by how badly they think their opponents who lost 10 years ago, 20 years ago or 30 years ago did it, and tonight is an excellent example of that.

Councillor SIMMONDS stood up and said in 2003 the Labor Party did it a lot worse. They got a lower percentage about something in this omnibus survey. Guess what happened to them, Madam Chairman? I'm sure you remember you were here. The 2004 election rolled around and they lost.

Now it is humorous—humorous—of Councillor SIMMONDS to stand up and claim well we're not quite as bad as Labor were 13 years ago or 14 years ago or whatever it is. We're not quite as bad as Labor were then. They were doing it a lot worse than us. Well I say Councillor SIMMONDS instead of trying to justify and measure your behaviour against theirs, look at the consequences of what followed and I say do it better.

Our city deserves to see positive change, they deserve to see higher benchmarks, they deserve to see accountable benchmarks, and we should not sell this city short because the LNP wants to play politics and they want to be less worse than the Labor Party. That is selling our city's residents short.

Chairman: Further general business?

Chairman: I declare the meeting closed.


(Questions of which due notice has been given are printed as supplied and are not edited)

Submitted by Councillor Victoria Newton on 26 February 2015
Q1. Please advise the final cost of the recent Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement (Geebung Rail Overpass) project?
Q2. Please advise if construction of extra 'Park and Ride' car parking facilities was considered as part of the recent Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement (Geebung Rail Overpass) project?
Q3. Please advise if construction of extra 'Park and Ride' car parking facilities was considered as part of the recent Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement (Geebung Rail Overpass) project, why wasn't it provided?


(Answers to questions of which due notice has been given are printed as supplied and are not edited)
Submitted by Councillor Victoria Newton (from meeting on 24 February 2015)
Q1. Please advise what the cost/benefit ratio was for the Legacy Way tunnel project, at the time it was brought to Council for final consideration?
A1. The business case (which includes the consideration of the cost/benefit ratio) for entering into the contract to construct the Legacy Way tunnel was updated based on Council’s preferred bid and tabled with the submission to award the contract to deliver the project at the time of consideration by full Council. The decision was made by full Council at a Special Meeting. A copy is also retained on the relevant Council file.
Q2. Please provide the number of Heart Foundation Walking (fomerly known as Gonewalking) groups in operation in 2014?
A2. 30.

Q3. Please provide the average number of walks, the minimum number and the maximum that each Heart Foundation Walking held in the six months from 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014?

A3. The average number of walks was 200 with a minimum of 184 and maximum of 218 (per month).
Q4. Please provide the average number, the minimum number and maximum number of participants of walks conducted by a Heart Foundation Walking group in the six months from 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014?
A4. The average number of participants was 351 with a minimum of 335 and maximum of 377 (per month).
Q5. Please provide the total cost of this program between 1 July 2014 and 31 December 2014?
A5. $40,878.46.




Council officers in attendance:
James Withers (Senior Council and Committee Officer)

Shivaji Solao (Council and Committee Officer)

Billy Peers (Personal Support Officer to the Lord Mayor and Council Orderly)

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