Minutes of the regular meeting of the arts commission held wednesday, december

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The meeting was called to order at 4:04 p.m. by Chairperson Jackie Markowitz with Commission members Janet Culbertson, Winona Passmore, Kathleen Roe, Enid Spear and Sharon Wixon present. Commission member Frank Eager was absent. Representing city staff were Rex Gulbranson, Arts and Culture Administrator, Carrie Brown, Public Art Coordinator and Mel Bergman, Community Arts Coordinator. Mr. Gulbranson introduced and welcomed Winona Passmore to the Arts Commission. Commissioner Passmore reported that she is retired, active in the Heard Museum Guild and at church and along with her husband serves as docents at the Heard Museum.
Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by Commissioner Spear to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2005, meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Roe and was carried unanimously.
Public Comments
There were no public comments.

Mr. Larry Enyart, President, Principal Architect, LEA Architects, Mr. Steven Still, LEA Architects and Mr. Dave Villalovos, Deputy Chief, Glendale Fire Department introduced themselves. Mr. Enyart explained that LEA Architects are the planners and architects for the Western Area Public Safety Training Facility and the project includes approximately seven city stakeholders. The PowerPoint presentation reviewed the scope and scale of the site and facility located at Glendale Avenue and 115th Avenue. The $40 million, 80 acres gross with 57 net usable acre project includes training buildings for fire and police, classrooms, central plant, a firing range, a control tower, a future gymnasium or another classroom addition and parking for 400 cars. A levy will be build along Glendale and the west border of the property. An important part of the project is a turnaround circular drive and flag court located in front of the main building. Stakeholder logos will be displayed on a wall near this flag entry. The formality of the space will lend itself to police and fire cadet formations, memorials and an opportunity to incorporate public art. The Emergency Operating Center space will include display cases, staircases, classrooms and a health clinic. The project will incorporate rich terra cotta colors, steel and a southwest zigzag element as well as brick pavers, concrete pathways and lighting. Master planned for the year 2025, the facility will be built in phases with completions scheduled in time for the Super Bowl to be held in the City of Glendale in 2008. There is a generous lobby for public art opportunities. The architects visited training facilities across the country and shared photos of public art they found. Public art opportunities include the turnaround circular drive, the plaza and indoors with a two story lobby as a great place to display things and a library and meeting rooms that overlook that space. Mr. Enyart suggested perhaps displaying a collection of patches, trophies or other memorabilia, a water sculpture or functional art.

A motion was made by Commissioner Wixon to pursue this art project. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Roe and was carried unanimously.
Draft guidelines for the Performing Arts Grants Program were included in meeting packets. With the desire to expand the program to be fully inclusive of the arts, Mr. Gulbranson was advised to update the ordinance leaving the programs as they are and submit a budget supplemental that will allow for an expansion of the grants program. Once successful, additional guidelines may be developed. The timeline for the Performing Arts Grants Application Process was reviewed. Applications will be made available in January with a March 31 deadline. The Commission will review proposals in April; recommendations will be made in May and sent to the City Council in June to be awarded in July.

A motion was made by Commissioner Culbertson to move the project forward. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Roe and was carried unanimously.
Staff Report/Correspondence

City Council Meetings. The City Council approved the amended arts ordinance on December 13, 2005, and Mr. Gulbranson thanked Commission members who attended. Quarterly, a City Council Workshop is set aside for special topics identified by Council Members. On January 3 at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall, Mr. Gulbranson’s report addressing Councilmember David Goulet’s interest in developing a temporary public art project similar to the Chicago’s Cows for downtown Glendale will be discussed. Commission members are invited to attend. Commission members also are invited to attend a City Council meeting on December 27 at 7:00 p.m. when two public art projects are up for final approval, the Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center and Firestation #159.

Southwest Arts Conference, Glendale Civic Center, January 27, 2006. Chairperson Markowitz and Commissioner Spear attended this conference of workshops and speeches last year and learned what others are doing and brought back ideas. Attending this year will be Chairperson Markowitz and Commission members Spear, Passmore, Eager Wixon, Culbertson and Roe.
Arizona Arts Congress, State Capitol, February 6, 2006. Commission members are invited to this statewide day with legislators to discuss the importance of the arts. Commission members Passmore and Wixon volunteered to attend.
West Valley Cultural and Heritage Assessment and Plan. The West Valley Arts Council, a regional organization serving the west valley and based in Avondale, has taken on a project to create a cultural plan for the west valley. The process will include a survey in newspapers and public hearings. The result will include a large report useful for planning purposes.
Western Area Public Safety Complex public art. The project is on schedule to install in February. Artist Hai Ying Wu is in the casting stage. A dedication is being planned.
Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center public art. The project will go to City Council for review and approval on December 27 and will be installed by summer 2006.

Bell Road/63rd Avenue Fire Station #159 public art. The project will go to City Council for review and approval on December 27 and will be installed by summer 2006.

Picture Glendale – Glendale Rental Homes. There was no new report.
Downtown Pedestrian Enhancements. The request for qualifications closes on January 9. The project is on a tight schedule to bring the artist on board to work with the architect and city staff.
Relocation of artworks to Main Library and Rose Lane Aquatics. Whirlwind by Gary Slater was installed near the main entrance and Picture Books were placed at rear entrance for the Library. It was noted that a public comment suggested switching the locations of these two art pieces. It was explained why they were placed where they were based on foliage and a future children’s wall project. Chairperson Markowitz will relay the explanation.
Artist in Schools and Arts Education. Debra Salac finished her artist residency with the high schools. An exhibition of student work will be held in February. She is beginning her project with Deer Valley High School.
Glendale Adult Center exhibitions. The Arizona Pastel Association’s exhibit will be displayed from January 10 to March 28. A reception is scheduled for January 14.
Other staff updates. The West Valley Symphony is experiencing problems. Their first performance at Glendale Arena did not meet their attendance expectations. Therefore, they cancelled the pops concert season for the rest of the year. Commission members suggested the Symphony distribute promotional flyers to the music departments in the high schools.
Commissioner Comments

Commissioner Spear provided an update on A Tribute to the Artist, the first annual silent art auction at Glendale Adult Center, March 18, 2006, 7-10 p.m. APS is printing the program. Commissioner Spear distributed invitations to many Arizona and out of state artists at several recent arts events. Although there is interest and verbal commitments were received, more artists are needed. RSVPs are due as the program is being published at the end of January. Conflicts have included sending the invitations out too soon perhaps, a huge show in California at the same time and seeking high caliber artists. Chairperson Markowitz urged all Commission members to support and attend the event.

Commissioner Roe participated in an art and music in the classroom program and came away with great new ideas to incorporate an art and music goal into all classroom subjects. She is attending another workshop in May and is excited to find resources to obtain music and instruments for her classroom.
Next Meeting
The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, January 18, 2006, at 4:00 p.m. at Glendale Public Library, 2nd Floor Board Conference Room.
A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Culbertson and seconded by Commissioner Roe. The meeting was adjourned at 5:29 p.m.

Roberta Magdaleno, Recording Secretary

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