Module IX: Existing Entrepreneurs Panel Questions for Entrepreneurs

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Module IX: Existing Entrepreneurs Panel

Questions for Entrepreneurs
The following questions are designed to help you as you prepare to tell your story as a local entrepreneur. Questions below were identified by community leaders as key questions of interest.
As you introduce yourself please answer question 1.
1. What educational background (formal or informal) prepared you to be an


2. What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to start or grow your


  1. How did you overcome the obstacle?

  2. Does the obstacle still exist in the community for new entrepreneurs?

3. (For entrepreneur students to answer)

As you think about starting your business, what is your greatest concern?
4. How did you initially finance your business?

a. Was your business a new start-up or did you purchase an existing business or inherit a business?

5. How did you market your business at start-up?
6. How did you use a social network to gain information and assistance?

a. Is there a need for additional networks?

7. If you could choose, what would be the one thing that community leaders could do to help entrepreneurs be successful?

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