Mojave Ice Plain By: Waldo E. Stakes Jr


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Mojave Ice Plain

By: Waldo E. Stakes Jr.


This book is dedicated to everyone who still believes that good things are worth fighting and maybe even dying for. It is written in the hope that you can still think for yourself. Hold yourself up in honor with the knowledge that you are never alone.

There are only two forces in the Universe that control the actions of all things men do and they are love and fear. Always remember that your soul is of God and is pure and good so it always knows the difference between the two.

Always consider that the only thing in life that mankind will offer you that is truly free will most likely be bullshit, everything else takes effort or costs cold, hard cash. Never forget that faith, courage and self sacrifice are priceless and that this is the reason that just the sight of them can make a strong man weep.

Know what you stand for and stand for something in your life. Avoid being a hypocrite to your beliefs. For a person who doesn’t stand for something will usually fall for anything. This is my personal credo and the things that I stand for. If you can agree with any of this you have my permission for keeping it for your own. I do not have all the answers for your life as a politician would have you believe…You do!

My credo simplified is this. “Materialism is weakness, violence is my lover. I understand and am a willing part of all the godlessness that is mankind. My lord and God, I accept my fate.”

Realize that the only God like things that man is capable of doing are loving and creating as most everything else is temporary and will eventually show itself as pointless. Live your life in these ways and even though we live on a planet of fear, self, competition, woe and suffering you will still have times of joy and be as proud of yourself as God is of you….

Thank you, Waldo G., Celia B., Jesse James, Richard O., Denise, Karen and John, Stephanie, Harley and Bishop, Nicole, James and Torger, Tone, Shannon, Atlee and Harper for giving my life immeasurable value. Although I am always somewhere else and some of you are long since past I carry you with me everywhere I go.


Caution: This is a graphic, hard core science fiction story which is also full of many real things. Real, scary things that you might want to look into, that is if you have the courage. If not and that is OK, at least do not criticize those who do.

There are no page numbers in this book as it is being modified and added to all the time as ideas reach fruition in my mind or change completely. So you can read it again and again and it will not be the same as the last time you read it. It will forever be a work in progress. This is a new concept in book writing and I use this writing as a metaphor that reality is always in flux and you are the master of it. This is a gift given to you by the hand of God. Once you understand that what I tell you is true the Universe will be open to you.

It is an adult novel written with the ideals of Nostradamus as we still live in the dark ages and as long as a man is in charge probably always will. It is written for the people who ask questions about life and themselves. It is colored with real facts of science and history, many of which I am sure will be new to you. Some of the book is real and some of it is fiction. Which is which? You will have to figure that out for yourself.

I use adult words in this book for effect and honesty and some of them are four letter words. If that bothers you don’t read on but I ask you to consider Charles Keating, an anti pornography proponent who was the point man working to get Hustler magazine shut down because he felt it was offensive to him and his constituents.

Keating considered Hustler magazine a terrible thing which needed to be eradicated. Keating himself having stolen more than a hundred million dollars from peoples savings and loans accounts and having them eat cat food because they had lost all their savings, well that didn’t bother him one bit. People claim that he was a very righteous and religious man. Ok if they say so. Who am I to doubt them? PT Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Righteous Charlie Keating went to prison for his participation in the Savings and Loan debacle/scandal even though many United States congressmen were also involved in the scheme to some degree. They hung Charlie out there as a scapegoat and in the end it was all forgotten. Charlie was eventually released and spent his stolen fortune on wine women and song until he passed. What a guy!

But his story isn’t unique, I give you the Enron Corporation and then there have been thousands of great guys like good old Bernie Madoff as well as larcenous religious leaders through the centuries. I could go on and on here but I think you get the point.

Speaking of cat food, did you know that during tough economic times throughout the history of the United States more elderly people ate cat food in this country than cats did? They do this because they can’t afford real meat to eat on their social security payments. So you might want to die young rather than slowly starve to death as an elder.

Many of these elderly fought wars and were wounded fighting for this country, paid their taxes all of their lives and when they got old, they were considered of no use anymore. They are given barely enough social security to keep them alive. Most if they didn’t prepare for their retirement with external income become closet cat food consumers. You gotta love it!

I have always believed that the only thing that life can offer you is “the struggle.” It is the struggle that makes men and women strong. Take the struggle away and they become lethargic, decadent and weak. They will collapse under the weight of their self hate and eventually fall apart.

The most powerful and rewarding struggle is the fight for what is right and good as it is always been easy to be a bad person but it can be extremely difficult to be a good person. If you’ve ever noticed, the word “God” is in the word “good”. This could be a coincidence but after living into middle age in constant synchronicity, I’ve lost any belief in coincidences.

I also believe that the entire universe was made entirely for me or you but then again it is not all about me or you. It is about your personal struggle to learn the lessons that you needed and wanted to learn during your life time here on this planet.

Because of my personal beliefs, I never run from a fight or a problem. The old saying “What doesn’t kill you will only serve to make you stronger” tends to be true most of the time.

Also because of my beliefs most of the things that mean a lot to most people mean absolutely nothing to me. Then on the other hand all of the things of utmost importance to me usually mean very little to most people. Because of that I have spent much of my life as a loner and out of sync with much of the world.

As a young man I made many, many mistakes and I paid dearly for each and every one of them. There was no free lunch and God didn’t cut me any slack for my weaknesses, evil deeds or addictions. He just stood back and let me beat the hell out of myself. In the gravest of situations that I’ve gotten myself into, God would have his Angels intercede. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this or not as I know it to be true. These are the times old people will say “When the Angels take the wheel.”

Because of the many situations I had gotten myself into my few close friends thought that maybe I was a bit unstable. Honestly, many times I have wondered about those things myself as I’m guessing we all do from time to time.

These friends of mine still tell stories about me when they get together and I am not around. Most of them are not very flattering but they are true and I can’t blame them for using me as entertainment, as in my youth I was quite entertaining. And not in a positive way by any means.

While traveling to my thirtieth high school reunion of which I was a bit apprehensive about attending. I told my then new wife Denise to not take the stories she would hear told about me too seriously. ”Are they true?” …She asked. “Kind of, depending on who’s telling the story”

This book is written as if I were sitting next to you and telling you a story. Even though you don’t know me and we have not and may never meet. You will consider me one of your friends after reading this book. I would be honored if you felt so.

I have read thousands of books and many are written in dry, droll styles using too many words that I had to look up. The writers do this in order to convince you that they are smart. I already know that I am smart and I don’t really care if you believe me to be or not. I am not arrogant, I am just honest.

In this book I will answer many questions that you have about life and science. So grab yourself a good cup of Joe and hang on!

Also as a result of my life philosophies and escapades I am covered with scars, scars of the body and scars of the heart. I have been shot, burnt, stabbed, drowned, beaten, left for dead and survived cancer. I have been broken hearted to the point of depression and have caused the ruin of nearly every human relationship that had ever meant anything to me.

Through all these things I am still here and although my life has changed in countless ways I have never been without God and the Angels that he has protecting me. You see I don’t think of God and his dominions as like a Unicorn, Kind of real but not really. They are here and intertwined in my life. They are tough, honest and more real than you or I are. They have saved me countless times from my own stupidity. Sometimes I can almost hear them laughing and saying. “Can you believe this guy”?

I tend to pity atheists and agnostics for believing that they can go through life alone without faith in an Almighty God. Then again I do admire their courage and fortitude for believing that they are taking their hits alone even if they are not.

Most are very tough because of this, then again many are drunks and drug addicts because of it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but life ain’t easy, for anyone, no matter who you are! Didn’t you ever wonder why that was? Well, I know why and this book will explain it all to you.

I know that many self proclaimed agnostics or atheists would sarcastically ask me? “If there is an Almighty God and God loves you so very much, why would he let you go through so many trials, tribulations and suffer as much as you have”? My sincere answer would be “Because he loves me”!

I have had “know it all guys” like that lay their shit on me at Coffee houses while sipping their Trenta Latte’ with twenty additives, topped with enough whip cream to insult a banana split. They are usually hanging out, waiting for someone, anyone to give them some attention. I usually grab my black coffee and sometimes I will argue with them just to see what they will say. I think it’s a real hoot!

There used to be a comedian who joked that “the more stuff you had put into your coffee the bigger asshole you were.” Is this true? I am starting to wonder if maybe it is. I can’t take credit for that joke myself but it does show you that there are plenty of observant funny guys out there. Thank God for them because without them many of us would have sucked on a shot gun!

I don’t expect atheists and agnostics to understand that nor would I expect the type of religious leaders who sell the “pie in the sky” concept of God to agree with me but maybe you will. If you want to contact me and reprimand me for my beliefs, you might not want to waste your time. It took me fifty years to get to this point in this life time. So I’m vested.

I have had two well known psychics tell me that I have been coming back to this planet for the last fifty thousand years because for some reason I’m just not getting it. So I won’t be changing my opinions or beliefs on the Almighty’s love for me any time soon, at least not in your lifetime.

Whatever, I am at my computer and writing a science fiction story for you to enjoy. And it is as full of Hell and trouble as I was. It is also full of the love and the faith that I have learned to have. I have toned it down a bit as I tend to be a bit dark in thought.

That comes from growing up a Chicago Ghetto kid which took me a long time to move beyond.

Growing up in the angry inner city of Chicago was tough, the people hangin’ out on the street were usually always up to no good…Until I was nine years old I thought my name was “What the fuck are you lookin’ at”?

O K that’s just an old Italian joke I learned in the neighborhood but it does tell you what kind of childhood a person experiences in the Chicago Ghetto.

Denise would tell me as she read what I had written as the book progressed. Don’t go all Tarentino on me”! Although I love Quentin’s work, I’m trying to behave and tone things down a bit.

It must be my destiny to be here in the now and to write this book in order to entertain and inform you. I can guarantee you…You will be different after reading this no matter what your beliefs are.

Do yourself a favor and don’t ever let your ego write checks that your heart can’t cash or lock you into a lack of knowledge. There are plenty of dense folks in this world and it doesn’t need any more. I know this because I have been one of them. All I ask of you is for you to respect my beliefs as I respect yours. I would call that fair. Wouldn’t you?

As for scientific theory; The Universe is what it is and what it has always been and it is man who is on a never ending quest to figure out what that is.

The Universe does not give up its’ secrets easily and when it does the conclusions or facts are usually simply interpretations. Because of that, science as we currently know it is always in flux. The more we know, the more we realize we need to learn. Answers always beget more questions. All of the greatest minds in science were wrong about many things and not just now and then but allot!

Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton claimed that the end of the world and Armaggedon would come numerous times during his own lifetime? But after many years of exhaustive mathematics calculations based on his studies he finally settled on the year 2060. So get ready for that one!

Newton was an incredible thinker and problem solver. He never married, never had a girlfriend and spent most of his eighty years of life studying believe it or not “The Holy Bible.” He felt that there were hidden codes in the verses. He was the original Da Vinci code researcher. Of course he was wrong on all those other apocalyptic occasions thankfully.

Even so his Chicken Little rants and ravings did little to hurt his credibility and in fact his incredible mind gave us the concept of gravity and many other incredible ideas new to mankind at that time. Some of which physicists are still trying to quantify.

Later on, another genius Albert Einstein and I’m sure you know who he was, left his dedicated wife to marry his own cousin who left him and ruined his personal life. Old Albert couldn’t even pick out a good girl for himself. Some people say he even had a fling with Marilyn Monroe! Now there is a book in itself. Whatever, he did give us the theory of relativity which is the basis for most of our concepts of general physics at this time.

As far as the historical and scientific facts in this book are concerned, no matter how bizarre they may seem, they are true and correct. If you are a serious student of history and science you will realize that most of what you were taught in school was tainted with lies or simply out and out fabrications.

To quote Simon and Garfunkel…“When I think back to all the crap I learned in high school. It’s a wonder, I can think at all”! To quote my father Waldo G. Stakes… “The truth is always the truth son and everything else isn’t.”

Hard core study will always prove that what I tell you here is actually the truth or as good as I could figure it was. Then and again if you think that I am making something up or I am mistaken about something… Just look it up! You have smart phones and internet links which give you access to instant research. Hey, lucky you!

I on the other hand have spent fifty years of my life researching the basics, technologies and history in this story. The characters are real people whom I’ve been lucky enough to have play their parts in my life. They were converted into characters and cast out of time. I thank and honor them in this way.

I will change and add to this book all the time and I will update it at least once a year as my knowledge base grows. It has no page numbers because I want you to hunt for where you left off reading. There is a reason for this but I will let you figure that one out for yourself.

I will charge nothing for this book as it is offered as edification to the spirit of the reader. If you ever pay anything to read this….You probably have been ripped off as all worthwhile knowledge should always be free and passed down through the generations for free.

The general story premise is of course fiction or maybe it is prophecy. I’ll leave that one for you to figure out also.

This book is written like a docudrama but with much more reality added. Usually, when a Hollywood movie prefaces itself with the line “This is based on true events” That is a Hollywood pseudonym for… “We made all this stuff up. Oh, and by the way, the laws of physics don’t apply to any of our characters.”

I on the other hand only fabricated the science fiction story here and misplaced the characters.

My friend Garron likes to call this genre of writing “science faction.” I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Lastly, for your own sake stay as mentally and physically strong as you possibly can so the world doesn’t hurt you as much as it would like to or suffer the consequences……..Waldo E. Stakes.

“For man cannot govern himself”-Jesus Christ-The Holy Bible-The New Testament

The Universe is infinite and everything in it is as such. There are infinite life forms living in infinite numbers of universes and dimensions throughout an eternity of time and space. Yours’ is but one of the countless many.

Conclusion: Everything, everywhere is infinite except for man’s personal concepts of time and space as he lives on this Earth. The reason for that is to benefit him. The physical world you call reality is interwoven with countless other dimensions sort of like an infinitely thick rope. They weave in and out of each other, influencing the reality of each other. In this way they are but one.

God Almighty created the Universe and everything in it in this way because he could. He did it in order to please himself. He doesn’t owe you any explanations or reasons because he is God and you are not, period!

Envious spiritual beings from a coexisting parallel dimension to mankind’s who had no physical form longed for the feelings and pleasures which humans enjoyed. Lusting for these experiences they have manipulated the minds and bodies of weaker spirited and sociopath men and women throughout time.

These inter dimensional beings are eternal in nature as is the soul of man and have been controlling human physical hosts as a sort of parasite from the beginning of man’s time here on Earth. They feed on and derive strength from the negative energy generated from the sufferings of mankind.

Presenting themselves as Gods or humans of exceptional intelligence and power, these entities learned and enjoyed the physical pleasures of sex, manipulation and power over others and materialism.

Over time they also became more and more decadent and lustful. A decadent, selfish spirit can never be fulfilled and is on an eternal quest towards destruction much in the same way as a drug addict requires more and more stimulation and will eventually overdose.

Their greatest pleasure came from imposing misery on their hosts through guilt. As envy and arrogance are a human being’s greatest sins and are usually illustrated and accompanied by viscous acts. These were their main weapon of war against the human spirit or soul which was created pure by the Almighty.

These formless parasites feed off and enjoy most the negative energies generated by human suffering and guilt. It has always been this way and to this day they have dominated all echelons of power and human control on the planet Earth, Sol 3 or “Urantia” as some in the Universe call it.

Humans were taught that these invading entities from coexisting dimensions may be hallucination or myths and were downplayed as such. Mystical beings such as Fairies, Gnomes and various gods throughout time were concepts perpetuated by the entities. These concepts allowed these entities to achieve a surrealistic image of non existent-existence. These concepts made sure the control as well as the mythos continued throughout the eons as these mythical beliefs were cultivated or modified as needed.

The true story and who these beings really were was written into the book of Enoch. Enoch was Noah’s grandfather and knew who the kings of the Earth were really descended from and what they were really up to. They were not the nicest guys in the universe. Consequently the “Book of Enoch” was stricken from most Earthly religions. This is because religions are designed to control the masses with guilt. Religions were created to keep the poor people from killing the rich people and taking what they have. On the other hand rich people take whatever they want and kill whoever they want to without guilt or blame. That is why most Americans are slaves to an unknown government and do not even know it. Don’t believe me? Look into it for yourself.

Many religious beliefs are or were based on concepts created by these entities. Under these religions the all powerful “Gods” had to be appeased by various offerings of sacrifice. And there was always sacrifice involved. Most of these “religions” incorporated repetition of commands (stand, sit, and kneel…sound familiar?), rituals and constant prayer in order to control the masses. Many demanded human sacrifices. Some just demanded the sacrifices of infants or young children. But again there are always sacrifices.

Human sacrifices served two purposes. The first was to place the religious leaders above any individual human soul by having the ability to take any human’s life at will and secondly to instill fear into the masses in order to maintain control over them. These actions pleased the entities ever growing need for control and their ever growing decadent habits.

By the beginning of the twentieth century many nations of the Earth were covertly controlled by a group of these entities which had manipulated International bankers, financiers, oil barons and European aristocracy.

These 7,000 incredibly wealthy people formed a powerful group of the “Enlightened or Illuminated ones.” This is where the word “lucent or lucid” comes from. In the same vain, horrible and selfish acts played off of the same prefix and this is where we get the term “Lurid and Lure.” The most cunning, powerful and beautiful of these enlightened entities is named Lucifer and that name is translated as the “father of light.”

God Almighty told these entities or demons as some people called them that they would one day be judged by man. In so a quest began by these beings to corrupt man in order that the judgments of an unclean and unholy mankind would carry no weight in the eyes of an Almighty and just God. An evil man cannot judge an evil man in God’s eyes even though this happens everyday here on Earth.

When one looks into the actions of these entities it is easy to see that the entities have no real power over humans in any way. They simply have the ability to convince the mind of the weak and fearful to do evil as evil itself has no power without the physical hand of man. Sin or evil deeds are a creation of mankind and did not exist before God created mankind. It is the weak of the human species which are being manipulated who create all evil and suffering. The spirit entities only suggested and then prospered from human actions and results thereof.

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