Monday: a short Story Unit “a rose for Emily”


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A Short Story Unit - “A Rose for Emily”

By: William Faulkner

Directions: Using the words in the box, write a ½ page short story using at least 10 of the words in the box. Underline the words you use. Be creative.

1). the sheriff 2). Miss Emily 3). complaints

4). grief 5). poison 6). Marriage

7). death 8). skeleton 9). seven years

10). boyfriend 11).father 12). Money

13). smell 14). lonely 15). servant

16). cousins 17).the South 18). pillow

Part Two: Vocabulary Terms


Part of Speech


  1. cupolas

Small, domed structures on roofs

  1. coquettish


  1. perpetuity

For an indefinite amount of time; forever

  1. calligraphy

An elegant type of handwriting

  1. lime

Also called quicklime, this white and odorless substance has many uses, including masking foul odors

  1. tableau

A living representation of stock photographs of the era; however, in those photographs, the virginal-looking young woman in the background was usually a new bride, and the authoritarian man was usually a grim husband.
  1. cabal

a secret group

8. bier

A stand on which a coffin is placed before burial

  1. macabre

Gruesome or suggesting the horror of death

  1. Cuckolded

Betrayed; in the sense of a husband deceived by an unfaithful wife.

Part Three: Comprehension Questions

Directions: Answer each question in complete sentences.

Section I

1). What metaphor is used to describe Miss Emily in the first paragraph? Explain.

2). Whose portrait sits on an easel by Miss Emily’s fireplace, and what material was used to make it?
3). How is the house personified in the second paragraph?
4). What had Colonel Sartoris done for Miss Emily in 1894?
5). What did the next generation of town leaders do on the first of the year?
6). How does Faulkner describe Miss Emily in the sixth paragraph?
Section II
7). How long had Miss Emily’s father been dead? What does Miss Emily inherit from her father?

8). Why are the neighbors complaining? What does Judge Stevens say probably has caused it?

9). What did Miss Emily tell her visitors the day after her father’s death?
10). Why did the townspeople not think she was crazy for this?
Section III
11). Who began to date Miss Emily in Part III? Why was he is town?
12). What did the townspeople think of Miss Emily and her new boyfriend?
13). What did Miss Emily purchase from the druggist?
14). Does Miss Emily tell the druggist why she needs this purchase?
Section IV
15). Who do some of the ladies go to see about Miss Emily’s situation? Why?
16). What does Miss Emily do that makes the townspeople think she and her boyfriend have wed?
17). Why do the townspeople believe her boyfriend/husband left?
Section V

18). Who returns to hold Miss Emily’s funeral?

19). There is a room upstairs that no one has seen for forty years. After Miss Emily’s funeral, the door is broken down. What do the people find there? What is noticed about the second pillow on the bed in the last paragraph?
20). What happened to Homer Baron?

Part Four: Key Events/Summarizing

Directions: Identify the key events in each section of the short story, “A Rose for Emily”.


Key Events











Directions: Give detailed examples of each theme from the short story, “A Rose for Emily”


*Don’t just tell that Homer, Emily, and her dad died, explain the significant events surrounding the deaths.



vs. Isolation

Fall of a Monument

Put the following items in chronological order.

Emily's father dies

Emily dies

Men put lime around Emily’s house

Emily is born

Homer dies; smell appears

Colonel Sartoris dies

Colonel Sartoris remits Emily's taxes

Tax delegation visits Emily

Homer Barron appears

Using the A Rose for Emily sequencing we completed in class as a guide, make a creative timeline for the story.

You must include the following 7 events, plus 5 more of your own choosing:

Miss Emily’s death

Miss Emily’s father’s death

Homer Baron’s disappearance

Homer Baron’s arrival

Emily buys poison

Men put lime around Miss Emily’s house to get rid of smell

Skeleton discovered upstairs in the bed

You should have 12 events total.


You must also include at least FIVE pictures or symbols to illustrate some of the events on your timeline. These can be hand drawn, cut from a magazine, or computer generated.

Write a brief description for at least FOUR of the events. Explanations must have correct capitalization and punctuation. You may only use 2 of the events from the previous page as an “extra” event.

A Rose for Emily Timeline Rubric
Correct order and number of events 24 points

Neatness 10 points

Appropriate illustrations 10 points

Spelling/grammar 10 points

Creativity 6 points

Total 60 points

Due: Tuesday


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