Month/ Theme Language Development

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Language Development

Early Mathematical Experiences

Socio-Emotional Development

Creative & Aesthetic Development

Early Experiences in Science & Technology

Knowledge and Appreciation of the Environment

Month- August 2013
Story- The Elephant and the Tailor (Water)
Theme- Importance of water
Value- Water conservation

Listening Skills
1.Memory Game- Listening to a list of 7-8 words and repeating them

2.Listening to 3-4 instructions and following them in correct sequence

Speaking Skills

1-Framing sentences using simple action words such as eat, drink, write, play, draw

2-Speaking a few lines on ‘A Rainy Day’

3-Naming of the country and the place of residence

4-Picture Conversation

5-Show & tell

6-Enacting the story

Reading skills

1-Reading of sight words from the story- Roy and Spot

2 -Reading of 2/3 letter words with ‘o’ as the middle sound

3 -Reading of simple sentences from the story- Roy and Spot.

4-Reading of action words- go, run, eat, hop, come, drink

Writing Skills

1-Writing words ending with ot, op, oy, og (in the notebook)

2—Related exercises-

  • Matching the picture to the word

  • Completing the word by identifying the picture

  • Arranging the word cards to make sentences


1.Letters- , , ,

2. Reading 2 letter

words using the letters done.


  1. Writing letters – , , ,

  2. Writing 2 letter words using the letters done

2-Hindi Padho aur seekho- page 6

1-Revision of numbers from 1-14

2-Recognition and writing of number 15

3-Concepts related to the numbers –one more than / one less than/missing numbers

4-Dividing objects into groups of 5 `

5-Backward counting 5-1

6-Exercises related to the concepts done.

Pre number concepts

1-Wet / dry

2-Empty / full


  1. Semicircle

  2. Identifying and drawing the shapes done earlier


1-Here is my turtle

2-Big Grey Whale

3-Little Raindrops

4-Pyasi Chidiya (Hindi)

1-The Parcel

2-The Blue Elephant

3-The Golden Axe

4- Hindi -Teen Machliyan (Naitik Kathain)

Cooking Corner

Chilled Fruit Crush-

1-Rakhi Making Activity

2-Independence Day Activity

3-Rainy day scene with paper tearing and pasting

4-Drawing of objects using shape - semicircle

1.Information about musical instruments (Tabla)

2.Wave the flag

3.We are the world


1.Kanha Dance (Save the Earth)

2.Jaabaz hum chale

1- Creating rain in the classroom

2. Comparing objects that sink/float in water

Knowledge of-

1.Uses and sources of water, how to save it

2.Water does not have its own shape and color

3.Our country- India

4.Festivals- Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtami,

Appreciation of-
1.Importance of festivals

2.Our country- India

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