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Moody’s Anecdotes And Illustrations

Related in His Revival Work



Revised Edition


Revised Edition 1896


Dwight Lyman Moody


Ira David Sankey


D. W. Whittle


Philip Paul Bliss


A Blind Man Preaches to 3,000,000 People

A Boy's Mistake--A Sad Reconciliation

A Business Man Confessing Christ

A Child at Its Mother's Grave

A Child Looking for its Lost Mother

A Child's Prayer Answered

A Child Visits Abraham Lincoln and Saves the Life of a Condemned Soldier

A Commercial Traveler

A Day of Decision

A Defaulter's Confession

A Distiller Interrogates Moody

A Dream

A Dying Infidel's Confession

A Father's Love for his Boy

A Father's Love Trampled under Foot

A Father's Mistake



A Good Excuse

A Heavy Draw on Alexander the Great

A Little Boy Converts his Mother

A Little Boy's Experience

A Little Child Converts an Infidel

All Right or All Wrong

A London Doctor Saved after Fifty Years of Prayer

A Long Ladder Tumbles to the Ground

Always Happy

A Man Drinks up a Farm

A Man who Would not Speak to his Wife

A Mother Dies that her Boy May Live

A Mother's Mistake

An Emperor Sets Forty Million Slaves Free

Angry at First--Saved at Last

An Infidel who would not Talk Infidelity before his Daughter

An Irishman Leaps into the Life-boat

A Remarkable Case

A Rich Father Visits his Dying Prodigal Son in a Garret and Forgives him

Arthur P. Oxley! Your Mother Wishes to See You

A Rumseller's Son Blows his Brains Out

A Sad and Singular Story


A Story Moody Never Will Forget

A Voice from the Tomb

A Wife's Faith

A Zealous Young Lady



Bible Study

Black-Balled by Man--Saved by Christ


Broken Hearts

By the Wayside


Calling the Roll of Heaven

Cast Out but Rescued

Child Stories

Christian Work

Christian Zeal

Christ Saves

Condemned to be Shot

Confessing Christ





"Deluged With Blood"

Dr. Arnott's Dog "Rover"


"Emma. This is Papa's Friend"

Engaging Rooms Ahead

Excused at Last




Faith More Powerful than Gunpowder

"Father, Father, Come This Way"

Five Million Dollars


Forty-one Little Sermons

Four-score and Five



George H. Stewart Visits a Doomed Criminal

Get the Key to Job

Gold (Appears in many pages)

Governor Pollock and the Condemned Criminal




"He Will Not Rest"

"Hold the Fort, for I am Coming"

How a Citizen Became a Soldier

How a Little Study Upset the Plans of a few Prominent Infidels

How a Young Irishman Opened Moody's Eyes

How Christ Expounded It

"How Funny You Talk"

How Moody's Faith Saved an Infidel

How Moody's Mother Forgave her Prodigal Son

How Moody Treated the Committees

How Moody was Blessed--Mark your Bible

How Moody was Encouraged

How Three Sunday-School Children Met their Fate


I Am not All Right

I Am not One of the Elect

I Am Trusting Jesus--A Young Lady's Trust.

I Can't Feel

"I Don't Know"

"If I Knew"

I Have Intellectual Difficulties

"I Know"

Infidel Books



It's Better Higher Up

"It Will Kill Her"


Jesus "Wants them All to Come"

Johnny, Cling Close to the Rock

Jumping into Father's Arms




Lady Ann Erkskine and Rowland Hill

"Let the Lower Lights be Burning"


Liberty Now and Forever

Little Folks

Little Jimmy

Little Moody


Love, not the Rattan, Conquers Little Moody

Love's Triumph in John Wannamaker's Sunday-School


Madness and Death

Money Blind

Moody and his Little Willie

Moody and the Dying Soldier

Moody and the Infidel

Moody and the Judge

Moody Asks a Few Questions

Moody a Young Convert

Moody in a Billiard Hall--A Remarkable Story

Moody in a California Sunday-School

Moody in Prison

Moody on Duty--How he Loves his Mother

Moody Puts a Man in his Prophets Room

Moody Visits Prang's Chromo Establishment

Moody with Gen. Grant's Army In Richmond

Moody's Declaration

Moody's First Impulse in Converting Souls

Moody's First Sermon on Grace

Moody's Little Emma

Moody's Mistake

Mothers Are Looking down from Heaven

"More to Follow"

Mr. Morehouse's Illustration

Mrs. Moody Teaching her Child


Napoleon and the Conscript

Napoleon and the Private

Never to see its Mother

Note What Jesus Says



O, Edward

Old Sambo and his Massa

One Book at a Time

One Word

Out of Libby Prison



Peter's Confession



Prayer Answered

Pull for the Shore

"Pull for the Shore, Sailor"




Rational Belief


Reaping the Whirlwind

Removing the Difficulties

Reuben Johnson Pardoned


Sad Ending of a Life that Might Have Been Otherwise

Sad Lack of Zeal

Safe In the Ark

Sambo and the Infidel Judge

Satan's Match



Saved and Saving

Snapping the Chains

Song Stories

Sowing the Tares

Spurgeon and the Little Orphan

Spurgeon's Parable

Stubborn Little Sammy

Sudden Conversion (See Conversion)


Taking the Prince at his Word

Ten Years in a Sick Bed--yet Praising God

Terribly in Earnest

That is the Price of my Soul

"That is Your Fault"

The Arrows of Conviction

The Artist and the Beggar

The Bible

The Blind Beggar

The Blood

The Cross and Crown

The Cruel Mother--Hypothetical

The Czar and the Soldier

The Demoniac

The Drunken Father and his Praying Child

The Dying Boy

The Dying Child

The Eleventh Commandment

The Faithful Aged Woman

The Faithful London Lady

The Faithful Missionary

The Family that Hooted at Moody

The Fettered Bird Freed

The Finest Looking Little Boy Mr. Moody Ever Saw

The Horse that was Established

The "I am's," "I will's," Etc.

The Invitation

The King's Pardon

The Little Child and the Big Book

The Little Tow-headed Norwegian

The Loving Father

The Missing Stone

The Moody and Sankey Humbug

The Most Hopeless Man in New York now a Sunday-school Superintendent

The Orphan's Prayer

The Place of Safety

The Praying Cripple

The Praying Mother

The Prodigal Son

The Repentent Father

The Reporter's Story

The Rich Man Poor

The Scotch "Draw the Bible" on False Doctrine

The Scotch Lassie

The Scotch Lassie and Dr. Chalmers

The Sinner's Prayer Heard

The Skeptical Lady?

The Sleep of Death

The Stolen Boy--A Mother's Love

The Two Fathers

The Way of the Transgressor is Hard

The Young Convert

The Young French Nobleman and the Doctor

Those Hypocrites

"Three Cheers"

True Love


Two Young Men




Very Hard, yet Very Easy

Very Orthodox


"We Will Never Surrender"

What a Woman Did

What Moody saw in a Chamber of Horror


Word Pictures

Why Did he not Take his Wife along?

"Won by a Smile"




"You Know me, Moody"

Young Moody, Penniless in Boston, is Warned by his Sister to "Beware of Pick-pockets"




The breathless interest given to Mr. Moody's anecdotes while being related by him before his immense audiences, and their wonderful power upon the human heart, suggested to the compiler this volume, and led him to believe and trust that, properly classified and arranged in book form, they would still carry to the general reader a measure of their original potency for good. The best anecdotes have been selected and carefully compiled under appropriate headings, alphabetically arranged, making the many stories easily available for the private reader and public teacher. Mr. Moody's idiom has been strictly preserved. He tells the story. "Gold" will be found scattered through the volume, which includes Mr. Moody's terse declarations of many precious and timely truths.

The compiler acknowledges the benefit received from the extended reports of the Tabernacle meetings given in the Daily press of Chicago, also the Hippodrome services reported in the New York papers, and the volume of Addresses revised by Mr. Moody. With the earnest prayer that God's blessing may accompany the reading of these stories that have blessed so many thousands as they fell from the lips of the great Evangelist, this volume is dedicated to the public by the compiler, J. B. McClure Chicago, Ill.


We retain in this, all that was in former editions and give forty pages additional of new anecdotes, properly classified, taken from the revival work in Boston and elsewhere. We also give engravings of Messrs. Moody, Sankey, Whittle, and the late lamented P. P. Bliss, the four evangelists who have so long and industriously labored together, and whose names conjoined, are household words throughout the land. The hearty reception already given by the public to this book justifies these improvements, which are gladly made, and which lead the compiler to hope that in this form the volume may prove yet more interesting and effective for good.

The engraving of Mr. Moody is from a copyrighted photograph by Gentile, used by permission. That of Mr. Whittle is by the same artist.

J. B. McClure


This edition includes additional anecdotes and many handsome and appropriate illustrations.

Over one million copies of this book have been sold since the first issue. No single volume in the history of literature on the American continent has met with such a sale, and probably the only approximate comparison in the world is that of "Pilgrim's Progress."

Both of these volumes, it should be noted, derive their merited power and success from the vital truths of the Holy Scriptures which they so aptly illustrate. May Heaven's blessing follow.

J. B. McClure Chicago, Ill.

Self-made, and conscious of the absolute truthfulness of every Bible declaration, Dwight Lyman Moody is today, perhaps, the most independent and powerful of living evangelists. Man, rather than books, and God, rather than man, have been his study, and made his life intensely individual, and one which has constantly increased in good works. In his thirty-five years labor for Christ, from his mission class of fourteen scholars in a Chicago saloon, down to the ten thousand listening souls in the Halls of Europe and Tabernacles of America, he has been the same faithful, persevering, original, and pungent D. L. Moody, with an unshaken faith in God, and a burning desire for the conversion of souls. At home Mr. Moody is cheerful and happy; in the social circle he is genial and companionable; in the pulpit he is Truth on fire. His native town is Northfield, Mass., where he was born February 5th, 1837. He is therefore now, (1896), fifty-nine years old.


Ira David Sankey, known throughout the world as the companion of Mr. Moody, was born in Edenburg, Pa., August 28, 1840. His musical talents were early developed. Political glee clubs at first monopolized his genius, but after his conversion in 1857, the Sunday School and Church opened wider fields, in which he has since labored with increasing usefulness. In June, 1870, at a Christian Convention in Indianapolis, after a morning service, where Mr. Sankey led the singing, he met, for the first time, Mr. Moody. "Where do you live! Are you married? What business are you in?" at once inquired the Evangelist; "I want you." "What for?" "To help me in my work in Chicago." "I cannot leave my business," replied the now astonished singer. "You must," said Moody. "I have been looking for you for the last eight years." And thus was Mr. Sankey "called" to be the companion and helper of the great Evangelist. They have been laboring together, for about a score of years.


For many years D. W. Whittle has been engaged in evangelistic work, giving it all his time, talents and energy. His first effort in connection with Mr. Bliss, who afterwards became his companion in the cause, was made over twenty years ago in a small town near Chicago. It was on this occasion that he told the story, "Hold the Fort," which the "Singing Evangelist" has rendered immortal. He is in the prime of life, and earnestly devoted to the Master's cause. His discourses are concise and clear, abounding with Scripture quotations, and, like those of Mr. Moody, interspersed with pointed anecdotes and illustrations. His preaching has been signally blessed wherever he has been called to labor.

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