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Morality/Responsibility Activity

Read the following fairy tale and decide which character in the story is most responsible for the Princess’ fate. Be prepared to defend your choice with supporting evidence from the story.

The Princess’ Date
Once upon a time, there was a young and spirited Princess who lived with her parents, the King and Queen. This Princess was madly and wildly in love with a Prince who lived in the kingdom next door. Sounds all nice and sweet, right? Wrong! The Princess’ parents couldn’t stand the prince or his family. “Girl,” the King and Queen warned, “If you so much as speak to that nasty boy again, you won’t see the sun shine until your hair goes grey!”

One summer day, the King and Queen decided to take a trip out of town. “Remember,” they cautioned, “Don’t go anywhere near that boy. If you lave this palace, we’ll know about it!” Just as soon as the last royal robe went out the door, wouldn’t you know it, the Princess headed straight for the phone.

“Hullo,” the Prince answered with a yawn.

“Oh darling, sweetheart, love of my life, my parents have gone out of town. Won’t you please come over to visit your beloved?”

“Sorry sweet thing,” the Prince said drowsily. “I’m catching up on my beauty sleep, but you can come over here.” Without hesitation, she bolted out the door and headed straight for the Prince’s palace.

Now, there’s only one way to get from the Palace to the kingdom of her beloved. You must cross the one mile wide, piranha infested Royal Raging River. There is only one bridge that crosses this river, and you definitely wouldn’t want to swim! After a tiresome journey, the Princess arrived at the bridge. Well low and behold! Standing in the middle of the bridge was a hairy, greasy, sweaty, snarling, jagged-toothed Madman. The Madman groaned and growled and wildly waved a razor sharp knife through the air.

“Well I most certainly can’t cross here,” thought the Princess. So, she traveled a bit down the river wondering how she could see her darling Prince. Finally, she came upon a Boatman sitting on a dock. “Oh please sir,” begged the Princess, “Take me across the river in your boat.”

“Yeah, sure thing lady,” replied the boatman. “Boat rides cost $6.00 one way, $10.00 round trip, and $12.95 on weekends and holidays.”

“But sir,” cried the Princess, “I have no money and I must cross the river in your boat. There is a dangerous Madman on the only bridge, and I’ll certainly be killed if I try to pass him!”

“Lady, that sounds like your problem, not mine. If you don’t pay, you don’t stay.”

Disgusted, the Princess reached for her cell phone and called her best friend, Sherry.

“Sherry! This is the Princess,” she began. “Can you lend me $12.95 so I can take a boat across the River and visit the Prince?”

“I’m sorry, Princess—but your parents told you not to. I’m not lending you any money,” snapped Sherry as she hung up.

The angry Princess stormed off back towards the bridge. The Madman was still there waving his knife and looking meaner that ever. Determined to cross anyway, the Princess stepped on the bridge and was quickly killed by the Madman.

The Burden of Responsibility
Rank all 6 characters according to who is MOST RESPONSIBLE to LEAST RESPONSIBLE for the Princess’ death. You must defend your reasoning.


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