Mother ! Our Sweet Mother ! By Asad Khan Preamble


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Mother !

Our Sweet Mother !

By Asad Khan


After the All Mighty Allah & Prophet Muhammad

(peace be upon him) your mother is the most important person in your life.

Your mother carried you for nine months in her womb, fed you and kept you safe and gave you birth in great pains. For many months, sometimes years she fed you her milk with soreness and pain to herself ; foregoing sleep so you could be fed during the night.

She cleaned you and changed your diapers when you were helpless and could not do anything for yourself.

She nurtured you through your childhood, kept you away from harm and protected you. She was your first teacher ; advising you of hurtful and harmful things, teaching you manners, etiquette, good conduct and inter personal relationships. Warning you of the allowed and the forbidden in Islam and the duties not only among yourselves but towards your Creator.

All this she performed not as an obligation but with joy & great love for her child. With no expectations, demands, or return of her favours, she carries on her selfless love and care. When away from her she worr-ies about your welfare and prays for you, supplicating your Creator to keep you safe from harm, in good


health & prosperous in this world and the Hereafter.

Even through your adulthood until she passes to her Maker she constantly thinks of you, worries about you, prays for you and wants only profit for you in both the worlds.

If you were to leave everything and just devote all your energies to looking after your mother for the rest of her life you could not repay even a very small amount of what she has done for you.

A tradition states : “ a Mother has the first right on a man, and the husband for a woman.”

And “ Paradise lies under the feet of your Mother “

I pray to Allah to look after our mothers as they have looked after us, to give them health and keep them in Divine care away from all harm, to answer all their wishes and prayers, to forgive all their sins and give them ‘ Jannat ul Firdous ’ in the Hereafter, ameen !
‘O Allah ! I beseech You to make this writing of some benefit to the dear reader and make it a sadaqa-e-jaria for me and my mother,’ Ameen !
Asad Khan,

12th Muharram 1431.


Dedicated to my Mother

under whose feet lies my Paradise !

Mother !

Mother ! Mother ! My Mother dear !

You are my world and always near.

Though I was a foetus, still unborn,

A helpless, weak lump unformed.

You kept me safe in womb enclosed,

Cared for me when dangers posed.

Gave me birth with pains untold,

So I could live my life unfold.

When I was hurt, afraid in fear,

You wiped away my falling tear.

When I was a little feeble runt,

Outspoken, mischievous always blunt;

You gave me love, unquestioned care,

Lots of strength and equal flair.


You went sleepless so I could rest,

My tired head on a mother’s breast.
When little problems seemed so huge,

Like mountains, yet you assuage.

And later with me you would play,

With water, chalk, paint and clay.

Step by step, I did crawl and walk,

I learnt to run and learned to talk.

When others with me did compete,

You gave me succour, love replete.

When I would hurt from unrequited love,

You made it fly like a freed dove.

When hate would in me take refuge,

You washed it out like a deluge.

A light, a guide and a beacon you are,

Hope and comfort and a blazing star.

Now I am old and weak again,

A tired body and age a refrain;


Life is spent and death not far,

I love you mother, you are my star.
You’re in my thoughts and Allah’s care,

May Angels keep you always there.

I pray to God show mercy unbound

And in it my mother’s soul surround.

Give her something sweet to drink,

A death so painless, in a blink.

A cup of Kauthar, heaven’s mead !

For my mother to You I plead.

Salsabil for her and Your Ridhwan,

Firdaus, Hayat Your promise in Qur’an.

Mother ! Mother ! My Mother dear !

You are my world and always near.


Preamble 2

Mother ! 4
The Creation of Syedha Hawwa 8
Physiological & psychological changes 12
Qur’anic verses on Parents & Mothers 16
Stories of Mothers of the Companions 19
Hadith on Fathers and Mothers 24
Greatest Mothers in Islam 34
Who Else but Mother ? 36


The Creation of Syedha Hawwa,

Mother of Mankind

According to Charles Darwin modern man evolved after centuries of natural selection from Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal ape-men. These were hairy apes who walked on all fours and also stood and walked upright ; their brain capacity was very limited. His theoretical work was based on practical observations on the many varied & unique species of birds of Galapagos Islands

and not primates.

The ‘ evolutionary theory ’ was given credence by the

secular men and some scientists of the time and treat-ed as absolute proof of primate beginnings of man.

This theory reduced the origin of man to an animal beginning and his traits, instincts and character to merely the result of natural selection and social conditioning.

The baser actions of human individuals such as caprice, lust, greed, gluttony, etc were explained away as nor-mal animal behaviour. Immorality, criminality, deviancy, and aggression were seen as the resulting ‘ law of the jungle ’ in this social order of the ‘ human animal ’.

Love, respect, piety, justice, morality, charity and other higher values of ‘ divine ordainment ’ played little part in the new ‘ human conditioning’ and social order.


Muslims do not believe in the creation of Mankind through natural selection as advocated by the Darwin-ian theory and now taught in most curricula in educat-ional institutions.

It is an insult to human dignity and Man’s divine origin and Allah’s mission vouchsafed to Syedina Adam for mankind.
Allah (Praise & Glory be to Him) says ;It is We Who have Created you : why will ye not witness the truth ? (56:57)
And of man’s ‘constitution’ Allah says ; He Who has made everything which He has created most Good. He began the creation of man with (nothing more than) clay. (32:7)
The creation of ‘female sex’ is through the male even from it’s inception as in Surah Zumar ;He created you from one (being) He made its mate ; and He hath provided for you of cattle eight kinds. He created you in the womb of your mothers, creation after creation, in a threefold gloom.

Such is Allah, your Lord. His is the Sovereignty. There is no God save Him. How then are you turned away ? (39:7)

Further in Surah Al Muminun the Creator describes


the stages of birth ; Man We did create from a quin-tessence (of clay) ; Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood ; then of that clot We made a ( foetus ) lump ; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh ; then We developed out of it another creature ; so blessed be Allah the Best to Create ! (23:12)

After the creation of Syedina Adam Allah created Syedha ‘Hawwa’ from his rib. In a Tradition it is mentioned Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) said,

“ Treat women nicely, for a woman is created from a rib, and the most curved portion of the rib is it’s upper portion, so if you should try to straighten it, it will break, but if you leave it as it is, it will remain crooked, so treat women nicely.” (S.B.4.548)

Syedina Adam and Syedha Hawwa were both created by Allah Himself. Allah blew His breath into Syedina Adam to give him life and endowed him with all kinds of knowledge to fulfil His divine plan.

The ancestors and progenitor of Mankind were thus not some apes who acquired human traits by natural selection but they were the ‘ Creation of Allah ’ and the result of a ‘divine plan’. Allah made Man His ‘ Vice-gerent ’ on earth to realise his potential and endowed him with free will.


After the expulsion from Paradise (Eden), Syedina Adam and Syedha Hawwa were the only humans on

the face of the earth.

In the scheme of Allah (All Knowing), Syedha Hawwa would give birth in the morning to one boy & one girl, and one boy and one girl in the evening.

The boy born in the morning, married the girl born in the evening and in this way the earth was populated & these first human beings became Fathers & Mothers.

Through these ‘Parents of Mankind’ arose a number of generations and through them a multitude of people inhabiting the earth.

It is our belief that man and woman were created as a unique species by Allah Himself and placed on earth to carry out His Divine plan. Man is referred to as ‘ the best of creation ’ (ashraf ul makhluqat) and Allah’s ‘trustee’ on earth.

Man has been endowed with a mind incomparable with other species and faculties to realise his potential. He is led towards good, clean and lawful things as his inherent nature. He is born innocent and submissive to the will of Allah in his ‘fitrah’ (natural inclination) and it is his environment which reinforces it or takes him away from this natural way.

Our parent and especially our mothers are responsible for our upbringing and early years. Allah has accorded parents with great honour for this responsibility.



& psychological changes

The Conception :

The parents ‘ to be ’ take on happily the responsibility of raising a child with great expectations, ready to provide a loving environment and a careful upbringing.

In the early phase of conception the mother under goes morning sickness, nausea and even vomiting. She


runs to the bathroom many times a day feeling queasy and sick even in the middle of daily activities. In the early days of pregnancy even the food becomes diffi-cult to eat, she loses appetite and gets cravings for unusual things to eat.

The hormonal changes in her body bring about hot flushes and mood swings. She loses control over her emotions and sometimes breaks down with anxiety, trepidation and the burden of responsibility of rearing a child and childbirth.
Physiological Changes :
As the pregnancy advances, the mother’s physical body experiences changes ; her hormone levels, bone structure, and even food intake which is shared with the growing foetus.

The skeletal of her body changes to accommodate the passage and easy delivery of the baby.

Man cannot compensate his mother in words or deeds for just the carrying of him for nine months in her womb, let alone the nourishment she provides through her own food intake when the baby saps away all nutri-ents and nourishments from her like a parasite.

The Mother gets anaemic due to a lack of vitamins and minerals which the growing foetus requires and takes from her.


The change in physiology the mother experiences during her pregnancy when the skeletal of her body

changes to accommodate the passage and easy deliv-ery of the baby.

The four kilogram or more of weight of the baby and placenta in the womb she carries with her everywhere at all time and the stress and pressure it has on her backbone.

Through all these changes in her physiology and psy-chology she exercises great care in her daily routine so no harm may come to the baby (the foetus).

The nausea & early morning sickness she experiences in the early days of conception resulting in incessant vomiting. The psychological changes with swings of mood and the highs and lows of uncontrollable feelings.

The pains of labour during delivery, sometimes contin-uing for many hours can only be endured by the unsel-fish love of the mother for her newborn. Many husb-ands cannot even watch the intensity of their wives pains of labour let alone endure them.

The pain of the heaviness and soreness of the breast and the feeding of the baby the mother performs with happiness and joy. During the night she feed’s the newborn every couple of hours or more, foregoing any sleep herself so her child will not go hungry.


She endures this new way of life without any compla-int, regret or recompense for many months and years and worrying about her child even in maturity until her own death.

Even after the birth the mother experiences post natal problems such as cleaning out the afterbirth, stitching the cuts and sheer exhaustion of labour.

Mothers undergo post natal exercises for many weeks to get them back into same shape before conception.

Qur’anic verses on Parents

And Mothers

Allah (the Creator & Cherisher) has placed a tremend-ous responsibility on man towards his parents, especia-lly the Mother. He reminds man of the difficulties and hardships the mother goes through in bearing him, the labour pains of delivery and the weaning and nurturing in these words :

And We have enjoined on man to be dutiful and kind to his parents. His mother bears him with hardship and she brings him forth with hardship, and the bear-ing of him, and the weaning of him is thirty (30) months, till when he attains full strength and reaches forty years, he says : “ My Lord ! grant me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favour which You have bestowed upon me & upon my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds, such as please You, and my offspring good. Truly, I have turn-


ed to You in repentance, and truly, I am one of the Muslims (submitting to Your Will).” (46:15)

Allah (the Forgiving & Merciful) has taught man to ask for forgiveness for their parents from the Day of Judgement since after Allah they are the most deser-ving of his love.

Allah listens to the prayers of the children for their

parents even after their death since the children are the continuous deeds of charity ( sadaqa-e-jaria ) for parents.

For their ‘ good deeds ‘ and good behaviour on earth Allah will reward them & their parents whether dead or alive.

Allah teaches man for himself and for the benefit of his parents the supplication :

Our Lord ! Forgive me and my parents and (all) the believers on the Day when the reckoning will be established.” (14:41)
The Almighty further commands the believers to respect, honour and obey their parents, especially in their old age.

To be humble and submit to them in humility for the sake of Allah and His commandments. To ask Allah to shower His Mercy on them for bringing you up in infancy and looking after you, and never show disresp-


ect or shout at them in frustration or anger.

In Allah’s own Words :
And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. And lower unto them

the wing of submission & humility through mercy, and say : “ My Lord ! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small ” (17:23-24)
Allah reminds us the advise of Luqman the Wise to his son in the 31st Surah :
And (remember) when Luqman said to his son when he was advising him: “O my son ! Join not in worship others with Allah. Verily ! Joining others in worship with Allah is a great Zulm (wrong) indeed.

And We have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship, and his weaning is in two years – give thanks to Me and to your parents, - unto Me is the final destination. (31:13,14)

Stories of Mothers

of the Companions & Pious men

Abdur Rahman (Abu Hurayrah)

The most prolific narrator of Hadith and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) arrived in Medina during the 7th year of Hijra with his mother who was still an unbeliever.

In his words :

I invited my mother, who was a polytheist, to Islam. I invited her one day and she said to me some-thing about Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him), which I hated. I came to Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him), weeping and said: Allah's Messenger, I invited my mother to Islam but she did not accept (my invitation). I invited her today but she said to me something which I did not like. ( Kindly ) supplicate Allah to set the mother of Abu Hurayrah on the right path. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: O Allah, set the mother of Abu Hurayrah on the right path. I came out quite pleased with supplication of Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him). When I came near our door it was closed from within. My mother heard the noise of my footsteps and she said: Abu Hurayrah, just wait. I heard the splashing of water. She took a bath, put on her dress,

quickly covered her head with a shawl opened the door and then said: Abu Hurayrah, I bear witness to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger. He (Abu Hurayrah) said: I went back to Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) and (this time) I was shedding the tears of joy. I said : Allah's Messenger, be happy, for Allah has responded to your supplication and He has set on the right path the mother of Abu Hurayrah. He (the Holy Prophet) praised Allah, and extolled Him and uttered good words. I said: Allah's Messenger, supplicate Allah to instill my love and that of my mother too in the hearts of the believing servants and let our hearts be filled with their love. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: O Allah, let there be love of these servants of yours, i.e. Abu Hurayrah and his mother, in the hearts of the believing servants and let their hearts be filled with the love of the believing servants. (Abu Hurayrah said : This prayer) was so well granted by Allah that no believer ever born, who heard of me and who saw me, did not love me.

In later years he became the governor of Medina but throughout his life he was gentle and respectful tow-rds his mother. Whenever he left home he would say ; peace be on you mother, and the mercy and blessings of Allah as you cared for me when I was small. She would reply ; And on you be peace my son & the mercy

and blessings of Allah as you delivered me from error when I was old.

Asma’s Love :

During the Khilafa of Abdullah bin Zubayr, Marwan bin Hakam who had occupied Egypt and Syria sent an army of 40,000 to overthrow the Khalifa in Mecca.

The Khalifa Abdullah, son of Asma bint Abu Bakr and his followers fought bravely the army under Hajjaj bin Yusuf as Mecca was pounded by war machines.

Only a few brave followers remained with Abdullah to the last as he came to visit his mother for advise who was very old by then.

She admonished him, you have stood by what is right and your companions have supported you and given their lives, don’t disappointment them. Fight in the path of Allah upholding what is right though you have little hope of defeating Hajjaj.

Abdullah bin Zubayr returned to the fight greatly elated by the words of his mother but Hajjaj overran the small group. Abdullah was captured and crucified, his limbs were cut off. His mother collected his body parts and saw to his burial, a week later she died.


Imam Sha’fi :
One of the great Imams who was born in Gaza but had moved with his mother to Mecca was Imam Sha’fi (may Allah be pleased with him).

His mother sent him to Medina in search of learning the Sunnah and Hadith with only her prayers as she had no money to provide for his journey. The mother assured her son that Allah will provide all sustenance for the journey since he was leaving home in the path of Allah. In Medina he became a disciple of the great Imam Malik and quickly memorised the ‘ Muwatta ’ con-taining thousands of ahadith. Imam Sha’fi stayed in the company of the great Imam and became an ackno-wledged scholar of hadith. He travelled far and wide to Egypt, Persia & Iraq in search of authentic ahadith from renowned scholars including Ahmad Hambal, Abu

Yusuf, Imam Muhammad and Sufyan bin Awzai.

After his return to Medina when Imam Sha’fi wished to return to his mother, Imam Malik persuaded him to accept 2,500 gold dinars and other gifts.

Along the way people added much more to his wealth and he arrived in Mecca with flocks of animal, gifts and money.

When he put all the wealth at his mother’s feet she said, I sent you to get knowledge of Qur’an & Sunnah and you bring with you instead worldly possessions.

Both mother and son distributed all the wealth among


the poor of Mecca and Imam Sha’fi only kept a few dirhams for the rainy day. When the mother found out

about it she said, why have you kept this amount, the one who gave you all other wealth will also provide you when you are in need and he also gave it away.

Imam Sha’fi said he never felt so happy as after giving away all the wealth at his mother’s instance to the poor deserving of Mecca.

Bayazid Bastami :

Bayazid Bastami is acknowledged as a great ‘ aulia ’ amongst other mystics, and he is compared to a moon in a sky filled with shining stars. He was always loving and obedient towards his mother and said he found everything he was looking for in serving her.

In his youth one night his mother woke up and asked for some water. He immediately got up but could not

find any water in the house so he went out to the river some distance away. When he returned with the water

his mother had gone back to sleep but he stood beside the bed in case she woke up again.

In the morning the mother got up to find her son stan-ding by the bed still holding the water for her through the cold winter night. After drinking the water she prayed to Allah to endow her son with the knowledge of Islam & make him one of those who are near to Him.



on Parents & Mothers
Your Mother ! Mother ! Mother !
A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, " O Allah's Apostle! who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man said. "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man further said, "Who is next ?" The Prophet said, " Your mother." The man asked for the fourth time, " Who is next ?" The Prophet said, "Your father."
Mother’s selfless love :
Narrated Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) : A lady along with her two daughters came to me asking (for some alms), but she found nothing with me except one date which I gave to her and she divided it between her two daughters, and did not eat anything herself, and then she got up and went away. Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) came and I informed him about this story. He said, “ Whoever is put to trial by these daughters and he treats them generously (with bene-volence) then these daughters will act as a shield for him from Hell-fire.” (SB.2:499)

Mothers Love !

When we were with the Prophet (peace be upon him) on one of his expeditions he came upon some people and asked who they were, to which they replied that they were Muslims. A woman who had a son of hers with her was kindling a fire under her pot, and when the heat increased she moved him away. She then went to the Prophet (peace be upon him and grant him peace) and asked, "You for whom I would give my father & mother as ransom, tell me if Allah is not the Most Merciful of those who are merciful." He replied that He certainly was. She asked, " Is Allah not more Merciful to His servants than a mother to her child?" and when he assured her that He certainly was, she replied that a mother does not cast her child into the fire. Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) then bowed his head and wept, and afterwards raised it, looked at her and said, " Allah punishes only those of His servants who act audaciously towards Him and refuse to say that there is no god but Allah."

Ibn Majah transmitted it.

Mother’s trouble :
My father said, " Allah's Apostle said, ' Whenever I stand for prayer, I want to prolong it but on hearing the cries of a child, I would shorten it as I dislike to put its mother in trouble.' "

Asma, the daughter of Abu Bakr says :

My mother came to me during the lifetime of Allah's Apostle and she was a pagan. I said to Allah's Apostle (seeking his verdict), " My mother has come to me and she desires to receive a reward from me, shall I keep good relations with her ?" The Prophet said, " Yes, keep good relation with her."

Look after your Mother :

Jahimah came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said, "Messenger of Allah, I desire to go on a military expedition and I have come to consult you. He asked him if he had a mother, and when he replied that he had, he said, " Stay with her, for Paradise is at her feet."

(Ahmad, Nasa'i and Bayhaqi, in Shu'ab al-Iman, trans-mitted it).

Al Qama (may Allah be pleased with him) :
When the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) companion Al

Qama was on his death bed his tongue became paral-

ysed. His wife came to the Messenger (peace be upon

him) and informed him that he could not even recite

the ‘kalima’.


The Prophet (peace be upon him) sent Syedina Salman, Bilal and Ali to go and ascertain the condition of Al

Qama. They returned and told the Prophet (peace be upon him) that due to the severity of the illness his tongue is paralysed. The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked if his parents were alive but was told only his very old mother is alive. He (peace be upon him) asked them to convey his salaam to her and ask her to come to him if she could otherwise he would come to her.

The mother of Al Qama came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) with the aid of a stick and said may I be sacrificed for you Al Qama is a very generous & pious man but he gives his wife precedence over me.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked Bilal to gather some sticks because he was going to burn Al Qama.

On hearing this Al Qama’s mother immediately said to the Prophet (peace be upon him) please don’t burn him I forgive him for everything.

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent them back to Al Qama they heard him reciting the ‘kalima’ with the paralysed tongue cured.

Mother’s forgiveness allowed Al Qama to leave this world with Allah’s mention on his lips.

After Death :
Malik bin Rabiah said he was sitting in the company of the Prophet (peace be upon him) one day when a man

of the tribe of Banu Salma came and said ; my parent

are dead but can I still do something good for them ?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied : Supplicate Allah and ask for their forgiveness, if they had made any promises to anyone fulfil them, be courteous and hospitable to their friends and maintain the ties of relations which are due to them.

Three Prayers :
According to Abu Hurayrah : the Prophet (peace be upon him) said : “ Supplications of three people are immediately accepted by Allah, without doubt of the oppressed, of the traveller and thirdly of the parent for their children ”.

Safa Marwa :
Syedina Ibrahim left his wife Syedha Hajira and baby Ismail in the valley of Bakkah at Allah’s command.

Syedha Hajira would climb to the Mount of Safa and then again to Marwa in search of any caravan she could attract attention of so her child could be provided water. Every time she left the child she would hurry back again fearing for his safety, this she repeated

seven times before Allah provided the water of ‘Zam Zam’ for the mother and child by His miracle.

This search for help, anguish and safety for her child became the ‘ sai ’ of Safa and Marwa an essential part

of the rites of Hajj for all times.

Allah refers to Safa and Marwa in the Qur’an as one of His Signs among His Signs.

A Mother’s love for her child became remembrance and an essential rite of Hajj for all Muslims.
Curses on him :

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said ; Anyone who does not obey his Mother and distresses her, Allah sends His curse on him, the angels curse him and the curse of all the people. Allah will not accept or reward his obligatory duties or ‘ nawafil. ’

In her old age :
A pious person looked after all the needs of his elderly Mother and would clean her himself. A rich man sent him some money so he could buy a slave girl for his Mothers toiletry needs. The companion sent the money back thanking him and saying ; when I was small my Mother looked after me and cleaned me herself and now she is old I like to fulfil her needs myself.

Prophet’s Love :
Syedina Owais (may Allah be pleased with him) lived during the Prophetic period in Qaran for 20 years but


did not meet the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Despite his intense love for the Messenger (peace

be upon him) he could not come and meet him as a companion as he looked after the daily needs of his ailing Mother. The Prophet (peace be upon him) him-self had sent a message for him to stay with her.

Once his Mother gave him permission to go to the Prophet (peace be upon him) but if he was not home than he should return back without waiting. When Syedina Owais arrived in Medina and called on the Prophet he was away so Syedina Owais did not wait.

He left a message for the Prophet (peace be upon him)

that your Owais came to meet you but since my Mother did not want me to wait I am returning.

Prophet (peace be upon him) would often mention to

his companions, my Owais has a mark on his hand, laud-ing his virtues and telling them how thousands of Muslims will be forgiven due to his prayers.

The companions on hearing the merits of Syedina Owais wanted ardently to meet him. Once Syedina Umar and Ali asked the Prophet (peace be upon him)

if they will ever cast their eyes on Syedina Owais and he said both of you will see my Owais.

During the Khilafa of Syedina Umar many Muslims came to Mecca for Hajj and they would ask the dele-gations from Yemen if there was anyone by the name of Owais amongst them but they had not heard of anyone by that name. They did not know they were asking about someone mad with the love of the Proph-


et ( peace be upon him ), who lived away from the

people in desolate places.

When finally Syedina Umar & Ali told the people some description of Syedina Owais they said there was a person living in Qaran of that description but he is mad and has bouts of uncontrollable emotions.

Both companions set off towards Yemen and found the place people had described to them. Syedina Owais was reading salat & his goats were near him in pasture

with wolves guarding them.

When Syedina Owais finished his salat, the two companions introduced themselves. Immediately he asked them to give him the gift his beloved {meaning the Prophet (peace be upon him) } has sent him. The two companions handed over the cloak the Prophet (peace be upon him) had left them and said give it to my Owais when you meet him.

The two companions wanted to ask many things from Syedina Owais but he would come back to asking about the Prophet (peace be upon him). Tell me about my Master he asked them ; how did he carry himself ?

How did he talk ? How did he look ? He was besotted with the love of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and just kept asking about the object of his love. Then he asked have you seen the radiant face of my beloved ?

Both companions were taken aback and said we have spent most of our life in his (peace be upon him) com-pany, you are asking a strange question.

Syedina Owais replied what you have seen was only the

reflection of my beloved, only his shadow. All Mighty Allah had screened his countenance and not allowed anyone to see it.
Mother of Musa :

When Syedina Musa (may Allah have mercy on him) went to the Mount of Tur to converse with Allah his Mother prayed and supplicated to Allah for him.

After her death when he went towards the Mount he heard a voice telling him to beware ! and be careful as his Mother was no longer raising her hands in prayer for him.

Sons & Daughters of your Mother :

On the Day of Judgement Allah the Supreme Creator will call everybody by the name of their mother.

When all relations will be severed, Mothers’ relation-ship shall continue as a priceless gift for us.

A Mother is like the scent of a flower, the shade from the heat, comfort in times of grief, support and succour in difficulties, a rock of patience in adversity, unfathomable love and an inexhaustible ocean of good-ness and mercies.

Allah, Mighty and Sublime Creator uses a Mother’s love as a yardstick for His Own love for His creation. He says His love is 70 times more intense than a Mother’s love for her children.

Throughout a person’s life his Mother’s prayers and supplications keep him away from harm and injury, blessed with Allah’s Good Pleasure and Mercies.
A man came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said ; I am surrounded by woes and problems what can I do ? He (peace be upon him) asked if his Mother was alive but the man replied she had passed away long ago. He (peace be upon him) asked if he knew where she was buried but the man said he did not. He (peace be upon him) told the man to go and draw a line in the courtyard of his house and imagine it to be her grave then pray and supplicate to Allah for his Mother.

Allah willing his problems will disappear.

To Swear at one’s Parent :
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said ; one of the worst sins is to curse and abuse your Mother and Father. The companions asked incredulously ;

“ O Prophet (peace be upon him) of Allah who would

curse and abuse his own parents ” ? The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied when you curse and abuse someone else’s Mother and Father and they retaliate by swearing at your parents it is as if you were swear-ing at your own parents.

Greatest Mothers in Islam

Allah, the Creator made Syedha Hawwa come into existence after Syedina Adam so she may give him company and comfort and bring into the world the first progenitors of humanity.

As the ‘ First Woman ’ she has the distinction of being

the Mother of all of us. Just this distinction in itself makes her one of the great Mothers for us in Islam, may Allah have mercy on her.

The wives of Syedina Ibrahim, Syedha Hajirah and Syedha Sarah became the Mothers of two lines of Prophets ; the Bani Issaq and Bani Ismail. From the first can be traced the lineage of all the Prophets of Bani Israil, which was another name for Syedina Yaqoob the son of Syedina Issaq and from the other we can trace the descent of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They have the honour of being the Mothers of Allah’s Prophets.

Next in line was the Mother of Prophet Musa (peace on him) who left him to float on the Nile on a wicker basket in infancy in obedience on the command of Allah. The All Mighty reunited the Mother and son soon after when the wife of Firaoun asked her to provide milk to the baby. Her obedience of Allah in such a difficult task & having complete belief in Him makes her a great Mother in Islam.

The other was the wife of Firaoun who adopted the

baby Musa and lavished all her attention in bringing him up.

Syedha Mariam, mother of Prophet Eesa (peace on him) has a unique status of becoming a mother with-out a husband. She was a very pious and chaste lady given over to seclusion and continuous worship of Allah. Her motherhood and conception was at the command of Allah.

Syedha Khatija, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was the first Muslim and one to believe in his Messengership and Prophethood. She turned over all her wealth to him so he could continue providing

help to the needy. Allah gave him (peace be upon him) children only through her. She is the Mother of all the

the faithful (Muslims).

Next Syedha Aisha and all the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who are also our Mothers.
In truth our own Mothers are also great Mothers

of Islam for each one of us. They brought us in this world, loved devotedly and cared for us in infancy, protected us from all harm and injury, taught us the difference between right & wrong and worried about us when away from them even in our adulthood.

Our Mothers’ prayers keep us safe from all harm because it is mentioned in hadith that their prayers go

straight to the ‘ arsh ’ of the All Mighty and are accepted.


We take good health, prosperity and our welfare for granted and do not stop to think that it is due to our Mothers’ supplications and prayers. Only after they are gone from this world do we realise the emptiness in our lives and the tremendous loss it brings in our worldly affairs. Their passing away creates a vacuum

in our lives which cannot be filled by any other and it’s

loss is irreparable.

Even after a Mother’s passing away, Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to honour their memory first by giving charity that they wanted to when alive, tak-ing care of theirs debts, praying for their soul and asking Allah for forgiveness and looking after and being good to their sisters and all friends.

Our good actions towards our parent and especially our mother, though a responsibility bring great rewards from the All Mighty in this world and in the Hereafter.

Even after their death the children are a “deed of continuous charity” (sadaqa-e-jaria) and all good deeds will bring rewards for the deceased and raise their station in paradise.


Who else but mother ?
Who picks you up when you are down ?

Cleans you up without a frown.

Patches up your cuts and bruise,

Stops you crying and joy infuse.

When hunger comes she gives you food,

All tasty titbits to suit your mood.

Drinks to quench your very thirst,

Stops all others drinking first.

Keeps you always washed and clean,

Neat and tidy when you are seen.

When you’re hurt in pain you weep,

Comforts you, then bed to sleep,

When sick, in illness when you cry,

Gives you kisses for tears to dry.

Sleepless days and sleepless night,

Leaves all else to sickness fight.


Worry and in anguish treat,

Finds a cure and illness beat.
Fights the world in your concern,

Takes them on all one by one.

Gives her all in selfless care,

Finds some more when she is bare.

All this and more endures with joy,

And nothing of her child annoy.

It is mother and mother’s loving care,

Selfless, doting for her child’s welfare.


They gave you birth, nurtured you,

Instilled good values through & through.
Brought you up with joy & pride,

Their love for you they did not hide.

When times were hard they gave you all,

They went without as you recall.

Taught you things, gave you advice,

Even when you were not being nice.

Remember that cold winter’s day,

Under their blanket as you lay ;

They fed you and quenched your thirst,

They went without to feed you first.

In their leaking hovel kept you dry,

Even sang to you so you’d not cry.

Childhood tantrums and difficult teens,

They put up with your trying scenes.

Their life was you, your welfare first,

Even though you were being your worst.


You will be parent too one day,

Then you’ll remember what I say.
Honour your mother and father too,

Allah obliges us all to do.

Be kind and gentle to them both,

They are the most deserving in troth.

Show humility and be so humble,

Let your pride and ego crumble.

Don’t say a word of disrespect,

For all parent are Allah’s elect.

Even when wrong they are right,

Keep these truthful words in sight.

When they are old and they are frail,

Your work you must then curtail ;

Serving them spend your time,

Neglecting them will be a crime.

The Book is full of His advice,

Be kind to parent, be very nice.



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