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ABBOTT & COSTELLO IN HOLLYWOOD (1945): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Frances Rafferty

ABOUT FACE (1952): Bonnie Lou Williams for Phyllis Kirk
ACCUSED OF MURDER (1956): Robie Lester for Vera Ralston
ADVENTURE IN BALTIMORE (1949): Betty Wand for Shirley Temple
AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD (1952): Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth
AIDA (1955): Renata Tebaldi for Sophia Loren
ALMOST ANGELS (1962): Ferdinand Silhanek for Vincent Winter
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (1957): Marni Nixon for Deborah Kerr
AN AMERICAN DREAM (1966): Jackie Ward for Janet Leigh
AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951): Mac Maclain for Oscar Levant ("By Strauss") / Grace Starr, Pete Roberts (other "By Strauss" singers)
ALASKA (1944): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Margaret Lindsay / Sportsmen Quartet for Quartet
ALIBI (1929): Virginia Flohry for Irma Harrison and Jeanne Morgan / Edward Jordan for Robert Cauterio
ALL THE YOUNG CANNIBALS (1960): Uan Rasey for Robert Wagner (trumpet)
ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo / Trudy Erwin for Ruth Roman
AND THE ANGELS SING (1944): Julie Gibson for Diana Lynn
ANDROCLES AND THE LION (1952): Robert Ebright for Victor Mature

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (1950): Charles Schrouder for Louis Calhern / Henry Kruse for Keenan Wynn

ANTHONY ADVERSE (1936): Diana Gaylen for Olivia de Havilland
APARTMENT FOR PEGGY (1948): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain
APRIL LOVE (1957): Eileen Wilson for Dolores Michaels / Ray Kellogg for Brad Jackson
AT THE CIRCUS (1939): Evelyn Jurs for Florence Rice
ATHENA (1954): Jacqueline [aka Jackie] Allen for Cecile Rogers / Betty Allen, Marie Vernon, Gloria Wood for Sisters (other than J. Powell, D. Reynolds, V. Gibson) / Victor Marchese for Edmund Purdom
ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT (1961): Paul Frees for various actors
BABY, THE RAIN MUST FALL (1965): Billy Strange for Steve McQueen
BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) Mark Campbell for Michael J. Fox
BALL OF FIRE (1941): Martha Tilton for Barbara Stanwyck
THE BAND WAGON (1953): India Adams for Cyd Charisse
BATTLE OF BROADWAY (1938): Mary Martin for Gypsy Rose Lee [billed as Louise Hovick]
THE BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE (1956): Muriel Smith for April Olrich
BEACH BLANKET BINGO (1965): Jackie Ward for Linda Evans
BEAU JAMES (1957): Imogene Lynn for Vera Miles
BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE (1952): Peggy Bonini for Paula Corday
THE BEGGAR'S OPERA (1953): Adele Leigh, Jennifer Viryan, Joan Cross, John Cameron, Bruce Boye for various cast
BEHIND THE MAKE-UP (1930): Paul Grey for Paul Lukas

THE BELLE OF NEW YORK (1952): Anita Ellis for Vera-Ellen / Dick Beavers for Henry Slate

THE BENNY GOODMAN STORY (1955): Benny Goodman for Steve Allen (clarinet) / Manny Klein for Ziggy Elman (trumpet)
BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943): Gloria Grafton for Lucille Ball / Jeanne Darrell for Virginia Weidler / Ralph Blane for Jack Jordan.
THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE (1956): Eileen Wilson for Sheree North
BETRAYED (1954): Diana Coupland for Lana Turner
BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1970): Lynn Carey for Dolly Reade
BIG BROADCAST OF 1936 (1935): Kenny Baker (?) for Henry Wadsworth
THE BIG STREET (1942): Martha Mears for Lucille Ball
BILLY ROSE'S DIAMOND HORSESHOE (1945): Gloria Wood for "Ginger" / Louanne Hogan for "Lady Lipstick"
BILLY ROSE’S JUMBO (1962): James Joyce for Stephen Boyd
BIRTH OF THE BLUES (1941): Danny Polo for Bing Crosby (clarinet)
BITTER SWEET (1940): Gloria Stark for Ruth Tobey
BLACK FRIDAY (1940): Constance Moore for Anne Nagel
BLACKMAIL (1929): Joan Barry for Anny Ondra (dialogue)
BLOCK-HEADS (1938) Chill Wills for Harry Earles (dialogue)
BLONDE TROUBLE (1937): Buddy Clark for Johnny Downs
BLONDIE GOES LATIN (1941): The Sportsmen Quartet for band members
BLOOD & BLACK LACE (Italian, 1965): Paul Frees for many actors, U.S. release (dialogue)
BLUE SKIES (1946): Betty Russell for Joan Caulfield

BLUES BUSTERS (1950): Gloria Wood for Adele Jergens / John Lorenz for Huntz Hall

BLUES IN THE NIGHT (1941): Trudy Erwin for Betty Field / Snooky Young for Jack Carson (trumpet)
BODY AND SOUL (1947): Joan Barton for various cast
BONANZA (TV - 1965): Marni Nixon for Viveca Lindfors
BORN TO DANCE (1936): Marjorie Lane for Eleanor Powell
BOWERY TO BROADWAY (1944): Lee Sweetland for George Dolenz
THE BRIBE (1949): Eileen Wilson for Ava Gardner
BRIGADOON (1954): Carole Richards for Cyd Charisse / John Gustafson for Jimmy Thompson / Bonnie Murray for Dee Turnell / Annie Biggs, Betty Allen, Paul Roberts, Bill Reeve, Ernie Newton for various cast
BRING ON THE GIRLS (1945): Martha Mears for Marjorie Reynolds / Billy Daniels ("You Moved Right In") / Danny Dare ("How Would You Like to Take My Picture")
BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936 (1936): Marjorie Lane for Eleanor Powell
BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 (1937): Marjorie Lane for Eleanor Powell
BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN (1940): Martha Tilton for Ellen Drew / Lillian Cornell, Betty Noyes, Barbara Van Burnt for female trio
BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON (1952): Ray "Bud" Linn for Leon Ames
BYE BYE BIRDIE (1963): Diana Lee for unidentified kid
CABARET (1972): Mark Lambert for Oliver Collignon
CAIN AND MABEL (1936): Dick Dennis for David Carlyle [aka Robert Paige]
THE CAINE MUTINY (1954): Jo Ann Greer for May Wynn
CALENDAR GIRL (1947): David Street for William Marshall

CALIFORNIA (1947): Kay St. Germaine for Barbara Stanwyck

CALL ME MADAM (1952): Carole Richards for Vera-Ellen
CAMELOT (1967): Gene Merlino for Franco Nero
CAN-CAN (1960): Marni Nixon, Norma Zimmer for chorus singers
THE CANARY MURDER CASE (1929): Margaret Livingston for Louise Brooks (dialogue)
CARMEN JONES (1954): Marilyn Horne for Dorothy Dandridge / LaVerne Hutcherson for Harry Belafonte / Bernice Peterson for Diahann Carroll / Marvin Hayes for Joe Adams / Joe Crawford for Nick Stewart / Brock Peters for Roy Glenn
CARNIVAL IN COSTA RICA (1947): Pat Friday for Vera-Ellen
CAROUSEL (1956): Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Susan Luckey
CASABLANCA (1943): Elliot Carpenter for Dooley Wilson (piano)
CENTENNIAL SUMMER (1946): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain / David Street for William Eythe / Ben Gage for Cornel Wilde
CHAMPION (1949): Polly Bergen for singer on radio
CHARLIE CHAN AT THE OPERA (1936): Zarubi Elmassian for Margaret Irving / Enrico Ricardi for Gregory Gaye / Tudor Williams for Boris Karloff
CHARLIE CHAN IN RIO (1941): Andrea Marsh for Jacqueline Dalya
CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (1950): Marni Nixon for Jeanne Crain
CHECK & DOUBLE CHECK (1930): Bing Crosby for Charles Morton / Bing Crosby, Al Rinker & Harry Barris (The Rhythm Boys) for black trio in Duke Ellington’s band
CINDERELLA (1949): William Phipps (dialogue) and Mike Douglas (singing) for "Prince Charming"

CINDERELLA JONES (1946): Louanne Hogan for Joan Leslie / Robert Ebright for Soldier

CLAMBAKE (1967): Ray Walker for Will Hutchins
THE CLIMAX (1943): Lee Sweetland for George Dolenz
THE COLOR PURPLE (1985): Tata Vega for Margaret Avery
COME TO THE STABLE (1949): Ken Darby for Hugh Marlowe / Eileen Wilson for Dorothy Patrick
CONEY ISLAND (1943): Ben Gage for George Montgomery
THE CONSTANT NYMPH (1943): Sally Sweetland for Joan Fontaine / Robert Ebright for "Londonderry Air" singer / Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Charles Boyer (piano)
THE CONVERSATION (1974): Justin Gordon for Gene Hackman (tenor sax)
THE COUNTESS OF MONTE CRISTO (1948): Martha Mears for Sonja Henie
COVER GIRL (1944): Martha Mears for Rita Hayworth / Diana Gaylen for Chorus Girl
COYOTE UGLY (2000): LeAnn Rimes for Piper Perabo
CRAZY HOUSE (1943): Martha Tilton for Martha O’Driscoll
THE CROONER (1932): Brick Holton for David Manners
CROSSROADS (1942): Connie Russell for Claire Trevor
CRY-BABY (1990): James Inteveld for Johnny Depp / Rachel Sweet for Amy Locane / Gerry Beckley for Stephen Mailer
THE CZAR OF BROADWAY (1929): Mildred Bailey for Betty Compson
DADDY LONG LEGS (1955): Thurl Ravenscroft for Fred Astaire [partial]
DAKOTA LIL (1950): Anita Ellis for Marie Windsor

A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (1937): The Stafford Sisters (Jo, Chris, Pauline) for Jan Duggan, Mary Dean and Betty Rone / Mario Berini for Reginald Gardiner

DANCING IN THE DARK (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams (singing), Miriam Franklin [Nelson] (dancing) for Betsy Drake
DANCING LADY (1933): Mildred Carroll for Joan Crawford (humming)
THE DAUGHTER OF ROSIE O'GRADY (1950): Bonnie Lou Williams for June Haver
DEATH TO SMOOCHY (2002): Elvis Stojko for Robin Williams (skating)
DEEP IN MY HEART (1954): Carol Richards for Cyd Charisse / Betty Wand for Tamara Toumanova
DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS (1958): Louanne Hogan for Sophia Loren (humming)
DESTINATION TOKYO (1944): Betty Russell as "Till We Meet Again" singer on disk
DO YOU LOVE ME? (1946): Arnold Ross for Maureen O'Hara (piano)
DOCTOR DOOLITTLE (1967): Diana Lee for Samantha Eggar
DOCTOR, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING (1967): Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Sandra Dee
DON’T BOTHER TO KNOCK (1952): Eve Marlee/Marley for Anne Bancroft
DOWN AMONG THE SHELTERING PALMS (1953): Bill Lee for William Lundigan
DOWN MISSOURI WAY (1946): Martha Mears for Martha O'Driscoll / Dorothy Ellers for Renee Godfrey
DOWN TO EARTH (1947): Kay Starr for Adele Jergens / Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth / Hal Derwin for Larry Parks
DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS (1964): Shake Keane for Roy Castle (trumpet)
DREAM GIRL (1948): Nadine Connor for Betty Hutton [partial]

DuBARRY WAS A LADY (1943): Martha Mears for Lucille Ball

DUETS (2000): Arnold McCuller for Andre Braugher
DUMBO (1940): Betty Noyes for "Mother Elephant"
EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS (1956): Paul Frees for alien invader (dialogue)
EASTER PARADE (1948): Mel Torme, the Lyttle Sisters for "Steppin' Out with My Baby" singers
EASY TO LOVE (1953): Betty Wand for Esther Williams
EASY TO WED (1945): Virginia Rees for Lucille Ball
THE EDDIE CANTOR STORY (1953): Eddie Cantor for Keefe Braselle
THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY (1956) Carmen Cavallero for Tyrone Power (piano)
ELVIS (TV - 1979): Ronnie McDowell for Kurt Russell
ELVIS AND ME (TV - 1988) Ronnie McDowell for Dale Midkiff
ELVIS AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN (TV - 1981): Ronnie McDowell for Don Johnson
THE ENEMY BELOW (1957): Robert Ebright for Curt Jurgens
ENTER MADAME (1935): Nina Koshetz for Elissa Landi
ESCAPE ME NEVER (1945): Peg LaCentra for Ida Lupino
EVERYBODY DOES IT (1949): Helen Spann for Linda Darnell / Steve Kamalyan for Paul Douglas
EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (1997): Olivia Hayman for Drew Barrymore
EXCUSE MY DUST (1951): Gloria Gray for Sally Forrest
THE EXORCIST (1973): Mercedes McCambridge for Linda Blair (voice of Satan)
EXPERIMENT PERILOUS (1944): Paula Raymond for Hedy Lamarr

FANCY PANTS (1950): Annette Warren for Lucille Ball

FATHER IS A BACHELOR (1950): Buddy Clark for William Holden
FEDORA (1978): Inga Bunsch for Hildegarde Knef and Marthe Keller (dialogue)
52nd STREET (1937): Virginia Verrill for Pat Patterson
THE FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN (1949): Virginia Rees for Marie Windsor
FIVE AGAINST THE HOUSE (1955): Jo Ann Greer for Kim Novak
THE FIVE PENNIES (1959): Eileen Wilson for Barbara Bel Geddes
FLOWER DRUM SONG (1961): B.J. (Betty Jane) Baker for Nancy Kwan / Jon Dodson for Kam Tong / Marilyn Horne for Reiko Sato
FOOTLIGHT SERENADE (1942): Ben Gage for Victor Mature
FOR LOVE OR COUNTRY (2000): Arturo Sandoval for Andy Garcia (trumpet)
FOR ME AND MY GAL (1942): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet
THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (1962): Angela Lansbury for Ingrid Thulin (dialogue)
FOUR JACKS AND A JILL (1941): Martha Mears for Anne Shirley
FRANKIE & JOHNNY (1966): Eileen Wilson for Donna Douglas
THE FRENCH LINE (1953): Bob Monet (?) for Gilbert Roland
FREUD (1962): Paul Frees for parts of John Huston's voiceover narration (dialogue)
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953): Manny Klein for Montgomery Clift (trumpet)
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963): Barbara Jefford for Daniela Bianchi (dialogue)
FUNNY GIRL (1968): Betty Wand in "Autumn Bride"

THE GANGSTER (1947): Martha Mears for Belita

GENEVIEVE (1953) Kenny Baker for Kay Kendall (trumpet)
GENTLEMEN MARRY BRUNETTES (1956): Anita Ellis for Jeanne Crain / Robert Farnon for Scott Brady
GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1953): Marni Nixon for Marilyn Monroe [partial: "Diamonds" intro & parts of "Two Little Girls from Little Rock"]
GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS (1945) Joan Davis for Beverly Wills
G.I. BLUES (1958): Loulie Jean Norman for Juliet Prowse / Robert Ebright for German folk song on disk
GIGI (1958): Betty Wand for Leslie Caron / John Abbott for unnamed singer / Paul Frees for various too-French-sounding bit actors (dialogue)
GILDA (1946): Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth
THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT (1956): Eileen Wilson for Jayne Mansfield
GIRL CRAZY (1943): Oscar Moore for Mickey Rooney (guitar)
THE GIRL MOST LIKELY (1957): Hal Derwin for Cliff Robertson
THE GIRL NEXT DOOR (1953): Beryl Davis for June Haver
GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! (1962): Gilda Maiken for Stella Stevens
GIVE US THIS NIGHT (1936): Allan Rogers for Alan Mowbray
GLORY (1956): Norma Zimmer for Margaret O’Brien
GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 (1933): Etta Moten for Joan Blondell
GOLDFINGER (1964): Michael Collins for Gert Frobe (English dialogue)
GOLDEN SLIPPERS (1946 short): Mary Roche for Mary Edwards

THE GOLDWYN FOLLIES (1938): Virginia Verrill for Andrea Leeds

GOOD NEWS (1947): The Williams Brothers (assist to "Be a Ladies Man" trio)
GRAND PRIX (1966): Paul Frees for Toshiro Mifune & misc. drivers (dialogue)
THE GREAT JOHN L. (1945): Trudy Erwin for Linda Darnell
THE GREAT RACE (1965): Jackie Ward for Natalie Wood
THE GREAT WALTZ (1938): Earl Covert for Fernand Gravet
THE GREAT WALTZ (1972): Ken Barrie for Horst Bucholtz / Joan Baxter for Yvonne Mitchell
THE GREAT ZIEGFELD (1936): Allan Jones for Stanley Morner [later Dennis Morgan]
THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952) Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Betty Hutton [partial]
THE GREEN HORNET (1940 serial):  Al Hodge for Gordon Jones (dialogue)
GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN … (1984): Glenn Close for Andie McDowell (dialogue)
GROUNDS FOR MARRIAGE (1950): Stephen Kemalyan and Gilbert Russell for Van Johnson
GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (1939): Jessica Dragonette for "Princess" / Lanny Ross for "Prince"
GYPSY (1962): Lisa Kirk for Rosalind Russell (except "Mr. Goldstone" and spoken parts of "Rose's Turn") / Marni Nixon for Natalie Wood [partial]
HALF A SIXPENCE (1967): Marti Webb for Julia Foster
HANDEL'S LAST CHANCE (TV, 1996):  Christopher Bell for Tod Fennell
HANDLE WITH CARE (1932): Leah Ray for Boots Mallory
HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN (1953): Ray "Bud" Linn in "Wonderful Copenhagen"

HAPPY GO LOVELY (1951): Eve Boswell for Vera-Ellen

HAPPY GO LUCKY (1943): The Sportsmen Quartet for Chorus
THE HARD WAY (1942): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie
HARLOW (1965): Mary Mayo for vocal solos and obligatos
THE HARVEY GIRLS (1945): Marion Doenges for Cyd Charisse / Virginia Rees for Angela Lansbury
HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL? (1953): Martha Mears for Lynn Bari
THE HELEN MORGAN STORY (1957): Gogi Grant for Ann Blyth
HELL ON FRISCO BAY (1956): Bonnie Lou Williams for Joanne Dru
HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS (1960): Betty Wand for Sophia Loren
HELLFIRE (1949): Virginia Rees for Marie Windsor
HELLO, FRISCO, HELLO (1943): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus
HER HUSBAND LIES (1937): Harriet Lee for Gail Patrick
THE HIGH & THE MIGHTY (1954): Muzzy Marcelino for John Wayne (whistling)
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (TV – 2006): Drew Seeley for Zac Efron
HIGHER AND HIGHER (1943): Martha Mears for Michele Morgan
HIT PARADE OF 1943 (1943): Jeanne Darrell for Susan Hayward / Ruth Fox for Gail Patrick
HIT THE DECK (1955): Rex Dennis and Clark Burroughs (finale) for Russ Tamblyn
HOEDOWN (1950): Gene Autry for Jock O’Mahoney
HOLD YOUR MAN (1933): Harriet Lee for Jean Harlow [partial]
HOLIDAY IN MEXICO (1946): Rece Saxon for Ilona Massey

HOLIDAY INN (1942): Martha Mears for Marjorie Reynolds

HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN (1946): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie
THE HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 (1929): Charles King for Conrad Nagel
THE HOODLUM SAINT (1946): Doreen Tryden for Angela Lansbury
HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY (1940): Harriet Lee for Joan Bennett
HOUSE OF BAMBOO (1955):  Richard Loo for Sessue Hayakawa (dialogue)
HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962): Marni Nixon for Carroll Baker / The Mellomen for Chorus
HOW TO BE VERY, VERY POPULAR (1955): Eileen Wilson for Sheree North
HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI (1965):  Lu Ann Simms for Irene Tsu (partial)
THE HUCKSTERS (1947): Eileen Wilson for Ava Gardner
HUMORESQUE (1946): Isaac Stern for JohnGarfield (violin)
HURRY SUNDOWN (1966): Ronnie Lang for Michael Caine (alto sax)
HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (1965): Al Martino for Joseph Cotton
I LOVE A BANDLEADER (1945): Dorothy Ellers for Leslie Brooks / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for "Mr. Beebe" number
I WALK ALONE (1948): Trudy Stevens for Lizabeth Scott
I WANTED WINGS (1941): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake
I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW (1947): Buddy Clark for Mark Stevens / Miriam Franklin [Nelson] (dancing) for June Haver
ICE PRINCESS (2005) Jennifer Robinson, Lauren Wilson & Sandra Rucker for Michelle Trachtenberg (ice skating)

THE IDOL MAKER (1980): Jesse Frederick for Paul Land

IF YOU KNEW SUSIE (1948): Betty Wand for Margaret Kerry
ILLEGAL (1956): Bonnie Lou Williams for Jayne Mansfield
IMITATION OF LIFE (1958): Jo Ann Greer for Susan Kohner
IN COLD BLOOD (1967): Paul Frees for various Kansas voices (dialogue)
IN OLD SANTA FE (1934): Bob Nolan for Ken Maynard
INDISCREET (1931): Diana Gaylen for Barbara Kent
INSIDE DAISY CLOVER (1966): Jackie Ward for Natalie Wood
INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT (1938): Winnie Parker (aka Mona Lowe) for Dolores Del Rio
INTERRUPTED MELODY (1955): Eileen Farrell for Eleanor Parker
INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE (TV - 2000): Wendi Williams for Halle Berry
IRISH EYES ARE SMILING (1944): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet
IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? (1943) Ted Lewis for Michael Duane (clarinet)
ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? (1948): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake / Imogene Lynn for Mona Freeman
IT'S A GREAT LIFE (1943) Penny Singleton for Daisy the dog (dialogue)
IT’S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (1955): Carole Richards for Cyd Charisse / Jud Conlin (or Clark Burroughs) for Michael Kidd
IT'S GREAT TO BE YOUNG (1956): Edna Savage for Dorothy Bromiley / Humphrey Lyttleton for John Mills (trumpet)
I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU (1946): Artur Rubenstein for Catherine McLeod (piano)

JACK & THE BEANSTALK (TV - 1967): Marni Nixon for animated princess

JAMBOREE (1957): Connie Francis for Freda Holloway
THE JAZZ SINGER (1927): Joseph Diskay for Warner Oland / Cantor Saul Silverman for Eduard Franz / Bert Fiske for Al Jolson (piano)
THE JAZZ SINGER (1953): Cantor Saul Silverman for Eduard Franz
JEANNE EAGLES (1957): Eileen Wilson for Kim Novak
JITTERBUGS (1943): Frank Beach for Oliver Hardy (trumpet)
JOAN OF ARC (1948): Marni Nixon, offscreen voice during burning at the stake
JOLSON SINGS AGAIN (1949): Al Jolson for Larry Parks / Cantor Saul Silverman for Ludwig Donath
THE JOLSON STORY (1946): Al Jolson for Larry Parks / Rudy Wissler for Scotty Beckett / Virginia Rees (singing), Miriam Franklin [Nelson] (dancing) for Evelyn Keyes / Cantor Saul Silverman for Ludwig Donath
THE JOSEPHINE BAKER STORY (TV - 1990): Carol Dennis for Lynn Whitfield
JUKE BOX JENNIE (1942): Susan Miller for Iris Adrian
JUMPING JACKS (1952): Imogene Lynn for Mona Freeman
JUPITER'S DARLING (1955): Jo Ann Greer for Esther Williams
KENTUCKY MOONSHINE (1938): Andrea Marsh for Marjorie Weaver
THE KID FROM BROOKLYN(1946): Dorothy Ellers for Vera-Ellen / Betty Russell for Virginia Mayo / Frankie Laine, Joan Barton for chorus singers / Peg LaCentra for all the Goldwyn Girls
THE KING AND I (1956): Marni Nixon for Deborah Kerr / Leona Gordon (or Cleone Duncan) for Rita Moreno / Reuben Fuentes for Carlos Rivas

KING OF GAMBLERS (1937): Grace Saxon for Claire Trevor

KINGS GO FORTH (1958): Pete Candoli for Tony Curtis (trumpet)
KISMET (1944): Doreen Tryden for Joy Ann Page
KISMET (1955): John Gustafson for Phil Rich / Betty Wand, Barbara Allen for chorus singers in "Rahadlakum"
KISS ME DEADLY (1955): Kitty White for Mady Comfort
KNICKERBOCKER HOLIDAY (1944): Sally Sweetland for Constance Dowling
LA BAMBA (1987): David Hidalgo for Lou Diamond Phillips
LA CONGA NIGHTS (1940): Larry Carr for Dennis O'Keefe
LA PARISIENNE (1958): Christiane Legrand for Brigitte Bardot
LADIES OF THE CHORUS (1949): Virginia Rees for Adele Jergens
THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948): Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth
THE LADY IS WILLING (1942): Virginia Rees for Marlene Dietrich (one song only)
LATIN LOVERS (1953): Carlos Ramirez for Ricardo Montalban
LAUGH YOUR BLUES AWAY (1942): Nora Lou Martin for Jinx Falkenberg
LAWLESS FRONTIER (1934): Bill Bradbury for John Wayne
LEADBELLY (1976) Hi Tide Harris for Roger E. Mosley
THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (1981): James Keach for Klinton Spilsbury (dialogue)
LES GIRLS (1957): Betty Wand for Kay Kendall [partial]
LET'S BE HAPPY (1957): Joan Small for Vera-Ellen
LET'S DO IT AGAIN (1953): Johnny Williams for Ray Milland (drums)

LET’S GO PLACES [aka HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS] (1930): Boswell Sisters for unbilled trio

LET'S MAKE LOVE (1960): Gloria Wood for Marilyn Monroe [partial]
LIFE BEGINS AT COLLEGE (1937): Leah Ray for Gloria Stuart
LI'L ABNER (1959): Imogene Lynn for Leslie Parrish
LILLIAN RUSSELL (1940): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus
LILLIES OF THE FIELD (1963): Jester Hairston for Sidney Poitier
THE LION KING (1994): Jim Cummings for Jeremy Irons [partial]
THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSINGER (1963): Paul Frees for various actors
LITTLE MISS BROADWAY (1938): The Sportsmen Quartet for Quartet
A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC (1977): Elaine Tomkinson for Elizabeth Taylor, Leslie-Anne Down & Chloe Franks [partial]
LIVING IT UP (1954): Gloria Wood for Sheree North
THE LODGER (1944): Lorraine Elliot for Merle Oberon
LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for June Haver
LOST HORIZON (1973): Diana Lee for Liv Ullman / Jerry Whitman for Peter Finch / Andrea Willis for Olivia Hussey
LOVE THAT BRUTE (1950): Jeri Sullivan for Jean Peters
THE LOVES OF CARMEN (1948): Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth
LUCKY ME (1954): Hal Derwin for Robert Cummings
LULLABY OF BROADWAY (1951): Hal Derwin for Gene Nelson (partial)
LUSH LIFE (1993): Bob Cooper for Jeff Goldblum (tenor sax)
M (1931) Fritz Lang for Peter Lorre (whistling)

THE MAD GHOUL (1943): Lillian Cornell for Evelyn Ankers

THE MAGIC BOW (1946) Yehudi Menuhin for Stewart Granger (violin)
THE MALE ANIMAL (1942): Martha Mears for record of "Who"
A MAN CALLED ADAM (1966): Nat Adderley for Sammy Davis Jr. (trumpet)
THE MAN FROM UTAH (1934): Bill Bradbury for John Wayne
THE MAN I LOVE (1946): Peg LaCentra for Ida Lupino
MAN OF LA MANCHA (1972): Simon Gilbert for Peter O’Toole
THE MAN WHO CRIED (2000): Salvatore Licitra for John Turturro
THE MAN WITH A CLOAK (1951): Harriet Lee for Barbara Stanwyck
MANY HAPPY RETURNS (1934): Duke Ellington for Guy Lombardo (piano)
MARDI GRAS (1958): Eileen Wilson for Sheree North and Christine Carere
MARGIE (1940): Larry Carr for Tom Brown
MARGIE (1946): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain

MARY POPPINS (1964): Marni Nixon for the animated singing geese

MASK OF DIMITRIOS (1944): Louanne Hogan for Faye Emerson (humming)
MEET ME AT THE FAIR (1952): Jo Ann Greer for Carole Matthews
MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (1944): Arthur Freed for Leon Ames / D Markas for Mary Astor
MEET ME ON BROADWAY (1946): Martha Mears for Marjorie Reynolds / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Jinx Falkenberg / Elva Kellogg for Spring Byington
MEET THE PEOPLE (1944): Gloria Grafton for Lucille Ball / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for June Allyson (partial- a few bars in harmony)

MERRY ANDREW (1958): Betty Wand for Pier Angeli / Bill Lee for Robert Coote

THE MERRY WIDOW (1952): Trudy Erwin for Lana Turner
THE MIGHTY BARNUM (1934): Diana Gaylen (or Francia White) for Virginia Bruce
MIDWAY (1976): Paul Frees for Toshiro Mifune (dialogue)
MILLIONS IN THE AIR (1935): Bing Crosby for Paul Newlan / Marjorie Lane for Wendy Barrie / Larry Cotton for John Howard
MISS ANNIE ROONEY (1942) Roland Dupree for Dickie Moore (dancing)
MISS SADIE THOMPSON (1953): Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth
MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE (1946): Betty Russell for Joan Caulfield
MONTANA (1950): Bonnie Lou Williams for Alexis Smith
MOON OVER LAS VEGAS (1944): (1944): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus
MOTHER WORE TIGHTS (1947): Imogene Lynn for Mona Freeman / Gloria Wood (humming in "Bowling Green")
MOULIN ROUGE (1953): Muriel Smith for Zsa Zsa Gabor
MR. GRIFFIN AND ME (TV - 1980): Lynn Roberts for Gloria Grahame
MR. IMPERIUM (1951): Trudy Erwin for Lana Turner
MR. PEABODY AND THE MERMAID (1948): Martha Mears for Andrea King
MURDER IN THE BLUE ROOM (1944): Martha Tilton for Anne Gwynne
MUSIC IN THE AIR (1934): Betty Hiesand for June Lang and (partial, in finale) Gloria Swanson / James O’Brien for Douglass Montgomery
THE MUSIC MAN (1962): The Mellomen for townspeople
MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (1946): Kay St. Germaine for Linda Darnell

MY DREAM IS YOURS (1949): Hal Derwin for Lee Bowman

MY FAIR LADY (1964): Marni Nixon for Audrey Hepburn / Bill Shirley for Jeremy Brett
MY FRIEND IRMA (1949) Hans Conried for Felix Bressart (dialogue)
MY GAL SAL (1942): Nan Wynn for Rita Hayworth / Ben Gage for Victor Mature
MY GEISHA (1962): Michuko Sunahara for Shirley MacLaine
MY THREE SONS: "The Advent of Fergus" (9/13/71) Alan Cailou for Fred MacMurray as Scottish cousin Fergus (dialogue)
NAKED ALIBI (1954): Jo Ann Greer for Gloria Grahame
NAUGHTY BUT NICE (1939): Vera Vann for Ann Sheridan ("In a Moment of Weakness" only)
NEVER SAY GOODBYE (1956): Virginia Rees for Cornell Borchers
NEW ORLEANS (1947): Theodora Lynch for Dorothy Patrick
NEW YORK NIGHTS (1929): Diana Gaylen for Norma Talmadge
NIGHT AND DAY (1946): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Dorothy Malone
A NIGHT AT EARL CARROLL'S (1940): Marylan Cook in "Cali-Conga" number
A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935): Bill Days for chorus singer
THE NIGHT WE CALLED IT A DAY (2003) Tom Burlinson for Dennis Hopper
NOCTURNE (1946): Martha Mears for Virginia Huston
OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (2000): Dan Tyminksi for George Clooney / Emmy Lou Harris, Gillian Welch & Allison Kraus for trio of sirens
OH, ROSALINDA (1955): Sari Barabas for Ludmilla Tcherina / Walter Berry for Anton Walbrook / Dennis Darling for Dennis Price / Alexander Young for Mel Ferrer

OH, YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for June Haver / Bill Shirley for Mark Stevens

OLIVER! (1968): Kathe Greene for Mark Lester
ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU (1948): Leo Rojo for Ricardo Montalban
ON THE AVENUE (1937): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet
ON THE RIVIERA (1951): Paula Dehelly for Corinne Calvet / Veola Vonn for Gwen Verdon
ON WITH THE SHOW (1929): Josephine Houston for Sally O’Neill / Lorainne Winston for Betty Compson
THE ONE & ONLY GENUINE ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND (1968): Ernest Newton for Buddy Ebsen
ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON (1949): Marion Morgan for Dorothy Malone / Trudy Erwin for girl on bicycle
ONE TOUCH OF VENUS (1948): Eileen Wilson for Ava Gardner
THE OPPOSITE SEX (1956): Jo Ann Greer for June Allyson (for "A Perfect Love" only) / Johnny O'Neill for Jeff Richards
ORCHESTRA WIVES (1942): Pat Friday for Lynn Bari
THE OTHER LOVE (1947): Ania Dorfman for Barbara Stanwyck (piano)
OUR WIFE (1941): Mannie Klein for Melvyn Douglas (trumpet)
OUT OF THIS WORLD (1945): Bing Crosby for Eddie Bracken / Betty Russell for Diana Lynn
PACIFIC BLACKOUT (1941) Martha Mears for Eva Gabor
PAGAN LOVE SONG (1950): Betty Wand for Esther Williams
PAINT YOUR WAGON (1969): Anita Gordon for Jean Seberg

PAINTING THE CLOUDS WITH SUNSHINE (1951): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo / Trudy Erwin for Virginia Gibson / Ziggy Elman for Gene Nelson (trumpet)

PAL JOEY (1957): Trudy Stevens for Kim Novak / Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth
THE PALEFACE (1948): Annette Warren for Iris Adrian
THE PALM BEACH STORY (1942): Phil Moore for Jimmy Conlin (piano)
THE PARSON OF PANAMINT (1941): Martha Mears for Ellen Drew
PAY OR DIE (1960): David Toleri for Howard Caine
PEPE (1960): Marni Nixon for Janet Leigh (humming)
PEST FROM THE WEST (1939) Charley Chase for Mexican singer
PETE KELLY'S BLUES (1955): Dick Cathcart for Jack Webb (trumpet)
PETER PAN (1953): Jackie Allen for Kathryn Beaumont
THE PETTY GIRL (1950): Carole Richards for Joan Caulfield and Movita / Dick Williams for Robert Cummings
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1962): Pat Clark for Heather Sears
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (2004) Margaret Preece for Minnie Driver
THE PIANIST (2002): Janusz Olejniczak for Adrien Brody (piano)
THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1945): Doreen Tryden for Donna Reed
PIRATES OF PENZANCE (1983): Marcia Shaw for Teresa Codling / Alexandra Korey for Louise Gold / Stephen Hanan for David Hatton
POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL (1936): Dick Webster for Tony Martin
PORGY AND BESS (1959): Robert McFerrin for Sidney Poitier / Adele Addison for Dorothy Dandridge / Inez Matthews for Ruth Attaway / Loulie Jean Norman for Diahann Carroll

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972): Renee Armand for Carol Lynley / James Joyce for Ernest Borgnine / Paul Ely for Gene Hackman / Betty Wand for Shelley Winters

POT O' GOLD (1940): Vera Vann for Paulette Goddard
PRESENTING LILY MARS (1943): Mary Kent for Connie Gilchrist / Ralph Blane for Charles Walters
THE PRINCESS & THE PIRATE (1944): Louanne Hogan for Virginia Mayo
THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX (1939): Faith Kruger for Olivia de Havilland
THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY (1933): Bernice Alstock for Myrna Loy
PROFESSIONAL SWEETHEART (1933): Etta Moten for Theresa Harris
QUEEN OF BURLESQUE (1946): Dorothy Ellers for Evelyn Ankers
RAINBOW ISLAND (1944): Hal Derwin for Barry Sullivan
RAINBOW 'ROUND MY SHOULDER (1952): Jo Ann Greer for Charlotte Austin
THE RAT PACK (TV - 1998): Michael Dees for Ray Liotta / Gunnar Madsen for Don Cheadle
RAW WIND IN EDEN (1958): Paul Frees for Carlos Thompson (dialogue)
RAY (2004) Ray Charles for Jamie Foxx
READY FOR LOVE (1934): Mona Lowe for Marjorie Rambeau
READY, WILLING AND ABLE (1937): James Newill for Ross Alexander
REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (1938): Loretta Lee for Phyllis Brooks
RECKLESS (1935): Virginia Verrill for Jean Harlow
REMAINS OF THE DAY (1993): Ann Murray for Brigitte Kahn
RHAPSODY IN BLUE (1945): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie / Bill Days for Mark Stevens / Ray Turner for Robert Alda (piano)

RIDERS OF DESTINY (1933): Bill Bradbury for John Wayne

RISE AND SHINE (1941): Jeanne Darrell for Linda Darnell
RIVER OF NO RETURN (1954): Marni Nixon for Marilyn Monroe [partial]
ROAD SHOW (1941): Martha Mears for Carole Landis
THE ROBE (1953): Carole Richards for Betta St. John
ROCK ALL NIGHT (1957): Nora Hayes for Abby Dalton
ROCK, ROCK, ROCK (1956): Connie Frances for Tuesday Weld
ROMANCE (1930): Diana Gaylen for Greta Garbo
ROSALIE (1937): Camille Sorey for Lois Clements
ROSE OF SANTA ROSA (1947): Jewel Eberly for Patricia White / Ken Harvey for Eduardo Noriega
ROSE OF THE RANCHO (1936): Jack Dale for Gladys Swarthout (whistling)
ROSIE: THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY STORY (TV - 1982): Rosemary Clooney for Sondra Locke and Penelope Milford
ROUTE 66 (TV - 1961): Marni Nixon for Ethel Waters
ROYAL WEDDING (1951): Bill Reeve for Keenan Wynn
RUN OF THE ARROW (1957): Angie Dickinson for Sarita Montiel (dialogue)
THE RUSSIA HOUSE (1990): Branford Marsalis for Sean Connery (soprano sax)
SADIE THOMPSON (1953): Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth
THE SALTON SEA (2002): Terence Blanchard for Val Kilmer (trumpet)
SAN ANTONIO (1945): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Alexis Smith

SARATOGA (1937): Mary Dees (body double) and Paula Winslowe (dialogue double) for Jean Harlow's uncompleted scenes / Grace Saxon, title song

SAY ONE FOR ME (1959): Rosemary Jun for Judy Harriet
THE SEA CHASE (1955): Bonnie Lou Williams for Lana Turner
THE SEA HAWK (1940): Sally Sweetland for Brenda Marshall
SECOND CHORUS (1940): Bobby Hackett for Fred Astaire (trumpet) / Billy Butterfield for Burgess Meredith (trumpet)
THE SECOND GREATEST SEX (1955): Doreen Tryden for Jeanne Crain / Bill Lee for George Nader
THE SECRET GARDEN (1949): Marni Nixon for Margaret O'Brien
SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (1954): Bill Lee for Matt Mattox / Norma Zimmer for Betty Carr / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Norma Doggett / Marie Vernon [aka Marie Greene] for Nancy Kilgas / Betty Noyes for Ruta Kilmonis [aka Ruta Lee] / Betty Allen for Julie Newmeyer [aka Julie Newmar] / Alan Davies, Charles Parlato, Robert Wacker, Gene Lanham, M. Spergel and Howard Hudson for various brothers
SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROCK (TV - 1994) Julianna Raye for Renee Zellweger
THE SHERIFF OF FRACTURED JAW (1959): Connie Francis for Jayne Mansfield
SHE'S BACK ON BROADWAY (1953): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo
SHE'S WORKING HER WAY THROUGH COLLEGE (1953): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo / Hal Derwin for Gene Nelson [partial]
SHINE ON HARVEST MOON (1944): Lynn Martin for Ann Sheridan
SHOPWORN ANGEL (1938): Mary Martin for Margaret Sullavan
SHOW BOAT (1929): Eva Olivotti for Laura LaPlante

SHOW BOAT (1951): Annette Warren for Ava Gardner (Gardner on soundtrack album)

SHOW BUSINESS (1944): Nora Martin for Nancy Kelly
SHOW GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD (1929): Belle Mann for Alice White
SIGN OF THE RAM (1948): Dorothy Ellers for Susan Peters
THE SILENCERS (1966): Vicki Carr for Cyd Charisse
SILK STOCKINGS (1957): Carole Richards for Cyd Charisse / Bill Lee for Joseph Buloff / Ernest Newton for Peter Lorre / Mac Maclain, Jud Conlon, Charles Parlato, Clyde Ocum and Charles Schroeder for "Ritz Roll 'n' Rock" singers
SILVER SKATES (1943): Martha Mears for Patricia Morison
SINATRA (TV - 1992): Frank Sinatra (records), Frank Sintra Jr. and Tom Burlinson for Philip Casnoff
SING ANOTHER CHORUS (1941): Lillian Carmen for Iris Adrian
SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952): Betty Noyes for Jean Hagen (singing "Would You?") / Jean Hagen for Debbie Reynolds ("dubbing" Jean Hagen’s Lina Lamont screen dialogue)
SKIRTS AHOY (1953): Joan Elmes for Joan Evans
THE SKY’S THE LIMIT (1943): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie ("Shining Hour")
SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959): Bill Shirley for "Prince"
SMASH-UP, THE STORY OF A WOMAN (1947): Peg LaCentra for Susan Hayward / Hal Derwin for Lee Bowman
SMILIN' THROUGH (1932): Georgia Stark for Norma Shearer
SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (1937): Adriana Caselotti for Snow White / Harry Stockwell for Prince
SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES (1961): Bill Lee for Edson Stroll

SO DEAR TO MY HEART (1948): Betty Russell: Main title

SOMBRERO (1953) Bill Lee for Vittorio Gassman / Charles Schroeder for Rick Jason
SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959) Paul Frees for Tony Curtis (falsetto dialogue) and Tito Vuolo (dialogue)
SOMEBODY LOVES ME (1952): Pat Morgan for Ralph Meeker / Barbara Ames for Adele Jergens and Bea Allen / Kitty White for Jeni LeGon / Le Clark for Sid Tomack / Jack Baker for Henry Slate
SOMETHING ABOUT LEE WILEY (TV - 1963):  Joy Bryan for Piper Laurie 
SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT (1946): Joan Barton for Nancy Guild
A SONG IS BORN (1947): Jeri Sullivan for Virginia Mayo
SONG OF THE ISLANDS (1942): Ben Gage for Victor Mature
SONG OF THE SADDLE (1936): Bob Nolan for Gene Alsace
SONG OF THE THIN MAN (1947): Carol Arden for Gloria Grahame
A SONG TO REMEMBER (1945): Jose Iturbi for Cornel Wilde (piano)
SONG WITHOUT END (1960): Anna Lee for Patricia Morison (dialogue)
SORROWFUL JONES (1949): Annette Warren for Lucille Ball
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965): Bill Lee for Christopher Plummer / Margery McKay for Peggy Wood / Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Anna Lee / Darlene Farnon, Randy Perkins, Diane Burt, Sue McBain for Von Trapp children
SOUTH OF DIXIE (1944): Martha Tilton for Anne Gwynne / Hal Derwin for David Bruce
SOUTH OF ST. LOUIS (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for Alexis Smith (partial)
SOUTH OF TAHITI (1941): Martha Mears for Maria Montez

SOUTH PACIFIC (1958): Giorgio Tozzi for Rossano Brazzi / Muriel Smith for Juanita Hall / Bill Lee for John Kerr / Ernest Newton for Jack Mullaney / Rad Robinson for Ray Walston / Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Candace Lee / Thurl Ravenscroft for Ken Clark / Betty Wand for Warren Hsieh

SPEAKEASY (1929): Fred Warren for Henry B. Walthall (piano)
STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM (1942): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake
STAR TREK (Original TV series, 1966)  Loulie Jean Norman on opening credits theme song
STARLIFT (1951): Bonnie Lou Williams for Patrice Wymore / Hal Derwin for Gene Nelson
START CHEERING (1938): David Carlyle [later Robert Paige] for Charles Starrett
STATE FAIR (1945): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain / Ben Gage for Dana Andrews
STATE FAIR (1962): Anita Gordon for Pamela Tiffin
STRANGER THAN FICTION (1999): Jill Knight for Dina Meyer
THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE (1939) Jean Sablon for Louis Mercier
STRAWBERRY BLONDE (1941): Nan Wynn for Rita Hayworth
STRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942) Ozzie Nelson for Richard Davies
STRIKE UP THE BAND (1940): Lee Young for Mickey Rooney (drumming)
STUCK ON YOU (2003): Billy Stewart for Greg Kinnear
THE STUDENT PRINCE (1954): Mario Lanza for Edmund Purdom
SUDDENLY (1954): Paul Frees for hit-man (dialogue)
SUMMER HOLIDAY (1963): Grazina Frame for Lauri Peters
SUMMER MAGIC (1962): Marilyn Hooven for Dorothy McGuire
SUMMER STOCK (1950): Pete Roberts for Hans Conried
SUN VALLEY SERENADE (1941): Pat Friday for Lynn Bari

SUNBONNET SUE (1945): Allan Jones for Jess Barker

SUPERMAN (1978): Christopher Reeve for Jeff East as teenaged Clark Kent
SUZY (1936): Eadie Adams for Jean Harlow (note: not Edie Adams)
SVENGALI (1954): Elisabeth Schwarzkopf for Hildegarde Neff (Knef)
SWEET AND LOW DOWN (1944): Lorraine Elliot for Lynn Bari
SWEET AND LOWDOWN (1999): Howard Alden for Sean Penn (guitar)
SWEET DREAMS (1985): Patsy Cline (records) for Jessica Lange
SWEET GENEVIEVE (1947): Artie Melvin for Ray Hirsch
SWING HIGH, SWING LOW (1937) Frank Zinziv & William Candreva for Fred MacMurray (trumpet)
TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME (1941) Harriet Kaye for Virginia Gillmore
TALL MAN RIDING (1955): Bonnie Lou Williams for Peggie Castle
TEA AND SYMPATHY (1956): Gene Merlino for John Kerr
TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS (1957): Betty Wand for Lisa Montell
THE TEXAN (1930): Russ Columbo for Gary Cooper
THANKS A MILLION (1935): Marjorie Lane for Ann Dvorak
THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943): Lynn Martin for Olivia de Havilland
THAT LADY IN ERMINE (1948): Ric Ricardi for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
THAT MIDNIGHT KISS (1949): Richard Charles for Thomas Gomez
THAT NIGHT IN RIO (1941): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus
THEY LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN (1930): The Boswell Sisters for unbilled trio

THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO (1944): Hal Derwin for Carlyle Blackwell, Jr.

THIS ABOVE ALL (1942): Ric Ricardi for Ralph DeAngelis
THIS GUN FOR HIRE (1942): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake
THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (1967): Jackie Allen for Mary Tyler Moore / Jimmy Bryant for James Fox / Bill Lee for John Gavin / Jackie Ward for girl in opening / Alan Copeland for voice on record
THOSE LIPS, THOSE EYES (1980): Gene Merlino for Frank Langella
A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (1945): Frank Sinatra for Phil Silvers ("All or Nothing at All") / Jose Iturbi (piano) & Tom Clark (singing) for Cornel Wilde
THREE DARING DAUGHTERS (1948): Beverly Jean Garbo for Mary Elinor Donahue / Pat Hyatt for Ann E. Todd
3 LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE (1946): Carol Stewart for Vera-Ellen / Ben Gage for George Montgomery / Bob Scott for Frank Latimore / Del Porter for Charles Smith
THREE LITTLE WORDS (1951): Anita Ellis for Vera-Ellen / Helen Kane for Debbie Reynolds
THREE SAILORS AND A GIRL (1953): Bill Lee for Jack Larson
THE THREEPENNY OPERA (1963): George S. Irving for Curt Jurgens / Martha Schlamme for Hildegard Neff / Jo Wilder for June Ritchie (note: all dubbed for U.S. version only)
THUMBS UP (1943): Margaret Whiting for Brenda Joyce
TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1947): Trudy Erwin for Lucille Bremer / Ruth Clark for Dorothy Patrick
TILL THE END OF TIME (1946): Martha Mears for song on radio
TIMBERJACK (1955): Virginia Rees for Vera Ralston

THE TIME, THE PLACE AND THE GIRL (1946): Sally Sweetland for Martha Vickers and Florence Bates

A TIME TO LOSE AND A TIME TO DIE (1958): Paul Frees for various actors (dialogue)
TIN PAN ALLEY (1940): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus
THE TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS (1950): Theodore Uppman for Romo Vincent
TOM THUMB (1958): Norma Zimmer for Jessie Matthews / Stan Freberg for puppet ("Yawning Song")
TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT (1945): Martha Mears for Rita Hayworth
TONIGHT WE SING (1953): Jan Peerce for Byron Palmer
TOO LATE BLUES (1962): Loulie Jean Norman for Stella Stevens
TOO MANY GIRLS (1940): Trudy Erwin for Lucille Ball / The Sportsmen Quartet for students
TOO MUCH HARMONY (1933): Barbara Van Brundt for Kitty Kelly
TORCH SONG (1953): India Adams for Joan Crawford / Bill Lee for Rudy Render
TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (1982): Rich Little for David Niven (dialogue)
THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN (1950): Virginia Rees for Adele Jergens
TREASURE ISLAND (1934): Homer Hall for Lionel Barrymore
20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (1954): The Mellomen and Thurl Ravenscroft for sailors
TWENTY THREE AND ONE HALF HOURS LEAVE (1937): John Carroll for James Ellison
TWILIGHT ON THE PRAIRIE (1944): Hal Derwin for Johnny Downs
TWO SENORITAS FROM CHICAGO (1943): Diana Gaylen for Ann Savage

UNCLE JOE SHANNON (1978): Maynard Ferguson for Burt Young (trumpet)

UNNATURAL (1952): Jeri Archer for Hildegarde Neff [aka Kneff]
UTOPIA [aka ATOLL K] (1950): Paul Frees for Max Elloy (dialogue)
VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1967): Margaret Whiting for Susan Hayward / Gail Heidman for Patty Duke
VOICES (1979): Burton Cummings for Michael Ontkean
WAKE UP AND LIVE (1937): Buddy Clark for Jack Haley
WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME (1953): Paula Kelly for Janet Leigh [partial]
WAY OUT WEST (1936): Chill Wills (bass singing) & Rosina Lawrence (soprano singing) for Stan Laurel
WEARY RIVER (1929): Johnny Murray (vocal) and Frank Churchill (piano) for Richard Barthelmess
WEE WILLIE WINKIE (1937): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet
WEEKEND PASS (1944): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus
WEEKEND WITH FATHER (1951): Martha Mears for Virginia Field
WEST POINT STORY (1950): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo
WEST SIDE STORY (1961): Jimmy Bryant for Richard Beymer / Marni Nixon for Natalie Wood / Betty Wand and Marni Nixon for Rita Moreno (both only partially) / Tucker Smith for Russ Tamblyn (“Jet Song”)
WESTERN HERITAGE (1948): Martha Mears for Lois Andrews
WESTWARD HO, THE WAGONS! (1956): Bill Lee for George Reeves
WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1961): Debbie Watson for Julie Alread
WHAT’S BUZZIN’ COUSIN? (1943): Johnny Johnston for John Hubbard

WHEN A GIRL'S BEAUTIFUL (1947): Suzanne Ellers for Adele Jergens / Ken Harvey for Marc Platt / Jewel Eberly for Patricia White

WHERE THE HEART IS (2000): Michael McCarthy for Dylan Bruno
WHIPLASH (1948): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Alexis Smith
WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954): Trudy Erwin for Vera-Ellen
WHITE WOMAN (1933): Mona Lowe for Carole Lombard
WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1988): Amy Irving for Kathleen Turner (singing, as Jessica Rabbit)
WHO KILLED GAIL PRESTON? (1938): Gloria Franklin for Rita Hayworth
WHY GIRLS LEAVE HOME (1945) Martha Tilton for Pamela Blake
THE WILD NORTH (1952):  Ruth Martin for Cyd Charisse
WITH A SONG IN MY HEART (1952): Jane Froman for Susan Hayward
THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939): Lorrraine Bridges for Billie Burke / Ken Darby for Mayor of Munchkin City / Ray "Bud" Linn for DA of Munchkin City / Rad Robinson for Coroner of Munchkin City / Betty Noyes, Dorothy Compton and Marjorie Briggs for Munchkin Trio / Carol Tevis, Betty Rome, Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colvig, J.D. Jewkes, Harry Stanton & Jon Dodson for unknown Munchkins
THE WOLF SONG (1929): Russ Columbo for Gary Cooper
WOMAN OF THE TOWN (1944): Betty Brewer for Claire Trevor
A WOMAN'S SECRET (1949): Kay Lorraine for Gloria Grahame
WONDER MAN (1945): June Hutton for Vera-Ellen
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM (1962): Gene Merlino for Russ Tamblyn

WONDERS OF WOMEN (1929): Russ Columbo for Lewis Stone

WORDS AND MUSIC (1948): Eileen Wilson for Cyd Charisse / Pete Roberts and Eugene Cox for the Blackburn Twins
YOU CAME ALONG (1945): Lorraine Elliott for Julie Bishop
YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE (1977): Kasey Cisyk for Didi Conn
YOLANDA AND THE THIEF (1945): Trudy Erwin for Lucille Bremer / Bobby Maxwell for Fred Astaire (harp)
YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME (1948): Russ Cheever for Dan Dailey (alto sax)
YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942): Nan Wynn for Rita Hayworth
YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN (1950): Harry James for Kirk Douglas (trumpet) / Jimmy Zito for Juano Hernandez (trumpet)
YOUR CHEATIN’ HEART (1964): Hank Williams, Jr. for George Hamilton
YOUTH ON PARADE (1942): Margaret Whiting for Martha O'Driscoll
ZAZA (1939): Martha Mears for Claudette Colbert (on final song only)

ZORRO (TV series - 1957/1959) Skip Farrell for Guy Williams


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