Mr Ryan’s 4th Class

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Scoil Muire Banríon

Gilroy Ave.


Co. Offaly

Phone 046 9731478



Mr Ryan’s 4th Class 2011-2012

The following books are available for rental under the school book rental scheme New Rental

Giants, Fishbones, and Chocolate €13.95 €4

Giants, Fishbones, and Chocolate Skills Book €7.95 €2

Bun go Barr Rang 4 €14.95 €4

Mathemagic 4 €15.35 €4

Alive-O 6 Reader €11.55 €3

History Quest 4 €9.70 €2

Geography Quest 4 €9.70 €2

The following books are workbooks and must be purchased for September 2010

English New

My Spelling Workbook E €6.95

Write On Cursive Handwriting Book (Light blue cover) €4.75

English Dictionary (from last year) -


Collins Gem Irish Dictionary €4.95


Maths Challenge 4th Class €6.50

Tables Book (from last year) -


Alive-O 6 Workbook €4.60


Where on earth 4 €6.95

Window on the world(science) €9.50
Philip’s Modern Atlas -

Homework Journal (to be bought from school)1.50
Each Pupil must have the following in September:

2 folders to keep handouts in. If these can be divided into subject areas it would be a huge help.



2 x Maths Copies (88page)

2 x 120 page copies

4 x 88 page copies

1 x Notebook

Labelled Pencil Case including:

2 Pencils

2 Blue Pens

2 Red Pens

1 Ruler

1 Eraser

1 Pencil Parer

Colouring Pencils

1 Permanent Black Marker
Covering Books/ Copies

All of the above books, workbooks and copies must be covered and clearly labelled for the 1st of September

School Uniforms:

The school uniform is available from Dermot Halls and Mary and Marie’s. There are a huge number of jumpers lost and left in the school every year therefore it is most important that your child’s name is clearly marked on the school jumper and checked regularly.

The wearing of the school uniform is treated with the utmost importance and it is essential that all children wear their uniform everyday where possible and if the uniform is not worn a note must be supplied outlining its absence.

Important Note

The children will be given their rental books on the first day back at school in September. Rented books have to be returned at the end of the school year and it is most important that they are kept in good condition. When rented books are lost the book will have to be replaced at their full purchase prices.

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