Mr. Vallee’s 2015 Student Handout and scavenger Hunt for “Constellations”

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Mr. Vallee’s 2015

Student Handout AND Scavenger Hunt


General information:
What are constellations? Constellations are patterns of stars that appear in the sky. In ancient times stars played an important part in religion and mythology.
Polaris is another name for the North Star.
Using the website:
1. Who discovered the first constellations?
2. Who named the stars?

3. Why do stars flicker or twinkle?

4. Why do stars appear to change color?

Using the website: ,

please answer the following questions using the “advanced” version of the site:

5. Many cultures have seen distinctive patterns, called_____________, formed by the stars in the heavens. Constellations are usually comprised of _______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. The positions of the stars relative to each other in the sky depends on your_________________. Many societies associated patterns among the stars with _________________________________or stories from their culture.

7. Most of the constellations visible from the northern hemisphere which are "officially" recognized are of ancient _________derivation. But other civilizations created _______________________________


8. It is important to recognize the ____________________ introduced in our vision of the sky by the selection of these constellations.

9. Many peoples also noticed that the ___________, the ________, and ________ moved through the sky in a different way than the stars. They noticed that, over time, these objects appeared to move with respect to the __________________________.

10. Because of the ___________________________ and its __________ around the Sun, it is convenient to divide the constellations into two groups. Some constellations never rise nor set, and they are called _________________. All the rest are divided into ________________________________. Which constellations will be circumpolar and which seasonal depends on your _________.

11. Name the six Northern Spring Constellations:

12. Which constellation is probably the most famous, other than the constellation Orion?

13. Ursa Major is also known as what?

14. What is the name of Ursa Major’s companion?

15. The history of this group of stars is quite special. Please explain why

16. What is another name for the North Star?

17. Draw Ursa Major (and then connect the dots).

18. In your own words, write a paragraph discussing the Navajo myth behind Ursa Major (Great Bear).

19. Is there another culture that has a myth about Ursa Major (Great Bear?

20. What is another name for the constellation “Orion”?

21. What feature makes Orion easier to find in the night sky?


22. Orion looks very much like a person. First, you should spot Orion's _______, which is made of three bright stars in a straight line. One of Orion's legs is represented by the intensely bright star called _____________, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. His two shoulders are made of the stars ___________ and _____________. Betelgeuse is so luminant, that you can see its __________ color without a telescope. Other bright stars make up the two arms, one which holds a _________, and another that carries a ________.

23. Many different civilizations saw this constellation in the sky. The most famous stories come from ________and ____________ myths. Orion was a famed hunter, and in one story boasted that no creature could ________________. Hera then sent a ________________ to sting the hunter. Orion smashed the animal with his club, but not before he was __________________________. Both are now on opposite sides of the sky. They cannot be seen _______________.

24. Other myths about Orion come from __________ and _______. The ancient Egyptians believed the stars represented the god ___________. Ancient ______________ mythology says the constellation was called ______________. One day, Prajapati was chasing after one of his _________________. The star __________ was angered by this, and shot ____________________ at the lord. The arrow pierced his waist and remains as _________________.

25. Using this site: name the 12 ancient constellations called the “Zodiac” and state what they are supposed to represent.

Using this site: , please answer the following questions.

26. How many constellations are used in modern astronomy?

27. Using the above website, state the meaning of the following constellations. Then using this site, please draw them:


Canis Major








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