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Headline Practice 1




You are a reporter for the Leaguetown Press, the student newspaper of Leaguetown High School. Write the headline assigned for each of the given six stories. Use the following system: all upper and lower case letters, spaces, punctuation marks and symbols count as 1. Capitalize the first letter of the first word of each headline. You may use either upstyle (capitalize the first letter of every word) or downstyle (capitalize the first letter of the first word and the first letter of proper nouns thereafter). Be consistent in style. Remember that main headlines belong on the top line and secondary headlines belong under the main headline. You have 45 minutes. Do not write your name or the name of your school on this sheet or entry. Put your number on your paper.

STORY 1—Write a 2-line main headline counting 18-23 and a 1-line secondary counting 20-25.

Recent data from the Texas Education Agency places LISD in the long list of property wealthy districts that have to pay money to the state under the Robin Hood system of school finance.

“More than one third of the districts in the state are now on this list,” said LISD superintendent Dana McKenzie. “Many like LISD are on the list for the first time.”

Statistics show that over half of the students in the revenue-contributing districts throughout the state are economically disadvantaged.

“The fact that more districts qualify for this designation than ever before,” said Rachelle Holmes, LISD school board member, “reinforces the fact that our method of funding public education is broken. The legislature needs to fix this problem.”

STORY 2—Write a 1-line main headline counting 25-32 and a 2-line secondary each line counting 20-25.

Following botched lethal injection executions in three other states, our community is asking city and county officials to come to a decision whether they support or oppose lethal injection since there is a prison nearby. These officials should issue a resolution opposing lethal injection in favor of some other method of execution.

Although lethal injection is intended to be a humane way of executing criminals, recent events where drugs were administered incorrectly or inmates took minutes or even hours to die, we must rethink the humaneness of this method.

Proponents of the method might say that a little suffering in a few cases is acceptable since these criminals have caused suffering for others. However, if we are cruel in our punishments, are we not stooping to the level of the criminals?

The city council and county commissioners’ court should oppose lethal injection. A highly trained firing squad would be preferable.

STORY 3—Write a 3-line headline each line counting 20-25.

County health officials are on the lookout for measles cases after a League County resident was confirmed to have the virus.

“One man tested positive for the virus,” said county health director Nathan Thompson. “He had attended a softball tournament in Kansas where health officials later warned of possible exposure to the virus.”

Measles is a highly contagious respiratory illness that spreads through coughing and sneezing.

“If one person has the illness,” Thompson said, “90 percent of those close to that person will become infected if they are not immune or vaccinated. We hope that residents will make sure their vaccinations are up to date.”

STORY 4—Write a 2-line headline each line counting 15-20.

LISD will offer SAT test prep classes during the month of October at the district’s education center.

“We are offering sessions from 4-7 p.m. on October 2,6,9,16,20,23, and 30,” LHS counselor Hannah Michaels said. “Sessions on October 2 and 23 will feature a mock exam, so students can see where they are starting from and how much progress they have made.”

The deadline to register is 4 p.m. Friday with the $25 fee due one week before the first meeting.

“We hope we have offered enough dates that students can attend at least a few of them,” Michaels said. “The first SAT this year is on November 2.”

STORY 5—Write a 1-line main headline counting 15-20 and a 1-line secondary counting 18-23.

Researchers have discovered a possible link between the size of a preschooler’s head and a tendency toward autism, with larger heads indicating a greater tendency.

“With autism affecting one in 88 children, any discovery that helps with diagnosis or treatment is a huge thing,” said Athena Howell, LHS special education diagnostician. “This discovery led to another one when researchers decided to do MRI scans on brains of sleeping 6-month-olds.”

The scans showed differences in the white matter that connects different regions of the brain in children who were later diagnosed with autism.

“Scientists were surprised by this accidental discovery,” Howell said. “This may allow for much earlier diagnosis and intervention for these children who suffer from lack of social and communication skills.”

STORY 6—Write a 1-line headline counting 27-32.

With football season right around the corner, plans are already underway for a spectacular homecoming celebration.

“We are going to hold a homecoming parade on October 2,” said athletic director Sam North. “It will start at the middle school at 4:30 and wind through downtown and end up at the stadium, where we will have a pep rally and a hot dog cookout and ice cream social.”

The homecoming game will be on October 3 at 7:30 against area rival League City Leopards.

“Prior to the game we will be introducing several former players who will be in attendance,” said North, “as well as several former coaches who have since retired. We want this to be a true homecoming for as many people as possible.”

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