Mrs. Cottontail & Friends


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Mrs. Cottontail & Friends

Birthday Party Agenda

  • Party Starts with:

    • Storytime (Bunny Story or Beatrix Potter story)

    • Fun Facts on Bunnies/Bunny Trivia

    • Visits by Real Bunnies (dressed in costumes) and a special visit

by Peter Rabbit himself!

      • Grooming Station

      • Petting/Picture Time

      • Pet Stroller & Rabbit Carriage

  • Craft Time (one is included with party fee):

    • Bead Bunny Bracelets (Included with Party Fee)

    • Clay Bunnies (Included with Party Fee – But limited to 12 or less)

  • Additional Ideas (at an extra fee of $1.50 per child):

    • Clay Garden Pots – Decorate with Stickers & Stamps – Filled with Carrot Seeds (purple carrots too!)

  • Fun Games:

    • Carrot Pinata

    • Pass the Carrot/Name Your Bunny

    • Treasure Hunt

    • Mr. McGregor Game (outside game)

Mrs. Cottontail & Friends

Birthday Party Ideas

Theme Options:

Party Favor Ideas:

* Many people use the craft item as the party favor, but if you want more ideas:

  • Oriental Trading Company (Has many bunny items on their website)

  • Beatrix Potter storybooks (Amazon has very good prices on small books)

Food Ideas:

  • Bunny Cake - Make your own at this website:

    • Order one from Susan –

  • Bunny cupcakes - Make your own at this website:

  • Annie’s Bunny Crackers/Cookies (Found at Whole Foods, Earth Fare)

  • Vegetable Tray (Bunnies & Kids love carrots, celery, etc.)

  • Blackberries (if doing the Peter Rabbit theme)

Mrs. Cottontail & Friends

Party Ideas


  • General Bunny Products/Decorations –

  • Pink Bunny Paper Products/Decorations –
  • 1st Bunny Birthday Paper Products –

  • White Happy Bunny Balloon –

  • You can go to any party store and purchase paper products – go with your child’s favorite color scheme!

Where To Hold the Party:

  • Mrs. Cottontail & Friends can come right to your home!

    • We can work inside or outside (can’t be outside if it’s over 80 degrees – too hot for the bunnies!).

  • We can suggest places to rent too:

    • Winston-Salem – Angelina’s Tea Room (336-722-9532)

      • This is a wonderful place for a Tea Party – there are small tables & chairs and a very charming setting for a party!

    • Winston-Salem – South Fork Community Center (336-659-4304)

      • This is a wonderful location if you want a larger space.

    • Greensboro – Lake Jeanette Swim & Tennis Club (336-601-3395)

      • This is a beautiful location – has an indoor and outdoor area.

  • You can also check with your church, preschool or local community centers.


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