Mrs. Gulin Seflek Pharmacist B. C. Miti,ata,nyctr Turkish Translator Address

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Mrs. Gulin Seflek

Pharmacist B.C. MITI,ATA,NYCTr

Turkish Translator
Address: Nato Yolu,Ata-2 Sitesi, Gelincik Sk.No.14, Cengelkoy 34688, İstanbul,Turkey

Telephone and Fax: +90-216-486 00 26 (Home-Based Office)
GSM: 0532-443 00 20

urkish Translator
Notary Approved and Certified
Besiktas 5 th Public Notary,Istanbul

Uskudar 9 th Public Notary, Istanbul

Personal Info:
Married, Mother of three children, Turkish Citizen
Date/Place of Birth: 1954 Turkey (Gemlik)

New York State Elementary School, New York City, NY,USA

Fort Meadows Highschool,Springfield, MA,USA
Nisantası Girls College (Istanbul/Turkey)
Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy (Istanbul/Turkey)

Nogepha Pharmaceuticals B.V – Apprentice and Employee of Quality Control Laboratory-Pharmacist (The Netherlands)

Bilim Pharmaceutical Corporation, Chief of Department of Drug Investigation

Farmitalia Pharmaceuticals S.p.A, Head of Medical Bureau

Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy,Head Assistant to the Department of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Technologies (Istanbul/Turkey)

Gulin Pharmacy Shop (Istanbul), Responsible Pharmacist and Owner
Emre Pharmacy Shop (Istanbul), Responsible Pharmacist and Owner
Ozlem Pharmacy Shop Istanbul), Responsible Pharmacist and Owner
Medical Scientific Translation Company, Head Translator and Company Owner

(Since 1994)

Language Pairs:


Active Member of the Istanbul Chamber of Pharmacists (TR)

Certified Member of The British Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI, UK)
Associate member of the Americans Translators Association (ATA)
Member of the New York Circle of Translators (USA)
Member and Founder of the Turkish Society of Translation (Since 1999 Turkey)

Area of Expertise:

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biochemistry, Technical Specifications, Medical Literature, Medical and Pharmaceutical Research and Reports, Registration Files of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Agents, Microbiological, Drug Reports, Drug Leaflets and Inserts, Patient Medical Reports, Analytical Reports, Pharmacology, Legal Documentation, Agreements and Contracts, Business Issues and etc.

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