Mrs. Wakefield’s and Mrs. Hook’s Weekly Note Spelling List For the week of August 22, 2016

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Mrs. Wakefield’s and Mrs. Hook’s Weekly Note

Spelling List

For the week of August 22, 2016

Review/Challenge Words

1. clap 6. crop 11. miss 16. cat

2. step 7. snack 12. stamp 17. man

3. sick 8. mess 13. jump 18. can

4. rock 9. head 14. click 19. bathtub

5. luck 10. shut 15. pond 20. anthill

Spelling Test will be on Friday, August 26!!!

Dates to remember:

August 22 - Rise & Shine begins

August 23 - Cub Scouts, 6:30 pm, cafeteria

August 24 - Cookie dough sales kickoff at Rise & Shine, K thru 4th grades

August 24 - Girl Scouts3:30 pm, cafeteria (meets every other week)

August 29 - Boys Scouts at Rise & Shine, K thru 4th grades

September 5 - No  school

September 6 & 7 - Big Smiles Dental Clinic

Week of September 6 - Homecoming

September 7 - End of cookie dough sales - all orders and money due to office

September 13 - Lions Club Vision Screening - 1st & 3rd graders

September 19 - No school - professional development

September 20 - Fall picture day

Forms! Forms! Forms!-Please return all forms asap. Thank you to those who have returned them.


If you lose your newsletter please go to, click on Parent resources, click Faculty and Staff, click on Kristy Wakefield and you will have access to the weekly newsletter.

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Reading extra credit Homework-5 Bonus Points- Your child can read p.2-33 Tina’s Tryout Day, First Day Jitters, Be a Good Citizen, Reading and Writing Connection at home for 5 Bonus points on their Reading Grade. Sign the 5 Bonus points paper brought home today and return to school by Wednesday.


Reading-This week we will be studying story structure (character, setting, plot)

Math- This week we will be studying addition doubles, Counting forward and backward using 1’s, 10’s, 100’s, and showing numbers with base 10 blocks

Grammar: This week we will be working on statements, questions, and poetry

Spelling: This week we will be working on short vowels

Vocabulary- Know the meaning of the following: chuckled, fumbles, nervous, nonsense, trudged


Book Orders: - Book orders are due on Friday, September 9. If you would like to order online and pay by credit card simply go to . Your order will be delivered to our classroom!
Mrs. Wakefield’s and Mrs. Hook’s Classroom Information

Spelling and Grammar Tests: On Fridays (or the last day of the school week), we will have our spelling and Grammar tests.

Reading: Unless it is a review week, your child will have a story to read out of their reading book. This helps your child develop fluency and comprehension. The half sheet of paper they bring home each week needs to be signed by an adult, confirming that they read the story. Your child may read aloud to you, read silently, read it to a pet or stuffed animal, to a younger sibling, etc. The half sheet needs to be returned the same week of the assignment to receive 5 extra credit bonus points in reading. We will have a comprehension and vocabulary test on our weekly story on Wednesdays and a skills test on Fridays or the last day of the week.

Math-This year our math class will consist of mostly hands on work and electronic fact practice. You will not see daily math homework as you did in 1st and 2nd grade. You may contact Mrs. Hook at anytime with any questions or concerns about your child’s progress.


Book Orders: Your child will be receiving a Scholastic Book Order every 3-4 weeks. If you would like to order books, software, etc., from the order, just mark your selections and send the payment in an envelope, and I will order those for you. This is optional ---- just a great, economical source for purchasing books for children

Information Sheets: Please send in your information sheet as soon as you can.

Panther Bucks This year for behavior we use a token economy. Your child will earn Panther Bucks for good behavior, tests and assignment grades, and class participation. Your child may spend their Panther Bucks on quarterly Panther Buck Parties. Students may also be fined Panther Bucks for disruptive classroom behavior.

Birthday Information: Every year parents occasionally like to send snacks or cupcakes for parties, birthdays, etc. At this time we have 25 students.

ART SUPPLIES: If you have not already done so you may send a paint shirt for your child to wear over their clothes. We will store them in our classroom._____________________________________________________

Box Tops: We collect Box Tops. If you see them on items you have purchased please cut them off and send them in.

H.O.T. Club ~ Here On Time Club. Everyday when the entire class arrives to the classroom by 8:10 we get to fly our Panther flag outside our classroom door. If we fly our flag 15 days we will have an extra recess!


I hope your child is enjoying 3rd grade! Thank you for sharing your child with us. Each of their personalities is a treasure! A weekly note like this one will be sent home or e-mailed to you at the beginning of each week with spelling words and important information. Have a great week!

Mrs. Wakefield and Mrs. Hook

Class Schedule

Every morning’s Rise and Shine Assembly – 7:45 - 8:05 a.m.
1st Block 8:10 – 9:45a.m.
All special classes are held daily from 9:45 - 10:35 a.m.


Monday ~ Music (Mrs. Myra Walker)

Tuesday ~ P.E. (Coach Warlop)

Wednesday ~ Library (Mrs. Hancock)

Thursday ~ Art (Mrs. Kempf)

Friday ~ Literacy Lab (Mrs. Leighty)




Wednesday-Computer Lab



2nd Block ~ 10:40 – 11:30
Lunch ~ 11:40-12:05 p.m.
3rd Block ~ 12:15-1:05
Recess ~ 1:15-1:40
4th Block ~ 1:50-3:00

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