Muck Masters 2005 Round 4 Tossups by David Moore (with brief appearances by Jeremy White and Greg Sorenson) Bonuses by David Moore and John Kilby


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Muck Masters 2005 Round 4

Tossups by David Moore (with brief appearances by Jeremy White and Greg Sorenson)

Bonuses by David Moore and John Kilby
1. The director of this film shows up on screen as Bennett, the assistant to Father Malone. Inspired by the 1958 film, The Trollenberg Terror, it was shot in anamorphic widescreen Panavision so that it didn’t feel like the low budget horror film that it was. A remake of this film is currently in production, with Selma Blair in the role originated by Adrienne Barbeau. It tells the story of a town built on top of a former leper colony and the terror that ensues when the ghosts of the lepers come back to avenge their deaths. Also starring Hal Holbrook, Jamie Leigh Curtis, and Janet Leigh, FTP name this 1980 John Carpenter classic in which the zombie-like ghosts move around in an eponymous cloud.

ANS: The Fog

2. AUDIO TOSS-UP! FTP, identify the title of this song. (Moderator, play track 16.)

ANS: “God Save the Queen” by The Sex Pistols

3. His most recent album, Let There Be Love, was released in the spring of 2005. Born in Madras, India in 1936, his first stage name was in honor his spot-on Jerry Lewis impression. He had some UK chart success under this name until he was sidelined by tuberculosis, and upon recovery, he changed his name again. He and Tom Jones performed together for years, but unlike Jones, his songs, such as “Release Me” and “There Goes My Everything,” had a softer more mournful sound. In the mid nineties, he again went Platinum with his recording of “Lesbian Seagull” for the Beavis and Butthead Do America soundtrack. FTP name this suave crooner who shares his name with a 19th century Austrian Composer.

ANS: Engelbert Humperdinck (accept Gerry Dorsey or Arnold George Dorsey)

4. Paul Zindel’s Doom Stone concerns an ancient mutant hominid named Ramid that is connected to the legend of this place. It’s conception was fictionally chronicled in Pillar of the Sky, Cecelia Holland’s saga of prehistoric politics. Perhaps the most ambitious work of fiction about the place is Bernard Cornwell’s eponymous novel surrounding the lives of three brothers and how their actions affect the construction of the structure and the direction of Celtic history. FTP name this place, which is knocked down like so many dominoes in National Lampoon’s European Vacation, located in Salisbury Plain.

ANS: Stonehenge

5. It was inspired by a creation of Albert Lamorisse, the French director of The Red Balloon, and Lamorisse and Michael I. Levin are credited with its design. First appearing in the U.S. in 1957 due to Parker Brothers forming an affiliation with the Miro Corporation of France, it underwent no major changes for almost 30 years. Since 1986 several variants have appeared including Edition Napoleon, the 2210 A.D. edition, and a version solely based on Europe that includes Castle strongholds. FTP name this game originally known as the continental game that eventually became the game of global domination.

ANS: Risk

6. In 2002 they released their first album in 16 years, Voyeur, which features a variety of dance music interwoven with more traditional rock. The song “Sacred and Profane” which was co-written by Billy Corgan, is a tribute to Michael Hutchense, whom the lead singer dated briefly in the eighties. They first hit the music scene in 1982 with the self-produced EP Pleasure Victim, but it wasn’t long before they were picked up by Geffen with whom they released the albums Love Life and Count Three and Pray. FTP name this group fronted by Terri Nunn responsible for “Take My Breath Away.”

ANS: Berlin

7. It was originally a project for Frank Capra, who had planned to cast Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor, but Capra backed out when he heard Dalton Trumbo was associated with the production. Trumbo was not allowed to receive writing credit, even when the screenplay won an Oscar, but his wife received an Oscar in his place in 1993. The eventual director, William Wyler, almost cancelled the project when Jean Simmons proved unavailable as the female lead, but thanks to an unorthodox screen test, the role was given to Audrey Hepburn. FTP name this 1953 film which also starred Gregory Peck and for which Hepburn won an Oscar.

ANS: Roman Holiday

8. Among the musical recordings that have been created here is the R.E.M. single “Bittersweet Me,” recorded during a sound check on the Monster tour. In the Beastie Boys song, “Johnny Ryall,” the title character came from this location. Real-life musicians who come from this city include Rap artist Project Pat, as well as the band Saliva. In the Little Feat song, “Dixie Chicken,” it is the location of the Commodore Hotel where much of the song’s action takes place. According to Allannah Myles, the music is like a heat wave there. And Paul Simon was headed there when he noticed the Mississippi Delta was “shining like a national guitar.” FTP name this rather musical city, where Mark Cohn went walkin’.

ANS: Memphis, Tennessee (accept The Great American Pyramid, if still on R.E.M. clue)

9. Because of the stars’ desires for both a tropical vacation and a skiing holiday, it was filmed in the Alps, the Bahamas and London. One of the stars drove the director crazy with the melody of a new song called “Scrambled Eggs,” released under a different title on the movie’s soundtrack and later becoming the most covered song of all time. Concerning a group of bandmates who stop one of their own from becoming a human sacrifice, it was originally titled Eight Arms to Hold You, but the name never stuck. FTP name this movie in which the Beatles later said they felt like extras, or the album which also includes “Dizzie Miss Lizzie” and “Yesterday.”

ANS: Help!

10. Originally created to duplicate the success of “The Archies Show,” it recently broke a record previously held by “The Simpsons” to become the cartoon with the highest number of produced episodes among its various incarnations. The original concept was a group of five teens, Geoff, Mike, Kelly, Linda, and Linda's brother "W.W." This idea was reworked and turned into “Who’s S-S-Scared?,” but did not get the greenlight until it was reworked again, this time focusing on two more humorous and cowardly characters, one of which was voiced by Casey Casem. FTP name this Hanna-Barbara classic now produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

ANS: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (accept various incarnations of the series)

11. He’s not Sarah Jessica Parker, but he did appear in a TV program called “Square Pegs,” in 1939. He’s not Cary Grant, but he did star in a movie titled Charade, in 1953, which he also co-wrote. He’s not Kris Kristofferson, but he did play the male lead in a movie called A Star is Born, in 1954. And he’s not Jeremy Irons, but he did play Humbert Humbert in Lolita, the Stanley Kubrick version. Later work includes supporting roles in Heaven Can Wait and The Boys from Brazil. FTP name this actor who also appeared in North by Northwest and who played Captain Nemo in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

ANS: James Mason

12. “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw justifies smoking in one of these because the conversation is about anal sex. In the Puerto Rican Day episode of “Seinfeld,” Elaine gets in and out of the same one three times in just a few minutes because she finds she cannot walk faster than it. In the video for John Mellencamp’s “Wild Night” the model, Shana Zardick, looks out at the world from the inside of one. And, a popular HBO reality series centers around one of these doubling as a confessional booth of sorts. FTP name this thing which also plays the title role in a 70’s and 80’s TV show that spent time on ABC and NBC.

ANS: Taxi (accept cab or taxicab)

13. Warning, two answers required. One team arrived in its current city in 1968, the other in 1958. A young MC Hammer worked in the clubhouse of one, where he earned the nickname, “the little hammer” because of his resemblance to Hank Aaron. The other has employed Barry Bonds’ son Nikolai in the same capacity. The former has won four world series since their most recent move, the latter has yet to win the series since moving, but did win the first major league baseball game ever played on the west coast. FTP name these two teams who played each other in 1989 in the so-called BART series of Bay Area Series.

ANS: Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants (city or team acceptable for both)

14. Among the roles he has turned down are Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and the architect in the second and third Matrix movies, but the one he admits was a huge mistake was turning down the lead in The Thomas Crown Affair. He had difficulty getting other work because he had been pigeon-holed by his most famous role, and thus was paid a relatively paltry sum for Zardoz. Among the kings he has played are Arthur, Richard I, Daniel Dravot, and Agamemnon, the last in Time Bandits. FTP name this man who according to Empire magazine created the worst accent in cinema history, as an Irish cop in The Untouchables.

ANS: Sean Connery

15. At various times it has gone by names like Benny, Buddy, Bernie, Bobby and Bouncey. The original, introduced in the 1890’s was too vicious to control, so after several misshaps, he was retired to the Madison Zoo. In 1973 it was almost replaced by a cow named Henrietta Holstein, but it survived and even helped Sports Illustrated reporter Rick Telander overcome his claustrophobia when he appeared in its costume at a 1991 volleyball game. FTP give the surname and species of the University of Wisconsin mascot, currently known as Bucky.

ANS: Badger (accept Bucky before given, Prompt on Wisconsin mascot)

16. A sequel to it called Porno was published in 2002, but received considerably less attention. First published in 1993, it discusses many broad issues including the initial spread of the HIV virus and social undercurrents in Margaret Thatcher’s Britain. It often lapses into stream of consciousness, and chapters narrated by Renton are written phonetically to communicate his thick accent. It is separated into seven main sections that chart the courses of the various characters’ ups and downs while dealing with the power of heroin. FTP name this first novel of Irvine Welsh made into a movie that launched Ewan McGregor.

ANS: Trainspotting

17. It can trace its origins as an organized sport to competitions hosted by a chemical engineer named Herman Poppen, who in 1965 created a new toy for his daughter called a Snurfer. The Snurfer soon grew popular with his daughter’s friends, and he began to sell them. The first ever olympic gold medalist in the sport, Ross Rebagliati, had his medal temporarily taken away when he tested positive for marijuana, which he blamed on second-hand smoke from friends. FTP name this winter sport, a popular staple of winter x-games, that now makes up more than half of all winter sports activity.

ANS: Snowboarding

18. Chris Larkin, Emil Janning, Charles Laughton twice, Arthur Dibbs as a ghost, Lyn Harding twice, Keith Michell four times, including in a 1996 TV version of The Prince and the Pauper. Brian Blessed in The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything. Charlton Heston in Crossed Swords. Martin Chamberlain in a 1988 TV version of A Man for All Seasons. FTP all of these actors played this historical character, as did Richard Burton in Ann of A Thousand Days and Robert Shaw in 1966’s A Man for All Seasons.

ANS: King Henry VIII

19. Many of this team’s players were assumed to be on the trading block, like outfielder Emil Quincy Brown and relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, who seemed expendable with the re-emergence of Mike MacDougal. However, at the trade deadline, only Tony Graffanino had been shipped out. For ten points, name this hapless team currently led by manager Buddy Bell and captain Mike Sweeney.

ANS: Kansas City and/or Royals

20. The Fog, “God Save the Queen,” Engelbert Humperdinck, Stonehenge, Risk, Berlin, Roman Holiday, Memphis, Help, Scooby Doo, James Mason, Taxi’s, Oakland vs. San Francisco, Sean Connery, Badgers, Trainspotting, Snowboarding, Henry VIII, and Royals are all mentioned in by this man during his comedy concert, Dress To Kill. FTP name this man who also spends a great deal of time talking about what a bastard Hitler was, and what its like to be an Executive Transvestite.

ANS: Eddie Izzard

21. Rufus catches Cathy with another man, the narrator. After an argument, Rufus calls his own lover up to the house, who turns out to be a man. After more arguing, the narrator calls his wife, but a man answers. Once home, the narrator remembers that his brother Twan is visiting and answered the phone. After making love to his wife, the narrator finds a condom on the bed. She reveals that she knows all about his own infidelity, and is in fact having an affair with a cop who pulled him over on the way home. Allegedly inspired by Desperate Housewives, these are the twists and turns in, FTP, what five-part, 14-minute song by R. Kelly?

ANS: Trapped in the Closet

22. Born in Sheffield, UK, he played Steel Dragon's guitarist in Rock Star, and was Bill Dunbar in Mona Lisa Smile. His early television roles have been Dickensian, playing Scrooge's nephew in the Patrick Stewart A Christmas Carol, and Sir Mulberry Hawk in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby. But since 2002, he's been on HBO, solving crimes as Baltimore's least-loved troublemaking cop. FTP, name this actor who plays Jimmy McNulty on The Wire.

ANS: Dominic West

1. Visual Bonus: Given a photo of a stadium or sports arena that will soon be built or that is being considered for

construction, name the team that will play there FTPE

ANS: A. New York Yankees B. Minnesota Vikings C. Brooklyn Nets
2. Answer these questions about the forthcoming screen adaptation of Rent on a 10-5 basis.

(10) She will play Mimi Marquez

(5) Earlier this year she showed up as Gail in Sin City, and her breakout role was opposite Will Smith in Men in Black II.

ANS: Rosario Dawson

(10) He will play Benjamin “Benny” Coffin III.

(5) This is not his first Broadway to Screen adaptation, he also appeared as the bandleader in Chicago.

ANS: Taye Diggs

(10) After a few different guys dropped out, he ended up as director.

(5) Previously, he had worked on decidedly less adult films such as Home Alone and two Harry Potter installments.

ANS: Chris Columbus

3. The 70's were an exciting time for horse racing. Three different horses won the Triple Crown. For five points per horse and five points per year, identify the three horses and the year each horse won the Triple Crown. You have 10 seconds.

ANS: Secretariat in 1973, Seattle Slew in 1978, and Affirmed in 1979

4. Name the song from lyrics 30-20-10.

(30) “Everything isn't meant to be okay. Television dreams of tomorrow.”

(20) ‘Well maybe I'm the faggot America.”

(10) “And can you hear the sound of hysteria? The subliminal mind fuck America.”

(5) “Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the alienation.”

(1) Don’t wanna be an American Idiot.”

ANS: “American Idiot”

5. Identify the following golf terms FTPE.

(10) This is the term used to denote a hole score of three under par. It is sometimes called a double eagle.

ANS: albatross

(10) If you are referring to one's “big dog,” what are you referring to?

ANS: your driver

(10) This is the name of the golf variant where the best shot of the team after every stroke and play that shot.

ANS: scramble
6. IMAX films often have some pretty hefty star power in the narration portion of the credits, name these actors from their IMAX work for 10 of from other clues for 5.

(10) Narrated the film NASCAR in 3D.

(5) This one time big screen character actor has come into his own on Television as “24’s” Jack Bauer.

ANS: Kiefer Sutherland

(10) Narrated Space Station.

(5) Perhaps his first Grey-haired role in Collateral, explains the obvious midlife crisis that is Katie Holmes.

ANS: Tom Cruise

(10) Narrated and starred in James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss.

(5) This asshole older brother in Weird Science went on to star in blockbusters such as Twister and James Cameron’s Titanic.

ANS: Bill Paxton

7. As of August 1, there are four MLB teams that are so far back in their division that it is very unlikely that they will get out of the cellar before today's tournament. So, given a division, identify the professional baseball cellar dweller on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

(5) AL East

ANS: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (city or team name acceptable)

(5) AL Central

ANS: Kansas City Royals (city or team name acceptable)

(x) AL West

ANS: Seattle Mariners (city or team name acceptable)

(x) NL West

ANS: Colorado Rockies (city or team name acceptable)

8. Questions about a show FTSNOP.

(5) This show is entering its second season on MTV, it bills itself as “the real Orange County” and focuses on the lives of several teenagers in a Southern California beach town.

ANS: “Laguna Beach

(10) This girl, the main antagonist of Lauren (L.C.) Laguna Beach’s season one narrator, has become narrator for the second season.

ANS: Kristin

(15) Having gone to four schools in four years, this girl is spending her senior year at Laguna, and has become a new addition for the second season.

ANS: Casey
9. Yes, we all know Bo knows, but what do you know about Bo? Answer the following about the football career of Bo Jackson FTPE.

(10) Jackson played four seasons with this NFL team.

ANS: Los Angeles Raiders

(10) While he played his football with the Raiders, Bo was actually drafted by this NFL team.

ANS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (city or team name acceptable)

(10) Jackson sustained a football-career ending injury during a 1991 playoff game against this team.

ANS: Cincinnati Bengals (city or team name acceptable)

10. AUDIO BONUS: Family Guy: Live In Vegas contains an excellent medley where Brian and Stewie offer up some of their takes on the themes from classic 80's TV shows. Identify the show whose theme is being sung in these clips FTPE.


ANS: Growing Pains


ANS: Family Ties


ANS: The Golden Girls

11. Test your knowledge of current Broadway productions, 10 points each.

(10) Alan Alda plays Shelley Levine and Liev Schreiber plays Ricky Roma in this David Mamet play.

ANS: Glengarry Glen Ross

(10) This show's songs include “I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today,” “I Wish I Could Go Back To College,” and “The Internet Is For Porn.”

ANS: Avenue Q

(10) This actor, seen in Dodgeball and Serenity, has taken over for Hank Azaria in Spamalot until late November.

ANS: Alan Tudyk
12. Can’t we stop making remakes of British sitcoms? We even remake the spinoffs. Answer some questions, FTSNOP.

(10) “Three’s Company” was an American remake of this British sitcom.

ANS: “Man About the House

(5, 5) “Man About the House” spun-off two successful sitcoms, “George and Mildred” and “Robin’s Nest,” which were both remade as less successful spin-offs of “Three’s Company,” name the American spin-offs FFPE.

ANS: “The Ropers” and “Three’s a Crowd

(10) This actor who appeared on “Three’s Company” and “The Ropers” coincidentally also appeared in a 1969 made for TV movie called Three’s a Crowd as the landlord of a charming bigamist played by Larry Hagman.

ANS: Norman Fell

13. On the Rolling Stone list of the top 500 albums of all time released in 2003, 6 of the top 10 were by either the Beatles or Bob Dylan, Name the other 4 on a 5-10-20-30 basis. We’ll even give you the respective artists. They are The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, and The Clash. You have 10 seconds.

ANS: The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds, Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On,

Rollins Stones – Exile on Main Street, The Clash – London Calling

14. Name the history channel series from a brief description FTPE.

(10) This show features stories about the history and destructive power of various natural disasters

ANS: “Wrath of God

(10) It focuses on various innovations in fields ranging from armaments to architecture and has done specials on Dredging Equipment, The Mackinack Bridge, and The Chrysler Building among others.

ANS: “Modern Marvels

(10) In this show R. Lee Erney answers viewers questions about military technology.

ANS: “Mail Call
15. Name the movie from quotes, 40-30-20-10-5-1.

(40) “It’s a curse.”

(30) “You look good in a dress.”

(20) “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. What? It's Corinthians one, chapter thirteen verse eleven. No duh!”

(10) “Crashed fifteen hundred and seven systems in one day? Biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10th, 1988. I thought you was black, man!.”

(5) “Must have been hell, huh? Zero Cool?”

(1) “We are hackers and this is our manifesto.”

ANS: Hackers

16. Answer these questions about a short-lived show FTPE.

(10) This show, which appeared for just over half a season on ABC during the 1998-1999 season, centered on a bartender who believed he was the titular deity expelled from Mount Olympus.

ANS: “Cupid

(10) This man played the bartender/ love god. He has been frequently seen at the side of John Cusack and also as the head of the Pit House in PCU.

ANS: Jeremy Piven

(10) This woman played Piven’s therapist and love interest. She also appeared briefly on “Sportsnight” as a porn star and will star this season with Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler in CBS’ “Out of Practice”

ANS: Paula Marshall

17. Answer these questions about the works of Robert Heinlein FTSNOP

(5) This novel, winner of the 1960 Hugo Award, is about an alien attack from a vastly different civilization and was labeled fascist by many critics.

ANS: Starship Troopers

(10) This novel describes a lunar prision colony ruled by a Warden that seldom interferes, and which in consequentially a kind of libertarian utopia. Heinlein considered this to be his best book.

ANS: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

(15) This nonfiction travelogue published in 1992 contains two extended apologies for the McCarthy hearings, as well as a great deal of other social commentary.

ANS: Tramp Royale
18. Answer some questions about various talking heads FTPE, not the musical kind.

(10) This bow-tie wearing freak was booted over to MSNBC largely because of his whiny reaction to a little harsh talk from Jon Stewart during an October 2004 episode of “Crossfire.”

ANS: Tucker Carlson

(10) This liberal radio personality and satirist has been named as a possible Senatorial candidate from Minnesota in 2008. He was sued by Fox News for using their slogan “fair and balanced” as a part of his most recent book.

ANS: Al Franken

(10) In Franken’s book, Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them, this liberal pundit’s name is consistently printed in a smaller font to demonstrate his perceived status as a weak pushover to his arch conservative co-host, Sean Hannity

ANS: Alan Colmes

19. Given a Popular TV Show and it’s theme song, name the artist(s) performing it FFPE with a bonus five for all correct.

(5) The Drew Carey Show – “Cleveland Rocks”

ANS: The Presidents of the United States of America (prompt on PUSA)

(5) The Wonder Years – “With a Little Help from my Friends”

ANS: Joe Cocker

(5) Gilmore Girls – “Where You Lead”

ANS: Carole King and Louise Goffin (accept just King, it is a five pointer after all)

(5) Freaks and Geeks – “Bad Reputation”

ANS: Joan Jett

(5) Frasier – “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”

ANS: Kelsey Grammer

20. We all love “The Simpsons” and We all love Monopoly, so what could be better than Simpsons Monopoly. Answer some questions FTPE.

(10) Instead of building houses, you build this type of structure

ANS: Monorail Stops

(10) The ever-coveted Boardwalk is replaced by this prominent Springfield pice of real-estate.

ANS: Burns Manor

(10) Vermont Avenue is replaced by this location where one might purchase a Radioactive Man comic book or maybe even a shrink-wrapped Lucy Lawless.

ANS: The Android’s Dungeon
21. Answer these related questions FTPE.

(10) This 1996 James Spader vehicle about 48 hours of intersecting lives in L.A. was said to “out-pulp Pulp Fiction.”

ANS: 2 Days in the Valley

(10) 2 Days in the Valley starred this now desperate housewife as Becky Foxx.

ANS: Teri Hatcher

(10) Hatcher’s character had a memorable catfight with Helga Svenson, played by this woman in her first credited role.

ANS: Charlize Theron


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