Music in the cinema and under the stars The programme of music events at the 56th Krakow Film Festival


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May 10, 2016

Music in the cinema and under the stars

The programme of music events at the 56th Krakow Film Festival
As every year, also during this year's edition, Krakow Film Festival prepared a lot of events for music fans. The programme includes, among others, music documentary films by the Academy Award winners, a cinematic story about the phenomenon of the Beatles, and an extraordinary concert in the open air, in the very heart of Kazimierz in Krakow.
Music documentary films

The international music documentary film competition DocFilmMusic will be held for the fourth time. 10 greatest titles from around the world will compete for the prestigious Golden Heynal award. These include thrilling stories about the passion to create, adversities, stunning careers, struggles with illnesses, political emigration and dreams about freedom. We will listen to rock, jazz, cha-cha, world music, African sounds and even to the melody of noise. The only Polish representative in the competition is "The Internal Ear" by Szymon Uliasz and Magdalena Gubała about the esteemed musician and composer Mikołaj Trzaska. Polish beginner film-makers will compete in the competition against, among others, the Academy Award winners: Morgan Neville and Barbara Kopple.

Open-air Kino pod Wawelem

Traditionally, Kino pod Wawelem will host "The Sounds of Music" - a non-competing section of the Festival which enjoys enormous popularity. As usual, the perfect programme of the open air screenings will be cared about by Piotr Metz, music journalist and expert on the subject on Beatlemania, which is the leading motive of the series this year. Every day, from May 30 to June 3, at 21.30, on Powiśle 11, there will be a screening open to the public, during which a film will be shown, that directly or indirectly refers to the phenomenon of one of the most influential bands in the history of music. We will watch: "Nowhere Boy," "Backbeat," "Yesterday," "Imagine: John Lennon," "The Rutles."


Krakow Street Band | 1.06

The traditional festival Night at the Kazimierz will feature the performance of the music group Kraków Street Band, which will give a concert on the roof of Okrąglak on Plac Nowy.

Krakow Street Band is a music group which slowly becomes a new musical showcase of the city for visitors from Poland and abroad. Nine professional musicians, who play in different bands and projects, get together on sunny days to perform on the Market Square in Krakow. Every performance immediately attracts a crowd of spectators, who gather around the joyful group.
Brodka | 3.06

Brodka - undoubtedly one of the most interesting and the most original artists on Polish music scene - will present the material from her new, long-awaited album "Clashes." This is an album woven of contrasts: metaphysics and sensuality; gloomy church organs and vigorous punk rock. Lyrics about passion, the madness of love, but also about the tempting abyss of death. Admission to the concert is only with invitations, a part of which will be distributed through social networking sites of the Festival.

Terrific Sunday | 4.06

Last year, the winner of the Golden Heynal for the film "Cobain: Montage of Heck," Brett Morgen, decided to grant the financial part of the award to young talented musicians as a tribute to his protagonist. The recommendation of KFF went to the beginners from Poznan - the band Terrific Sunday, who will now present themselves live at the closing ceremony of the festival. Admission tickets for the concert will be distributed through social media.

Film evening with Michael Lindsay-Hogg |TUE| 31.05 | MOS-1| 22.00

Evening with the classic creator of music videos, the author of the Academy Award winner, the film "Let It Be." The meeting will be hosted by Piotr Metz.

Finissage of the photo exhibition by Andrzej Tyszka "The Faces of Music" |WED| 1.06 | Pauza In Garden | 16:00

Music Video Night | FRI | 03.06 | MOS-1 | 22:00

A screening of original music videos, which stand out as far as film-making is concerned, and which cannot be found on YouTube. The author of the screening is Jan Chołoniewski.

Screening of silent film with live music |SOB| 04.06 | MOS-1| 18:00

The Silent Film Festival at the Krakow Film Festival. Screening of "The Epic of Everest" (1924) with a live band Karpaty Magiczne.


DocFilmMusic competition
SUN | 29.05 | MOS 2 | 14:30 | THURS | 02.06 | MOS-1 | 19:30

Playing Lecuona, dir. Juan Manuel Villar Betancort, Pavel Giroud, Hiszpania, Colombia, 114

MON | 29.05 | MOS 2 | 14:30 | THURS | 02.06 | MOS-1 | 19:30

The Music of Strangers, dir. Morgan Neville, the USA, 96

MON| 30.05 | MOS 2 | 17:00 | FRI| 03.06 | ARS REDUTA | 20:00

The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson, dir. Julien Temple, Great Britain, 91

MON| 30.05 | MOS 2 | 19:30 | WED| 01.06 | MOS 1 | 14:30

A Poem Is a Naked Person, dir. Les Blank, the USA, 90

MON| 30.05 | MOS 1 | 19:30 | THURS| 02.06 | MOS 2 | 12:00

Steam on the River, dir. Robert Kirchhoff, Filip Remunda, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, 83

TUE| 31.05 | MOS 1 | 12:00 |FRI| 03.06 | MOS 2 | 14:30

Sex, Maracas and Chihuahuas, dir. Diego Mas Trelles, Spain, 87

TUE| 31.05 | MOS 1 | 17:00 | FRI| 03.06 | MOS 2 | 12:00

Fonko , dir. Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén, Göran Hugo Olsson, Sweden, 88

TUE| 31.05 | MOS 2 | 17:00 | THURS| 02.06 | MOS 1 | 14:30

Melody of noise, dir. Gitta Gsell, Switzerland, 86

TUE| 31.05 | ARS REDUTA | 20:00 | THURS| 02.06 | ARS REDUTA | 17:30

Miss Sharon Jones!, dir. Barbara Kopple, the USA, 94

WED| 01.06 | KIJÓW.CENTRUM | 20:30 | SAT| 04.06 | MIKRO | 15:00

The Internal Ear, dir. Szymon Uliasz, Magdalena Gubała, Poland, 75
The Sounds of Music

MON| 30.05 | KINO POD WAWELEM |21:30

Nowhere Boy , dir. Sam Taylor-Johnson, Canada, Great Britain, 98

TUE| 31.05 | KINO POD WAWELEM | 21:30

Backbeat, dir. Iain Softley, Germany, Great Britain, 100

WED| 01.06 | KINO POD WAWELEM | 21:30

Yesterday, dir. Radosław Piwowarski, Poland, 87

THURS| 02.06 | KINO POD WAWELEM | 21:30

Imagine: John Lennon, dir. Andrew Solt, the USA, 100

FRI| 03.06 | KINO POD WAWELEM | 21:30

The Rutles, dir .Eric Idle, Gary Weis, the USA, Great Britain, 76

Night at the Kazimierz. The concert of the group Kraków Street Band


The concert of Brodka


The concert of Terrific Sunday


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