Musical Power Point Slide Project

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Name _______________________________/7th Grade Music Appreciation

Due Date________ Selected musical _____________________/Composer____________________

Musical Power Point Slide Project

Computer Lab time~4-5 days given during school

Percentage of grade: 25%

Individual project (this is NOT a group project!)

Create a Power Point Slideshow to tell the story (synopsis) of a chosen musical. You need to include photos from the musical and include the "Musical Overture"from the musical (should last as long as your power point presentation~6 -7 min). ALSO, include one song from the musical you choose (the song should be a youtube link after your synopsis) .

Materials needed: 1. Flashdrive (memory stick) 2. Musical overture on mp3 (saved to flashdrive & inserted into power point (use the application command: “play across slides”)

5 points~ Bring in your flashdrive during lab time. Work on this project at home as well as during lab time. You will have one week to 'tweak' it before presentation due date.

15 points~ Present your final product to your class. (practice reading aloud in advance!)

20 points ~ this includes the Musical overture that should last 7-8 minutes (mp3 format) to play/insert into within your power point. Most ‘overtures’ from musicals are instrumental only, which serve as better background music for your oral presentation. (sample Overture titles are available on this sheet below). ALSO, include one song from the musical you choose to report on. The song should appear as a YOUTUBE link after your synopsis AND should be a stage production of the song (We will actually ‘watch’ performers from the show singing and acting out the song you chose. )

60 points~ REQUIRED SLIDES: 14 or more slides. This is the rubric breakdown of those 60 points.

15 points………………Synopsis Storyline~ tell the story of your chosen musical in complete sentences.

15 points…………….USE OF PICTURES~Be CREATIVE~! for every slide that pertain to the information/names on the particular slides.

15 points……………..Musical Song Translation~ after the synopsis, introduce your song and tell us what that song is about and how does it promote the storyline within the musical.

15 points……………..Use of Power Point Applications: Be creative with use of: Animation, Background colors, music pacing of your presentation.

Include a TITLE page with: NAME OF MUSICAL, YOUR NAME,and Composer, lyricist, cheorographer for themusical. Include a photo of either the MUSICAL BILLBOARD or picture of the composer.

Include a THE END slide: with a creative conclusionary photo and text box to explain your chosen photo.

Here are just some musical overtures to choose from :(OR you can bring in a music sample that is NOT on this list (title of musical & composer needed in order to get it approved)

click to listen to 'Overture to MY FAIR LADY' musical by Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Lowe

click to listen to 'Overture to Sound of Music" musical by Rogers and Hammerstein

click to listen to 'Overture to OKLAHOMA' musical by Rogers and Hammerstein

Overture to "The King and I' by Rogers and Hammerstein

Overture to "Cinderella" by Rodgers and hammerstein

'Carousel Waltz' from the musical, Carousel by Rogers and Hammerstein

Overture to 'Showboat' by Hammerstein and Kern

Overture to 'State Fair' by Rogers and hammerstein

Overture to 'South Pacific" by Rodgers and Hammerstein

Overture to 'Chicago' musical by John Kander

Overture to 'The Music Man' musical by Meredith Wilson

Overture to 'Shrek' the musical by Jeanine Tesori

Overture to 'Anything Goes' musical by Cole Porter

OVerture to 'Wicked' by Stephen Schwartz

OVerture to 'Jesus Christ Superstar' by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Overture to 'Fiddler On the Roof" by Jerry Bock

Overture to 'Cats' musical by Andrew lloyd Webber

Overture to 'Phantom of the Opera' by Andrew L. Webber

Overture to 'Sweeney Todd' musical by Stephen Sondheim

Overture to Les Miserables' musical by Claude Schoenberg

Overture to 'Mamma Mia' musical by ABBA

'Seize the Day' from NEWSIES musical by Alan Menken

Overture to 'Annie' musical by Charles Strouse

Overture to 'Tommy' the rock opera by The Who

Overture to "Mary Poppins' disney musical by George William Stiles & Anthony Drewe

Overture to 'The Jungle Book' music by Percy Grainger and the Sherman Brothers

30 min. method

How to convert a YOUTUBE video to an Mp3 for FREE online to use for your project(created by Mrs. Smith)

1. First, go to and locate a music sample that you wish to use for this project. All you need to do is type in the YOUTUBE search window the title of a composition or the name of a composer and you have to listen to several selections before making your choice. (Make sure you select one that provides the title & composers name).

2. Once you've made your selection, go to the URL window and COPY the address for that particular recording (it will start with the letters, http://www. (etc.)

3. AFter you've copied the URL ADDRESS, go to the site:
3) When you get to the site: 'PASTE' the link into the box that says, “Enter the link to the media”

4) CLICK the box that says, COVERT to Mp3 and WAIT patiently until you ‘hopefully’ see the words, “Video Successfully converted’ …then click DOWNLOAD right under that.

5) After you click DOWNLOAD, it will ask you immediately if you want to OPEN or SAVE the file…click SAVE ...then put it in your MUSIC File on your computer AND drag it onto your FLASHDRIVE so you can play it at school!
THEN, you will be able to INSERT the mp3 into your power point, OR simply play the music through Windows Media and loop it so that when it gets to the end of the song, it will play from the beginning until you are finished with your power point!

30 Sec. method

Here is the 30 second method of getting your music samples on your power point:
  1. Find the YOUTUBE music sample that you wish to use .

  2. Go up to your URL Address window (top left) and highlight the address

  3. (example:

  4. Go to your power point title page and click OUTSIDE the 1st slide (title page) and right click and PASTE the url address into the power point document.

  5. Once you paste it, it will not be underlined UNTIL you set your cursor on the LAST LETTER and hit ENTER….then it will appear UNDERLINED (see example below here)

  6. Unless the address appears UNDERLINED, it will not link directly to YOUTUBE when you present your report.

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