My 4-h project Plan (5-8 Year Olds)

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My 4-H Project Plan

(5-8 Year Olds)




Names of Projects

Name ___________________________Date of Birth __________________ Age _________

(on January 1 of this year)

Address _____________________________________________________________________

County ________________________________ Extension District _____________________
Name of 4-H Club, After-School Program or Group _________________________________
Years in This Project _________________ Years Enrolled in 4-H _______________
Parent or Guardian Name(s) ___________________________________________________
Date Plan Started _____________________ Date Plan Completed ____________________
I have reviewed this plan and agree to support its completion:

___________________________________ ­­_______________________________________

Parent(s) or Helper Signatures 4-H Leader Signature
Dear 4-H’er:
Welcome to the wonderful world of 4-H. We are excited that you’ve join the world’s largest informal youth program. As a 4-H member, you get the opportunity to create your own plan. In this plan, you’ll record everything you’d like to do in 4-H for the year. During the year, you’ll begin to do the things you planned. You’ll be learning new ideas, doing new activities, and sharing what you’ve learned and done. You’ll even apply what you learn in one project to another project or to some school activity.
This planning form has been prepared especially for you, the 5-8 year old 4-H’er. Please ask a helper to assist you in making your own plan for this year. This helper might be a parent or guardian, an older friend, your 4-H leader, or another 4-H’er. You and your helper can select 4-H subjects you’d like to learn this year. List those subjects in the blank spaces above labeled “Names of Projects”. On the other side of this page, you’ll find space to record all the things you’d like to learn or do. 4-H is fun! Have a great time as a 4-H member.
Your Friend,

Chris the Clover

Planning My 4-H Year

What would you like to do in 4-H this year? You might want to go fishing with your club or learn how to launch rockets. Perhaps, you’d like to clean up your neighborhood or learn to make pizza. The possibilities are endless.

This page is designed for you to record what you want to do and learn this year. The things you plan to learn and do are called “goals”. Goals can be completed alone or with your friends. To begin, list the things you’d like to learn or do. List things like participating in specific projects, going to 4-H camp, modeling in a fashion show and serving as a 4-H helper for your leader.

You might also think of new goals during this year. If you do, just add them to your plan along with the month you think you’ll do them.


What things do you want to learn or do? Month to do them


Go to 4-H Camp July

Be in a health skit May

Make a lamp March

Enter a rodeo When it’s scheduled

Make and shoot a rocket Spring

Learn where the leg is on my sheep April

Learn how to maintain my bicycle August
Record your plans below:
Project Record

(5-8 Year Old)

A separate Project Record should be completed for each project you did this year. List the specific things you learned and did in this project during the past year. List new things you learned. Be sure to include the things you learned how to do. Use numbers to show how much you did, how many items you made, how much money you earned or saved, etc.
Note: This page should be completed for each project you have done this year. If a project record is included in your project book, complete the record and attach it to this sheet.

1. Things I Learned and Did in this Project Date(s) When I Learned/Did


Learned where the leg is on my sheep April 3

Went to Cloverbud Camp July 4-7

Showed my lamb at the fair Sept. 12

Went to town hall Oct. 13

2. What was your favorite part of this project?

My Personal Touch

Creating a Mini-Scrapbook

Use your creativity in this section to tell special things about your project. You might include pictures, news clippings, drawings, collages, poems, or anything else you have collected or done in 4-H this year. (Please add up to five pages in this section.)

(Reminder: Attach a copy of your 4-H Project Plan and My 4-H Story to this Project Record)

Please write a story telling about yourself and your family. Include what you did in 4-H this year. Be sure to write at least one paragraph on each project you completed. What did you enjoy most this year? What did you learn about? What special events did you get to attend? Were you ever a helper this year? Try to make your story fun for the reader. You might include something funny that happened to you. You may dictate your story to your project helper.

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