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Field of Dreams: Scene by Scene

  1. Introductory Montage (Old Photos) – “My father’s name was John Kinsella. . .” b. 1896 (N. Dakota) – served WWI – Chicago (White Sox fan), 1919 betting scandal – played in the minors briefly – moved to Brooklyn(’35), married (’38) – working Naval Shipyards

Ray is born (’52), mother dies ’55 – raised on baseball stories – Ray goes college (UC Berkeley), English major – marries Annie (’74) – daughter Karin – becomes Iowa farmer (’88) – never done anything crazy, until he heard the voice

  1. Ray in his Cornfields – Hears the voice (“If you build it, he will come”)

  1. In the Kitchen – Annie jokes about it

  1. That Night in the Bedroom – Voice again

  1. Next Morning in the Kitchenbreakfast, Harvey on tv (“the man is sick”)

  1. At the Feedstore – Does anyone hear voices? (“Crazy”/Patsy Cline)

  1. In the Cornfields3rd time voice, and the visions (ballfield and Shoeless Joe)

  1. Preparing Dinner in the Kitchen – Dinner (reveals vision to Annie)

  1. Karin’s bedroom – Putting her to bed

  1. In the Bedroom – Ray “afraid of turning into [his] father” – “never forgave him for getting old” – “do you think I’m crazy?/ Yes” – But build it

  1. Montage (Building the Field) – Neighbors looking on (“What’s he doing? Damn fool”) – Plowing under – building bleachers – rolling infield – telling Karin about Shoeless Joe (“My father

said. . . “)

  1. Picnic on the Field (under the lights) – Talking about Joe (“Dad used to say”) – “The first time I’ve seen you smile when you’re talking about your father”

  1. Bedroom Window in Winter – Ray watching and waiting

  1. Living Room (Christmas) – Ray looking out window, in-laws in the background

  1. Living Room – (Ballgame on in background) – discussing financial troubles – can’t keep the field – “Daddy, there’s a man out on your lawn”

  1. On the Field – Shoeless Joe arrives – takes fungoes and BP – waxes rhapsodic over baseball (“I’d’ve played for nothing”) – lights, “owners”

  1. Visit from the Family – “You’ve got to sell. . .” (Mark) – “What’s a crop?” “Daddy, the baseball game’s on.”

  1. Practice at the Field – Players arrive, rush out onto the field – the rest of the family can’t see them.

  1. Leaving the Field for the Night – (“I’m melting!”) – the return of the Voice – “Ease his pain”

  1. In the Kitchen – Getting ready for the PTA meeting – the voice is back/what does he want this time?

  1. PTA Meeting at the Local School Auditorium – Disputing the works of Terrence Mann (satirist or pervert?) – “no place in school for this kind of smut” – defending Terrence Mann – getting personal (Eva Braun, horse’s ass) – “Who’s for the first Amendment?” – Terrence Mann’s pain?

  1. Research Montage (Library/Lawn/Car/Home) – Terrence Mann – 60’s activist – now writes interactive software to help children solve disputes – a dream to play at Ebbett’s Field – (a bat called Rosebud) – Annie’s refusal – dealing with primal forces of Nature – **the shared dream**

  1. Travel Montage (On the Way to Boston) – VW Microbus – (Allman Brothers/”Jessica”) -- rehearsing – asking directions

  1. At Terrence Mann’s Apartment – “Who the hell are you?” – “You’re from the ‘60’s” – “I don’t have any answers/ I don’t do causes” – “You’re a pacifist!” – “It’s a long story, but it’s a really good one”

  1. Under the Stands at Fenway Park – “What do you want?”/ “I want people to stop looking to me for answers, to be a leader. I want people to think for themselves/’No, what do you want?/ “Oh. Dog and a beer.”

  1. In the Stands at Fenway – Moonlight Graham (1 inning, no at-bats) – **“Go the distance”** --

  1. Outside Mann’s Apartment -- “I wish I had your passion, Ray. I used to feel that way about things” – “You saw it! Did you hear the Voice? It’s okay to admit it” – “We’re going to Minnesota”

  1. Travel Montage – (Doobie Brothers/”China Grove”) – calling home (“Give Karin a hug. “I love you”/”Someday explain all this to me.”)

  1. Farmhouse Kitchen – “Why didn’t you tell him?” (Mark and his bottom-feeding partners)

  1. Streets of Chisolm, Minnesota

  1. At the Newspaper Office/Morgue – Doc’s obit (died 1972 – provided for the needy – no publicity) – “You’re a good writer/”So are you”

  1. At a Local Bar – (Terry taking notes) Overcoat and umbrella – blue hats for his wife, many still ungiven at his death

  1. Motel Room – No screwing. drinking, opium, midnight abortions or illegitimate children – Shoeless Joe had a problem: what’s Doc’s? – Terry is missing

  1. Streets of Chisolm, MN/ Doc’s Office (1972) – “At the time you don’t think much of it. You know, we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they’re happening. Back then, I thought: they’ll be other days. I didn’t realize that that was the only day”

  1. Motel Room – could one inning change a lifetime?

  1. Farmhouse Bedroom – Mark and his partners bought the note – ‘We don’t have the money” – “I have to take Mr. Mann back to Boston” – “we’re coming home”

  1. On the Road in the Microbus – get all the karma you can (hitchhiker) – Archie Graham

Ray’s story: Father never made it as a ballplayer, tried to get his son to make it for him – 14, read The Boatrocker (by Terrence Mann) refused to play catch with his dad – 17, told father he could never respect a man whose hero was a criminal (Shoeless Joe) – later wanted to come home, but didn’t know how – “S.O.B . died before I could tell him. . . you know" – Never met Ray’s wife, his granddaughter –

This is your penance – “Now we know everyone’s purpose, but mine”

  1. Home Again – “Dad-dy!”

  1. The Field – Archie gets in the game – the wink – “Look for low and away. But watch out for in your ear” – sacrifice fly –

  1. The Field (next day) – “Time to put away your fantasies and come down to earth”: time to sell (Mark) – people will come (Karin) – Magic Waters (Terrence)

The Fall – Archie’s sacrifice – Hey, rookie! You were good!” (Shoeless Joe) – “When did these ballplayers get here?/Do not sell this farm” (Mark)

The Offer – Terrence (not Ray) gets to go “out there” – “what’s in it for me?” (Ray) – “I’ll write about it” (Terrence)”

The Reconciliation – Young John Kinsella – “This is my. . . this is John”/“You catch a good game” (Ray) – “Is this heaven?”/”It’s Iowa. Is there a heaven?”/”Oh, yea. It’s the place where dreams come true”/Ray regards fields, house, family/”Maybe this is heaven” – **“Hey, Dad? Wanna have a catch?”**

  1. Helicopter Shot – Rises from field, to long line of cars approaching, then rises to heavens.

  1. Cast and Credits – Written by Phil Alden Robinson – from the novel Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella – “For Our Parents”


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