My favourite book Form 7


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My favourite book

Form 7
This lesson’s aim: to learn new words of topic “Books”; to learn the proverb about knowledge; to make up different kinds of sentences using new words; to make a story about a book or your favourite character. To develop skills of reading and speaking. To bring up an interest to reading books.

Good morning, dear children. I am your teacher of English for this lesson, Tetiana Oleksiivna . The theme of this lesson is “My favourite book ”… At this lesson we have to learn new words of topic „Books”, learn a proverb about knowledge, make up different kinds of sentences using new words, learn to make a story about a book or your favourite character. Be attentive, concentrated and helpful to each other. I am sure you know and like fairy tales and today I’ll tell you an amazing story about Puss in boots . And at our lesson this clever cat will help us to improve our knowledge of English. But our story is differ than the original one.

There was a miller who was dying. He was a very clever man and he had got a lot of different books. He left to his three sons all that he owned. The eldest had all adventure books, the second – science fiction stories, and the youngest - nothing but a closed book and a cat who knew English.

Old father’s death made the sons unhappy. The eldest son received from his father an important list of books, but it was torn. And our first group will try to complete this list.

For this you have to translate these words into English.

( The pupils of the 2– nd and the 3 – d groups have got green and red cards in front of you. for checking their answers)

If the answer is right - rise your hand with a green card, if the answer is wrong – a red card.)

The second group has to help the second miller’s son to connect parts of cards .

Live to cover

Books choose a friend

To read a book from cover and learn

Choose an author as you are our friends

The youngest miller’s son was the unhappiest because he has only received one book and he couldn’t even read it because it was closed. He couldn’t open it.

You can ask me. „What does it mean « a closed book »?

Look! Here it is.

This is a magic book with a key. But it can be opened only when we know a magic phrase.

It will be the task for the third group: put the words of a proverb in a right order. But be very attentively because only your right answer will help us to open it and get to know its secret.

( The first and the second group will check your answers with their cards )

a dangerous Little is thing knowledge

Are you ready? Please, do the tasks in your groups. Speak to each other, discuss all together and rise your hands when you do it.

  • Ok! Each group has done the task well. And as a result we’ve helped all miller’s sons. Now we know the magic phrase.

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Ok! Can you translate this special phrase? You are right. Remember these words for all your life. The old miller was a wise man and wanted his youngest son to be a clever person.

Let’s use these words as a motto of our lesson and help the cat to find the best fate for his master. Puss in boots wants a good rich life for him. And as you know his main purpose to get married him with a beautiful princess.

At first he decided to get some rabbits for a king. So Puss in Foots went to the forest to catch rabbits. But these are magic rabbits. They’ll jump themselves in a sack if you do the tasks on them.

You’ve got a text with some new words in it. At first let’s translate them.

Ok! Translate into Ukrainian.

I’m sure you’ve learnt new words well. And now we can do the first cat’s task. Come to me and take a rabbit with a word on it. If you translate it right, I’ll give you a rabbit.

Ok, we’ve got 9 rabbits. Our Buss in boots can bring them to a king’s palace.

At the palace he asked to speak with his majesty. He went upstairs into king’s apartment made a low bow and said, „Your majesty, I’ve brought you a gift from my master, The Marquis of Carabas. (Puss was pleased to give this name to his master)

The king was very glad to see so many rabbits in a cat’s sack.

Another time Puss in boots went to the cornfield to catch partridges for the king.

It won’t be difficult if we do the next task. It’s a grammar game. For each right answer you’ll have one partridge.

We ‘ve got a dice and a counter. Throw the dice and move your counter. When you stop, I’ll read you a task.

  • How many partridges have you got?

Puss in boots went and made a present of these to the king. The king received the partridges with great pleasure and thanked the Marquis of Carabas.
After that Puss in boots went to a splendid castle near the forest. It belonged to an ogre , who was the richest ever seen. In fact all the lands belonged to the ogre. And of course Puss has a plan.

It’s difficult to enter the castle because there was a magic door in it.

Somebody’s loud voice behind the door recites a poem. It’s a magic poem. We have to clap above our heads, when we hear books are full, and crouch – when we hear I would like. Be attentively! Let’s start!
Books are full of boys and girls

That I would like to know.

Books are full of happenings

To folks of long ago.

Books are full of animals

That I would like to pet.

Books are full of weather too,

Both sunny days and wet.

Books are full of other lands

That I would like to see.

Books are full of things I like

And characters I’d like to be.

Ok! You have done everything right, so the magic door is opened.

The cat boldly walked in, gave a low bow and said to the ogre, „ I’ve heard you can change yourself into any kind of animal.

„That is true, ” ― answered the ogre kindly, do my three tasks and I’ll show you.

At first answer the questions.

  1. What is your favourite book?

  2. What is it about?

  3. What are the main characters?

The ogre has become a big lion.

Then continue the sentences.

  1. I have read a book under the title…

  2. This book is about …

  3. The main characters are…

The ogre has become a wicked dog.

At last – tell about your favourite book or a favourite character.

The ogre has changed himself into a mouse and began to run about the floor.

„That’s great ” laughed Puss fell upon him and ate him up.

After a while the king came by. He saw the ogre’s splendid castle and wanted to go into it. Puss ran out and said to the king : Your Majesty, welcome to the castle of my lord Marquis of Carabas.

The Maquis saw the Princess and immediately fell in love with her.

The Princess was so beautiful that the Marquis decided to give her some flowers.

You have to put petals of a flower in their places, doing the task.

We have got beautiful flowers for the Princess. Everybody is happy.

The Marquis married, the Princess that very same day.

And I want to thank you for your answers at this lesson and give you these little books as a recollect about it. For your best answers I’ll give you books with the cat’s autograph. He has written “Well done”.

Our lesson is over. Thanks once more.

Good bye.


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