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By: Pamela Anderson
Celebrating Milestones in the Lives of Little People!


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Hardcover Book

African-American Girl Shown



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Pamela Anderson at 310-629-1183 or

  • Book images can be found online at

Watch-Me-Grow Kids  PO Box 4405  Carson, CA 90749  p - 310-629-1183  f - 310-532-4536

Background Information


My New School

  • introduces toddlers to the concept of school

  • builds self-esteem

  • increases the child’s interest in reading.

Inside the pages of My New School, the child sees an adorable image of himself or herself enjoying all the aspects of preschool. My New School helps children conquer the fear associated with leaving the comfort of home, and replaces it with excitement as they enter a new phase of growth. The big colorful images and the rhyming words will quickly make My New School a family favorite.


This book is intended for parents and caregivers of young children. A caregiver can include anyone who wants to help make the toddler’s transition from home to preschool a little easier. Educators, physicians, and parenting groups can provide the book to parents and caregivers to make guiding their little ones through this milestone a smooth process. The book contributes to parent-child quality time as they bond through the sharing of a story.


The book introduces the child to a main character that is the same gender and ethnicity as the child. The intent is to have the child personalize the story and see herself or himself as the main character. My New School shows children that school is a wonderful place, and that mommy or daddy always comes back before the day ends.
The book covers the essential features of starting pre-school or kindergarten, including:

  • Great teachers  Snack time  Cubbies  Play time

  • New friends  Story time  Potties  Nap time


The interactive CD is a wonderful complement to the book. It has great learning features that both parents and children will enjoy. Users may choose to read the story themselves, or follow along as the author reads the words when they appear on the screen. Through seeing and listening to the story on CD, children improve their reading skills by associating words with sounds and pictures.

The CD includes a coloring book of the story and a memory matching game that will delight young minds. The coloring book allows a child’s imagination and creativity to run freely, while the memory-matching game improves concentration, memory and critical thinking. The simple choose-and-click process of both these activities helps to strengthen the child’s hand-eye coordination. Similarly, the appropriate bells, bings and page-turn sounds add to the liveliness of the CD.


The website associated with this book, contains the company’s history, mission statement, list of titles, and related links. The Watch-Me-Grow Kids focuses on developmental milestones for children. Readers who are interested in learning more about the book can see the available characters as well as view pages from the book. My New School and other Watch-Me-Grow Kids titles can be purchased online at the Web site. Titles in the series include My New School, No More Diaper Blues, Off To Bed, My Big Brother/Sister. .


bout The Author: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson grew up in the Greater Los Angeles area and later graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. The daughter of an educator and a Los Angeles Ram football player, Pam grew up with her mom, dad, and older sister. She now writes and publishes children’s books, and works as a consulting Certified Public Accountant for major entertainment companies. Pam lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband of 13 years and their two young sons.

Pamela Anderson, the author, talks about how the book began

I remember sitting in my office about four years ago practically in tears worrying about how my expanding work responsibilities and my expanding family (a two-year-old son and another due in a month) were going to co-exist. My biggest concern was getting my two-year-old through the major milestones that would impact him all at once. He was going through potty training, establishing a “kiss me goodnight and leave the room” bedtime, leaving his one-on-one baby sitter of two years for preschool, and invasion of his territory by his soon to be baby brother.

I read every article I could find on how to deal with these major changes in a toddler’s life. I called friends, who are mothers, for advice. All sources emphasized the need to rehearse the key elements with the child before the actual changes occur.

Problem One

My two-year-old didn’t know what a “teacher” or a “baby” was, and he most certainly did not want to stay alone in a room at night!
“I need to find books on each milestone so I can show him there’s nothing to fear,” I thought.

Problem Two

Those books had

  • too many words on the pages

  • non-compelling characters

  • absence of vibrant color

The Result - Zero progress! In fact, my first son freaked out daily for at least a solid forty-five days EVERY morning I dropped him off at his new school. He would cry. I would cry. It was a mess!

The Light Came On - I realized that those books lacked rhyming words that flow, vibrant colors, and characters of interest to my son. I spoke with a variety of child development professionals, took several writing workshops, conducted a year long search for the right artists and…

The Answer: My journey resulted in Watch-Me-Grow Kids Publishing and a series of children’s books that help parents and little ones through toddler developmental milestones. Each book is available with a main character that corresponds with the child’s gender and ethnic identity.

  • My New School  My Big Brother  My Big Sister

  • No More Diaper Blues  Off to Bed

Book Details


My New School


Pamela Anderson


Han Lee and Stacie Wu


Watch-Me-Grow Kids Publishing

Contact Information:

Pamela Anderson at or

phone: 310-629-1183, fax: 310-532-4536.


9” x 9”, 20 full color pages, hard cover


Books: $12.95 USD

CD: $ 14.95)USD


Each book has a different ISBN since each has a different main character.

1-932555-00-5: African-American girl

1-932555-01-3: African-American boy

1-932555-03-X: Latino/Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian boy

1-932555-02-1: Latina/ Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian girl

1-932555-04-8: Blonde girl

1-932555-05-6: Blonde boy

1-932555-06-4: Brunette girl

1-932555-07-2: Brunette boy

1-932555-08-0: CD Rom


The book is available now through the following channels -

Online Orders:


The book is distributed to bookstores through Baker & Taylor at (908) 541-7461. Bookstores can also order the book from the publisher. See the contact information below or visit the Web site:

International Orders:

Reasonable shipping rates apply to orders outside the United States by ordering with Baker & Taylor Books. Consumers can order at the Web site:

Publisher’s Address:

Watch-Me-Grow Kids Publishing, PO Box 4405, Carson, CA 90749

When reviewing this book, please mention the associated Web site where your readers/audience can find more information.

News Release

Contact: Pamela Anderson 310-629-1183
2-5 YEAR OLDS Starting School? – No Problem!

A Book That Puts Your Child at Ease

Los Angeles, CA – Watch-Me-Grow Kids Publishing has announced the publication My New School just in time to prepare new preschoolers and kindergartners over the summer, for the first day of school in the fall. Written by entertainment executive, Pamela Anderson, ($12.95, ISBN 1-932555-00-5) My New School has a unique concept that allows the main character to be selected to match the gender and ethnicity of the child. The companion CD (ISBN 1-932555-08-0) has an assortment of interactive learning activities that relate to the story.

In the 20-page 9” x 9” full-color hardcover book, children see themselves as the star character enjoying all of the wonderful aspects of school. Their personal character attends school, has great teachers, makes new friends, enjoys snack, and does so much more! With vibrant images and an important theme, this book will delight parents as they face the challenges of comforting and preparing their little ones for their very first day of school. As Carole McDonnell, of Preschool Entertainment notes, “…the book celebrates the specialness of a child’s day at school. My New School is perfect reading for school preparation.”

In My New School, Anderson uses subtle child developmental techniques such as vivid colors, simple rhyming words, and large print to create a teaching tool and visual aid that will quickly become a story time favorite. Jennifer Reed of Wee Ones Magazine expressed it quite concisely, “it is a necessary and relevant book for preschoolers.”

Watch-Me-Grow Kids Publishing continues it’s community outreach by donating books to organizations like First Book and numerous other literacy programs. Additionally, Mrs. Anderson enjoys volunteering and reading to children at schools and libraries.

My New School is available in bookstores, at and can be purchased directly online from the publisher at The book retails for $12.95 and the interactive CD is $14.95

Contact Information: For additional information, review copies, photos, appearances and interviews, contact Pamela Anderson at 310–629-1183 or

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Short Piece:

A new book and activity CD helps children conquer fear and become excited about starting preschool and kindergarten. My New School (by Pamela Anderson, ISBN 1-932555-00-5) is a 9” x 9” full-color 20-page hardcover book that reflects the child as the main character by matching the child’s gender and ethnicity. In the story, the child is learning and enjoying many aspects of school. Visit for more information.

Long Piece:

A new book and activity CD helps children conquer fear and become excited about starting preschool and kindergarten. My New School (by Pamela Anderson, ISBN 1-932555-00-5) is a 9” x 9” full-color 20-page hardcover book that reflects the child as the main character by matching the child’s gender and ethnicity. The book is available with female and male main characters of various ethnic backgrounds. The child sees his or her personal character learning and enjoying many fun aspects of school, including great teachers, making new friends, snack time, and so much more! The CD (ISBN 1-932555-08-0) includes an animated story book, a coloring book and a memory-matching game. The story can be viewed with any one of 8 boy and girl main characters.

Published by Watch-Me-Grow-Kids, the book retails for $12.95, $ 14.95 for the CD. Both can be purchased online at and at The book is distributed by Baker & Taylor Books, (908) 541-7461. Visit for more information.

Book Reviews

Over 40 publications across the country have requested review copies of MY NEW SCHOOL. The following are the reviews received to date.

My New School

Written by Pamela Anderson

Illustrated by Han Lee and Stacie Wu

Published by Watch Me Grow Kids

Hardcover book

Ages 3-5
Perfect for toddlers who are coping with new experiences in life, this new

series of books is ideal for little ones. My New School is the first in a

series of books due to come out soon. This innovative idea geared towards

toddlers, helps them deal with new and often not so exciting changes in

Going to preschool can be very scary for children and separating from Mommy

or Daddy is traumatic. My New School shows the joy in going to school

through the eyes of a young child and how learning can be fun. Most

importantly, in the end, Mommy always returns to pick up her child and gets

hugs from Daddy in the safety and comfort of his or her own home.

Aside from the bold illustrations with bright colors that toddlers will

like, the book is sturdy and smaller in scale for little hands. Short,

simple sentences make this easy to read. Another unique feature is that

there are different main characters for each book. You can purchase My New

School with an African American boy or girl or with a Latino/Asian/Middle

Eastern/Indian boy or girl. Characters with blonde, red and brown hair will

be available in 2004!
Jennifer Reed


With kid-appropriate language and a multi-ethnic setting, the book celebrates the specialness of a child's day at school. The child enters a kid-sized world where teachers smile, school is full of surprises and at the end of the day Mommy returns to take her home.

Reviewed by Carole McDonnell

My New School

by Pamela Anderson

Illustrations by Han Lee & Stacie Wu

Watch Me Grow Kids

PO Box 4405

Carson, CA 90749

ISBN 1-932555-03-X - Latino/Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian boy

ISBN 1-932555-02-1 - Latina/Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian girl

ISBN 1-932555-01-3 - African-American boy

ISBN 1-932555-00-5 - African-American girl


Published 2003

20 full color pages hard cover

Parents know that the stages in a toddler's life often race past at a Milestone a minute. Some milestones, like the first smile, the first laugh or the first word, are more delightful and amusing than stressing. But then there are the big Moments, like the first day of school. Many parents try to prepare their kids for school with a good book. Often these books show how delightful and fun-filled school will be. My New School falls into this category.

Beginning with a cast of twelve multi-ethnic toddlers called the Watch Me Grow Kids, in which all of these characters have a chance to shine as main characters in the main story, starring in their very own book. Therefore an educator or teacher can choose which Watch Me Grow Kid book to --buy African-American boy or girl, Latino girl, etc, thus helping many toddlers identify with the character's adventure.

With kid-appropriate language and a multi-ethnic setting, the book celebrates the specialness of a child's day at school. The child enters a kid-sized world where teachers smile, school is full of surprises and at the end of the day Mommy returns to take her home. My New School will help kids get a jump up on the daily classroom routine, telling them from the child's viewpoint, of playtime and storytime, classroom cubbies, cots for sleeping, and snacktime when they are hungry. The story is told in a barely perceptible rhyme scheme, which is a minor flaw that most children will not notice. Those children who catch onto the rhyme will be delighted to find it. My New School is perfect reading for school preparation.

The bright illustrations are charming and uncluttered. The computer-generated characters have an almost anime-like feel. And while the same illustrations are used in all books, certain aspects of the stories change depending on the ethnic group of the main characters. The author, Pamela Anderson, is a mother of two sons. And her acquired knowledge is apparent in the book. Other upcoming titles in the milestone series are No more Diaper Blues, Off to Bed, My Big Brother, My Big Sister.


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My New School
By Pamela Anderson
Illus by Han Lee
and Stacie Wu

Review By Christina Lewis

A fun book to help children prepare for their first day of preschool. Where everything is new, but also lots of fun. The book introduces the child to his or her new school and the teachers, as well as new friends and talks about the many fun things that happen at preschool. What makes this book unique is that while the story remains the same, parents can select the gender and ethnicity of their child, to give the story a more personal touch. The large print and bright, vibrant illustrations will make this book a favorite among preschoolers and parents! (Infant-Preschool)

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