My Summer Without Baseball What was the author’s purpose in writing this story?

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My Summer Without Baseball

  1. What was the author’s purpose in writing this story?

  1. entertain

  2. inform

  3. persuade

  4. describe

  1. What is the main idea of this story?

  1. It’s hard to find a job.

  2. Baseball is for sissies.

  3. You have to solve your own problems.

d. Never give up on your dreams.

  1. What is the setting of most of the story?

  1. baseball camp

  2. Danny’s home

  3. Aunt Clara and Uncle Victor’s store

  4. New York City

  1. What is the Danny’s problem in the story?

  1. His plan of going to baseball camp this summer has fallen apart because he doesn’t have enough money.

  2. His mom’s car broke down so he can’t afford to go to baseball camp.

  3. He got in trouble at home and got grounded so he can’t play baseball with his friends at the park.

  4. He can’t find anyone to play baseball with.

  1. How does Danny solve his problem?

  1. Danny helps his mom fix the car.

  2. Danny gets his aunt and uncle to pay for his baseball camp.

  3. Danny’s aunt and uncle give him a job at their store so he can earn enough money for baseball camp.

  4. Danny goes to stay at his uncle and gets to be in a play.

6. What does the word regular coffee mean at Aunt Clara and Uncle Victor’s store?

  1. plain black coffee

  2. coffee with milk and sugar

  3. coffee in a paper cup

  4. coffee with cream and sugar

  1. Why does Gerry Bowen spend a lot of time hanging around the store reading magazines?

  1. He like to bother people.

  2. He is trying to get a job selling magazines.

  3. He doesn’t have any where else to go.

  4. He wants Danny to be his friend.

  1. What problem does Mr. Lubov have in the story?

  1. He doesn’t like plain coffee.

  2. He hates Jazz music.

  3. He can’t find a piano player for his play.

  4. He lost two baseball games.

  1. How does Danny help solve Mr. Lubov’s problem.

  1. Danny learns how to play the piano so Mr. Lubov can still put on his play.

  2. Danny tells Mr. Lubov about Mr. Hudson, the clarinet player.

  3. Danny offers to take care of Mr. Lubov’s dogs.

  4. Danny fixes his coffee with milk and sugar.

  1. Why can’t the ten year old girl with freckles and glasses decide whether she like granola bars with or without raisins?

  1. She likes to confuse Danny,

  2. Sometimes she likes raisins and sometimes she doesn’t.
  3. She likes raisins but she has a twin sister that doesn’t like raisins.

  4. She can’t make up her mind whether she likes raisins or not.

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