Mystic Horse By Paul Goble

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Mystic Horse

By Paul Goble

Story Overview: This story is a Native American legend called Mystic Horse. It tells about a boy and his grandmother who live in a Pawnee community. The grandmother and boy are poor and have to walk whenever the Pawnee move. First, the boy finds a sickly horse, and then he decides to take care of it. The horse repays him for his kindness.

Genre: A Legend is a story that has been handed down by a people for many years and often has some basis in fact.


  1. responsibility: a job, duty, or concern.

  2. patchwork: something put together out of many uneven or varied parts.

  3. sores: places where the skin has been broken and hurts.

  4. midst: the middle part

  5. loosened: made less tight

  6. amazement: great surprise or wonder

  7. mysterious: very hard or impossible to explain or understand

Strategy: Summarize

A summary is a short statement written in the students’ own words that states the most important events or ideas in a text.

Skill: Sequence

Understanding the sequence of events can help students summarize a story. Signal words such as before, after, then, later, next, and finally, are often used to indicate time order.

Grammar: Linking Verbs

A linking verb links, or connects, the subject of a sentence to a noun, pronoun, or adjective that describes the subject. Linking verbs are most often the forms of be: am, is, are, was, were. Other linking verbs include words such as: look, seem, appear, become, feel, grow, smell, taste.

Spelling List: Words with Plural Endings

Clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches, patches, mistakes, berries, mosses, armies

Review words: circus, germs, spice

Challenge words: batteries, compasses

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