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  1. Father’s Name: Shri (Late) Ram Gopal Garg

  1. Present Postal Address : Professor

Remote Sensing

Civil Engg. Deptt.

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Roorkee – 247667 (UK), India

  1. E mail:;

  1. Telephone: M: 09412999237,

Landline: (01332) 285462 (O), 285026 (R)

Fax: 273560

  1. Nationality: Indian

  1. Date of Birth : August 11, 1958

  1. Date of Superannuation: August 10, 2023

  1. Educational Qualification:

Degree Year University

1. B.E. (Civil Engg) 1980 University of Roorkee, Roorkee

(Now IIT Roorkee)

2. M.E. (Civil Engg) 1982 University of Roorkee, Roorkee

with specialisation in Advanced (Now IIT Roorkee)

Surveying & Photgrammetry

3. Ph.D. (Remote Sensing) 1991 University of Bristol, U.K.

4. Post-doctoral (Remote Sensing & GIS) 1999 University of Reading, U.K.

  1. Fields of Specialisation: (Civil Engg) Satellite Image Analysis, Landuse Mapping, Land Surveying, Digital Image Processing, GPS Survey and GIS

11. Previous Employment Details:

1. Professor Feb. 3, 2004 to Continuing, IIT Roorkee

2. Associate Professor Feb. 18, 2001 to Feb. 2, 2004, IIT Roorkee

3. Asstt. Professor April 9, 1996 to Feb. 17, 2001 University of Roorkee, Roorkee

4. Lecturer November 29, 1982 to April 8, 1996 University of Roorkee, Roorkee

12. Academic Achievements:

S No




Papers published






Chapters contributed in Books








Under Publication







Research projects



In Progress



Consultancy projects



In Progress



Ph.D. Thesis supervised



In Progress



M.E. Theses supervised



In Progress



Training courses organized



In Progress



Training courses attended



Educational Video Film developed



Conferences/Workshop Organised


13 Awards:

  1. Gold Medal in M.E. (Civil Engg) 1982 from the University of Roorkee.

  2. Commonwealth Academic Staff Scholarship 1987-1990 from the British Council.

  3. Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship 1998-1999 from the British Council.

  4. ISRS SPECK Award-2003 for research paper in Indian Society of Remote Sensing Conference, Hyderabad (With Mr. R. D. Garg, Prof. S. K. Govil)

  5. Rastriya Gaurav Award, 2004 form India International Friendship Society

  6. Faculty Star Performer at IIT Roorkee, Session 2003-2004

  7. Faculty Star Performer at IIT Roorkee, Session 2004-2005

  8. Faculty Star Performer at IIT Roorkee, Session 2005-2006

14. UG and PG Courses Developed :

  1. UG Courses – Principles of Surveying

Geomatics Engg.

Principles of GIS

2. PG Courses - Principles of Remote Sensing

GIS and Its Applications

GPS and its Applications

Geoinformatics for Water Resources

Geoinformatics for Urban & Regional Planning

Digital Image Processing

Advanced Surveying & Measurement Techniques

Remote Sensing and GIS for Disaster Mapping and Mitigation

3. Multimedia Course on GIS Developed

15. Laboratory Development :

(i) Land Surveying, Modern Surveying, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Lab. developed

(ii) Latest Practicals Exercises developed

(iii) Surveying Software developed

(iv) e-contents for Lectures and Practicals developed
16. Professional Membership:

  1. Fellow Member of Bhoo Vigyan Vikas Foundation, Delhi (F-50)

  2. Fellow Member of Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata (29971-RF)

  3. Fellow Member of Indian Water Resources Society, Roorkee (F-2001-1110)

  4. Fellow Member of Institutions of Surveyors, New Delhi (F-476)

  5. Patron Life Member of Society for Computer Awareness (SCA/PTR -0111)

  6. Life Fellow Member of Indian Geotechnical Society (LF-0376)

  7. Life Fellow Member of Indian National Cartographic Association, Hyderabad (LF-17)

  8. Hony. Fellow of Society for Sciences (236)

  9. Life Member of Institute of Urban Transport, Delhi (M-473)

  10. Life Member of Geo Map Society India, Hyderabad (Life/1013/1)

  11. Life Member of IIT Roorkee Alumni Association (2755)

  12. Life Member of Indian Association of Hydrologists, Roorkee (LM-1253)

  13. Life Member of Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservation, Dehradun (LM-1211-G)

  14. Life Member of Indian Society for Continuing Engg. Education, Roorkee (LM-391)

  15. Life Member of Indian Society for Construction Materials & Structures (ISCMS), Roorkee (LM-623)
  16. Life Member of Indian Society of Geomatics, Ahmedabad (L-332)

  17. Life Member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Dehradun (L-0179)

  18. Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi (LM-31814)

  19. Life Member of Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Technology (LM-1619)

  20. Life member of Indian Society of Earthquake Technology (LM-1119)

  21. Life Member of Indian Society Agricultural Engineers (LM-10067)

  22. Member of IAHS, U.K. (2400)

  23. Life Member of Indian Society for Training and Development (G-685/2007/Mar2008 LM)

  24. Life member of Institute of Technical Teachers (ITT) (LM-ITT/LT/CE/2009/1013)

17. Member/Expert:

  1. Member in Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Optical Division, New Delhi

  2. Member in National Institute of Hydrology working group on Hydrological Observation and Instrumentation.

  3. Member PG Programme Formulation Committee IIRS Dehradun.

  4. Member Executive Committee Roorkee School for Deaf, Roorkee (1996-07).

  5. Member Evaluation of Syllabus of Institution of Surveyors, Delhi (by AICTE Delhi).

  6. Member GIS Project Evaluation, AICTE, Delhi.

  7. Member Executive Council of Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS) Roorkee (2003-2005).

  8. Member Executive Council of Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS) (2004-2006).
  9. Member Executive Council of Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservation, Dehradun (2004-2006).

  10. Member TIFAC CORE Centre for Disaster Mitigation, DST, New Delhi

  11. Member Project Formulation Committee on Digital Archaeology, University of Allahabad.

  12. Member Core Committee of Project Evaluation on Terrain Mapping, DRDO New Delhi.

  13. Member, Evaluation Committee, Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore.

  14. Member Editorial Board of Journal of Geomatics, 2005.

  15. Resource person in Indian Disaster Knowledge Network (IDKN), Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi

  16. Member, Affiliation Committee for various Technical Institutes for Uttarakhand Technical Institute, Dehradun.

  17. Member, Affiliation Committee for various Technical Institutes for AICTE, Delhi.

  18. Member, BOS, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, 2007

  19. Member PEER review meeting of Project SRISTI, DRDO, Delhi, Oct .2007

  20. Board of Governer Nominee, NIT, Hamirpur for 3 years.

  21. Expert Member, Uttarakhand Public Service Commission for Examination related work.

  22. Member, Project Appraisal Committee (I) Ministry of Environment & Forest, New Delhi July 2009-June 2012.

  23. Member, EAEC Committee, NBA (AICTE, New Delhi) for 2 years (2011-13).

18. Expert Selection Committee:

1. NIT, Hamirpur

2. Management Institute, Yamunanagar

3. Thaper University, Patiala

4. BIT Ranchi

5. BIT Extension Centre, Noida

6. RAC, DRDO, New Delhi

7. ISRO, Deptt of Space, Bangalore

8. Uttarakhand Institute of Technology, Dehradun

9. Beehive College of Technology, Dehradun

10. Mahavir Tirthanakar University, Moradabad

11. IIT Mumbai

12. Integral University, Lucknow

19. External Examiner:

  1. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

  2. MNIT, Allahabad

  3. University of Jammu

  4. IIRS, Dehradun

20. AICTE/NBA Visits:

1. Dharmsinh Desai University , Gujarat

2. Ujjain Engg College, Ujjain

3. Guru Nanak Dev Engg College, Ludhiana

4. NIT Durgapur

5. Anna University

6. College of Engineering, Pune

7. College of Engineering, JNTU, Hyderabad

21. Ph.D Theses Examiner:

  1. IIT Bombay, Mumbai

  2. Vishakhapatnam University

  3. MNIT Allahabad

  4. MNIT, Jaipur

  5. BHU IT, Varanasi

  6. MANIT, Bhopal

  7. University of Jammu

  8. SVNIT Surat

22. BOS Members:

  1. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

  2. Mahavir Tirthankar University, Moradabad

  3. Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Haryana

  4. Graphic Era University, Dehradun

  5. CEPT, Ahemdabad

  6. THDC Institute of Hydropower and Technology, Govt of Uttarakhand, Tehri

  7. Invertis University, Bareilly

  8. Jammu University.

23. Editorial Board:

  1. Journal of Applied Geomatics

  2. Journal of Geomatics

  3. Journal of Indian Water Resources Society

24. Reviewer:

  1. DST, New Delhi for Project work

  2. Indo-US Program for Project work

  3. INCOH (MOWR) for Project work

  4. Journal of Environmental Engg,, Nagpur
  5. Journal of Indian Society of Remote sensing, Dehradun

  6. Journal of Geomatics, Ahmedabad

  7. Journal of Hydrologists, Roorkee

  8. Journal of Indian Water Resources Society, Roorkee

  9. International Journal of Remote Sensing

25. Visits Abroad:

  1. United Kingdom

  2. United States of America

  3. Germany

  4. Switzerland

  5. Spain

  6. Italy

  7. France

  8. Thailand

  9. Singapore

  10. Malaysia

  11. Sweden

  12. Vietnam

  13. Lao

  14. Dubai

  15. China

  16. Japan

26. Administrative Responsibilities held:

  1. Coordinator, Centre for Remote Sensing, funded by All India Council for Technical Education/Ministry of Human Resources Development.

  2. Co-Coordinator, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park (STEP), IIT Roorkee

  3. O.C. Dairy, IIT Dairy

  4. Professor In-charge Alumni Affairs, IIT Roorkee

  5. Head, Geomatics Engineering Section (Twice).

  6. Associated Faculty Centre for Transportation System (CTRANS), IIT Roorkee

  7. Associated Faculty Centre of Excellence for Disaster Mitigation & Management, IIT Roorkee

  8. Warden/Chief Warden in various students’ Hostels

  9. Staff Advisor Photography Section, Hobbies Club

  10. Staff Advisor, Mountaineering

  11. Faculty Advisor, Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), STEP

  12. O.C. Survey Stores (Two times)

  13. O.C. Survey Lab (Two times)

  14. O.C. Geomatics Lab (Three times)

  15. Convenor, Building & Maintenance, Civil Engg Deptt

  16. Convenor, Development Planning and Web Management Committee

27. Major MHRD sponsored on-going projects

1. Pedagogy Course Development (developed two courses (Surveying and GIS), submissions done)

2. Virtual Lab (Developed Surveying Virtual Experimentation Lab, Coordinating Civil Engg Labs at National Level, Overall Coordinator, Prof Ranjan Bose, IIT Delhi).

3. NPTEL Phase II, Developing a Course on Remote Sensing (Coordinating Civil Engg Courses at IIT Roorkee).
28. Member AICTE Committee
1. Member for Evaluation of Proposals received from various institutions for grant-in-aids under different schemes (2012-2013).

2. Member Curriculum revision, Civil Engg

3. Member for the Development of Concept paper on Geospatial technology education in India.

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