Name: Date Exploring Space with an Astronaut

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Exploring Space with an Astronaut


Directions: Read each question below and write each answer in a complete sentence. Do not begin your sentence with BECAUSE or AND.
1. Who is the author of the story? __________________________________________
2. What is an astronaut? ________________________________________________
3. Who was the first woman to be a space shuttle pilot? ________________________
4. What did the astronauts do in space? ____________________________________
5. How do astronauts live in space? (Explain your answer)___________________
6. Why do astronauts go into space? _______________________________________

7. What tools do astronauts use in space? _________________________________

8. Why does the sun always shine in space? ________________________________
9. What was the astronauts “special job” in space? ___________________________

10. Why do you think the author wrote this story? ____________________________

Directions: Fill in the sentences below with the correct word. Each word will only be used once.














  1. Eileen Collins was the first _________________________ in space.

  1. Astronauts do _______________________ experiments in space.

  1. When I jumped ___________________ the water it was very cold.

  1. The teacher took _________________ outside to play.

  1. We looked ____________________________ for the missing book.

  1. The man fixed the broken ______________________________.

  1. One day I would like to ____________________ a famous author.

  1. I would like to travel across the _________________________.

  1. The principal told the students to _______________ quietly down the hallway.

  1. _______________________ do your best!

  1. Where do you ______________________________?

  1. My best friend is on the _____________________________ team.

  1. Mom drove my Dad to _______________________ this morning.

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