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End of the Book Activities
Directions: By the end of the year you must complete enough Book Activities to make a total of 100 points. You will receive a total grade at the end of the year in the 4th marking period! This will be a MAJOR part of your final grade for the year! You can only do book activities on books that you FULLY read!! You can only repeat an activity one time so choose accordingly!!
Each Book Activity must include to following for FULL CREDIT:

  • Student’s Name

  • Title, Author, Genre

  • Book Activity Title

  • Book Rating from 1-10

Keep track of your completed work below...
Book Activity Points
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________
__________________________________ _____________

25 Points:

Hooray for Hollywood

Choose two characters from your book. With a partner role play a scene from the book featuring two characters.

A Perfect Ending

Write a different ending to your story. This should change what happened in the last chapter of the book.


Draw a comic strip of an important scene in the book. Make sure you have dialogue. You should have at least 8 boxes.

Dear Author

Write a letter to the author telling why you liked the book or why you didn’t like it. Give examples from the book and valid reasons. Include any questions that you have for the author.


Make a timeline with illustrations sequencing 10 important events that happened in the book. Make sure you create captions for each event and put them in sequential order.

Main Character

Who is the main character? Describe him/her physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

How does he/she change throughout the novel? What causes this change? Make sure to use evidence from the text.


What happens in the novel? BE SPECIFIC!

Include: setting, characters, problem, and solution. Please explain these events in the sequential order in which they happened in the novel.


Create a test based on your novel with an answer key. It must have 20 questions total. Be creative and use a variety of questions (true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank).

Dear Diary

Imagine you are a character in the book. Write a diary entry based on a scene in the book. Make sure to add the character’s thoughts and feelings on this scene.

15 Points:

Talk Some Sense

Write a letter to your character. Give your character advice on a situation that happened in the book. Write about how you would of handled the situation differently.


Give examples of people you know that have the same problems or life situations as a character in your book. Make connections and be very specific. What is similar? What is different?


Who is the author of your book? Research your author and write a summary about him/her to share with the class. Include any interesting facts that you may discover.

Fan Fiction

Pretend your character is a celebrity and write an advertisement article about him/her. Give a summary about your character and write any details that your fans would like to know.

Getting the Setting

Research the setting of your book and draw a map showing where it’s located. Include a map key and facts about area.


Make a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting two characters from your book. Must include 10 facts for each section of the diagram.

Character Interview

Interview a character in your book. Please make sure to have your character respond in the interview. Must include 10 questions fin order to prove you read the entire book .

It’s Puzzling

Create a crossword puzzle or word search about your story. Include at least 10 words or clues.

I “Scene” It

Draw two pictures of scenes from your story that are not illustrated in your book. Write a summary of the scene below each picture. Label each character and the setting.

10 Points:

X Marks the Spot

Create a bookmark for your book, drawing a scene from the book or a character. Give a summary of the book on the back.

Talk About It

Give a 5 minute book talk to the class about your book. Don’t give away the ending, but make it interesting enough to make others want to read your book.

Story Time

Read your favorite part of the book out loud to the class. Explain why you liked this part and why this scene is important to the book.

Cover Story

Create a new book jacket for the book. Make a new front cover including the title, author and your own picture, as well as a new back cover including your own summary of the book.


Select an action of the main character that is similar to something you might do. Describe what the character did and how and why you would have done the same thing. Make connections.

Text It!

Create a text dialogue telling a friend about the book and why they should read it. You can use text symbols and abbreviations.

Facebook Status

Create a Facebook status posted by your main character related to a scene in the book. Have other characters in the book comment on this status.


Create a song or poem summarizing the book or explaining details about one of the main characters.

Cast List

Pretend your book is becoming a movie. What movie stars would you pick to play the characters in your book? Would you change anything from the book in this movie?


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