Name "Harrison Bergeron" Response Journal

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Name ________________________________ “Harrison Bergeron” Response Journal

English 10

After reading "Harrison Bergeron," respond to the following prompt through journal writing (this will take the place of Journal #5). Spend at least 10 minutes writing in paragraph form, focused on the following questions or your other personal reactions to the story:

  1. "Harrison Bergeron" is a satire, a "literary work that attacks human vice through irony or wit" . . .what, specifically, is Vonnegut satirizing? (Give a couple of examples from the story).

  1. The futuristic America that Vonnegut depicts is dedicated to the enforcement of mediocrity. How the country got that way is left for us to imagine. Speculate what kind of events might occur to lead the society to that place in 2081.

  1. Vonnegut's story is set in the distant future, but are there any aspects of the society he imagines that could be read a s symbolic of realities in our society today? Explain.

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