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Name____________________ Mrs. Burris

6th Grade Heritage Studies Syllabus
Secondary Discipline Procedures

1. Warning

2. Isolation Lunch – A note will be given to your student to have you sign and return.

3. After 3 isolation lunches in a grading period, parents will be contacted formally and detention will be given.

4. After 3 detentions in a grading period, administration will conference with parents and students will be assigned their 1st suspension. Required parent conference if student does not attend, student will be assigned their 2nd suspension.

6. 2nd suspension.

7. 3rd suspension

8. Office Visit.

9. A third visit to the office is ground for expulsion.
Some behaviors dictate skipping steps in the discipline procedures. These decisions are at the discretion of LCA administration. Parents will be notified in these cases.
Grading Policy

Homework 10%

Tests 30%

Class Work 40%

Quizzes 20%
Homework may be turned in 1 day late for a 70. Homework turned in after 1 day late will receive a 0. Homework is typically class work that was not finished during class time.
There will be 12 major tests, one for each chapter in the text.
Quizzes will be given occasionally on material studied in class and vocabulary.

Projects will be given occasionally and students will be given a detailed rubric which must be followed. Projects will count as a test grade.

Heritage Studies Course Outline

Chapter 1: Between the Rivers Mesopotamia

Chapter 2: The Gift of the Nile: Ancient Egypt

Chapter 3: The People of One God: Ancient Israel

Chapter 4: Mysteries of the Indus: Ancient India

Chapter 5: Dynasties in Seclusion: Ancient China

Chapter 6: A Glory by the Sea: Classical Greece

Chapter 7: Power of Seven Hills: Roman World

Chapter 8: Of Jade and Stone: Ancient Mayas

Chapter 9: Story Keepers and Kings: Ancient Africa

Chapter 10: Golden Age of the Orient: Japan, China, and India

Chapter 11: Mosaics and Minarets: Byzantine Empire

Chapter 12: Shadow of the Castle: Middle Ages

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at school. My e-mail is . My conference and planning periods are 1st and 2nd, which is from 8:40-9:25 and 9:30-10:15.

Thank you! I look forward to working with you and your families this year!

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