Name: Nik vWurzbach City, Country: Düsseldorf, Germany Sent

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Name: Nik vWurzbach

City, Country: Düsseldorf, Germany
Sent: 5.12 PM - 11/15 2002

Hi Ramon,

cool thing! You are a real modern global nomad. Please stay save and show the world that human beings are not so bad at all. Your courage is great.
Good luck.
Nik v. Wurzbach

Name: Sharlini
City, Country: Kuala Terengganu
Sent: 6.30 PM - 11/14 2002

Hi Ramon!

It's nice to see a new and improved site after months of wondering what happened to you. I hope your back gets better and that your health will keep improving since you quit smoking.

Take care and enjoy!

Name: Leonard Stephen Ondu Majakil
City, Country: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Sent: 12.39 PM - 11/5 2002

Sorry, me a neanderthal dragging everyone into different posting. Bret, a post is better than no post. May I repeat what has been written somewhere in www. related to author. Yes indeed and I believed, he says life is about communication, understanding and respect. If you don't communicate, you can't understand them. If you don't understand them, you can't respect them.

Why spent trillions and trillions on seconds(time) or whatever resources on space explorations and communication development with alien beings when we can't even be in rhythm and tempo with your fellow humankind in your own backyard.

My belief is that is just about that. To communicate, understand as well as respect our nearest neighbours (you and me). Californian orange juice is incomparable or irreplaceable but me a surviving native of Dusun tribe still and forever prefer the polluted Borneo mineral water. Why? There is no way to survive the situation here, too. Might as well be in the exodus. I believe that there are millions similar to Ramon daily routine except on a different mode selection. In actual fact, if you are in 'an island life'(by Micheal Franks), you have no way out except collect all those empty mineral bottles with caps and tied them altogether and sail out but still you are in this home planet earth. The next and always the best thing is still what Ramon has said on communication, understanding and respect.

Indeed and I believe that as Tom Spence of Brimsmead predicts that BIG THINGS will keep on happening to RAMON. Yes, he is the author and advocate of lmsfad. He doesn't have to be graduated to be a journalist as he knows the story at the horizon. My opinion is that, if Ramon is ok, everyone is ok too and vice versa, because his life is made up of all of us.

Lots of Love,
LSOM always.
Name: donatella
City, Country: milano, italy
Sent: 2.09 PM - 10/28 2002

hello! after quite a month, I can now get a connession to this website (last week I tried, but there wasn't anything). the new design is nice, easy to be read 'cause it looks like the old one. I've read the lines you've dropped on the front page, ramon, and is nice to see that you go on with your "usual" life. I thought that I'd missed lots of thinghs & reports in this month but looks like it isn't. I'd like to send a greet to all the "old" writers here, I've just read the messages on this board.

ciao, donatella
Name: Diane,
City, Country: Australia
Sent: 4.06 PM - 10/26 2002

Its just as well you have a sense of humour, Ramon! Cyber beggar? Out of curiosity I paid a visit to some of those other sites and believe me, you're not in the same league. The difference is that you treat your "benefactors" with respect. Those journos need to do their homework.

Name: Rahul Mehra
City, Country: jaipur, India
Sent: 6.17 AM - 10/26 2002

I see your site great !!!

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 1.51 AM - 10/25 2002


Interesting thought regarding the name of Ramon's book. Perhaps a forum discussion with ideas? It needs to be .... the project, but, will a book with a title "" catch buyers, or will they think it's just another "dot com" book? ;-)

Then again, Ramon's pic on the front with a backpack will help. :-)

Name: Brian
City, Country: Durban, South Africa

Sent: 6.30 AM - 10/24 2002

Hey hey hey! It's the same good ol' Ramon, with a brand new funky website!

Ramon, this new look site is great. I've started exploring, and will eventually get to try all the things. Funny, just this morning en route to work, I was wondering what you were up to, and when next you will set foot into the great wilderness of the world.

It's good that you've started on the other part of your project - The Book. Any ideas on a title yet? I s'pose it could simply be "". Or do you have other ideas?

Will the book "bare all" in terms of specific things that happened that you excluded from the daily reports? Will the people's names be included...? All the details? I remember your comments at my place about the "freeloader" accusations from the press... :-)

Ramon, you keep working as hard as we know. Enjoy the travel break, and the company of your friends.

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 2.05 AM - 10/24 2002


You probably already know this, but photos are not available.

Yep, saw that after uploading everything, but didn't have the time to work it out at that moment (had to go to work again, hehe). Now everything should be working. Minor bugs could still be here and there.
I'll also recreate that 'click here for the visitor's book'-link. ;-)

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA

Sent: 1.56 AM - 10/24 2002

Hi Ramon and all,

Missed you, wondered what happened. As I was reading about the huge bill you received from your provider, I thought I was going to have to open PayPal again! :-) Glad to see you got it sorted. But I WAS ready to fire up PayPal for ya! :-)

I like the new page design. Took me a bit to find the "Visitors" link, as I was so used to seeing MessageBoard and Forum in the left side menu. I have not tried the new message links, but read some. Pretty cool!!!!!!

Just one request. Hehehe, you know me, I am not shy! :-) Can you add back the link here that lets one open the message board full screen? The one where it said "If you don't see the messages, click "here"." The little separate box and scrolling on the main message board is kind of difficult to review sometimes. And my mouse scroll wheel gets real confused as to where I am located with multiple scroll bars (3 currently on screen). Me and my mouse are dizzy trying to find where we are. :-)

Sounds like you are busy working for a while to pay the rent and daily expenses. But, good fun "working" also. Enjoy your time bartending and DJ'ing, it sounds great and well deserved. I gather you'll be home through the New Year at least, since you have a gig booked. We want reports though, just 'cause you are home, you are not off the hook, hahaha!


Name: Evamaria
City, Country: Netherlands
Sent: 9.03 PM - 10/23 2002

I am glad to see Ramon's site again and hope that the messageboard will soon come back to life.

My best wishes for your back, your book and other plans!
Name: Anne
City, Country: Trang,Thailand
Sent: 1.36 PM - 10/14 2002

hello, ur trip sounds fun hope u enjoy it!!

i hope sometimes i'll get that like u ;-)
Bye Bye
Name: Margaret
City, Country: Minneapolis
Sent: 6.53 AM - 10/13 2002

I can't see them either. But I can see Aug. 31 pix fine.

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 3.53 AM - 10/13 2002

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting the Sept 1 pictures from daily reports? I am not getting any displayed.

Name: Bret
City, Country: CA, USA
Sent: 6.48 PM - 10/11 2002

It's a message board! That means you leave a message to all who read the board. It's very much like a chat except you aren't in real time with the other people. I'm with Joan on this one. What harm was there trying to lead someone else away from the board and into the forum where they can continue an ongoing conversation. Sorry LSOM if you didn't get that post.

Name: Gert M.
City, Country: Belgium

Sent: 11.41 AM - 10/11 2002

I think Ramon or his backup team has good reasons to keep the messageboard proper by deleting posts and simple responses. Probably it has nothing to do with other readers OR the project if "A" is posting messages to say hello again to "B" and "C". This ain't a chatbox. Thanks Ramon.

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 5.32 AM - 10/11 2002

OK, I am stepping away now, as I see too many posts deleted for whatever reason.

I'll keep checking for Ramons travels, but can't participate here any longer because posts are just randomly deleted, including simple responses such as I posted welcoming Cynthia/Beth here.

The threads are being lost, as are the posts and "communications", thus, I am leaving for now, until Ramon and his Backup team want to change this to a moderated board BEFORE things are posted, versus letting things be posted and then disappear.

If you want a censored/moderated board, do that, no problem. But don't allow things to be posted and then delete them.

Name: Charles

City, Country: San Diego, California
Sent: 12.11 AM - 10/10 2002

I have a confession to make as well. I'm really "Charley, San Diego." :-) ;o)

Name: Margaret
City, Country: Minneapolis
Sent: 11.02 PM - 10/9 2002

That's good to know, Cynthia. Welcome back with your true identity. Honesty is good even when inconvenient.

Name: Cynthia
City, Country: USA
Sent: 10.52 PM - 10/9 2002

I see everyone is here, Brian, Margaret, Bret, Joan, Charles. I have a confession to make. I'm really "Beth, Anytown USA" I felt I had worn out my real name on this message board. Hi everybody!

Name: Brian
City, Country: Durban, South Africa
Sent: 6.15 AM - 10/9 2002

Hi all

Hey, why the bun-fight? The last about 20 or so posts reflect society at large, and through it we can understand why we have wars. It is through lack of respect.

All those who are criticising Ramon, or anyone else, please, stop. Reflect on what you are saying. Reflect on what Ramon is doing.

We all have some form of daily activity. It might be filing invoices, it might be driving trucks, maybe managing a company. Or, it could be showing those who want to learn exactly how kind and benevolent the world can be, by travelling around the world and reporting the findings and adventures on the internet.

Whatever it is, we all do something.

If you are jealous then you need to take a hard look at yourself, and decide what you can do to fix yourself. Let Ramon be. He is working damn hard at this, and like Joan and others have said, he needs a break, just like everyone else does.

Yes, it is hard, but my mother brought me up under the maxim of "If you've got nothing nice to say, then keep your mouth shut!". It works. No-one is perfect, and the sooner we accept that, and have respect for each other, the sooner we will live in peace.

Ramon, you keep going, dude. Those who matter are right there with you. The critical folk will hopefully learn one day that their criticism achieves nothing other than tarnishing their name.

Sala kahle.


Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 3.16 AM - 10/9 2002

To All, New and Old,

Yes, Ramon does edit messages here as well as the Forum. Actually, they are not "edited", they are deleted if inappropriate in the opinion of Ramon or his backup team. I've come to accept that, since this is a unique site, not like a chat room or a Newsgroup. Even though the Forum was designed (I thought) for more off topic things, it still is prone to deletions. I've had a post or two "deleted" there.

So, we should all just think of these services for a Message Board and a Forum as "moderated". I.E., censored. No problem, it's the nature of the site. Sometimes I have had entries zapped, but hey, it's a moderated group. If it was a total free for all like unmoderated internet newsgroups, it could become really a "world wide mess" and potentiall quite nasty. So though I don't agree with some of the edits, I respect the right of Ramon and his team to manage this site, their site. I just move on, still loving the project and everything about it, and all the work it takes to make this happen.

Keep on truckin' Ramon. And I hope you find a new clothing sponsor.


Name: Margaret
City, Country: Minneapolis
Sent: 12.18 AM - 10/9 2002

To Beth:

I admire Ramon in many ways; I'm generally an appreciative person and think his project and outlook are inspiring. I also criticize him from time to time (maybe I like playing devil's advocate!), and in fact have had messages deleted. I don't mind. His job is to keep his website clear and effective. He also doesn't need to defend himself against nay-sayers any more than he already does; things have a way of all coming out in the wash. Anyway, I do appreciate this website, the project, and also participation by readers such as you, Bret, Joan, et al.

Like everyone else, I look forward to Round 2, whenever it begins. Meanwhile I still like looking at old pictures in the daily reports, etc.

Name: Beth again
City, Country: Anytown, USA
Sent: 11.37 PM - 10/8 2002

Margaret, you are truly Ramon's champion. Do you wish that Ramon would defend himself more against the nay-sayers?

Name: LSOM
City, Country: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Sent: 4.33 PM - 10/8 2002

I would like a rest if I am tired of anything polluting my very soul. Where? Quiet atmosphere and with fresh air. Live for working or work for living - neither, Ramon. It supposed to be a free world but look - birds are for the wide sky and they are still being caged. It's only the tip of an ice berg. Working is a slavery trade if there isn't any interest in the welfare of the human race or mankind. Even in the airforce, if it is meant to destroy others, is also a slave of the political gimmick or propaganda set out to entice human to one direction in life but the end product is always set to enrich those who think they are powerful, educated, better off or you name it. Hacking? - well, prevention is better than cure. See what I meant. To be good, be punctual(in updating). Show the world the beauty, the goodness as well as the truth about not wasting even a second of your life. As I mentioned earlier, I would take a rest if I am tired. Every breath of your life is a blessing. I am not here to add insult to any quarter injury but my personal opinion and experience.

Yes, hacking is not a good work for living neither do DELETING people opinions, views, perspectives, ideas which are meant for sharing amongst us.
Mr. Ramon, this website is also my site. Thanks as I can post messages which I think are constructive. Yes, definitely it is a free world if there isn't any toll in life.

To Airforce - spiritual warfare? (I can see you), I am one of the generous guys who will sent you tons and tons of Borneo water buffoloes' shit.

Thanks Ramon and please do forget the CHALLENGE for the time being.

LSOM always.

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 6.26 AM - 10/8 2002


Don't know that you are a true follower, because if you were you would know that Ramon does indeed deserve his break. In addition, though I was awaiting the last reports from Australia, I understood that Ramon only posted some pics and was just taking a break before writing those reports. He said he would write them and I trust he will, he's just a tad behind. No big deal.

Give him a break. I know sometimes I cannot even keep up with my work and little daily life emails, let alone the reports Ramon has commmitted to writing, and has fulled that committment 95% of the time. So we are missing the last reports, we'll survive. Consider the VCR screwed up, and we'll just have to wait for the next installment. :-) It's a great novel, continuing saga. I'm hangin' on for the next chapter for sure!

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 6.14 AM - 10/8 2002

I get 160 hrs, 20 days (4 weeks) plus 10 holidays a year, so that's 30 days, 6 weeks. :-) And if vacation is not used, I can carry over to a limit of 240 hrs the next year, 30 days. Meaning I could have 7 weeks vacation not including the 10 holidays time off. :-)

Ramon, I work for a living, I don't live to work. It pays the bills. I like my job, but would not shed any tears if I no longer had to work! :-) Anyone have the upcoming winning lottery numbers? Hehehe!


Name: Ted
City, Country: Adelaide Australia

Sent: 6.11 AM - 10/8 2002

I'm with you John, we were promised closure of the last trip and it didn't happen. Ramon's credibility is on the line here. Start a job...finish it.


Name: Beth
City, Country: Anytown, USA
Sent: 12.58 AM - 10/8 2002

Wow, I get 18 days after 13 years on the job. I need to move to London

But do we all live for working or work for living?

Name: Charles
City, Country: San Diego, California
Sent: 10.06 PM - 10/7 2002

Karen, do you seriously get 25 days of annual leave per year? If so, I need to move to London. I'm lucky if I get 13 days off a year.

Name: Margaret
City, Country: Minneapolis
Sent: 3.57 PM - 10/7 2002

OK John, where may we read about all that you have learned in your travels around the world? Ramon is a journalist by trade. A communicator. How about you? Not being sarcastic; I am truly interested in your travels, too, if you have a forum whereby we may read about them. Thanks.

Name: John
City, Country: London
Sent: 1.48 PM - 10/7 2002

PS QUOTE from Ramon himself!!!'Next week another update. See ya!' posted 14 Sept, It is now 07 October, that's a long week Ramon.....

RAMON: Good one John! But it doesn't mean I am lazy at all. I just happen to have a life in The Netherlands too. And am I happy with that! New quote: Updates will be published when they are ready.
Name: John
City, Country: London

Sent: 1.43 PM - 10/7 2002

No it wasn't a joke. And i am not jealous, i travelled for 3 years around the world but worked hard during that time to pay for my travels, in banks, offices, shops, pubs, fruit picking etc. I must hand it to ramon for coming up with such a unique idea however, it seems to me that he is running from reality, wasn't it his intent to travel for 5 years non stop?? Maybe i read it wrong. It is so easy for him to ride on the back of the media, I have not read one report whereby he is really roughing it and when things get any bit tough he seems to complain, is he always tired?????? Or the other option is to fly home. What he doing now? He hasn't written a report for weeks, leave the readers wait until he decides to take off again.. SAD!!!! I won't be waiting around to see what happens next.............Ciao

If I would be totally honest, I would start EVERY report with the words "I am so tired", but wouldn't that be getting very boring? So I don't.
John, sure you watch some TV. See my project as a TV-show on the Internet. One season it's ON and one season it's OFF. And of course you get a cliffhanger and then you have to wait untill the next series.
And yes, certain things I have said in the beginning have changed. I never expected this project to be able to get that big. Blame it on my own big mouth (I hope to grow up when I get old).
And, you don't have to sit and wait and visit this website at the moment, just submit to the newsletter and I'll email you if there is any news.
Good day.
Name: Karen
City, Country: London
Sent: 10.02 PM - 10/6 2002

John in London: think you might want to reconsider your statement after reading the rest of the website as I think Ramon has bene doing very well over the last 1,5 years and deserves a break (don't we all live our 25 days annual leave, even after only working 40 hours a week, unlike Ramon who is on the road 24/7 when he is travelling!).

Oh, just ignore John. Enough people visit my site without enough knowledge of what is going on Exactly and write it off in emails or on this board. It just tells us all enough about those kind of people, doesn't it?

Name: Margaret
City, Country: Minneapolis
Sent: 3.24 AM - 10/5 2002

John in London . . is it a joke? Ramon lives one of the most real lives of anyone I know! He earns his keep and his way. Must be a joke.

Name: MJ
City, Country: Denver

Sent: 4.29 PM - 10/4 2002

Poor John, he's just jealous. :) It's too bad that Ramon is at home, we miss him!


Name: John
City, Country: London
Sent: 3.47 PM - 10/4 2002

Ramon, i think you are pathetic, you bum your way around the world and keep flying home for a bit of TLC, who pays for your flights home???? You should get a job and get a life........Try living in the real world!

Name: Joan
City, Country: USA
Sent: 4.22 AM - 10/1 2002

Hi Ramon,

I hope you are enjoying your time off. And relaxing, etc. with your parents, family and friends. Any hints on where you will go next, or when? Just curious.

Hope all is well with you.


P.S. I am not into this Forum debate, it is too stressful! :-) I'll back off from that, just want to enjoy your site and travels and people, etc.

Name: Kyleigh
City, Country: Perth Australia
Sent: 10.33 AM - 9/17 2002

Just something small - it isn't 'small-puppy' syndrome, it is 'tall poppy'. Poppy as in the small red flower. The theory is that when one person gets ahead, rises above the other poppies in the field, the others cut him down. It can be a sad reality in OZ, but thankfully it is not everyone who does this!

Name: Gerhard
City, Country: Fortaleza, Brasil
Sent: 9.56 AM - 9/17 2002

Hi Ramon!,

Nice interview at radio 1 in Holland last Monday evening. I've heard it by internet. It was nice to hear you travel statement.

Keep travelling!


Joris. (volgend jaar januari weer Alkmaar)

Name: Sarah
City, Country: Perth Australia

Sent: 3.37 AM - 9/16 2002

Hi Ramon,

Just letting you know on your daily update for the 14th of September you were saying something about "small puppy syndrome". Its actually called "Tall Poppy Syndrome" but you got the idea right.

See YA
Name: Margaret S.

City, Country: Minneapolis area, USA
Sent: 8.23 PM - 9/14 2002

Thank you, Ramon, for the Ketchup song. It's great! A nice way to share a little bit of what's going on where you are now, home sweet home. Welcome home!

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