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Lesson Seven: “Aero and Officer Mike”

Study Guide

1. If a story is nonfiction, what does that mean?
2. “Aero and Officer Mike” mainly tells about how Aero ____________________________.
3. What is Aero’s main job?
4. Aero is different from most other dogs because he can understand another ______________.
5. Aero uses his sense of __________________ to find missing people.
6. Officer Mike and Aero are alike because they both wear a ___________________________.
7. When chasing someone, what is Aero most likely to do if he comes to a fence that is six feet high?
8. Give two reasons from the passage that explains why dogs make good helpers for police officers.
9. A FACT can be seen or proved. An OPINION tells how someone feels about something.
13. Synonyms are words that mean the same. Antonyms are words that mean the opposite.
Find synonyms (same) for the underlined words.
It is noisy in the cafeteria.
Do not leave your bicycle on the lawn.
She won an award for the best poem.
Find antonyms (opposites) for the underlined words.
To solve the problem, you must add the numbers.
Do not forget your homework.
Vocabulary Review:

Fill in each sentence with the correct vocabulary word from the box.

  1. I smelled the strong _________________ of the garlic simmering on the stove.

  1. We couldn’t understand the baby’s ________________________.

  1. Will you _________________ me to the play?

  1. You should always ______________________ your teachers and parents.

  1. Aero thinks his job is to ___________________ the yard.

  1. The teachers are ________________________ at preparing lessons.

  1. Our cat _______________________ away if she gets outside.

  1. My sister ________________ because she had to eat her vegetables for dinner.

  1. Before you complete the math problem, the teacher will ________________________ the steps to solve it.

  1. On mom’s birthday, she became ________________________ when she saw me carrying a cake.

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