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Master ASL Chapter 6 Daily Activities/Stations

Week 1

Dates: Monday, January 9 – Friday, January 13


      • Fingerspelling as a class

      • Vocabulary Chapter 6 Vocabulary and DRILLS

What is something you learned in today’s lesson that you did not know before?


What is something that you did not understand in today’s lesson or that you found exceptionally interesting?


  • Stations:

    • Fingerspelling/#s

    • Around the World Vocabulary Game

    • S
      What is something you used in stations today that you learned last class?

      entence Handout: Complete GLOSSES and practice signing and translating sentences with a partner

    • Vocabulary DVD

I am worried about

      • Fingerspelling QUIZ

      • Stations:

    • Dice Game

    • Notes/Lecture REVIEW

Weekly Question: What is one thing that you did this week to ensure success on mastering the material from this chapter?

Week 2

Dates: Monday, January 16 – Friday, January 20

Monday—MLK Holiday
BLOCK: Assignments PREP

  • FS—students will fingerspell with a partner

  • Pet Story

  • Sports Conversation--Group/LIVE

  • Weather Report/Sport Activities (This assignment is to be posted on youtube or brought in on an ASL flash drive that I can keep until Friday. See me today if you are unable to do this.)

What do you need to do for homework to complete these three assignments on time?


  • Stations:

    • Fingerspelling/#s

    • Vocabulary Game Around the World

    • Sentence Handout: review GLOSSES

    • Classifier Sentences: create 8 sentences with a partner using the classifiers from this chapter (2 for each handshape). Gloss neatly on notebook paper and be prepared to sign for Ms. Ryan on Monday.

Define classifiers and give an example of one in a glossed sentence:


  • F
    How much of the signing on the DVD did you understand?

    0% --------------------------------100%

    ingerspelling Quiz

  • Stations

What activity did you enjoy most this week?

Week 3

Dates: Monday, January 23 – Friday, January 27

How well were you able to keep up with the vocabulary tape?
0% --------------------------------100%


      • Stations:

    • Fingerspelling/#s

    • Vocabulary cassette tape REVIEW

    • Note Card REVIEW

    • Classifier sentences DUE to Ms. Ryan


  • FS—students will fingerspell with a partner

  • Pet Stories DUE—Gallery Walk

  • GO FISH Vocabulary Game: Students will play this review game while groups come up to my desk to sign the Sports Conversation

    • Sports Conversation DUE
  • Weather Report/Sports Activities Monologue DUE (turn in youtube link or flash drive. Students unable to tape will sign in class if time permits. If not, the student will need to come in after school any day this week to receive credit.)

How much of students signing were you able to understand during the Pet Stories Gallery Walk?
0% -------------------------------------------------100%


Exit Question: What is something that we used in today’s lesson that you learned last class?
What grade do you believe you earned on today’s chapter test?
0% -------------------------------------------------100%


  • Fingerspelling Quiz

  • Chapter 6 TEST

Weekly Question: If I were to give you a massive vocabulary test that covered all signs from chapters 1-6 how well do you think you would do?
0% -------------------------------------------------100%

Make sure you are reviewing ALL the vocabulary, not just focusing on the current chapter we are studying.

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