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Name Personal/Reflective Forres Academy

The Cinderella Story

Once upon a time there was a young boy who lived in a magical kingdom with his mother. Full of wild flowers and animals, their happy and united kingdom stood above the rest. Their life seemed unspoiled and untarnished by anything that was happening around them as the boy and his mother shared a bond that would last longer than time itself. However, one day the mother of the kingdom found herself a beautiful prince and she started to drift away from her son. She fell madly and deeply in love with this man and banished the young boy from her kingdom where he was forced to live with his father and step-mother in the peasant land. When the step-mother heard that the boy was coming to live with her, she planned a devious and cunning plan to break this young boy’s spirit. Would this young boy ever find his own happily ever after?


Moving away from my mum’s house was hard; it was as if all my ties with family had been cut because for the past seven years there had been no love, no affection and no care. Flying the nest isn’t something that many young children have to experience but sadly, some do. When I finally went to live with my dad I thought this was it, the last one; yet just like Hansel and Gretel, I felt like my dad was forever banishing me to the woods so that he could be happy with his new girlfriend.

My step-mother seemed to be able to decay any relationship that she ever had. In her presence it felt like my life and independence were being drained away. At first I was young and naïve and didn’t really understand what was happening. Every time that we had a fight, I just shrugged it off. Never amounting to anything, she was just there but her wicked side came out when my dad would leave. Whenever she spoke, I felt as though vines were wrapping around me; trapping me; suffocating me. The Poison in her words seemed to cast a spell that divided me from my dad. Locked in my room, the silence was my safety. After experiencing the destruction and ruin she left in her wake, I felt I would need my own fairy tale saviour to rescue me from my isolated tower.

Over time, my friends became my escape but I was always scared of coming home to her. When the time I was meant to be home had past, I sensed a surge through my body I had never felt before: freedom. For a few stolen moments I escaped the prison she had created for me but when the clock struck midnight, my heart stopped. In a frenzy of horror and confusion I didn’t know what to do; my palms were sweaty and my breathing sharp. I was late. I knew that she would punish me and lock me in my tower for ever. Running home, I started thinking of as many excuses as I could. She had already taken my dad off of me and now I feared her taking me away from myself. As I walked up to the door passing the rotting flowers in the garden, my stomach clenched tightly. This was my very own gingerbread house and the witch lay waiting across the threshold. Fear nearly paralysed me: I imagined the darkness and gloom that would fill my days while I finished cleaning the floor with a toothbrush… hoping a fairy godmother would end my torment. Numbness coursed through my body; I felt that this was going to be the end. As she watched me enter through the reflection in the mirror she was dusting, I felt her eyes gazing into my soul; I could feel my blood boil but nothing; she didn’t say a word. In a way this was the worst thing that she could have done to me. I was nothing. I meant nothing. She didn’t even care enough to shout. Feeling slowly came back to my body and all I could think was why? Why didn’t she want me either?

I underestimated her powers though. She was much stronger than I knew. She was planning her own poison apple and it was heading my way. I could see that something was going to happen to me in the near future; however, I wasn’t sure if I cared anymore.

One day soon after the cute little boy came home from school, he found all of his possessions on the front doorstep. Everything he had known had been turned upside down again, and there was nothing he could do about it. There was news in the village the stepmother was to become “queen.” The boy questioned his father’s motives. Why had he chosen her over his own son? Why couldn’t he see through her deceit and manipulation? The poisoned apple had reached its target.

When I found out about their engagement, I felt confused: I was sure he knew that she was not so “lovely” anymore. I stood outside the house while she wore her crown of thorns that would only ever scar anyone that came into contact with it and her. Dazed by the news, I didn’t know what to do. My mum didn’t want me and neither did my dad. How was I meant to feel? Why didn’t he care? I sought a miracle and that is what I got.

At the lowest part of the boy’s life, a fairy godmother appeared in front of him offering to take him in and comfort him.

All I could have ever wished for had found me! Finding out my Nana wanted me to live with her, I felt ecstatic and entranced by the idea. Looking at this figure dazzled me: she was so pure and full of radiant light. I could almost feel all my problems ebb away and I felt the future embrace me lovingly for the first time. Moving into the little cottage in the country, I stood mesmerised as flowers blossomed once again and the sun’s light was transmitted glinting into every corner. I missed my dad for the first couple of weeks and living with my Nana to start with was very new and different; there were no jobs to be done; no cleaning the floor; no ironing and no cooking. It seemed as if all the chores, misery and loneliness in my life had been taken away. I felt so happy.


I’ve been living away in my own private sanctuary for a while now, away from the thorns and the vines that had previously trapped me. The bells of the clocks no longer determine my fate. Whether or not they still get married and live in the gloom and doom that I so willingly escaped is another matter, but, I’m sure that with the hope, trust, faith and love that my own fairy godmother offers me, I will grow; I will thrive; I will achieve and I am sure that one day I will finally live happily ever after.

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