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The Open Window


  1. What is the setting for The Open Window?

  1. At the time The Open Window was written, what was a popular activity among the upper classes?

  1. What are snipe?

  1. Who is H. H. Munro?

  1. Why did Saki join the army in 1914?

  1. When and where was Saki born? When did he die?

  1. How did Saki die?

  1. When and where was The Open Window first published?

  1. How old is Vera?

  1. What does the line “…he doubted more than ever whether these formal visits on a succession of total strangers would do much towards helping the nerve cure which he was supposed to be undergoing” mean?

  1. Who recommended that Mr. Framton Nuttell visit Mrs. Sappleton?

  1. How many people living in the area did Mr. Framton Nuttell know personally?

  1. How long had it been since Mr. Framton Nuttell’s sister lived in the area?

  1. How much information does Mr. Framton Nuttell know about Mrs. Sappleton?

  1. According to Vera, how long ago did the “great tragedy” happen?

  1. Briefly summarize the “great tragedy”.

  1. According to Vera, what happened to the dead bodies?

  1. According to Vera, why does Mrs. Sappleton keep the window open each evening until dusk?

  1. How does Mrs. Sappleton confirm the story Vera has just told to Mr. Framton Nuttell?

  2. What does Mr. Framton Nuttell think about Mrs. Sappleton after she tells him she is expecting her husband home soon?

  1. How does Vera add to the notion that the men walking across the lawn are, in fact, ghosts?

  1. What does Mr. Framton Nuttell do when he sees the men walking toward the house?

  1. The reader is lead to believe Mr. Framton Nuttell ran away because he saw a ghost (Vera acts like she saw a ghost as well). However, what reason does Vera give to Mrs. Sappleton to explain why Mr. Nuttell ran away?

  1. What made Mr. Nuttell especially susceptible to Vera’s story?

  1. Summarize the exposition and rising action of The Open Window.

  1. What is the climax of the story?

  1. Explain how the author intended to surprise his readers in the story’s resolution.

29. Situational irony exists when the outcome of a situation is the opposite of someone’s expectations. Review the conversation Vera has with Mr. Framton Nuttell before Mrs. Sappleton enters the room. Explain what is particularly ironic about that scene.

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