Names first/Christian\family\full \ maiden name, nickname Relatives


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Blackbird Vocabulary

Family. Appearance


first/Christian\family\full \ maiden name, nickname


(natural) parents, a step \ foster mother \ father close \ distant relatives/relations on our mother’s \ father’s side, an only child, brothers and sisters, a twin \step sister, grandparents, cousin, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, God-mother, the in-laws

Marital status

single, unmarried, married (to sy), divorced, separated, bachelor, widow \ widower , to go out with sy, to live/co-habit with sy, co­habitation, to split up


a girl \ boyfriend, a fiancée, a fiancé, a spouse, a/an (ex\future) husband/hubby or wife, wedding, bride, (bride)groom, honeymoon, to marry\divorce sy, to get engaged\married\ divorced, to separate from sy, a broken home/marriage, one/single-parent family


to be pregnant, pregnancy, to be on maternity leave, to bring up/raise/rear children, to be childless


child, baby, toddler, kid, adolescent / teenager, young person\ lady \ man, adult/grown-up,

middle-aged\elderly person\ lady \ man, pensioner, in your early \ mid \ late teens twenties \30s


to have fair\pale \ dark\good complexion, suntan, blond/fair\brown\red\black\grey\short\ long\ straight\wavy \ curly\dyed\ thick\ thinning hair, in a ponytail\bun, combed back\to the side,

bald( ing), beard, moustache, a round\ long\ oval face; a high\ low forehead; ordinary\big \ snub nose; thin\ thick lips, to have a good figure, broad shoulders, short/small tall/big, medium/average height, thin, skinny, fat, chubby, plump, strong, well-built, pretty, good-looking, handsome, (rather) plain, ordinary-looking, well/smartly\ shabbily dressed, to wear glasses, elegant \ casual clothes

Making ends meet

to live/get by on 40,000 a month\unemployment benefit\our salary, family budget, income: basic earnings + extras, outgoings: bills, mortgage, installments

to get/receive child benefit/family allowance, the three-year child care allowance system

to get/receive alimony, maintenance (BrE)/child support (AmE)

benefits, budget, wife, child care allowance, breadwinner, créche, married, get married, one-parent, bring up, wedding, make ends meet, housewife, get divorced, co-habit
A few decades ago the stereotypical Hungarian family consisted of husband and __________ and at least three children. The father was the _______________ and the head of the family, the mother was a _______________ and brought up the children. This stereotypical family pattern is dramatically changing now because there are more and more _________________ families; a lot of people ________________ and live on their own, and _____________ their children on their own. In addition, nowadays most women want to go out to work, and even if they have small children they just send them to a ______________ and go back to work as soon as possible. Also, people tend to ______________ later than they used to; more and more people _____________ for years before the ______________. It also means that they have their first child later in their ________________ life. This is one of the reasons why there are fewer and fewer kids in the average family, the other reason, of course, is of a financial nature. Most families have to ______________ on miserable salaries, and as the three-year _______________ is collapsing
and _______________ are worth less and less, the family _______________ simply doesn’t allow more children.

What are the opposites of the following words and phrases?

natural parents


family name





close relatives

a family with two parents



dark complexion

What money is provided to the people in the following situations?
a divorced person with two kids

families with children

an unemployed person

someone who is too old to work

a mother who stays home with a baby
Complete the definitions.
If you stop going out with someone, you _____________ with them.

If you haven’t got any children, you are __________________.

If the money you earn is not enough for you to pay for the things you need, you can’t ___________ .

If you live together with someone from the opposite sex and you are not married, the two of you _______________ .

If you are 22, you are in your ____________________.

If you look after kids until they become grown-ups, you _________________ them.

Blackbird Vocabulary


day-nursery/créche, nursery school/kindergarten (at) primary, secondary/(in) high (AmE) school grammar \ vocational \ trade \ comprehensive school, public/private/fee-paying school, boarding school, (lower\upper) sixth form college, sixth-former, tuition fee, language school, one-to-one teaching

Subjects & lessons

the humanities \ sciences, arts & science subjects, optional & compulsory subjects, curriculum, syllabus, timetable, (in a) lesson, requirements, standard(s), form, class, school year, term, course, lesson, break, school report, mark/grade, straight As, textbook/coursebook, teaching methods

Teachers & students

staff, form \ head teacher/master \ mistress, strict, lenient, just, fair, unfair

a native \ non-native English teacher, gifted/talented\ weak/hopeless (at/in), bright/ quick on the uptake, hardworking, lazy, discipline problems

to start school, to leave school, to go to school/to attend a school, to be a first year student, to be in one’s first year

to play truant, to skip a lesson, to be absent, to go to evening classes \ private lessons, to take/do \ enrol in/join a course (on \ in

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