Narrative Essay Graphic Organizer I. Person/Character Chart


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Narrative Essay Graphic Organizer

I. Person/Character Chart

Filling out a person/character chart gives you a clearer look at a character in a piece of writing. Use it when writing a character sketch Make notes about the character after each category.

  1. Name

  2. Age

  3. Appearance

  4. Personality

  5. Strengths

  6. Weaknesses

  7. Weaknesses

  8. Goals

  9. Other details

Example: Character Chart

  1. Name: john Conlan

  2. Age: 15-16 (Sophomore)

  3. Appearance: handsome, six feet tall, long brown hair, gigantic blue eyes

  4. Personality: sarcastic, smart, funny, wild, troublemaker, outsider, very loyal to friends

  5. Strengths: intelligent, inventive, witty, good looking

  6. Weaknesses: too wild, doesn’t fit in, too smart for his own good

  7. Goals: To survive school and try to have as much fun as he can along the way

  8. Other Details: acts like he “hates everything” but actually cares deeply

II Sensor Chart

A sensory chart can help you think about details that can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt

A. See

B. Hear

C. Smell

D. Taste

E. Feel
Example: Sensory Chart

  1. See: Crowds filling the streets, man with sledgehammer, East Berlin, brother ahead of crowd
  2. Hear: Sledgehammer whacks, bricks creaking, gravel crunching, crowd cheering, brother calling out

  3. Sell: Crisp autumn day, sweat, cigarette smoke

  4. Taste: Water from plastic bottle, crackers passed to workers on the wall

  5. Feel: heavy hammer, rough bricks, cold wind

III Story Map

A story map can help you plot out just what happens in a story. Use the story map to guide your writing

A. Title

B. Main Character

C. Other Characters

D. Conflict

E. Setting

F. Rising Action Event 1

G. Event 2

H. Event 3

I. Climax

J. Resolution
Example: Story map

  1. Title: Mother Ship of Freedom

  2. Main Characters: Grande High Emperor of Andromeda

  3. Other Characters: Aunt Helga, her brother

  4. Conflict: Extraterrestrials are fed up with Earth’s cold war

  5. Setting: Berlin Wall, November 9 1989

  6. Rising Action: Aunt Helga bashes the wall with a brick

Event 1

  1. Even 2: The mother ship of Andromeda blasts the wall with lasers
  2. Event 3: The Grand High Emperor tells earthlings they must learn to live together

  3. Climax: Aunt Helga becomes the emperor’s emissary on Earth

  4. Resolution: Aunt Helga achieves world peace and is awarded the Galaxy Peace Prize

IV Time Line

A time line can help you organize the steps in the process or a sequence of events.

A. First

B. Next

C. Then

D. Finally

Example: Time Line

  1. First: Watch for the gathering crowed

F. Next: Look for the swing of the sledgehammer

  1. Then: The Andromeda ship appears

  2. Finally: Peace is achieved


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