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Umm Kulthum, “Golden Words”

By Stanmore Jafferys



Bibi Fatema :

Imam Ali:

Scene 1 silent children x4 –


Umme Kuthoom :

Imam Hussain :

Voice of the Prophet:

Hz Abbas :

Imam Sajjad :

Bibi Zainab :

Guard :

Bashir :

Girl in last scene :


The lady of light, the highest of high, the teacher of life, Umm Kulthum

Your history and life has been blurred

But we will make sure that it’s uncovered

We promise that you will be remembered

The way you should be, oh hidden treasure

This has become our living aim

On our hearts is engraved your name

Your love will shine brightly like a flame.

The lady of light, the highest of high, the teacher of life, Umm Kulthum

You are the granddaughter of Mustafa

The daughter of Zahra and Murtadha

The sister of Hassan al Mujtaba

And of Hussain Sayyed ash Shohada

and Bibi Zainab, - Thanie Zahra Ummul Masaib

Their holy blood courses through your veins

Within you their purity remains

Who else on earth can hold this claim?

The lady of light, the highest of high, the teacher of life, Umm Kulthum

Your name came from the highest of ladies

Because of the likeness of your qualities

She also stood up against the enemies

She was the sister of Moses

She helped her brother to preach the faith

By practising and preaching with grace

Like her, your name will not be erased

The lady of light, the highest of high, the teacher of life, Umm Kulthum

The scholars all unanimously write

Your father stayed on his very last night of life

At your house O Lady of Light

Such was your status that this was your right

This fact has gone down in history

That he revered you undoubtedly

This is a sign of your purity

The lady of light, the highest of high, the teacher of life, Umm Kulthum


Start with Marsia “Im Kuthoom”




Assalamu Alayki Ya Binta Ya’sobid-deen

Assalamu Alayki Ya Binta Ammer – ril- moomineen

Assalamu Alayki Ya Binta fatimata’z Zahra

Assalamu Alayki Ya Ummul Masaib – Ya Ukhtal Hussain-nis shaheed, Ya Umme Kulthum Wa rahmatul laahi wa barakatu

Umm Kulthum was named by her mother Sayyida Fatema Zahra (a.s). The title Umm Kulthum has many meanings including

“mother of everything,” “mother of charming” and “mother of beautiful”. It is agreed by most historians that the name given to Lady Umm Kulthum was Zainab, just like her older sister and these are her kuniyas.

Paanch Ma’soomon ki tasveer hain yeh dono behnain

Waris e aya e tatheer hain yeh dono behnain

Bani e farsh e azaa zainab o kulsum hain

Haamil e shaan e wilyat hain yeh dono behnain

During the years 7-9 AH Umm Kulthum was raised by her mother and father, in a house that was full of love and faith. The Bibis of this household are an emblem of how far the role of a woman has traversed in 60 years, from having no status at all, to being teachers of the nation and political envoys of Islam.

It is unfortunate thou that the breadth of their knowledge, eloquence and justice reaches us only thru the tribulations that they faced.

Lady Umm Kulthum was 4 years old when her mother passed away, marking the opening of her life’s calamities. Let us travel back in time to the last days of Bibi Fatema Zahra (a.s) where she presents her final will to Imam Ali

SCENE1: Umm Kulthum’s loses her Mother

Before the Prophets death he instructed Imam Ali that the days of his my departure were close.

His only request to Mawla was that he remain patient after his death, for there will be many testing times for him. They will commit heinous acts against him that he was asked to endure, and one of those acts will be the harm that they will inflict on his daughter, mawlas wife, Fatimatul Zahra.

Rasoolallah instructed mawla to be patient during this time, and not to lift his sword, for it will surely conclude in a civil war which will divide the Muslims.

Baade wafaate Rasul, musalmaano ne bibi ko is tarha se aziyyat pohanchaayi.. darwaaze ko jalaaya gaya, Sayyida par hamla bhi huwa. Mohsin ki shahadat huwi, aur pehlu shikasta hogaya

Meri behnon, zaraa tasawwur kare, hamaare Mawla, jo, faatahe Khaibar hai, unke saamne unki biwi pe hamla huwa, taaziyaane maare gaye, hamaare Mawla majboor the, Rasul-e-khuda ki wasiyat thi ke Ali talwaar na uthaana. Mawla Ali ki gardan pe rasan bhi baandi gayii. Yahaa tak ke jab Faatema baba pe roti thi, to rone par bhi eteraaz tha, isliye faatema hamesha kehti thi,

baba, aap ke baad itne masaaib jeyle hai, ke agar din par parte, to taariqi-e-shab me badal jaate,

Yehi bibi waqt-e-aakhir, Mawla Ali se wasiyat kar rahi hai

On Stage Bibi Fatima on either side B.Z and U.K and then One Imam on each side

Props: clothes for folding and a musalla in the right hand corner

Bibi Fatima on stage folding clothes; Imam Ali enters  (A.S) was surprised to find that bibi Fatima had left her bed and had started doing the housework he asked her about it and she replied:

Imam Ali (AS) Ya Binte Rasoolalah why are you not resting?

Bibi Fatema (as): Ya Abal Husnayn this is the last day of my life. I want to wash my children's hair and clothes, because they will soon be orphans, without a mother”

Imam Ali (AS) Why do you speak of your death?

Bibi Fatema (as): I have seen Rasoolah in my dream and he has told me that I will be going to join him tonight.

Bibi Fatema (as): Ya Abal Hassan, I wish to leave you to execute my will

Imam Ali (AS) "Instruct me to do anything you wish, daughter of Allah's Messenger."

Bibi Fatema (as): “Cousin, you are not accustomed to me being a False-teller, undevoted, or have I disobeyed you since I have become your companion?"

Imam Ali (AS): 'Astaghfurullah!! You are more knowing of Allah, more devoted, more pious, and more honorable and more fearing of Allah than to give me a reason to reprimand you for disobeying me.

Surely it is very painful for me to be separated from you and to lose you; but it is an inevitable destination.

By Allah, you have renewed the sorrow I have just encountered with the death of Allah's Messenger; surely your death and departure will be a great calamity, but 'to Allah do we belong, and to Him shall we return.'

What a painful, bitter and sad calamity. Surely this is a calamity for which there is not consolement, and a disaster for which there is no compensation."

Then they both cried and Imam Ali (A.S) embraced her head and said:

Imam Ali "Instruct me to do anything you wish; you certainly will find me devoted and I will execute everything that you command me to do. I shall also put your matters over mine.

Bibi Fatema (as): "May Allah reward you with the best of goodness. Cousin, firstly I ask you to marry after my death, my niece Umamah; surely she will be to my children as I was.

"I ask you not to let anyone who did injustice to me to witness my funeral, for they certainly are enemies of mine, and the enemy of Allah's Messenger. Also don't give them the chance to pray over me, nor to any of their followers. Bury me at night when eyes are rested and sight is put to sleep."

When this daughter of mine Umme Kulthum (hold her hand) reaches maturity, the household articles are for her, and may Allah be her support.”

She then hold the hands of Bibi Zainab and Umm Kulthum and says:

“My will to you both, Ya Zainab and Kulthum is to participate with your father and brothers to defend Islam.

Devote yourself to your brother Hussain, his turn will come. He will be the one to carry the command of Allah and you will be participating with him at that time. You have to share with him everything that will befall his part. Be prepared to face even captivity on his path. You have to be there for your brothers. Care for them and be a mother for them.”

All cry on stage – then everyone exit leaving Bibi Fatema on stage – Asma to enter

Marsia: Ay jane pidar akri deedar tu karlo madar se milo

Each child to kiss Bibi as they leave the stage

End of Marsia: Asma to help Bibi Fatima to her room

Bibi Fatema (as): Ya Asma, I am going to recite the holy Quran in my room now. If you continue to hear my voice then you'll know that I am still alive, but as soon as you stop hearing it, then you should know that I have passed away to the next world.

Asma Na’am Bibi.

Bibi goes to sit on her musalla

Bibi Fatema (as):

[read Quran Ayatul Mulk : Quran stops – falls into sajda]

Asma waited a while, Ya Binte Rasoolalh

Wait a while then say

"O daughter of the chosen Muhammad!

O daughter of the most honorable of them whom women bore!

O daughter of the best of those who have walked on gravel!

O daughter of him who was at ‘A distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer”

There was no answer... silence overwhelms the house

Asma then proceeds towards Fatima and finds her to be no more.

Inna lil laahi wa inna ilayhi rajeoon

MARSHIA – Pehlu bhi shikasta Hain

SCENE 2: Imam Ali (as)’s last night before Shahadat

Narrator :

Shab ki taarikhi mai kownain ki shehzaaadi ka janaaza uthaaya gayaa, gharke logo ne janaaze ko kaandhaa diya, maatamo giryaa ki sadaa shehzaadi ki siskiyon ke saath gharme dab kar rehgayi.

Bibi ki shahaadat ke baad Sayyeda ki paak betiyon ne apni zindagi baap ke saaye mein guzaari.

Bibi Kulthum pali Shabbar-o-Shabbir ke saath, tarbiyat inki huwi deen ki taameer ke saath, har qadam saath inka uthhaa naara-e-takbeer ke saath, deen waabasta huwa inki taqdeer ke saath, jab bhi Islam pe dushman ne koi waar kiya, Kowm ko Zainab-o-Kulthum ne beidaar kiya.

Unneeswi maahe Ramadhan, MAwla Ali ne apna aakhri iftar Bibi Umme Kulthum ke ghar par kiya.


Bibi enters and places 3 dishes on the floor infront of Imam

Imam Ali: My daughter, I have never had more than one type of food on my spread. Please remove one of these things.

Bibi Umm Kulthum: Yes father.

Bibi Umm Kulthum takes the milk away and puts in on the table behind them and comes back.

Imam Ali: Bimillahi Rahmanir Rahim....Allahuma Laka Sumtu.....

Imam Ali (AS) and Bibi Umm Kulthum eat the food. Imam Ali (AS) finishes his food.

Imam Ali: Alhamdulillah

Imam Ali (AS) stands up while Bibi Umm Kulthum clears the spread and exits.
Imam Ali (AS) walks to the front of the stage.

looks towards the sky whilst repeatedly saying…

Bibi Umm Kulthum walks in from behind and stops in her tracks.

Imam Ali: ’By Allah, I am not lying, nor am I making a wrong statement! This is the night about which the promise has been made to me!’

(Geese squawking- play sound file)

Bibi Umm Kulthum comes forward and tries to shoo away the birds. Imam Ali (AS) touches her shoulder.

Imam Ali: Leave them be. After a short time, the sounds of wailing and crying will begin.

Bibi Umm Kulthum touches her father’s shoulder and holds one hand to her chest.

Bibi Umm Kulthum: My beloved Father, this night surely seems strange and your words leave me disturbed.

Imam Ali: My daughter, these birds are unable to speak. Take care of feeding them; if you cannot do that, then you must free them so that they may find their food from the Earth.

Imam Ali (AS) brings Bibi Umm Kulthum closer, hugs her and kisses her on her forehead- bid each other farewell.

Marsia: Murgabiyo


Mawla masjid mein ponche aur namaaz-e-jamaat shuru ki, naagaah woh waqt aaya ke jab Mawla Ali haalate Sajde mai the, aur Mal’un Ibne Muljim ne Talwaar se sare aqdas par waar kiya, , (Imaam-e Hassan aage barhke namaaz ko mukammal ki), pure Kufe mai Kohraam barpaa huwa, Asmaan se awaaz ane lagi – Jibraeel ne nida di.....

Laqad Tahtamal Arkaanal Hudaa.........c, Wan tahatal Urwatul Wuska, Qutil Ibne Ammi Mustafaaa,......... Qutila Aliyynil Murtazaa”



Baade Ali, kufe me (Ahle- bayt/Bani Hashim) ka jina dushwaar hogaya, yahaa tak, Mawla Hassan ki qiyadat mai, khandaane Ahle Bayt waapis Medina aayaa, jahaan par unpar ek aur jafaa ki gayi, jaane Batool, Imam-e-Hassan ko Zehr diya gaya, na sirf yeh, par janaaza-e-hassan par teeron ki baarish ki gayi. Tareekh ka yeh woh pehla janaaza tha tareekh ka jo lout kar phir waapas aaya tha, Sayyeda Zainab-o-Kulthum ke zakhm phirse taaza ho gaye, dono behno ne janaaze maise teeron ko nikaala.

Ya Zahra, tere gharaane par sitam ki intehaa hogayi, Ali ko qatl kiya, Hassan ko Zehr diya, aur yahaan tak ke woh waqt aaya ke Jab Husayn se Yazid-e-Mal’un ne bay’at karna chaahi, magar Mawla Husayn ne farmaaya, mujh jaisa, Yazid jaise ki, Bay’at nahi karsakta, aur bachpan mai Rasool se kiya huwa waada/waada-e-tifli nibhaane ka waqt aagaya. / din-e-Islam ko bachaane ka waqt aaya..

Aakhri rukhsat ke liye Qabr-e-Rasool pe pohnche.


Imam Hussain falls on the grave of the Prophet(SAW), weeping.

Imam Hussain: “Assalaamu ’alayka Ya Rasul Allah, my grandfather, my salutations to you. The land of Medina has become small for me. Tyrants among the Ummah are after my blood and I am leaving Medina with a heavy heart. Pray for me O grandfather – pray that Allah grants me patience.

Voice of Holy Prophet: Husain! I see you now. Your body is smeared in blood, and grief and trials surround you. My followers have cut off your head. You were thirsty, but they denied you water. And they still dare to ask for my intercession. May God keep my intercession from them. Husain! Your father, mother, and brother are with me, and we are waiting for you. Your place in Jannah is ready for you, but it is so great that you must be martyred to achieve it.

Imam Husain: Grandfather, I don't want to go back to this world. Take me with you, into your grave.

Voice of the Prophet: You must go back, and be martyred. Earn the reward which Allah has prepared for you. On the Day of Judgement, you and I and your father Ali will be resurrected together and enter Paradise.

Imam Hussain runs towards the grave of Bibi Fatema and falls at the foot of the grave and laments.

Imam Hussain: Assalamu Alayki Ya Umma ! O my mother accepts my final salutation. I am leaving the land of Medina and I am not coming back. The prophecy of my grandfather is about to come true.

Voice of Bibi Fatemah: "O my beloved son, O the one whom I have raised by keeping awake in the night, I will not let you go alone. From this day I will not rest in my grave but I would accompany you throughout your journey.".

Marsia : mein jara hoon kerbala



Aaka Husayn ne eek chhota sa Kaafela tayyaar kiya, parde ka ehtemaam kiya kyunke sharikatul Husayn aur Sharikatul Zainab, Bibi Kulthum, jo ke paighaam-e-Imam-e Husayn ko aage barhaane waali thi, saath liya.

If Imam Husain was to become the Master of the Martyrs of Karbala, Zaynab and Umme Kuthum were also was the Mistresses of the Messengers of Karbala.

If Imam Husain and his companions struggled against the tyrannical regime of Yazid with their swords, Zaynab and Umme Kuthum fulfilled that struggle with their tongues.

If Imam Husain and his companions revived Islam with their blood, Zaynab and Umme Kuthum also carried out that message with their speeches.

Iss shaanse Bani Hashim ke jawaano ke saaye mai, yeh Kaafela uss maqaam tak pohnchaa jise Nainawa kehte hai, jise Karbobala kehte hai.

Kerbala ke banme woh raat aayi jise shabe Ashoor kehte hai, Husayn ne eek raat ki mohlat maangi, taaki ees raat me ibadat-e-khuda karsake mai. Khayaame Husayni mai eek ajeeb manzar tha, ek taraf ashab jung ki tayaari mai masruf the to dusri taraf bibiyaan apni apni kamaayi lutaane ka saamaan kar rahi thi.


One side of the stage bibi sits with her two children

Bibi Umm Kulthum on the other side alone

Bibi Zainab:- My children you know what lies ahead for us on the day of Ashura. I want both of you my beloved sons to defend your uncle, my brother Hussein and his children at the cost of your lives.

When I was leaving Medina your father Abdullah asked to take both of you with me so that, Aun you could be the deputy of your father and you Mohammad could be my offering in the cause of Islam. My beloved ones may God be with you. My last request to you is to fight bravely and to die bravely.

Hz Abbas walks around the tents and enters B.U.K as she is crying he puts his hand on Bibi Umm Kulthum’s shoulder.

HZ ABBAS: Ya Ukhti Aziza, O my sister kulthoom why do you shed tears?

BIBI UMM KULTHUM: My brother Abbas. The ladies are preparing their sons for jihad. Whom do I have to sacrifice? With what face will I stand in front of my mother?

HZ ABBAS: Ya Ukhti, Roohi lakal fida, do not weep for I will be your sacrifice, servants ransom themselves for their mistresses, tomorrow I will be martyred in your name.

They embrace whilst crying.

Marsia : Kulsoom Kerbala mein ansoo bahaa tahi hain



Subhe Aashur namudaar huwi, Kerbala ke ban me Adhaane Ali Akber gunjhi. Jung ka aghaaz kuch istarha huwa ke Husayn kabhi ashaab ka laashaa laa rahe hai to kabhi ansaar ka laasha laarahe hai, yahaan tak ke Zahra ka laal, Kerbala ke banme Isteghaasa bulundh kar raha hai,Hal Min Naasir Yansurna, Hai koi jo Husayn ki aawaaz par labbaik kahe.

Qaasim Ka laasha paamaal huwa, Abbas ke baazu kat gaye, Akber bhi naa rahaa, Yahaa tak ke Husayn ka shishmaah Asgher bhi na raha, to koun Mawla ki aawaaz par Labbaik kehta.

Zakhmon se choor choor Husayn, Khaima-e-Sajjad mai, aakhri rukhsat ke liye pohnche.

Imam Hussain (as) enters to meet his son Imam Zainul Abideen. With Lady Umm Kulthum (as), saying

Imam Hussain: “Ya Bunay! O’my son the time has now come to bid you my final farewell,

Imam Sajjad: Baba why are you going

Ayna Ammu Abbas?

Ayna Ali yu nil Akber?

Ayna ibne Ammi Qasim

Ayna Abna-u ammati aun wa Mohammed

Father where are they?

Imam Hussain: Bunaiya Kad KutilU

Imam Sajjad: Phupi Amma help me prepare for the Battlefield, I will go to fight

Imam Hussain: O’Sajjad In the menfolk there is only you and I left! You are the guardian of this kafela now, soon the reign of Imamate will be yours. You must exercise patience against every aggression and oppression. The ladies will be destitute and oppressed orphans and widows – O Sajjad look after them.

They have no one except you to save them from their enemies and you will be a source of comfort for them.”

Imam Hussain takes Umm Kulthum’s hands and places oh Imam Zainul Abideen’s shoulders

Imam Hussain: “Umm Kulthum, my sister, keep him here and safeguard his life so that the would not be without an Imam”

Imam Hussain: After the enemies of Allah kill me, your nephew Ali ibn Hussain will take my position and he will be the Imam of the time. Turn to him for guidance and help as his obedience is obligatory (wajib).

Umm Kulthum: Ya Abadillah! I cannot bear to see you leave, there is no greater loss than losing you dear brother! Oh how much are we to lose after you? You are the last member of Ahlul Kisa, the last infallible to have witnessed the period of revelation and the last son of the daughter of the Prophet. I remember our mother Fatimatuz Zahra talking about this moment. Oh brother I cannot bear the separation from you.

Imam Hussain consoles his sister

Imam Hussain: oh my sister be consoled by the consolation of Allah. “To Him we belong to and unto Him is our return.”
MARSIYAH – Khayme mei aake shaahne jab alwida kahaa

Narrator: Asr Ashur

 Imame Hussain ne Sada di

Ya Zainab, Ya umm e Kulthum, ya Rukaiyya wa Ya Sukaina

Alay kunna minnis salaam

Husayn jabke chale ranko baade do-peher, na thaa koi ke jo thaamke rakaabke koushan ko, Sakina pakar kar khadi thi Abaa ke daaman ko, Husayn chup khade the, jhukaaye gardan ko, na aasraa tha koi shaahe Kerbalaaa-i ko, faqad sawaar kiya tha bahan ne bhaaa-i ko. Mawla, sawaar huwe Zuljanaa par aur maqtal ki taraf rawaana huwe, 

Til-e- zainabia se, janabe zainab ko kuch nazar nahin atha hain

Aayi Zahra ki nida, shimr tu na bina hain

Ar’ee be rahem: Khataa mere pisar ki kya hain

Kya ise paala tha maine tere khanjar ke liye

Mere bache ko na kar Zibha payambhar ke liye

Aise Aalam mai Sani-e-Zahra ko bhai nazar nahi aate the, fizaa mai aawaaz gunji,
Ala Qad Qutilal Husseinu bi kerbala,

Ala qad Dhubihal Husseinu bi kerbala

Zuljana khayaame Hussaini pe sunaani laayaa:



(Sound of wind)

2 sisters to wail as opening –both together but mic only one Umme Kulthum

Bibi Umm Kulthum:

Wa Abbasa, wa Amma, Waa Jadda, Wa Husseina, wa akha’a

Wa wayla, wa Museebata, Wa ghurbata – al yawm maat baba, al yawm maat amma, al yawm maat jadda

Ya baqiyatil madheen

Noor aini hussain

Bibi Umm Zainab:

Wa wayla yabbna ummi

Roohi li roohi lakal fida

Wa Immama, wa shahheeda, wa husseina, wa husseina......

Bibi Umm Kulthum: By Allah! Hussain has been killed! ’Oh my soul. My calamity is so great, I cannot even explain it through poetry I cannot begin to understand it, through my knowledge and thoughts. Oh my soul! Be patient in this world and with its trials. This is Hussain who has gone towards the Lord of the heavens’

Bibi Umm Kulthum: Time has caused us to bear this calamity and torn into us with its teeth and claws! Time has sent us to a strange land and has forced us to that which we are afraid of …and it caused my brother to enter into tragedy. The calamity has blinded and engulfed us…It is so sorrowful for me to have to live without the personality of Hussain and to find him buried under the earth.

Narrator “Shame Gariban”

Shamme ghariban aagayi, Maqtal mein suraj dhoobgaya

Fatema ka laal noke neza par sar kataaye sogaya

bibiyon mein kohraam barpaa huwaa

Wa Husseina)x2 Wa Abbasa) Wa Akbara

Qawm-e-ashkiyaa khaymo ki taraf toot pade, khayaame husaini mein aag lagaai gayi

Bibiya ek khaime se dusre khayme mein jathe the Akhir jub sab khayme jalchooke the, Sayyide Sajjad ke khayme mein aayi,aur sawaal kiya,

Beta kya hukm hai – khayme mein jal ke marjaye ya behijab khaymo ke bahar nikal jaye

Hukm Imaamat mila, ay Phupi Amma khaymo ki bahar nikal jaaye,

Sania Zahra ne sar peet kar kahan Wa Hijaba, wa musibata,

Bibi Zainab-o-kulthum ne bibiyo aur Bachhon ko jamaa kiya, aur aaj pehre pe Zainab-o-Kulthum aagayi.

kabhi Furaat ki taraf dekh ke Abbas ko pukarti hain, Kabhi Ali Akber ko pukarti hain

Jaanthi hain na Abbas hain, na Ali Akber, na Qasim hain, na Hussein hain

Zainab-o-Kulthum, ek dusre se lipat kar ye giryaa karti hai:


Bibi Zainab: Ya Abbataha Ya Ali, when people have needs they turn to you and you fulfil their needs, come rescue your daughters for we are all alone. Ya Amirul Momineen Hurrs family have buried him, Ya Ali come and bury your son Hussain, for he is lying headless and bare on the hot sands

Umme Kulthum: ’Ya Jadda! Come and see how the body of your son is thrown away! Come and see how the body of your son has not even been given ghusl! The blowing sands have placed a shroud upon him while the flowing blood from his jugular veins has washed him! Ya Rasulallah! See how your daughters are humiliated! See how they have been taken as captives! See the heads of the shining moons on the end of the spears.

Marshia: Ghabraengi Behna

SCENE 7 - Kufa


Ahle Bayt ka luta huwa kaafela darbaar mai waarid-e-kufa huwa, woh kufaa jahaan kabhi yeh shehzaadiyaa huwa karti thi.

Abid-e-beemar husrat bhari nazron se, baba ke sar ko dekha, kehte the baba, Baba majboor hoon

Baba haathon mein hathkariya hain, pawon mein beriyan hain, ghale mein tawk hain.

Bazaar se guzarne ke baad jab Darbaar mein aye, hukm huwa ke darbar ke under jaaye

Sani Zahra ne kahan beta sajjad mein is darbaar mein nahin jawungi

Phupi amma kyu nahin jaenge

Beta mere saar par hijab nahin hain, me sar ba-rehna hoon, mere laaal mein is darbaar mein nahin ja sakti

Abid beemar ne sar ko jukhaya

Shimr taaziyana le kar aya

Abid e beemar ke pusht par taziyana lagaya aur hukm kiya, Sajjad phoopiyo se kahoon ke darbaar ke under jaye

Ek martaba abid-e-beemar ne sare Hussein ke taraf nigha ki: Baba mein majboor hoon

phoopi amma darbaar mein nahin jathi

Sani e zahra ne sare Hussein ki taraf nigha ki, sarre Hussein ne ishara kiya, bibiya darbar ke under chali, Hussein ne apni ankhon ko band kiya

Marshia as the kafela enter

The Ahlulbayt enter chained together. People on the streets are abusing the Ahlulbayt by throwing stones at them and yelling at their disobedience to the Caliph. Bibi Umm Kulthum stands on a raised platform whilst people start gathering around her to see what she has to say. WALK thru crowd, - enter stage – UK steps forward

Umm Kulthum:

Oh people of Kufa! Shame on you!  What is wrong with you, that you would discard Hussain?

You murdered him and snatched away his property.

You have taken his women as captives and you have tortured them.  

May you perish! May you despair! May you be taken to Hell!

 Do you know what you have done?

Do you know what crime you have committed?

Do you know what weight that you carry on your backs?

Do you know which blood you have shed?

Do you know which ladies you have captured?

Do you know what kind of young lady you have captured?

Do you know what kind of wealth you have stolen?

You have killed the best man after the Prophet; the kindness has been taken away from your hearts! Know that the party of Allah are the successful and that the party of Satan are the losers.”

Then she said (in a poetic manner) 

You have murdered my brother, may your mothers despair! You will be compensated with hellfire.

You have shed the blood that Allah has forbidden you to shed, what the Qur’an has forbidden, then what the Prophet has forbidden.  

Now receive glad tidings that you will be in the hellfire and that tomorrow you will be in the worst of it – be sure that you will be in it forever!  

For surely I will cry my whole life for my brother, he was born as a righteous man after the Prophet.  My tears are plenty, ever so heavy and flowing down my cheeks, they will never dry!”

Marshia – Mein Binte Ali Hoon

Narrator: The return SCENE 8: Medina

Bibi Umm Kulthum ne Muslamano ke nafso ko janjorne waale khutbe diye,

“teri awaaz ki aahat hain jahaan tak kulsum

Ek Sannata sa chaya hai wahan tak Kulsum

Talib-e-baiyat-e-fasiq kay faqat lab na siye

Kaat li hain teray khutbon ne zabaan tak Kulsum”

Shaam mein kafele ko zindaano mein thehraaya gaya, aisa taareeekh zindaan tha, ke jahaan Bibi Sakina roro ke kehti thi, ee bhayya ek shamma mangaado, take Sakina ka dam theher jaaye.

Bibiyo ne woh khutbe diye, ke logo ke dilo par asar karne lage, Is inqilaab ko dekhte huwe

Yazeed ne apni hukumat bachaane ke liye, Ahle Bayt-e-athhaar ko rihaai di.

Aur jab ye luta huwa kafela kerbala se hote huwe, medina pohonchaa, Janabe U.Kulthum farmaaati hai “ Ai nana ke Madine, hamaare aane ko qabul na kar. “

Idhar, Bashir sunaani lekar chala, ke ai Medine waalo, Hussain ka loota huwa kafela wapas aa raha hai..


O people of Medina! Medina is no more your place; Husain has been killed making me weep all the time; His bleeding body was left in Karbala; And his holy head was moved from place to place on a spear.

"Here is Ali Ibn Husain (a.s.) who has come to you near Medina with his aunts and sisters. I am his messenger informing you of their arrival."

A lady cries out "The messenger of doom gave news of death of my leader, that was so painful that it made me sick; O my eyes! Pour out all your tears incessantly; This mourning is for the dear one, whose prayer made the throne tremble;

Now the honor and greatness of religion has been badly damaged;

Go on weeping for the son of the messenger and the son of his heir; even though he was very far from us."

Addressing Bashir:

"O the messenger of doom! You have renewed our grief by the news of martyrdom of Abi Abdullâh (a.s.). You put salt on our wounds, which were not yet healed. May Allâh have mercy on you, who are you?"

Bashir "I am Bashir Ibn Mazlam. My master Ali bin Husain has sent me"

Marsia : Kulsoom ne mehmil ke jo parde ko uthaya

Bibi Umm Kulthum: ’Madinatti jaddani la taqbalna... Oh city of our Grandfather, do not accept us!

We have come to you with deep sorrows and regrets.

Ah! Inform the messenger of Allah about us, that the great calamity befallen on us after our father!

All our men are dead, left in Karbala without their heads and all the children were slaughtered.

Inform! our Grandfather we were captured and were robbed of everything, that your people were sacrificed and left bare in Karbala and were persecuted, that they slaughtered Hussain without consideration of our relationship to you.

Hussein was left without a head and circled by the frightening wild birds and beasts.

After all of these hardships, the eyes of the people starred at us and if only you could have understood what we saw and how the enemies tortured us.

Oh my grandfather, they did not pay attention to the status Allah (swt) has given us. This is our story and this is our situation – oh who are listening, lament for us’

Marsia – Im Kulsoom

Matam: Bibi Medina Agaya

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