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Toss-ups by Nathan Bragg (with one by John Kilby), bonuses by Nathan Bragg

1. The competitors in this televised event hail from Kansas City, the “Far East,” Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects, and “a little place called none of your god-damned business.” Ashy Larry is eliminated first, followed by Grits ‘N Gravy, who once rolled 77 sevens in a row; unfortunately, he throws snake eyes on an “all in” roll. The final between Leonard Washington and Phyuck Yiu is interrupted by Rodney “Quills” Dinkins, who orders everyone to strip at gunpoint. ESPN broadcasted, FTP, what late-night contest, a parody of programs such as “World Series of Poker” on Chappelle’s Show.

ANSWER: 2004 World Series of Dice

2. She was directed by her father, Stephen, in her first three films: Waterland, A Dangerous Woman, and Homegrown. The voice of Elizabeth in Monster House, in 2006 she could also be seen in World Trade Center and Trust the Man in supporting roles. She had roles in Riding in Cars with Boys, Criminal and Cecil B. Demented and she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her titular role in Secretary. Appearing alongside Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles and Ginnifer Goodwin in 2003’s Mona Lisa Smile, she is still less well-known than her brother, with whom she appeared in Donnie Darko and Jarhead. FTP, identify this actress and sister of Jake Gyllenhall.

ANSWER: Maggie Gyllenhall

3. He lives with his parents, brother Kevin, younger sister, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins; this is taken as evidence that “poor people tend to live in clusters.” Despite his poverty, he is able to obtain an ED-209 Halloween costume and a Sony PSP, which he uses to defeat Satan in the episode “Best Friends Forever.” He disguised himself, sans parka, as Mr. Jefferson’s son Blanket; he is then thrown into the ceiling, causing Stan and Kyle to respond with their usual catchphrase. FTP, identify this character who died “for good” at the end of season 5 but returned for season 7, a resident of South Park, Colorado.

ANSWER: Kenny and/or McCormick

4. The 2003 recipient of the Socrates Award, which recognizes student athletes for excellence in academics, athletics, and citizenship, he played high school ball in New Orleans before following new head coach David Cutliffe to his father’s alma mater. He was the top prospect in the 2004 NFL Draft, but he had repeatedly stated that he would not play for the team with the top pick, the San Diego Chargers, so they eventually traded him for the draft rights to Philip Rivers. A backup to Kurt Warner for one season, he led his team to the playoffs in 2005 and to a huge fourth quarter comeback against Philadelphia this season. FTP, identify this New York Giants quarterback, son of Archie and little brother to Peyton.

ANSWER: Eli Manning

5. Next week’s episode will be titled “The Elbow Incident” and will concern Jeffrey hurting his elbow in a two-on-two basketball game against younger players, then refusing medical care because he is afraid of hospitals. The pilot featured Judith Light in a supporting role and introduced the story of the two main characters, a surgeon and a judge, who decide that they’ve wasted most of their lives and realize that the titular quantity is “about all we’ve got left!” FTP, identify this new NBC sitcom about a pair of 60 year olds who want to make the most of the next portion of their lives that stars Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow.

ANSWER: Twenty Good Years

6. Part I did not feature any drums, and its lyrics told of the protagonist’s father dying in the Anzio Campaign of World War II. In Part III, the singer claims not to need “no arms around me” or “drugs to calm me;” in the next track, “Goodbye Cruel World,” he has finally disassociated himself completely from society. However, Part II is by far the most famous, as it follows “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” and features an Islington Green children’s choir. FTP, identify this song cycle on Pink Floyd’s The Wall, whose second part proclaims “we don’t need no education.”

ANSWER: “Another Brick in the Wall

7. Born in Hyde Park, Massachusetts in 1924, she moved to Los Angeles in 1943 where she worked in an Air Force Base. While living in Florida, she met and became engaged to Major Matthew M. Gordon, Jr., who died in a plane crash in 1945; his family denies any connection to her. She moved back to L.A. in 1946, spending the last months of her life living with friends and in hotels, until she was last seen alive in the lobby of the Biltmore hotel in 1947; the next morning she was found cut in half at the waist and her face mutilated. FTP, identify this murder victim, whose story was told in a 1987 James Ellroy novel and a 2006 film starring Josh Hartnett and Hilary Swank.

ANSWER: Elizabeth Short OR The Black Dahlia

8. Songs by this name include track 7 on Kevin Federline’s upcoming Playing with Fire album and a famous Willie Nelson track that was itself a Patsy Cline cover. Supertramp, Seal, Simple Plan, and Aerosmith have also released songs with this title, as did a popular DJ act this past summer. That track, whose B-sides included “Go-Go Gadget Gospel” and whose video is reminiscent of a Rorschach ink blot test, was inspired by film scores of spaghetti Westerns. The first song to hit #1 on the UK chart based solely on downloads, FTP identify this song whose singer can “remember when (he) lost his mind,” a hit for Gnarls Barkley.

ANSWER: “Crazy

9. Born in Brussels, Belgium, she was ranked as the third greatest female film star of all time by the American Film Institute, after Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis. Her first role came as a hotel receptionist in the British film One Wild Oat, and she did all of her own ballet dancing in The Secret People. Other notable films she has appeared in include Roman Holiday alongside Gregory Peck, Funny Face, in which she got to dance with Fred Astaire, and Charade. FTP, identify this actress, most identified today with her roles as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

ANSWER: Audrey Hepburn

10. During his rookie season, he backed up Brad Sellers but later earned the starting position due to his tenacious play in the playoffs. A graduate of Central Arkansas University, he was drafted 5th overall by Seattle in 1987 but was traded on draft night for Olden Polynice. He played 4 years in Portland for the end of his career, but was traded back to the team with which he won 6 championships in 2003; his number 33 is now retired by them. FTP, identify this small forward, a member of the Dream Team in 1992 and 1996, who helped lead the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s alongside Michael Jordan.

ANSWER: Scottie Pippen
11. It opened on October 1, 1982 and was originally to be a sort of utopia with no slums and where everyone is employed; this may have been the downfall of that plan as the surrounding area is mostly populated by retirees. The largest construction project on earth at the time, it consists of two sections: Future World and World Showcase, and its current attractions include “Spaceship Earth” and “Ellen’s Energy Adventure,” starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye. FTP, identify this Disney theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

ANSWER: Epcot OR Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

12. Its name was inspired by the Comstock Lode, and it was the most watched show in America from 1964 to 1967. The oldest two sons of Lorne Greene’s character were played by Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker, who died during the show’s final season. Hop Sing was the Cartwright family’s Chinese chef, and Michael Landon launched his career by directing several episodes as well as starring as youngest son “Little Joe.” FTP, identify this western set on the Ponderosa Ranch.

ANSWER: Bonanza

13. He has been played on television by Danny Wells and voiced by Tony Rosato. A stronger jumper than his more famous sibling, he claims to be an accomplished author who has penned a series of novels which tell how he saved Princess Éclair of the Waffle Kingdom. His in-game voices are provided by Charles Martinet, and he has starred in games including a 1991 edutainment game where his brother is missing and a 2001 Gamecube game in which he must rid a mansion of ghosts. FTP, identify this Nintendo character, portrayed in film by John Leguizamo, the brother of Mario.


14. The melody of its chorus is based on “Turkey in the Straw,” prompting hip-hop blogger Byron Crawford to declare it an example of “minstrel show rap.” Featured in a 2006 episode of Entourage, ringtones based on this song sold more than 20,000 in two weeks, and it was the most popular rap download on iTunes in August 2006. Its video features adolescents doing the “snap dance” and its chorus asks “Could you throw it over ya shoulda” and declares “if it hot, it make ya cold.” FTP, identify this track by Jibbs with very similar lyrics to the children’s song “Do Your Ears Hang Low.”

ANSWER: “Chain Hang Low

15. YEAR AND TEAM REQUIRED. A total lunar eclipse ended just eleven minutes after this team’s final out, which occurred 18 years to the day after their last World Series game. They got Doug Mientkiewicz (mint-KAY-vich) from Minnesota at midseason, then won 22 of their last 25 games and made it into the playoffs as a wildcard. They swept the Anaheim Angels, then lost their next three games to their most bitter rival; luckily, with the help of Dave Roberts and Curt Schilling, they were able to win the last four, marking the greatest comeback in a series in MLB history. FTP, identify this team that finally broke the Curse of the Bambino, a team that played its home games at Fenway Park and featured Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez.

ANSWER: 2004 Boston and/or Red Sox

16. Bryan Adams was approached to have his song “Only The Strong Survive” included on this film’s soundtrack; he refused because he believed the film promoted war. Tracks included on its Expanded Edition soundtrack include “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” and “Great Balls of Fire,” while its original cut included Miami Sound Machine’s “Hot Summer Nights” and “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin, which won an Oscar for Best Song in 1987. FTP, identify this film, whose soundtrack also featured Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” a film starring Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise.


17. After his 1993 death, his body was laid in state at the Virginia Governor’s Mansion; the last time this had been done was for Stonewall Jackson. A successful high school football player, he decided to attend UCLA on a tennis scholarship before turning pro in 1969. In 1970, he won the Australian Open but was not allowed to play in the South Africa Open due to apartheid policies. He stunned Jimmy Connors in the 1975 Wimbledon title, becoming one of only two men of Black African descent to win a men’s Grand Slam tennis title. FTP, identify this player, the namesake of the main stadium at the U.S. Open.

ANSWER: Arthur Ashe

18. (JK) On the final track of this album, the speaker has to figure out why people ask him "where the hell [he's] going at a 1000 feet per second," a statement written by the song's author based on experiences watching tourists in France. Earlier, the lines "pragmatism not idealism" and "a pig in a cage on antibiotics" are spoken by a computer-synthesized voice on the song "Fitter Happier." The track "Let Down" was recorded in the ballroom of Jane Seymour's mansion in the wee hours of the morning while an animated video accompanied one of this album's more popular songs, "Paranoid Android." Also featuring "Karma Police," the album's highest charting single, for ten points, name this 1997 Radiohead album with a title that would seem to imply an acceptance of technology.

ANSWER: OK Computer

19. A native Kentuckian and avid fisherman, he first appeared regularly on TV as Mr. Dingle on The New Zoo Review. His worst fear is “being attacked by a large Calico cat named Skippy,” and he has provided the voiceover for Game Show Network’s between-show bumper ads since April 2005. The subject of the reality program Naturally Stoned, he was the original host of Wheel of Fortune and has also hosted Scrabble and Greed. FTP, identify this game show host most famous for Lingo and Love Connection.

ANSWER: Chuck Woolery

20. Founded by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, two juniors at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, in 1988, its appeal did not stretch beyond Wisconsin until its website was founded in 1996. Regular contributors to it include Larry Groznic, Jim Anchower, and Smoove B, and its coverage of the 9/11 attacks was advertised under the journalistic headline “Holy Fucking Shit.” FTP, identify this satirical newspaper which features the pop cultural review section “The A.V. Club” and which inspired the book “Our Dumb Century.”

ANSWER: The Onion
21. Their most recent album is 2004’s Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, which included the single “Closest Thing to Heaven.” Taking a name inspired by Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy, their debut album featured “Pale Shelter” and “Mad World,” the latter covered by Gary Jules for the Donnie Darko soundtrack. They then released two multiplatinum albums, The Seeds of Love and Songs from the Big Chair. FTP, identify this new wave band famous for the singles “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” “Woman in Chains,” “Head over Heels,” “Shout,” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

ANSWER: Tears for Fears


Tossups by Nathan Bragg (with one by John Kilby), Bonuses by Nathan Bragg


1. Identify these movies featuring Tom Hanks, FTPE.

A. Hanks played Paul Edgecomb in this 1999 film based on a series of Stephen King books that also featured Michael Clarke Duncan..

ANSWER: The Green Mile

B. Hanks wrote and directed this 1996 film about a fictional Pennsylvania based one hit wonder band called the Oneders (pron. Wonders).

ANSWER: That Thing You Do!

C. Hanks earned his most recent Oscar nomination for his role as Chuck Noland in this 2000 film.

ANSWER: Cast Away

2. Identify some baseball stadiums that are no longer in use, FTPE.

A. This New York park replaced Washington Field in 1913 and was home to two different incarnations of Brooklyn Dodgers.

ANSWER: Ebbets Field

B. Once the home of two major American sports franchises known as the Cardinals, this Missouri stadium was demolished in 2005 only to be replaced by a structure of the same name.

ANSWER: Busch (Memorial) Stadium

C. This Washington, D.C. stadium was originally known as National Park and served as home field for the Washington Senators from 1911-1961.

ANSWER: Griffith Stadium
3. It sampled Chic’s “Good Times” and is considered the first true hip hop hit single. FTPE:

A. Identify this single, too long for a 45-RPM version, that begins with the line “I said a hip, a hop/ the hippie, the hippie, to the hip hop/a you don’t stop.”

ANSWER: “Rapper’s Delight

B. Rapper’s Delight was a hit for this still active New York City-based trio.

ANSWER: The Sugarhill Gang

C. The Sugarhill Gang once released a single, “Showdown,” featuring this band most associated with Grandmaster Flash.

ANSWER: The Furious Five

4. Identify these characters from the still-popular Final Fantasy VII FTPE.

A. The game’s protagonist, this spiky-haired mercenary has since made cameos in several other Square games.

ANSWER: Cloud and/or Strife

B. With a design perhaps inspired by a manticore, this dog-like creature originally known as “Nanaki” is a native of Cosmo Canyon who overcomes his fears to join Cloud.


C. Voiced by Lance Bass in Kingdom Hearts, this silvery-haired member of SOLDIER who was responsible for Aeris’s death is the game’s central antagonist.

ANSWER: Sephiroth

5. Answer some questions about the television program Lost FTPE.

A. The reality show Lost began airing in 2001, around the same time as this CBS show. Both shows featured teams trying to make it to a specified point somewhere in the world before their opponents.

ANSWER: The Amazing Race

B. Lost is, to date, only the second show produced by this late night comedian’s production agency, Conaco.

ANSWER: Conan O’Brien

C. Lost featured narration by this NBC Sports mainstay, who heads up in-studio coverage of AFL games as well as having provided color commentary in each of the last eight Olympic games.

ANSWER: Al Trautwig
6. Identify these active boxers, FTPE.

A. Nicknamed “The Golden Boy,” this American won a gold medal at Barcelona in 1992 and defended his junior middleweight title against Ricardo Mayorga in May 2006.

ANSWER: Oscar de la Hoya

B. An American nicknamed “The Aztec Warrior” and “Ferocious,” he lost a WBA title to de la Hoya in 2002 and his comeback may have been stopped permanently with a summer 2006 loss to Sugar Shane Mosley.

ANSWER: Fernando Vargas

C. He was born five days after his father defeated Muhammad Ali in 1978 for the heavyweight world title. While he lost his Welterweight titles in 2005 to Zab Judah, he is still the reigning IBF Light Middleweight champion.

ANSWER: Cory Spinks

7. Identify these actors who were involved with the 1973 film The Exorcist, FTPE:

A. She famously portrayed Regan McNeil, the girl possessed by Pazuzu, in the film and was Oscar nominated for that role.

ANSWER: Linda Blair

B. He played Jesus in 1965’s The Greatest Story Ever Told and earned a Golden Globe nod for playing a priest in The Exorcist. He also appeared in Needful Things and Minority Report.

ANSWER: Max von Sydow

C. She did voiceover work as a demon in The Exorcist although she was initially uncredited. She also starred in Johnny Guitar and A Farewell to Arms.

ANSWER: Mercedes “Mercy” McCambridge

8. Identify the following Seattle-based bands of the early 1990s, FTPE:

A. You may have heard of this band, whose members included Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Their albums included Bleach and In Utero, and they released the singles “About a Girl,” “All Apologies,” and “Lithium.”

ANSWER: Nirvana

B. This band known for their album “Dirt” and singles “Rooster” and “Would?” was the heaviest of the early-90s Seattle bands.

ANSWER: Alice in Chains

C. Named after a 1965 Russ Meyer film, this group was known for “Touch Me I’m Sick” and the popular albums Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and My Brother the Cow.

ANSWER: Mudhoney
9. Answer the following questions about things with something in common, FTPE:

A. According to the title of a season two episode of South Park, this Chicago Sun-Times film critic who hosts a show with Richard Roeper “should lay off the fatty foods.”

ANSWER: Roger Ebert

B. This Canadian artist is most famous for his track “Informer” which features the immortal line “a licky boom boom down.”


C. This NFC team’s mascot is “Sir Purr.” Playing their home games in Back of America Stadium, current stars include Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith.

ANSWER: Carolina and/or Panthers

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: All of these answers relate to the show “Early Edition”; Ebert once guest-starred on it, Lucius Snow is the name of the man who bequeathed the mystical paper to Gary Hobson, and Panther is the name of the real cat who played Gary’s cat.)

10. “Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.” FTPE:

A. That is the opening line to the theme song of what early 1990s NBC sitcom starring newcomer Will Smith.

ANSWER: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

B. This Joseph Marcell character is the Banks’ butler; Will sometimes accuses him of “acting like we still on the plantation.”

ANSWER: Geoffrey

C. This actor, who portrayed Carlton Banks, is famous for singing in a commercial for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as well as for roles in Silver Spoons and In the House. He recently won FOX’s Celebrity Duets.

ANSWER: Alfonso Ribeiro

11. A young adult version of this book, Chew on This, was released in May 2006. FTPE:

A. Identify this book, a modern example of “muckraking” journalism subtitled “The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.”

ANSWER: Fast Food Nation

B. Identify this author of Fast Food Nation who has since written the popular Reefer Madness.

ANSWER: Eric Schlosser

C. Schlosser was interviewed for the DVD version of this 2004 Oscar-nominated documentary.

ANSWER: Super Size Me
12. Identify these Billboard best selling albums of 2001, FTPE.

A. While The Beatles’ “1” was the top selling album of that year, number two went to this artist’s A Day Without Rain as its song “Only Time” which became a hit after the attacks of September 11.


B. The third best selling album of the year was the soundtrack to this film, which featured selections from Allison Krauss and the Soggy Bottom Boys.

ANSWER: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

C. This fifth best selling album of 2001 was this Dave Matthews Band disc that featured “The Space Between” and “I Did It” as well as the title hit.

ANSWER: Everyday

13. Given an album, identify the stand-up comic who released it, FTPE:

A. Shut Up You Fucking Baby!

ANSWER: David Cross

B. The Right to Bare Arms

ANSWER: Larry the Cable Guy

C. Harmful if Swallowed

ANSWER: Dane Cook

14. It was played in 1986 at the Superdome in New Orleans. FTPE:

A. Identify this football championship game which saw the Chicago Bears defeat the New England Patriots 46-10.

ANSWER: Super Bowl XX

B. “We’re not doing it because we’re greedy, the Bears are doing it to feed the needy” was a lyric from this Grammy nominated song recorded just before Chicago’s playoff run started.

ANSWER: “Super Bowl Shuffle

C. This Defensive End was the MVP of Super Bowl XX. He shared 2 sacks, forced 2 fumbles and blocked a pass in the game.

ANSWER: Richard Dent
15. Given a McNickname of a Grey’s Anatomy character, give the character’s name for ten points or the actor who portrays him for five.

A. Doctor McDreamy or McMarried

ANSWER: (10) Derek and/or Shepherd OR (5) Patrick Dempsey

B. Doctor McSteamy; McSteamy was decided after McSexy and McYummy were discarded.

ANSWER: (10) Mark and/or Sloan OR (5) Eric Dane

C. McVet

ANSWER: (10) Finn and/or Dandridge OR (5) Chris O’Donnell

16. Based on a Charles Dickens novel, this 1988 animated feature featured the vocal talents of Joey Lawrence, Dom Deluise, and Billy Joel as Dodger. FTPE:

A. Identify this film.

ANSWER: Oliver and Company

B. This comic voiced Tito the Chihuahua in the film. He uttered a line he has used in his most famous role, “Hey man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall!”

ANSWER: Cheech and/or Marin

C. Identify the rich girl who adopted the orphaned Oliver.

ANSWER: Jenny and/or Foxworth

17. The 1979 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament’s final game remains the highest Nielsen-rated college sporting event in U.S. History. FTPE:

A. This Terre Haute based school’s Sycamores lost to Michigan State in the finals.

ANSWER: Indiana State University OR ISU

B. ISU was led by this 1979 Wooden and Naismith award winning forward.

ANSWER: Larry Bird

C. Michigan State was led by this future Laker star, who outscored Bird 24-19 in the title game.

ANSWER: Earvin “MagicJohnson
18. Cop Shows that feature exclamation points as part of their titles, FTPE:

A. This current Comedy Central show featuring Carlos Alazraqui follows a group of sheriff’s deputies responding to calls in Nevada.

ANSWER: Reno 911!

B. David Rasche played the titular over-the-top cop in this ABC spoof, a registered Republican and admitted Xenophobe whose antics confounded Captain Trunk.

ANSWER: Sledge Hammer!

C. This show featured Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin, inspired the Naked Gun series of movies, and featured Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln.

ANSWER: Police Squad! (in color)

19. Identify these artists from the 1980s known primarily for one song, FTPE:

A. Morton Harket led this Norwegian band known for their album “Hunting High and Low” and a famous video featuring the band in the pages of a comic book.

ANSWER: a-ha

B. This Canadian band whose most famous albums are “Rhythm of Youth” and “Pop Goes the World” scored their most famous hit with a song that tells listeners that they can “dance when (they) want to, (they) can leave (their) friends behind.”

ANSWER: Men Without Hats

C. This Oregon-based band hit the top 20 with “Find Another Fool” and “Take Me To Heart,” but are best known for their #3 smash “Harden My Heart.”

ANSWER: Quarterflash

20. Identify these American banking corporations, FTPE:

A. This Charlotte based company is the largest commercial bank in the U.S. based on deposits. Billed as “the official bank of baseball”, it bought out Boston-based Fleetbank in 2003.

ANSWER: Bank of America

B. The U.S.’s third largest bank by holdings, it was one of the first banks to feature ATMs and is the corporate banking arm of Citigroup.

ANSWER: Citibank

C. This Virginia-based company, the United States Postal Service’s largest customer, has featured David Spade and Nate Torrence in its commercials.

ANSWER: Capital One
21. Given a popular comic book character, identify the person credited with creating him or her, FTPE: (NOTE: either writer or illustrator is acceptable)

A. The Incredible Hulk

ANSWER. Stan Lee OR Jack Kirby

B. Batman

ANSWER: Bob Kane OR Bill Finger

C. Spawn

ANSWER: Todd McFarlane
22. Given information about a recent school shooting, identify which state it took place in, FTPE:

A. Charles Carl Roberts IV executed five Amish girls and himself on October 2, 2006.

ANSWER: Pennsylvania

B. On September 29th, Eric Hainstock used a pistol to shoot Weston High Principal John Klang.

ANSWER: Wisconsin

C. On September 27th in Bailey, Duane Morrison sexually assaulted several girls and used Emily Keyes as a human shield; both Morrison and Keyes were killed.

ANSWER: Colorado


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