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APRIL 19, 2003
Packet by University of California-Berkeley and Cornell University
Toss-Up Questions
1. The second one, known as the "Felon of Tushino," set up a shadow court in that village near Moscow after he was unable to capture the city itself. His failure to take the Monastery of Saint Sergius and the arrival of six thousand Swedish troops ensured his defeat, causing his supporters to solicit assistance from the Polish king Sigismund. The first one was deposed by the boyars in 1606, one year after he had succeeded Boris Godunov. FTP, give the shared title of these men, pretenders to the Russian throne who claimed to be the dead son of Ivan the Terrible.
Answer: False Dmitriis
2. The title character has a sword of Damascus hanging on his wall and keeps a "fowling-piece, musket, and matchlock" in the corner. A native issues a war challenge with a snakeskin quiver and later the title character is thought to have died during a raid. The title character halts his reading of Caesar’s Commentaries to ask a favor of his friend because he is afraid of "a thundering No! point-blank from the mouth of a woman." Seeking a replacement for his dead wife Rose, he loses Priscilla to the friend he sent on his behalf, John Alden. FTP, name this poem about a love triangle by Longfellow.
Answer: The Courtship of Miles Standish

3. Although monosaccharides are a more directly usable form of energy storage, considering this property reveals that plants store carbohydrates as polysaccharides to reduce strain on membranes. The fact that it is equal to the concentration times the universal gas constant times the absolute temperature was discovered by van’t Hoff. This equation can be used to find the molar mass of a dissolved substance, and can be derived by equating the free energy on both sides of a semipermeable membrane. FTP, name this colligative property which can be measured in atmospheres.

Answer: osmotic pressure

4. Heinrich Panofka published five volumes of them during the 19th century, and Peter Racine-Fricker composed one in 1965. Jean-Antoine Bérard, in his L'Art du Chant, may have started the tradition from which these pieces are derived, as it included twenty works of Lully, Rameau, and others, as exercises. Vaughan Williams composed three for soprano and clarinet in 1958. FTP, identify this term whose most famous example may be Rachmaninoff's Opus 34, Number 14, a concert piece or vocal exercise which is sung to one or more vowels.
Answer: vocalises
5. In this work, the author asks, "Is it surprising that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, [and] hospitals, which all resemble prisons?" Part Three focuses on Jeremy Bentham's model of the Panopticon, while the introduction features a gruesome account of the execution of the attempted assassin of Louis XV. While its second and third parts form this work’s title, it’s most famous section is its first, “Torture,” which discusses the “spectacle of the scaffold.” FTP, name this book by Michel Foucault about the history of modern criminology.
Answer: Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison or Surveiller et punir: Naissance de la prison

6. Edward Burne-Jones depicted this battle in an 1882 painting. The murder of Robert Kerr was grounds for the initial invasion in which the castles at Norham and Werk were taken, but the invaders decided not to attack the English as they crossed the River Till. Although one side had a superior position on Branxton Hill, an attack on Edmund Howard's troops was repulsed and Edward Stanley was able to defeat the Highlanders. An attack on the English failed when the Scots were impeded by a bog. FTP, name this 1513 English victory in which James IV was slain.

Answer: Battle of Flodden Field
7. His story is found engraved in chicken-scratch on half-eaten elm bark, and is followed by the poem “Bagatelles Filled with Antidotes.” His emblem is a two-headed hermaphrodite and a saying from First Corinthians. He is given a poor education by the sophists Thubal Holofernes and Jobelin Bridé, but later learns the art of war from Eudemon’s tutor Gymnaste. A war over the theft of wheat cakes forces him to defend his lands from Picrochole, and he rewards Friar John by with the Abbey of Thélème. FTP, name this son of Grandgousier and Gargamelle, a giant chronicled in a Rabelais novel.

Answer: Gargantua

8. The most common methods for their preparation are treatment of halohydrins with aqueous base, and oxidation of alkenes with peroxycarboxylic acids. The simplest member is used as a chemical sterilant, and its reaction with Grignard reagents is a convenient way to lengthen a carbon chain by two atoms. Their high strain makes them highly reactive, and they undergo ring-opening reactions with a variety of nucleophiles. Containing an oxygen atom in a three-member ring, FTP, name these cyclic ethers.

Answer: epoxides or oxiranes

9. In Hawaiian myth, the magic dogs Ku and Poki sometimes appear in this form, and Ngai, chief god of the Masai, manifests as a red one when he is angry and as a black one when he is happy. The Tuatha Dé Danann traveled to Ireland on a large one, and Zeus used one to hide from Hera while seducing Io. In Norse myth they were spun in Fensalir by the goddess Frigga. The woman Nephele was created from one in order to satisfy Ixion's lust for Hera, and became the mother of the centaurs. FTP, name these fluffy atmospheric phenomena.
Answer: clouds

10. In 1967’s Philosophical Faith and Revelation, he posited the concept of the cipher as a means of communication between all metaphysical and religious systems. He spent his early career as a psychiatrist and his 1913 Allgemeine Psychopathologie was one of the first texts in that field. After World War I, he made a transition to philosophy, positing that the task of philosophy was to appeal to individual freedom of thought and existence in his Psychology of World Views. FTP, name this originator of “world philosophy,” a German philosopher and author of Reason and Existenz and Existenzphilosophie.

Answer: Karl Theodor Jaspers

11. This phrase first appeared in 1762’s The Real Advantages Which Ministers and People May Enjoy, Especially In the Colonies, By Conforming to the Church of England. Their constitutionality was upheld in the 1961 case McGowan v. Maryland despite arguments that they violate the Sherman Anti-Trust act. A more thorough explanation of them appeared in 1782’s General History of Connecticut by Samuel Peters, whose contention that their name derives from the word “bloody” has no basis. FTP, identify these restrictions on Sabbath behavior named for the color paper they were printed on?
Answer: Blue Laws
12. One fateful morning, the protagonist awakes feeling “completely spattered with bird shit,” and grabs Divina Flor, the daughter of his kitchen servant, by the pussy. His troubles had begun a day earlier when the wealthy Bayardo San Roman returns his apparently impure bride to her mother Pura, who deals her a savage beating. Angela Vicario then fingers the protagonist as the man who deflowered her, whereupon her twin brothers Pablo and Pedro stab him to death. The death of Santiago Nasar, FTP, is foreshadowed by the narrator of what novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

Answer: Crónica de una muerte anunciada or Chronicle of a Death Foretold

13. The quenching of its low-frequency component in plasmas due to the disappearance of the beaming effect is known as the Razin effect. Using Liénard's generalization of Larmor's formula shows that it is sharply peaked in the forward direction. It is the mechanism of emission in the lobes of radio galaxies and in the diffuse part of the Crab Nebula. It is generated by relativistic electrons; as the electrons radiate, their radii of gyration steadily decrease. FTP, name this type of radiation produced by relativistic electrons spiraling around magnetic field lines.

Answer: synchrotron radiation (prompt on nonthermal emission or radiation)
14. They are collected in the 1228 compilation Mumon-kan and the 1125 “Blue Cliff Records” of Yüan-wu. Dogen, the founder of the Soto school of Buddhism, apparently utilized them, even though his school espoused the method of “just sitting” in order to achieve the desired effect of the “sloughing off of the mind.” Derived from the Chinese term for a public announcement and particularly associated with the Rinzai sect, FTP, these are which paradoxical statements or questions intended to exhaust the rational intellect, a well-known example of which is the sound of one hand clapping.
Answer: koans
15. This primarily dark canvas shows an intense white light that centers on the nine figures at its center. A man in the background huddles over a paper, but stares out at the viewer, while the rest of the group is either transfixed on the titular event or the large text in the foreground of the bottom right corner. The title figure raises one hand in gesticulation, while the other probes the body of an executed criminal with a pair of forceps. Graphically depicting the muscles of a cadaver’s forearm, FTP, identify this medical painting by Rembrandt.
Answer: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolas Tulp

16. After being ostracized, he fled to Argos, then to Corfu, and then to the court of Artaxerxes, who supposedly thanked the gods upon his arrival and gave him 200 talents and rule over some cities of Asia Minor. As archon, he established the first public works project to convert the bays of Piraeus into harbors, and he may have aided Miltiades in his flight from Gallipoli, but he is better remembered for increasing the size of the Athenian navy in anticipation of a Persian attack after Marathon. FTP, name this man, the victor over the Persians at Salamis.

Answer: Themistocles
17. This condition can be created artificially by treatment with colchicine, a drug that prevents the formation of a spindle. Examples of its use in botany include the Russian geneticist Karpechenko's 1928 creation of a cabbage-radish hybrid and Digby's 1912 production of the hybrid Kew primrose. The latter resulted from Hugo de Vries's identification of a mutant form of the evening primrose, reproductively isolated from the parent species by its extra chromosomes. FTP, in this common condition of plant species a cell possesses more than two times the haploid number of chromosomes.
Answer: polyploidy
18. In this treatise, a statue of Mitys killing Mitys' murderer is given as an example of a providential incident which produces amazement. The works of Empedocles are excluded from this work because, though it is written in hexameter, it does not characterize its subject matter as a “representation of life,” or mimesis. Key concepts discussed include the moment of recognition, or anagnorisis, the fatal flaw, or hamartia, and purgation, or catharsis, which is the most important function of tragedy. FTP, name this important work of literary theory on non-prose writing written by Aristotle.
Answer: Poetics

19. One section discusses a 1961 Ladies’ Home Journal article entitled “The Sandwich Maker,” in which a woman who tries to run a sandwich stand at her husband’s factory ends up discontent. Published in 1963, this work coined the term “comfortable concentration camps” to describe “the problem with no name,” whose psychological roots the author attributes in the fifth chapter to Freud. It contended that suburban middle-class housewives, despite all of the apparent comfort of their lives, cannot find happiness in a gender-stratified society. FTP, identify this work by Betty Friedan.

Answer: The Feminine Mystique
20. This freemason is a quack in painting and gemmary like most of his countrymen, but his weakness is the well-deserved pride he takes in his wine connoisseurship. Despite his severe cold, he risks damp and nitre to show that he is a better critic than Luchresi. He has a Medoc and a De Grave, but never gets to try the pipe of alcohol he was asked to evaluate, and ends up walled inside Montressor's cellar. FTP, identify this ironically named character in Poe's "A Cask of Amontillado."
Answer: Fortunato
TB1. The red dwarf Wolf 359, the third closest neighbor of the sun, lies in this constellation, which also includes the ninth magnitude galaxies M65 and M66. Its sickle includes Rasalas, Adhafera, and its gamma star Algieba, which consists of two orange giants, and its alpha star, the twenty-fifth brightest star in the sky, while Denebola, its beta star, is located at the tip of its tail. Situated to the south of Ursa Major, FTP, name this constellation, whose brightest star is Regulus.
Answer: Leo
TB2. In 1931, he was nearly assassinated by two gunmen as he left a performance of I Pagliacci at the Vienna Opera House. In 1938, he married Geraldine Apponyi, a postcard saleswoman at the Budapest National Museum. He went into exile after Italy overran his country in 1939, abandoning the republican government he had formed in 1922. After World War II, he officially abdicated after the takeover of his kingdom by Communists under Enver Hoxha. Giving himself a royal name meaning “bird,” FTP, name this Albanian leader who declared himself king in 1928.
Answer: King Zog I (accept Ahmed Bey Zogu)

TB3. Her mother was a French opera girl and her father was an artist who worked at a girl's boarding school. After graduating from Chiswick Mall to become a governess, she tosses a copy of Samuel Johnson's dictionary out a window. Later, she maintains a financial relationship with Member of Parliament Lord Steyne, even though she is married to Rawdon Crawley. The friend of Amelia Sedly, FTP, who is this heroine of Willim Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair?

Answer: Becky Sharp (accept either name; also accept Becky Crawley)


APRIL 19, 2003
Packet by University of California-Berkeley and Cornell University
Bonus Questions
1. Name these terms relating to deserts FTPE.

  1. This type of desert forms on the leeward side of mountains, which effectively cut the desert off from moisture sources.

Answer: rainshadow desert

  1. Deserts are a primary source for the sediment which forms these windblown deposits of silt. The biggest deposits are in China, and give the Yellow River and Yellow Sea their names.

Answer: loess

  1. Deflation lowers the desert surface until this thin layer of packed coarse pebbles and cobbles forms.

Answer: desert pavement
2. Identify these solar deities FTSNOP.

  1. (5 points) This supreme Egyptian sun god created Shu and Tefnut. He was worshipped in Heliopolis, and was sometimes syncretized with Atum and Amun.

Answer: Ra or Re

  1. (5 points) The Japanese imperial family claims descent from this Shinto sun goddess, the eldest daughter of Izanagi.

Answer: Amaterasu or Omikami or Tensho Daijan

  1. (10 points) This Hindu deity was the father of Karna in the Mahabharata and is the most handsome of all the gods.

Answer: Surya
  1. (10 points) This supreme Incan god was both a sun god and a storm god, and the father of Inti.

Answer: Viracocha
3. Name the following characters involved with a certain Mistah Kurtz, who happens to be dead FTPE.

  1. By the time Kurtz is found by this narrator of Heart of Darkness, he is on the brink of death.

Answer: Charlie Marlow

  1. After returning from his hellish voyage to the Belgian Congo, Marlow returns to London to inform this lady of Kurtz’s death. His erstwhile fiancée, she is not given a name, but is known only by this phrase.

Answer: The Intended

  1. In one scene, Marlow compares his mental image of Kurtz to this Danish captain, who was killed by natives after beating the crap out of a local chieftain over the theft of a chicken.

Answer: Fresleven
4. Name the following relating to chirality in molecules FTPE.

  1. These two-dimensional projections are used to show the configuration of chiral molecules. Vertical bonds to the stereocenter are directed away, horizontal bonds towards.

Answer: Fischer projections

  1. The IUPAC rules of nomenclature incorporate this system for designating the configuration of a stereocenter.

Answer: Cahn-Ingold-Prelog convention or Rectus-Sinister convention

  1. This is the name for compounds whose molecules are achiral even though they contain two or more stereocenters.

Answer: meso compounds
5. Interwar European diplomacy FTPE.

  1. The secret provisions of this 1922 agreement between the Soviets and the Weimar Republic allowed the Germans to conduct military tests in Russia, ignoring the Treaty of Versailles.

Answer: Treaty of Rapallo

  1. This 1925 document attempted to secure peaceful relations between Germany and its neighbors; one result was the evacuation of the Rhineland by 1930.

Answer: Pact of Locarno

  1. A defensive alliance including Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia, it fell apart during the Sudetenland crisis of 1938.

Answer: Little Entente
6. Identify these philosophers from works FTPE.

  1. On Crimes and Punishment

Answer: Cesare Beccaria

  1. Tractatus Theologico-Politicus; On the Rainbow

Answer: Benedict Spinoza

  1. On Monadology

Answer: Godfried Wilhelm Leibniz
7. Name the artist of these abstract geometrical works FTPE.

  1. This Dutchman's Homage to the Square paintings consist of concentric superimposed similarly colored squares and were the basis of his 1971 solo show at the MOMA, the first by a living artist.

Answer: Josef Albers

  1. This American created a series of minimalist "structures" consisting of hollow white cubes.

Answer: Sol LeWitt

  1. This Russian founder of Suprematism painted White on White, which consists of a tilted white square on a background that's a slightly different shade of white.

Answer: Kasimir Malevich
8. Identify the following literary characters from British novels who die by drowning FTPE.

  1. She drowns with her brother Tom after falling out of a boat at the conclusion of The Mill on the Floss.

Answer: Maggie Tulliver (accept either name)

  1. This dwarflike villain of Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop died while flailing in the Thames in an attempt to grab onto the hull of a ship.

Answer: Daniel Quilp (accept either name)

  1. This former insurance salesman died while trying to save a French maid on Captain Marlow's ship, while the title character, Lord Jim, was merely concerned with saving his own life.

Answer: Bob Stanton (accept either name)
9. Identify the following about mechanics FTPE.

  1. For a closed system of particles, this function is defined as the kinetic energy minus the potential energy. Its time integral is the action.

Answer: Lagrangian

  1. Homogeneity of space means that the Lagrangian of a closed system is unchanged under an infinitesimal parallel displacement, leading to the law of conservation of this property.

Answer: linear momentum

  1. This theorem gives a simple relation between the time average values of the kinetic and potential energies.

Answer: virial theorem

10. Name this bad stuff that occurred during the Grant administration FTPE.

  1. Oakes Ames sold stock in this company at less than par to various Congressional officials. In 1872, it was revealed that Schuyler Colfax and James Garfield were among the stockholders.

Answer: Crédit Mobilier

  1. It was revealed in the Mulligan Letters that, as speaker of the House, this man was given the right to sell bonds for the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad in exchange for favors.

Answer: James G. Blaine
  1. In September 1873, this bank functioning as the national treasury failed resulting in an economic panic.

Answer: Jay Cooke and Company
11. Identify the following works of classical music featuring lifelike dolls and puppets FTPE.

  1. Subtitled The Girl with Enamel Eyes, this ballet features Swanilda's attempts to prevent her fiancée Franz from falling in love with the daughter of local toymaker. The toymaker's daughter turns out to be a lifelike mechanical doll.

Answer: Coppélia

  1. In this opera, the title character falls in love with Olympia, a lifelike singing mechanical doll, but Coppelius smashes the doll to pieces.

Answer: The Tales of Hoffman or Les Contes d'Hoffman

  1. In this ballet choreographed by Michel Fokine, the Moor kills the title character due to their rivalry for the affections of the Ballerina, but at the end the Moor and the title character are revealed to be puppets brought to life by a magician.

Answer: Petrouchka
12. Name the following about models of economic preferences between two goods, a and b, measured by the variables x and y FTPE.

  1. This is the name for the level sets of a preference function, i.e. the curves such that a consumer is equally happy to be in the various situations corresponding to points on the curve.

Answer: indifference curves

  1. If a and b are perfect substitutes, i.e. a consumer is willing to substitute any quantity of a for the same quantity of b, what is the slope of the indifference curve associated to the utility function at x=0?

Answer: -1
  1. One of the namesakes of this type of utility function became a U.S. Senator. It is of the form u of x y equals x to the c times y to the d for some positive numbers c and d; their convex indifference curves are monotone decreasing.

Answer: Cobb-Douglas preferences or utility
13. Identify the following Henryk Sienkiewicz novels FTPE.

  1. In one section of this novel, the Christian Lygia is thrown to the lions after refusing the advances of the Roman Vinicius, but she escapes and marries said Vinicius, who has converted to Christianity.

Answer: Quo Vadis?

  1. The first installment of a historical trilogy concerning the history of Poland from 1648 to the reign of John III, this novel details a war between Poland and the Ukraine.

Answer: With Fire and Sword or Ogniem i mieczem

  1. The final installment of the aforementioned trilogy, this novel chronicles a war between Poland and the Ottoman Empire.

Answer: Pan Michael or Pan Wolodyjowski
14. Name these data structures FTPE.

  1. This type of tree contains nodes which may have as many as two child nodes whose values are defined by some ordering. All values in any given node's left subtree are less than the node value, and all values in its right subtree are greater.

Answer: binary search tree

  1. A generalization of 2-3 and 2-3-4 trees, this is a balanced tree in which the root has at least two children and every node which is not the root or a leaf has between ceiling of m over 2 children and m children, where m is an integer.

Answer: B-tree

  1. This is an arborescence in which parent nodes contain common prefixes of a collection of strings. Leaf nodes contain the strings themselves.

Answer: trie
15. Unsuccessful defenders of Italy FTPE.
  1. He deposed Romulus Augustulus, but was himself defeated and killed by Theodoric the Great.

Answer: Odoacer

  1. This Ostrogothic king besieged Belisarius in Rome for two years, but was unable to prevent the Byzantine reconquest.

Answer: Witigis

  1. The forces of this Lombard king were smashed by Charlemagne at the capture of Pavia in 774 CE.

Answer: Desiderius
16. Given the last words of the last chapter of a book of religious scripture, identify the holy book FTPE.

  1. "Spitama Zarathushtra said to the young king Vishtaspa: "To what land shall I turn, O Ahura Mazda? To whom shall I go with praying?' Ashem Vohu replied: Holiness is the best of all good..."

Answer: Zend-Avesta

  1. "And now I bid unto all, farewell. I soon go to rest in the paradise of God, until my spirit and body shall again reunite, and I am brought forth triumphant through the air, to meet you before the pleasing bar of the great Jehovah, the Eternal Judge of both quick and dead. Amen."

Answer: Book of Mormon

  1. "With all the sharpness of the Way of Heaven, it injures not; with all the doing in the way of the sage he does not strive."

Answer: Tao Te Ching
17. Identify these forms of trisomy found in humans FTPE.

  1. The most famous of all trisomy conditions is this affliction which affects chromosome 21.

Answer: Downs syndrome

  1. This disease results from trisomy of chromosome 13. Eighty to ninety percent of all cases do not survive infancy, and those that do have a severe learning disability.

Answer: Patau syndrome

  1. Those who bear the mosaic or partial forms of this trisomy may survive to adulthood. It affects chromosome 18.

Answer: Edwards syndrome
18. Areas incorporated by India since independence FTPE.

  1. The nizams, the Islamic rulers of this city on the Deccan Plateau, had been British allies since the end of the 18th century.

Answer: Hyderabad

  1. A Portuguese colony from the arrival of Albuquerque in 1510, it was occupied by India in 1961.

Answer: Goa

  1. The Himalayan site of Kanchenjunga, the world's third-highest peak, this tiny kingdom became an Indian state in 1975.

Answer: Sikkim
19. Characters from the chansons de geste FTPE.

  1. The title figure of the most famous chanson de geste, he is betrayed by his treacherous stepfather Ganelon.

Answer: Roland

  1. He is the hero of the three-song cycle Couronnement de Louis, Prise d'Orange, and Charroi de Nimes, who shares his name with a later monarch.

Answer: William of Orange

  1. The hero of this chanson de geste burns down the convent of Origny during his unjust war against King Louis.

Answer: Raoul of Cambrai
20. Name these rivers in California FTPE.

  1. Needles lies on this river, which forms California's eastern border with Arizona.

Answer: Colorado River

  1. This river empties into San Pablo Bay at Vallejo. Upstream, its valley, which includes the city of Calistoga, is a noted wine region.

Answer: Napa River

  1. Beginning in its namesake mountain range in southern Oregon, it receives the Shasta and Yreka rivers before emptying into the Pacific near Requa.

Answer: Klamath River


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