National Guard Association of the United States November 17-18, 2007

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National Guard Association of the United States

November 17-18, 2007

Meeting Minutes

"The following is a re-cap of key discussion points and motions passed by the Board of Directors. Officially transcribed minutes are available for review by any member of the Association at One Massachusetts Ave, Washington DC."

Members Present:

MG Martin Umbarger

BG (Ret) Robert Taylor

BG Norman Arflack

Brig Gen (Ret) Kenneth Ross

COL Al Faber

MG Michael Dubie

Capt Nicole Ivers

MG Frank Vavala

COL Deborah Ashenhurst

MG Gus Hargett

COL Steve Joyce

Lt Col Murray Hansen

Maj Gen Tod Bunting

LTC John Altebaumer

Lt Col Tony DeJesus

BG Robert Felderman

Col Gunther Neumann

MG Edward Wright

COL Raymond Jardine

Brig Gen Daniel O’Hollaren

COL (Ret) Don Deering

CPT Rollin Roberts

Capt Shelia Neidigh

Col (Ret) Ray Magill

CW5 (Ret) Larry Massey

Members Absent:

Maj Brig Gen Hugh Broomall

Gen David Poythress

LTC Cathy Corkery (deployed)

Ms. Cynthia Watson

Others Present:

CMSgt Roger Hagan (for CSM Frank Lever)

Mr. Chris Mears

COL (Ret) Tom Kirkpatrick

Brig Gen (Ret) Stephen Koper

Ms. Loretta Fills

Ms. Pam Buckler

MG (Ret) Ron Harrison

Mr. Lewis King

Mr. John Goheen

Mr. Richard Green

Mr. Chris DeBatt

Ms. Hazell Booker

LTC Wayne Hunt

Mr. Jason Hall

COL Francis McGinn

Col (Ret) Pete Duffy

LTC Tracy Settle

Lt Col Tony Dejesus

Lt Col (Ret) Pete Renaghan

1LT Lynette Villemaire

Capt Terri Zielinski

1LT Michael Bryant

1LT Brad Hollingsworth

CPT Laura Pratt

Lt Daniel Statz

CPT Danjel Bout

1Lt John Brownell

General Stump

Mr. Ron Jensen

Gen Umbarger called the meeting of the NGAUS Board of Directors to order. The invocation was done by Gen Arflack and Gen Taylor led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Gen Umbarger welcomed the newly elected and reelected members to the Board.

Maj Gen Tod Bunting, Area IV, re-elected

LTC Catherine Corkery, Area I, re-elected (deployed)

Maj Gen Michael Dubie, Area I, TAG rep

Capt Nicole Ivers, Area I, Air rep

LTC John Altebaumer, Area IV, Army rep

LTC Tony DeJesus, Area IV, Army rep

Capt Shelia Neidigh, Co Grade, Air rep

Gen Umbarger administered the oath of office to those members. All members agreed to serve by saying “I will”. (CD 1001 at 8:05)
COL Faber called the role and reported a quorum was present.

Chairman’s Report—MG Marty Umbarger (CD 1001 /10:30)

  • Reported that the National Guard continues to be engaged in missions like the wild fires, the border patrol and state active duties all over the nation.

  • Reported a very successful conference in Puerto Rico with well over 4,000 attendants with great support from Industry. He thanked the Industry partners for their participation. Some of the speakers were, Sen. McCain, Gen Renuart, and Sec Wynn.

  • Reported that Gen Poythress, Gen Arflack, Gen Koper and himself received an invitation to meet with the President as representatives of the NGAUS on October 18th. Others present were Admiral Mullen, Secretary Gates, Gen Cody, Gen Blum, and Gen Geren. (1001 13:04) Gen Umbarger gave the members a recap of their one hour meeting with the President.

Gen Arflack commented it was a great opportunity to meet with the President and it caused some people to realize what this organization means to the national security effort and what the President thinks about the organization.

Gen Koper commented that Gen Spruance has been a major crusader in the fight to expand the total budget that is spent on defense. Gen Spruance is gaining traction across the board. When the subject was broached with the President, he acknowledged that he wants to leave a legacy of some actions that identify the need to move in that direction and that his successor would move in that direction also. Gen Koper commented his second observation was that Admiral Mullen took a lot of notes and said nothing until the end, but in the end he chimed in, in agreement of increasing defense spending. (1001/21:33) Gen Koper said Admiral Mullen acknowledged that the meeting was an eye opener for him.
Gen Umbarger commented on some of the legislative achievements that would be reported on by Rich Green later. (1001/25:22)
Gen Dubie commented on a meeting he and five Adjutants General had with Chief Moseley to build a way ahead for the Air National Guard. (1001 26:25) He said the meeting was positive and they left with the sense they could do business with Gen Moseley.
Gen Umbarger entertained a motion to approve the July meeting minutes. Gen Ross seconded. (1002/00:45)

Discussion followed on the motion in the July minutes on the Special Building Committee. Col Magill asked that the minutes be amended to add composition of the Special Building Committee to the minutes. (1002/ 2:17)

Gen Ross asked to have his comment on page thirteen struck from the draft minutes. (Gen Ross said when the building is paid off then the committee will be dissolved.) This statement will be removed from the July draft minutes.
Gen Umbarger called for further discussion on the draft minutes, hearing none. Motion carried.
Finance Committee Report—COL Pete Renaghan (1002/7:21)


Total revenue proposed 2008 vs. 2007 budget is an increase of $315,100.
Expenses: (1002/10:59)

The total proposed expenses for 2008 vs. 2007 budget shows an increase of $314, 850.

Membership Revenue:

The total proposed revenue for 2008 vs. 2007 budget shows an increase of $97,000.

COL Renaghan reported a balanced budget with a little surplus. (1002 /12:43)
Gen Ross made a motion to approve the budget as presented for 2008. Gen Taylor seconded.
Q: Col Magill asked about the fringe benefit for transportation recommendation. (1002/ 14:00) He suggested re-looking at the program and just giving the people who use public transportation car tokens which would have no administrative cost.
A: Gen Ross agreed to take that as a tasker with the Finance Committee and report at the next meeting. (1002 /16:45)

Gen Umbarger called for question on the motion to approve the budget, hearing no objection. Motion carried. (1002 /17:13)

Treasurers Report—Brig Gen (Ret) Ken Ross (1002/ 17:55)

Gen Ross reported:

  • Doing fine on the current business plan adopted almost ten years ago and is more than 75% complete.

  • NGAUS operation in annual expenses primarily leans on three sources, dues structure, insurance program revenue, and some building revenue.

  • Reserves are about two thirds to 75% achieving those reserves from two primary sources, contributions and the earnings on the reserves.

  • Educational Foundation continues to struggle in that it does not have a source of generation revenue to equal its expenses. NGAUS will continue to fund the Foundation until becomes financially sound

  • Ahead in the building plan and project to be out of debt in about eleven years

  • Budget process involves the NGAUS staff makes the budget and then it is reviewed by the Finance Committee.

  • Another budget review is done midyear

  • The Board has final approval on the budget.

  • Advise to stick to the business plan

Gen Umbarger entertained a motion to approve the Treasurers report. Gen Arflack so moved. Col Neumann seconded. Motion carried. (1002 /25:43)

Building Report—Brig Gen (Ret) Ken Ross (1002/25:57)

Gen Ross reported:

  • The building has its own budget

  • Building revenue proposed budget for 2008 is $6,275,222.

  • Expenses proposed for 2008 is $6,268,724.

  • Building is a stand alone asset
  • Net is almost a $1M as a result of owning a building in Washington

Gen Ross made a motion to approve the Building Budget as presented and recommended by the Finance Committee. (1002 /29:56) Chief Massey seconded.

Q: Col Jardine asked about parking expenses.
A: Gen Ross replied there is parking revenue to offset the expenses. That expense is paid for the attendant to collect the money.
Gen Umbarger called for question on the budget motion, hearing none. Motion carried. (1003 /1:26)

  • NGAUS policy to advance a state who is hosting the NGAUS conference $50,000 loan advance up to two years, after they have presented a sound financial plan.

Gen Ross made a motion to advance Tennessee $50,000 for the 2009 Conference. Col Neumann so moved. Col Joyce seconded. Motion carried. (1003 /3:18)

  • For the NGAUS conference to be held in Austin, Texas, we are required to sign a contract with the Convention Center which will exceed $50,000, which requires specific Board action.

Gen Ross made a motion that the President be authorized to contract with the Austin Convention Center for the Texas Conference. Gen Hargett seconded. Motion carried. (1003 /4:49)

  • At the last NGAUS meeting roles and procedures were presented setting its scope of responsibility.

The Building Committee presented an operations policy to the Board for approval. The Board was given time to review that policy.

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