National President: Rev. Angela Sullivan-Herndon National Vice President: Missionary Marilyn Davis National Secretary: Minister Joy Blake

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Holy Young People’s Bible Class

Of the Churches of the Living God

National President: Rev. Angela Sullivan-Herndon

National Vice President: Missionary Marilyn Davis

National Secretary: Minister Joy Blake

Liaison Bishop: Bishop L. Delores Ward

President General: Bishop Jesse White, Sr.

We greet you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! I am anticipating the week of October 23rd. It is so exciting to finally have the Church of the Living God Headquarters Complex come into fruition. I am packing my bags and getting in the car. I’ve seen pictures and heard the glorious stories of what is in store. I am ready to see it for myself and ready to shout unto God with the voice of triumph in the sanctuary. God has given our President General the anointing and vision to accomplish His purposes. We thank our Father God for blessing us with such a leader as our dear Bishop White. God bless you, Bishop! I want to see you at the C.L.G. 77th General Assembly, in Greensboro, N.C.,

Rev. Angela “Penny” Herndon

Calling all Diocese Presidents:

It’s roll call time! I need updated information from every diocese president. Please email or call the National President before the New Year. The list will be posted in January. I am sure you don’t want to be caught without representation. Pass the word. If your diocese has no president, beseech your Bishop to appoint a worthy worker to get your diocese involved with the HYPBC.

Diocese Presidents:

Rev. Daniel Brown – PA United

Sis Charlie Stubbs – Out. Hands

Rev. William Sparrow – Ward

Min. Barbara Hooks – FL Gold

Min. Jackie Dixon – FL/Atlantic

Sis. Joan Holloway – RI

Sis. Veronica Williamson– Mid W

Elder Wm. Spratt – TN/MI
*Also there is only O N E Diocese President on the web site. Let’s show solidarity and conformity. Send yours today!

In this Issue:

  • President’s Express

  • What’s New Diocese

  • Curriculum Topic

  • News and Stuff

  • Contact Us

  • Mission Statement

  • Meet Min. Garry Herndon, Jr.


Download this newsletter from the web!
Read this from the web and print it out for your convenience.


Note: The topics are designed to provide curriculum for the Churches of the Living God HYPBC sessions for a six month time frame. As soon as a curriculum team is assembled we will go back to quarterly topics. You tailor the lessons according to the uniqueness of your church, and the ages and number of classes you have. Also, make lesson plans for the number of sessions you will have during the time period of this newsletter.

The Parables of Jesus Christ:

Parable Matthew Mark Luke

1. Candle Under a Bushel

2. A Wise Man Builds on Rock a Foolish Man Builds on Sand

3. Unshrunk (New) cloth on an Old Garment

4. New Wine in Old Wineskins

5. The Sower

6. The Tares (Weeds)

7. The Mustard Seed

8. The Leaven

9. The Hidden Treasure

10. The Pearl of Great Price

11. The Net

12. The Lost Sheep

13. The Unforgiving Servant

14. The Laborers in the Vineyard

15. The Two Sons

16. The Wicked Husbandman

17. The Wedding Feast

18. The Fig Tree

19. The Wise & Foolish Virgins

20. The Talents

21. The Growing Seed

22. The Absent Householder

23. The Creditor & Two Debtors

24. The Good Samaritan

25. A Friend in Need

26. The Rich Fool

27. The Faithful Servant and the Evil Servant

28. Faithful & Wise Servant

29. The Barren Fig Tree

30. The Great Supper

31. Building a Tower and a King Making War

32. The Lost Coin

33. The Prodigal Son

34. The Unjust Stewart

35. The Rich Man & Lazarus

36. Unprofitable Servants

37. The Importunate Widow

38. The Pharisee and the Publican

39. The Minas (Pounds)


















































Make it age appropriate!

Primary (concrete) students respond to kinetics (touch) and visual stimulation. This is a good time to use sock and finger puppets for learning the story plots.
Elementary (concrete to abstract thought) students would benefit from participating in skits to understand the meaning of the parables.
Teens & Young People (abstract thought) need a greater level of understanding to apply the parables to their lives.


*Regional Meeting Held (Go to Diocese Does Link to learn more.
*Want the HYPBC to come to your area? Please, email the president.
*To sign up to be an integral part of the HYPBC please email the president or fill out the questionnaire from the General Assembly. We need a curriculum team and web site workers.


National President:

Rev. Angela “Sis. Penny” Sullivan-Herndon

1317 Derry Street

Harrisburg, PA 17104


National Vice President:

Missionary Marilyn Davis
National Secretary:
Rev. Joy Blake

Mission Statement
To instruct our youth leaders and

provide effective educational tools.

To nurture our young people into mature

Christians. To build and equip young

Christians in the knowledge of the

Kingdom of God for discipleship. To evangelize

the world for the harvest. To provide

our HYPBC with opportunities to network

and collaborate. To access technology via

the world wide web for education and

communication. To follow current events

as they relate to the Bible. To inspire lifelong

learning of the word of God.

Meet Garry Herndon, Jr.

Garry is the son of Rev. Angela Sullivan-Herndon and Min. Garry Herndon, Sr. He is the oldest of the Herndon siblings: Larry’s twin and one sister, Faith.

Garry will be graduating from Steelton-Highspire H.S. on June 5, 2006. He has participated in the marching band as the drum line captain, the performing drum line founder, concert band, starting second baseman & captain of the baseball team, and Young Achievers. Garry is currently attending Indiana University of PA. majoring in music.

Garry was saved and called to the ministry at the age of 11. He is a trustee in his local assembly, Hope of Glory Church of the Living God, where his grandmother, Rev. Carolyne Sullivan, is the pastor. Under Bishop Ivy Hopkins, Garry was licensed to be a local minister, June 2005. At seven months old, he got his first drum from Nana and he hasn’t stopped since. Garry has faithfully played the drums for the local, state, and national levels for many years. Garry is enlarging his territory by learning the organ and keyboard. Garry reads drum music, playing skillfully as the word states in Psalms 33:3. Garry has written over 100 songs. One of his songs was initially taught to Victory Outreach Christian Church choir & also in the National Music Conference Churches of the Living God. “Jesus Is The Only One For Me.” He has had the opportunity to work in a music studio as a music engineer. He has proven to be a dedicated servant of the Lord.

Garry was a recipient of the Spirit of Excellence Award, 2005, posed for a twin edition in Glimpse Magazine, and a participant in the 2006 City of Harrisburg’s Black History Showcase. Garry has been an employee of Hershey Park, McDonalds, and Grace Temple Learning Center. Garry’s newest joy is driving and waiting for his first car. Garry is family orientated and looks after his household.

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